FT: FC Porto 1 Malaga 0

Porto dominated in the first leg, but they only have a 1-0 scoreline to show for it and Malaga will feel optimistic when they host the second leg in two weeks. Thanks for your company tonight and I'll see you all again soon.

FT: Porto 1 Malaga 0.

Sanchez looks to feed in Santa Cruz down the line, but Mangana marshalls the striker run and Porto should be comfortable playing down the remaining time now.

Late change for Porto, as Gonzalez heads off to a warm applause in place of Castro.

Three minutes of added time to be played.

A corner was potentially near for Malaga, but Sanchez hacks through Sandro and concedes a needless free-kick near the byline.

Isco is closed down by two Porto players, as another attempt at a Malaga attack ends with possession for the home side. Credit to the visitors though, to keep the score at 1-0 is impressive given the domination the hosts have enjoyed in this game.

Santa Cruz looked to have turned away from Otamendi, but the referee judges the striker to have fouled the Porto defender in the process. Malaga free-kick.

Atsu charges into Sanchez as both vied to win the ball in the air, and Malaga look to advance with a free-kick, before Sandro collects Toulalan's ball to Camacho.

Camacho leads Malaga away after stealing the ball from Atsu, but Rodriguez hussles the midfielder and regains possession for his troubles.

Sandro's ball in is punched away by Caballero, with Malaga still yet to register a meaningful attack in the second half, or perhaps even the whole game.

Camacho makes a powerful sliding challenge on Moutinho, which was a fine tackle, but the Porto midfielder goes down in pain as a result and he is now receiving treatment.

Jackson disagrees, but the referee rules for a tug on Weligton, with both men having a pull of each other's shirt as the decision goes against the Porto striker.

Porto win a corner, with all the home flags raised behind goal as Moutinho comes across to take it.

Baptista is hauled off, with Piazon taking his place, while for Malaga, Camacho comes on for Iturra.

The corner is laboured, but Rodriguez collects the ball amidst a succession of wild touches and aims a tame shot at Caballero.

Moutinho's pacey free-kick is superbly headed wide by Toulalan, with several bodies eyeing a close-range header from the delivery.

Antunes drifts in another ball from the left but Helton makes the claim, before Porto break and Iturra is finally booked for a cynical tackle on Atsu.

Sandro is yards offisde as Fernando aims for a very swift through ball following the breakdown of a previous move by the hosts. Porto look likely to net a second before this one is over though.

Sandro is clipped under pressure from Baptista, who has endured a completely miserable night as he continues to find full fitness following a return from injury.

Moutinho battles with Iturra, and not for the first time, before Malaga finally break away with Sanchez, whose pass to Portillo sees an intercepting tackle come in from Fernando.

Izmailov's night comes to an end as Atsu enters the fray.

Sanchez competes with Rodriguez for the loose ball, but the full-back ploughs through the Porto forward and concedes a free-kick as a result.

A wonderful, committed tackle from Danilo sees Isco's progress ended, with both of Porto's Brazilian full-backs outstanding tonight.

Malaga really look poor in any attempt to go forward right now, and any chances of an away goal look exceptionally slim if their attacks carry as much weight as they do for the time being.

Antunes aims for Baptista with a lovely ball over the top, but Otamendi heads away, before Santa Cruz upends Fernando in his bid to retrieve the ball.

Toulalan's progress is forced back by Porto pressure, and having played in Sanchez, the full-back is tackled by Sandro, such is the excellence of the home side's pressure all over the pitch.

Joaquin makes way as Portillo replaces the Malaga winger.

A swerving Moutinho corner catches everyone by surprise as the ball sails away from all concerned and lands out of play, to give Malaga a brief respite.

Rodriguez's movement is already very noticeable in Porto's movement, as a Gonzalez strike cannons of Demichellis before going for a corner.

Sanchez's over casual back heel is pounced upon by Sandro, with Rodriguez cutting inside from the right as his effort travels wide.

Porto pile forward in a pulsating counter attack, but Gonzalez overcooks his pass out wide to Danilo and it's a Malaga goal-kick.

Varela heads off, with Rodriguez the man taking his place for Porto.

It's sublime from Porto, and incredibly simple as Sandro's excellently executed through ball is taken first time by Moutinho and prodded into the net past a helpless Caballero. Porto make their pressure pay!


Danilo switches to his right foot this time as he cuts inside from the right, with another poor shot from the right-back travelling well wide.

Baptista lunges into the breaking Sandro and fails to connect with any of the ball as another free-kick is awarded for Porto.

Biggest chance of the match so far arguably as Fernando's splendid ball into Izamilov sees the forward stab the ball wide from close range. Big opportunity wasted by the hosts.

Helton goes long to claim the corner, as his long ball up to Jackson sees the striker threaten before Toulalan hussles him out of possession.

Isco sets away Sanchez on the overlap with a reverse pass, as Danilo gets across to poke behind his delivery from the byline. Corner to Malaga.

Joaquin's sensational skill catches Moutinho out, and while the Porto man claims he got the ball, the free-kick is awarded in Malaga's favour.

Baptista is back defending a corner, with Malaga remaining entrenched in their own half before Izmailov hacks down Toulalan.

Demichellis continues his impressive game with some strong marking against Jackson, who helps link up play for Porto before the final ball is picked out by the defender.

Danilo drifts a speculative ball into the box, with Jackson unable to retrieve it as the ball is scooped up by Caballero.

Porto get the action back underway.

Porto have huffed and puffed in their attempts to break down Malaga, but the score remains goalless at half time. Will will see the deadlock broken in the second half? Send your predictions to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or @JWoodfield365

HALF TIME. Porto 0 Malaga 0.

Izmailov turns to find a yard wonderfully, but his swerving left-footed effort is far from that, and the goal, as it sails woefully wide of goal.

Jackson shows his defensive attributes after a Porto attack breaks down and he charges down Demichellis' clearance. Very admirable stuff.

Fernando's lofty through ball over the top fails to find Jackson, who previously initiated the move with fabulous skill against Demichellis.

Jackson is caught offisde as Sandro gets in the way of Moutinho's shot, with the deflection once again catching the striker in an offside position.

Baptista falls for Moutinho's skill, conceding the foul, but as Porto play short, Antunes prevents Danilo for broaching past him.

Danilo's lovely one two with Gonzalez sees him take aim, but his curling drive flies past the far post and Porto remain without a goal for their first half efforts.

Moutinho's splendid ball finds Jackson in a degree of space, but his lax cut back to Gonzalez allows Demichellis in and the defender clears away.

Helton gets away with a remarkably casual clearance, which caught Santa Cruz unaware as he failed to control the ball under pressure from Otamendi.

A wonderful challenge from Demichellis ensures Izmailov doesn't reach Sandro's ball down the line, with the defender cutting out what may have been a crucial ball as Jackson set off down the centre.

A Moutinho delivery is headed away by Weligton, but Danilo prevents Isco reaching the half way line, which is becoming increasingly difficult for the visitors.

Joaquin is caught far too easily by Gonzalez, and Malaga for now are looking incredibly impotent in their attempts to spark any forward momentum.

This time, Jackson's wonderful first touch takes him away after Danilo's path, with only superb covering from Sanchez preventing the ball finding the target.

Mangala scoops possession back up, and upon being floored by Toulalan, Moutinho's excellent free-kick narrowly skims across the far post and behind.

Weligton concedes a corner with a solid sliding tackle on Mangala, but Baptista is back to head away Moutinho's corner.

A Moutinho shot is well handled by Caballero, before Jackson against frustrates Demichellis with his tricks and turns, as Weligton comes across to help his team-mate against the striker.

A dreadful pass back finds Jackson let away, but as he looks for Gonzalez on the overlap, his lay off clips a Porto body and carries the ball away from danger.

Strong defensive play from Antunes ensures that Jackson can't retrieve it, before a foul is given against the Porto striker to compound his misery.

Sanchez charges straight into the back of Izmailov, conceding a free-kick, before Santa Cruz ends up taking control of the ball, with a poor pass into Isco finding the arms of Helton.

A surging run forward from Fernando results in Iturra going to ground, conceding the free-kick and surely he won't be able to get away with another now.

Danilo takes a pop from 25 yards, with a deflection carrying the ball towards Caballero as Porto look to up the urgency going forward.

Malaga are struggling to cope with Porto's attacking efforts, and as Joaquin aims to progress forward, he finds his run ended by Weligton.

Lovely skill from Jackson, who marshalls the Porto attack alongside Danilo, before Fernando's chip into the box is snuffed out by Caballero.

Penalty claims arise as Jackson takes a tumble under Demichellis, with nothing awarded by Clattenburg as play continues.

An ever better opportunity falls for Fernando from another corner, but as Moutinho's delivery comes in, Varela's flick is narrowly out of reach for Fernando who can't poke home from close range.

Good chance for the hosts, as Moutinho's near post delivery finds Fernando's head, but the midfielder is only able to head over the bar.

Moutinho lifts the ball forward offer the top of Demichellis, but as Jackson controls it, the defender tracks back to end up conceding a corner.

Jackson finds the offside flag raised against him as a quickly taken free-kick from Gonzalez catches the striker offside. Neither team have hit their stride yet.

Joaquin is caught in possession, and Izmailov takes control, before another loose pass gives the ball back to Malaga.

Iturra clears away as Fernando loses out, but Santa Cruz is caught offside looking to latch on to the ball and play is brought back.

Santa Cruz, in turn, fails to control the ball with a poor first touch and it's a throw-in to Porto after some tidy play from the visitors.

Jackson receives a sensational through ball from Moutinho, but he can't nip the ball away from Iturra who slips in to make the tackle.

Possession play from Porto sees Iturra again penalised, with who else but Moutinho taken out again in the process. That should be the last warning for the Malaga man.

Moutinho once again takes a clattering, this time under the combined efforts of Iturra and Toulahan, with the Porto man clearly set for a bruising evening.

Free-kick to Porto as Iturra floors Moutinho as the hosts looked to generate an attack on the break.

Santa Cruz looks to get on the end of Isco's through ball, but Mangala comes across to cover as Helton receives his pass back.

The ball is headed out to Isco, who fires the ball back into the danger area, with a couple of deflections steering the ball into Hilton, before Izamilov brings a save out Caballero.

Julio Baptista displays his strength near the byline, holding off Sandro to earn Malaga the first corner of the match.

A neat move from the hosts sees Martinez unleash a shot on the edge of the box, but it cannons into a defender and is hurled back into play.

Malaga kick off and get the game started.

England's Mark Clattenburg is the man in the middle tonight.

Malaga: Willy, Sergio Sanchez, Demichelis, Weligton, Antunes, Toulalan, Iturra, Joaquin, Isco, Julio Baptista, Santa Cruz. Subs: Kameni, Lugano, Camacho, Saviola, Piazon, Duda, Francisco Portillo

FC Porto: Helton, Danilo, Otamendi, Mangala, Alex Sandro, Gonzalez, Fernando, Joao Moutinho, Izmailov, Martinez, Varela. Subs: Fabiano, Maicon, Andre Castro, Rodriguez, Liedson, Atsu, Seba

Good evening one and all and welcome to the Estadio do Dragao for live coverage of Porto's Champions League last-16 first leg clash against Malaga. I'll be here to provide live coverage as well as publish any amusing or thoughtful posts you folks have along the way. Send your e-mails to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or tweet me @JWoodfield365.

Kick-off is at 1945.

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