FT: Schalke 2 Galatasaray 3 (Agg: 3-4)

Galatasaray reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time since 2001 after a thrilling 4-3 aggregate win over Schalke. Schalke had taken the lead through Neustadter but their former player, Altintop, and tournament joint top goalscorer Yilmaz hit back in the space of five minutes. Bastos then equalised in the second half to give Schalke hope of a dramatic comeback but Gala substitute Bulut settled the tie in stoppage time. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction.


With Schalke charging forward, Gala break forward and have a three-on-one advantage. Bulut goes clean through on Hildebrand and after his first effort is blocked he goes around the goalkeeper to roll into the open goal. That is game over.

90 + 5
GOAL BULUT (2-3 AGG: 3-4)

90 + 4
Kolasinac is booked for a foul on Drogba

90 + 3
This would be a wonderful achievement if Gala can hold on. They have not reached the quarter-finals in more than a decade.

90 + 2
Farfan sends a volley rocketing across the penalty area. Gala just about hold on before they win a free-kick in their own penalty area.

90 +1
Schalke are throwing everything they have at Gala but there are a lack of blue shirts in the box.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of five additional minutes before the final whistle.

Fuchs wins Schalke another corner as we enter stoppage time. It is a poor delivery and volleyed clear by Inan at the near post.

Farfan's delivery is towards the penalty spot but Melo heads away. Gala look to break but Amrabat is offside.

Free-kick to Schalke on the left corner of the Gala box. Farfan is over the ball.

Schalke are now getting desperate. Uchida crosses into the box but Bastos' volley is straight at Muslera.

Schalke send on Meyer and Obasi in place of Hoger and Pukki. Gala replace Yilmaz with Bulut.

Drogba is booked for a challenge from behind on Neustadter

Amrabat has caused a few problems since coming on. He cuts in from the left and prods an effort at the near post which Hildebrand has to save.

The break in play seems to have disrupted Schalke's rhythm and they have gone a bit flay. Gala are getting ready to make another substitution.

Pukki has improved in the second half. But he is still nowhere near the player of the standard of Huntelaar.

Schalke could have just one decent chance left in these closing minutes. They need it to fall to the right man and that, at the moment, is Draxler.

The game is back under way and Schalke remain on the attack. They have 10 minutes plus stoppage time to find the goal they need to reach the quarter-finals.

Kaya is stretchered off and replaced by Zan.

It looks like Kaya was knocked unconscious and he is receiving a lot of treatment.

Kaya was seriously injured in that collision with Draxler. When falling to the ground he was accidentally caught by the trailing boot of Draxler in the temple.

Fantastic again from Draxler. He shows pace, strength and determination to beat Kaya to the ball and leave the Gala defender in a heap. Draxler gets to the byline but his cross-shot is into the hands of Muslera.

Free-kick to Schalke wide on the right after Riera commits a foul. Farfan this time gets his delivery correct. From just outside the six-yard box, Howedes meets the pacey free-kick but cannot control his header and it rockets wide.

Gala are attempting to run down the clock, with Nounkeu wasting a bit of time when trying to claim an injury after charging down a shot. Referee Eriksson is not impressed.

Bastos carries the ball down the left before his long-range shot is deflected behind for a corner. Eboue again takes a run at the corner and heads it clear. That is an obvious tactic of Gala's. Eboue is designated to attack all corners.

Terim is attempting to regain some control in midfield with that substitution. Gala were previously getting completely overhauled in the middle of the pitch.

Amrabat attempts to make an immediate impact, cutting in from the left on his right foot but his 25-yard shot goes out for a throw-in on the far side. Gala have now gone to a straight 4-4-2.

Amrabat comes on in place of Sneijder.

Again, Farfan's corner comes to nothing from the right-hand side.

Schalke want a handball against Melo when challenging Draxler at the byline. Replays are inconclusive but Melo's hands were raised inside the box. The additional assistant referee on the line does not give anything other than a corner.

It is all Schalke and Draxler is making the difference. He is the best player on the pitch at the moment and is only 19.

Draxler forces a fine save from Muslera. The teenager is the inspiration for his team in this second half and is dragging his side back into this. He cuts in from the left just inside the box and makes Muslera save.

As in the first leg, Schalke have looked like a different team in the second half. They are doing all the attacking and Gala are struggling to get out of the own half.

After Hoger smacks a blistering long-range effort against the crossbar, Schalke keep the ball alive in the Gala box. Pukki challenges with Muslera and the goalkeeper cannot keep hold of the ball. Gala want a foul but play continues and Bastos smashes it past two Gala defenders on the line after being set up by Uchida. Schalke only need one goal to go through.

GOAL BASTOS (2-2 AGG: 3-3)!!!

Gala have a three-on-three attack but Yilmaz's attempted lay-off is poor and he gives the ball back to Schalke.

Brilliant from Draxler as the teenager skips away from three Gala defenders before curling just wide of the near post with his left foot from just inside the penalty area. He looks like he is going to be a seriously good player as he develops.

Yilmaz and Drogba are taking it in turns to remain the one man up front for Gala. They are often left one-on-one with Howedes or Matip as Schalke throw everything forward.

Draxler and Kolasinac, who is a defender by trade, are currently dominating the centre of midfield. They are both only 19 years old.

Fuchs swings in the set-piece but Eboue follows the path of the ball and produces a powerful defensive header.

Another corner to Schalke. This time on the left.

Schalke are putting Gala under a bit of pressure. They win a corner on the right but Farfan scuffs his delivery and it can be hooked clear at the near post.

Pukki creates an opening and manages to get off a shot. Muslera is equal to it and dives low to his right to palm away at the base of his near post.

Do not forget, Schalke have never lost at home to Turkish opponents and are unbeaten in the Champions League this season. This would be a very impressive result for Gala if it stays like this.

Inan takes the corner but his right-foot delivery from the right side curls out of play and back in. Goal-kick to Schalke.

Corner to Gala after Yilmaz forces Hildebrand to make a one-arm save with a first-time shot from inside the box. Gala's strikers have looked far more of a threat than Pukki,

It is now Gala who can look to counter-attack. Sneijder looks to play Yilmaz through but Howedes intercepts.

Referee Eriksson has words with Bastos and Altintop after the pair clash on the far touchline. Altintop had kicked the ball away after it had clearly gone out for a throw-in.

Uchida finds Draxler inside the penalty area. But the teenager cannot control the ball and it bounces away off his shins. Fuchs then fires a 20-yard effort well wide.

Schalke are missing the injured Huntelaar up front and suspended Jones in midfield. Pukki has not had much of an impact.

Fuchs wins Schalke an early corner. But Draxler's delivery is very poor and is headed clear at the near post.

Drogba has been deemed fit enough to start the second half despite struggling with that left leg injury in the first half.

Schalke made a change at half-time. Fuchs has come on in place of goalscorer Neustadter, who has not overcome that shoulder problem.

WE'RE BACK: Schalke take kick-off in the second half.

It has been a great half to continue what has been a brilliant tie. Schalke had gone in front on the night and on aggregate through Neustadter. But former Schalke player Altintop's spectacular equaliser and Yilmaz's clinical finish, which moves him level on eights goals with Ronaldo as the tournament's top scorer, turned things around to put Gala in pole position to reach the quarter-finals. Schalke must score twice to go through. Stay with us for what promises to be an unmissable second half.

45 + 2

45 + 2
It is another corner for Schalke late in injury time. Drogba is again hobbling and it will be a surprise if he returns for the second half. Draxler's corner is claimed by Muslera.

45 + 1
Chance for Bastos inside the penalty area after a long throw is flicked on. But, on the swivel, he shoots straight at Muslera.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of two minutes added time before the final whistle.

Gala have turned the tie on its head with two goals in five minutes. The game can now not go to extra-time. Schalke must score twice to go through.

Yilmaz continues his excellent season in the Champions League with his eighth goal of the campaign. Riera won the ball with a slide tackle in midfield and it looped forward behind the Schalke defence. That left Yilmaz in a straight race with Howedes which he won before prodding the ball past the onrushing Hildebrand.

GOAL YILMAZ (1-2 AGG: 2-3)!!!

Gala's travelling fans are now making all the noise. Apparently there are 10,000 supporters of the Turkish club in the stadium tonight.

But Schalke have a chance for an immediate response. Farfan has a free-kick wide on the right. It is headed clear by Melo.

The tie is all square now in terms of on the night, on aggregate and on away goals.

What a goal by Altintop against his former club! From a free-kick wide on the left, the ball is rolled to the midfielder and he smashes a swerving 25-yard shot past the helpless Hildebrand. Altintop goes crazy in his celebration.

GOAL ALTINTOP (1-1 AGG: 2-2)!!!

Neustadter is clutching his right shoulder after landing awkwardly in an aerial challenge with Altintop. He has to go off for treatment but is soon back on.

This time Eboue keeps his composure when attacking and his low pass across the edge of the penalty area finds Schneider. The Dutchman shoots first time back across the face of goal and it flies just wide.

Eboue panics a little when attacking down the right at the byline. His cross is poor and Schalke again aim to break but the move comes to nothing.

With Dortmund already through and Bayern Munich likely to knock out Arsenal tomorrow night, there could be a very strong German contingent in the quarter-finals if Schalke hold on to this lead.

Farfan wants a free-kick on the right side of the pitch after claiming he was blocked off and tripped by Riera. Referee Eriksson is not interested. It did look like there was a trip.

Inan's corner is headed clear at the near post and Bastos looks to lead a Schalke counter-attack before running into trouble and the move breaks down just over the halfway line.

Drogba comes back on after treatment but is still flicking his left leg in discomfort. Corner to Gala on the right.

Drogba is down and receiving treatment before limping off the pitch after a challenge from Hoger, who has been booked. The Schalke player won the ball but left his mark on Droga, who does not look too comfortable.

Bastos tries to catch out Muslera. Teasing the goalkeeper that he is going to cross from deep on the left, Bastos instead shoots. But Muslera is able to get back and gather the ball.

Howedes brings Sneijder down close to the halfway line with a challenge from behind. The Schalke contract is lucky not to have been booked.

A brilliant back-heel from Bastos puts Draxler in down the left flank. He crosses low to the near post but cannot quite find Pukki.

Sneijder takes the free-kick, which is close to the corner flag. But the delivery is poor and defender by the first Schalke defender.

Drogba teases a wicked cross into the box from the right. Schalke just about defend. Farfan then fouls Riera on the far touchline.

Schalke break down the left with Eboue caught up field in an attack. Pukki cuts in and forces a save from Muslera at the near post.

Schalke now have Gala exactly where they want them. They can sit back and look to pick off their visitors, who have to score, on the counter-attack.

Away from the opening minutes, Sneijder is not influencing the game in his position behind the strikers.

Free-kick to Schalke wide on the right. It is another chance for Farfan to launch the ball into the box. This time, Gala defend from the edge of their 18-yard area.

Gala now have to score if this game is to go to extra-time.

Gala made a complete mess of defending the corner. Three players stood and watched as the delivery pinballed around the six-yard box before falling perfectly for Neustadter to smash into the back of the net.


Corner to Schalke after Draxler forces Riera to put the ball out.

Pukki fouls Melo in midfield and then, when falling to the fall, takes an accidental kick in the face from the back of the Gala midfielder's leg.

Hoger goes in the book for tripping Drogba from behind. Hoger will now be suspended for the first leg of the quarter-finals if Schalke progress.

Inan was a class act in the first leg and he is again looking dangerous. He collects the ball behind the Schalke defence and forces a good save from Hildebrand with a shot from inside the box.

Howedes is the target but it is Matip who meets the ball. The defender heads over the crossbar from around eight yards.

A good, flowing move down the right earns Schalke a corner. Farfan is set to take the set-piece.

Schalke are seeing more of the ball after Gala's early charge in the opening 10 minutes. They seem to have realised they also need to attack.

Bastos plays a wonderful long pass to Draxler behind the Gala defence. But Riera is reinvented as a left-back able to get back and tackle.

Schalke are now able to exert a bit of pressure but right-back Eboue defends well against Draxler on the corner of the penalty area.

This has been a lively start. Pukki sets up Bastos for a 25-yard effort but it is a comfortable save for Muslera at chest height from the left-footed shot.

Drogba wins Gala a corner after a stepover and shot. From the set-piece, Hildebrand comes off his line in the Schalke goal to claim the ball. Good goalkeeping.

Yilmaz has a very good claim for a penalty against Kolasinac, who tackles him around the knee without winning the ball. But referee Eriksson waves play on and Drogba's follow-up shot is wide. That all came from Uchida giving the ball away.

Schalke look a little bit nervous. It is that clich├ęd position of not knowing whether to stick or twist with their narrow away-goal advantage.

Altintop darts forward from midfield and sends a long-range effort whistling just wide of the far post against his former club.

Sneijder played out wide in the first leg and was substituted at half-time. Tonight, he is playing in a more familiar role behind Drogba and Yilmaz.

Gala are not sitting back. They need to score and are playing with a very high defensive line.

Pukki is already looking lively and chases down Muslera to put the Gala goalkeeper under pressure when dealing with a pass back.

KICK-OFF: Gala get the game going.

With just five minutes to kick-off and as the teams prepare to emerge from the tunnel in Germany, Altintop is saying hello to the Schalke players. He spent four years with the German club earlier in his career.

This is a tough task for Gala. Schalke have not lost in this season's Champions League after finishing above Arsenal in the group stages. They also have a 100 per cent home record in Europe against Turkish clubs. They have also done well despite losing Lewis Holtby to Tottenham Hotspur in the January transfer window.

If you want to contact me throughout the evening with any predictions and opinions on the game, you can get in touch at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Schalke are 4/6 favourites to make the last eight of the Champions League, as they hold an away goal advantage over Galatasaray. Sneijder is enhanced to 10/1 to bag the opening goal in 90 mins, with Julian Draxler 8/1 to open the scoring. The visitors will be hoping Yilmaz can continue his fine form. He is 7/4 to score any time and 6/1 to score first.

Schalke are without the injured Klaas Jan Huntelaar, with Pukki starting instead. Jones is suspended. Howedes will lead out Schalke having signed a contract extension at the weekend. He has been with Schalke since he was 13. Teenager Draxler, 19, is one of Schalke's stars. The German club have won three successive Bundesliga games since the first leg, including a defeat of derby rivals Borussia Dortmund.

Drogba is back in the starting line-up for Gala. The striker, who celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday, failed with a penalty as a substitute in his club's embarrassing domestic defeat by Genclerbirligi last Friday. Big-money man Sneijder is also a starter. Fans of the Premier League will also recognise former Arsenal man Eboue, who was only a substitute in the first leg, and ex-Manchester City and Liverpool winger Riera in the Turkish club's first XI. Also watch out for Yilmaz. He is the second leading scorer in this season's Champions League behind Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring seven goals.

Schalke hold the advantage ahead of tonight's second leg in Germany. Jens Keller's side drew 1-1 in the first leg in Turkey, with Jermaine Jones cancelling out Burak Yilmaz's opener for Fatih Terim's Gala. Schalke therefore have what could be a crucial away goal.

Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) Assistant referees: Mathias Klasenius (SWE), Daniel Warnmark (SWE) Additional assistant referees: Stefan Johannesson (SWE), Markus Strombergsson (SWE) Fourth official: Stefan Wittberg (SWE)

Muslera, Nounkeu, Semih Kaya, Eboue, Altıntop, Selcuk Inan, Felipe Melo, Riera, Sneijder, Drogba, Burak Yılmaz. Subs: Eray Iscan, Gokhan Zan, Hakan Balta, Sabri Sarıoglu, Yekta Kurtulus, Amrabat, Umut Bulut.

Hildebrand, Howedes, Uchida, Matip, Kolasinac, Bastos, Hoger, Draxler, Neustadter, Farfan, Pukki. Subs: Fahrmann, Metzelder, Fuchs, Barnetta, Moritz, Meyer, Obasi.

Hello and welcome to our live and interactive coverage of the UEFA Champions League last 16 second leg between Schalke and Galatasaray.

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