FT: Swansea 0 Chelsea 0 (Agg: 2-0)

Lewis Burridge says: "Replays showed me that even ballboys are diving these days, hazard stepped over him and he rolled around pretending he had been kicked and Chris Foy went for the headlines again!"

Dan Joyce says: "In response to the most ridiculous email I've ever seen 'The ballboy has no right to try to delay the game' so Hazard has the right to kick the ballboy? Just Chelsea being very bad losers, if anything it's worse than kicking a fellow player!!"

Caitlin Jones says: "Although the ballboy's intentions are not known for delaying the game, Hazard had no right to lash out like that. Swans deserved to win anyway, looking forward for Wembley."

Gary Ward says: "How can anyone say it was a disgraceful decision to send off Hazard? OK the ball boy was out of order but you complain to the officials and get the time back. You don't boot people because they are in the way. Good call red card all day extra ban on top of the three for violent conduct towards a non-playing person."

The bizarre sending off of Hazard, for kicking out at a ballboy, overshadows Swansea famously booking a place in the Capital One Cup final with a 2-0 aggregate win over Chelsea. It was the lowest point on a night to forget for Chelsea, as Swansea reach their first major cup final, where they will meet Bradford City at Wembley, without any major scares. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction.

90 + 6

90 + 5
Dyer has a chance to add a silver lining to the night for Swansea. But his shot from the edge of the box is superbly saved by Cech. Corner to Swansea, which they take short in order to keep the ball.

90 + 4
Torres looks to play a pass through to Ba. But there is too much on it and it bounces through to Tremmel. Swansea are cruising to Wembley.

90 + 3
Swansea will be delighted. The injury is being played in the Chelsea half.

90 + 2
Dyer slides in with a good chance at the near post but it is a corner, which Swansea waste.

90 + 1
It is Swansea who are making all the pressure in the closing minutes.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of six minutes added time before the final whistle. Can Swansea hold on?

Torres has made no difference to the game since coming on. He looks off the pace.

Ian Court says: "Disgraceful decision. The ballboy has no right to try to delay the game. Serves him right. Hope Chelsea get the decision overturned and the ballboy banned for life."

It looks like 10-man Chelsea know they are beaten. Swansea fans are now cheering every pass.

Bertrand comes on in place of Cole.

Opta Fact
Swansea have scored a goal inside the final 10 minutes of all five of their Capital One Cup games so far this season.

Swansea break up field and Hernandez forces a save from Cech. Shame that this match is going to be overshadowed by the incredible scenes of Hazard being sent off for kicking out at a ballboy.

Torres comes on for Oscar.

Referee Foy decides to take action against Hazard for kicking out at the ballboy. Hazard is furious and he was wound up by the ballboy, who was not letting the Chelsea player have the ball. But he should never have kicked out.


Holding his ribs, the ballboy is now being guided away from the pitch.

Replays show he was preventing Hazard from getting the ball to restart the game but then, with the ballboy lying on top of the ball, Hazard kicked out.

Things get a bit nasty. A ballboy has been left in pain on by the advertising boards.

The visitors have had more than 60 per cent possession in the last 10 minutes but they are not really doing anything with it. Swansea fans are singing loudly.

Chelsea are getting ready to send on Torres. The Spaniard is taking off his tracksuit.

Cahill hangs a cross into the box from the left. Tremmel fumbles at first but then gathers on the bounce with no Chelsea player challenging.

Again, speaking too soon. Mata unleashes a low snap-shot from the edge of the box. Tremmel has to dive down towards his feet and does well to keep hold of the ball. Good goalkeeping.

Williams and Chico have been immense for Swansea. It has hardly been backs to the wall for the home team but their two centre-backs have ensured Chelsea have hardly had a chance.

Swansea now even have the confidence to attack. Dyer sends in a cross from the right but it is just out of reach of Michu at the back post.

Oscar darts down the left and crosses but the bandaged head of Britton nods clear at the near post.

Chelsea have been very disappointing in this second half. They have not troubled Tremmel and Mata has been kept quiet after a good first half.

Corner to Chelsea on the right. Mata swings the ball in with his left foot. But Ba pushes Williams at the near post to give away a foul.

Ivanovic's nightmare two semi-final legs are over as he is replaced by Luiz. That will give Chelsea more attacking from defence.

Chelsea do look like they have run out of ideas and they are readying Luiz on the bench.

Swansea make a like-for-like change. Routledge is off and replaced by Dyer.

Rangel has the chance to cross from the right. It is beyond the reach of Michu on the far side of the box and Davies can then not keep it in play.

Ivanovic carries the ball over the halfway before playing it to Mata. Swansea, though, defend strongly and have the chance to break. But they are controlled and decide to instead focus on keeping the ball.

Britton is back on the pitch with his head bandaged. He seems to be okay.

Chelsea eventually are able to take the free-kick. It goes short to Lampard who then takes on a long-range effort which he blasts wildly over the crossbar.

Britton is still being treated. He is being bandaged around his head but is back on his feet.

While there is a break in play, Britton goes down to receive treatment after taking an accidental elbow from Ramires in an earlier challenge for a header.

Cole does very well to beat Hernandez once and then the Chelsea full-back is pulled back by his opponent to win a free-kick inside the Swansea half.

A lot of Chelsea's attacks have come down the left. Cole dinks a cross into the box. But, with a half-volley on the edge of the area, Ramires drags an effort well wide of the far post.

Benitez will be thinking about changes. He traditionally makes his substitutions on the hour mark. Swansea will be delighted with how this second half is being played. They have had no scares so far.

Ba is frustrated. He fouls Davies when tackling back and lets his annoyance at the decision be known to a referee's assistant.

Aimless stuff from Tremmel, who launches a kick out of his hands straight through to Cech in the other goal. Tremmel's team-mates hold out their arms as if to say, 'what are you doing?'.

The game is being played in exactly the same pattern as the first half. Swansea are dropping off and sacrificing possession in order to get men behind the ball. They are playing like the away team.

Mata's inswinging corner is punched away by Tremmel and Chelsea are unable to keep the attack alive. Swansea break but Cole shuts out Hernandez down the home team's right side.

Corner to Chelsea on the right after Routledge tackled Mata and could not keep the ball in play.

Ba sets his sights from 25 yards. But his low, curling, bouncing effort bends wide of the far post. The Chelsea bench are not happy Williams was not punished for a challenge on Hazard in the build-up.

Hazard is now back on and appears to be okay. Davies steps in to prevent a pass from reaching Oscar.

Williams is not happy to have given away a throw-in. But he cleared the ball and followed through on Hazard to leave the Chelsea man in a pile on the pitch.

Ivanovic really is having a shocker. He slaps his hands in frustration as he plays the ball straight to De Guzman.

De Guzman slots a long through ball for Hernandez. But he has run just half a yard offside.

It looks like Swansea have been told they need to do a better job of keeping the ball by Laudrup. Lots of early passing.

WE'RE BACK: Swansea get the second half under way.

Luke Burke says: "This would be a perfect time for Rafa to show his worth at Chelsea and to prove he is not just someone to warm up the bench like Torres is."

Alexandrea Perin says: "Ashley Williams is the future of British football. Cheers from Brazil supporting Swansea!"

Opta Fact
Williams made eight clearances, four interceptions and two blocks in the first half. No player made more in any category.

Ryan says: "Swansea City's 7-2-1 formation has held up well so far. Hopefully Cech won't play the whole game on the halfway line."

Mark Ngai says: "Think Chelsea can still do it of they get an early goal in the second half."

Swansea needed the half-time whistle after coming under pressure from Chelsea in the later stages. But Tremmel has still to make a serious save. Ba had his penalty claim but, at the other end, Cech had to produce a good save to stop Michu. Mata excellent for Chelsea; Williams superb for Swansea.

45 + 2

45 + 1
Routledge and Davies get in the way of each other when attempting to clear a Cole cross. But they are let off the hook when Ba hits over the crossbar from inside the box.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of two minutes added time before half-time.

Williams is again in the right place at the right time. He first prevents Ba from having a free header and the clears the follow-up ball.

Swansea now have all players inside their own half as they look to defend until half-time.

Hazard runs the ball down the left and sends a low cross into the box. But, again, Williams, who has been excellent, clears the danger.

Ki is waved back on to the pitch by referee Foy. The midfielder seems to now be moving okay.

Ki is back on his feet but is hobbling to the touchline for the compulsory issue of leaving the pitch after treatment.

Replays show Ramires certainly fouled Ki by standing on the midfielder's ankle. Ki is down and receiving some treatment at a break in play.

Hazard is left in a heap after a challenge. But, then, when Chelsea counter-attack, he is back on his feet. However, he is also offside. Chelsea's break came from what looked like a foul by Ramires on Ki.

Mata nutmegs Chico on the edge of the Swansea box. But Rangel is across to ricochet the ball off Mata for a goal-kick.

With 10 minutes plus additional time still to play, Swansea would probably quite like to hear the half-time whistle. Chelsea are not intense in their attacking but they are beginning to pick a few holes. Mata is having a fine game.

Cole finds some space down the left but his low cross is poor and cleared by the first man, Williams. Another cross comes in and almost drops nicely for Oscar. But he cannot control the ball and it is with Tremmel.

Ki leads a break out for Swansea before threading it forward for Michu. But Michu is not the quickest and Azpilicueta is across to cover.

This time it is Ramires who gets his radar wrong and hits a pass straight out for a throw-in on Swansea's right.

Swansea are being forced to drop deep and their fans are getting a little edgy. Britton and Ki are now on the edge of their own box. Laudrup, though, looks typically cool and composed in the dugout.

Mata lobs a ball into the penalty area and there is a bit of a panic. Just as Oscar is about to pull the trigger on the edge of the six-yard box, Williams steps in to outmuscle the Brazilian.

Mata breaks into the penalty area and has the ball at the byline. But Chico is quick to close down the playmaker. Chelsea are increasing in threat.

Ivanovic's habit of giving the ball away seems to be catching. His centre-back partner, Cahill, smacks a wayward punt straight to Swansea.

Lampard is struggling to influence the game. It does not need saying that his late runs into the box have always been a threat. But he is playing very deep tonight.

Oscar almost has the ball in the Swansea box from a clever Mata flick. But Oscar is ushered away from the ball by Rangel before it rolls out for a goal-kick. Excellent defending.

Ivanovic again hits an aimless long ball straight back to Swansea. The home fans jeer. The Chelsea defender looks a nervous wreck.

De Guzman raises his right arm to say sorry to Hernandez and Rangel, who stood no chance of reaching his over-hit pass to the right.

Chelsea have had a better couple of minutes. Ramires takes on a low, skidding 30-yarder. It takes a nick of Williams but is still a relatively straightforward save for Tremmel.

Kiss of death. Ki then gives the ball away when he has a chance to clear. Williams has to deflect a shot from Oscar away from the danger area.

Ki is having a good game in the centre of midfield for Swansea. He is break up play and keeping simple short passes to ensure his team maintain possession.

From the throw-in, Cole bursts into the Swansea box. His cross is deflected over the crossbar by Williams. At the corner, Cahill heads at goal. Rangel heads clear on the line but Tremmel probably would have had it covered.

Chelsea corner. It goes short before Mata crosses. Williams flicks a headed clearance which goes out for a throw-in on the far side.

Hernandez looks to chip a ball into the path of Michu. The forward would have been clean through. But Cahill sticks out a leg to intercept. Michu would probably have been offside anyway.

Replays of Cahill's block are inconclusive. It was point-blank range and difficult to tell if he did handle the ball.

Chance for De Guzman. But his shot is closed down just inside the penalty area by Cahill. Michu is screaming for handball but there is nothing in it.

Swansea are making things scrappy in midfield when they do not have the ball and that is breaking any Chelsea rhythm.

Cole has his hands up to apologise to Lampard after failing to control a pass on his chest an allowing it to bounce out for a throw-in on.

As in the first leg. Chelsea are struggling to break Swansea down when the home team are back with 10 men behind the play. A long, high ball for Hazard gives him no chance and it flies over his head.

Swansea fans are enjoying every mistake by Ivanovic. He shanks a clearance straight out for a throw-in when lashing at the ball a little bit.

Replays again suggest Ba dived for his penalty claim. There was contact but Davies was pulling his leg away and Ba took off a little dramatically.

It has been an excellent opening few minutes. Both teams are looking to attack. Chelsea have yet to seriously trouble Tremmel and Swansea look a threat on the counter-attack.

Great save from Cech prevents Chelsea from falling two goals behind. Routledge threads a ball down the inside left for Michu and his shot is curling into the far corner before Cech palms it away.

Swansea do not make the most of their first corner and the ball goes back to the halfway line. Ba was annoyed not to get a penalty with that earlier claim. But he made the most of it.

Chelsea have to make do with a corner. But Swansea break up field and Routledge's goal-bound volley at the far post is deflected behind by Azpilicueta.

Ba goes down in the penalty area. Davies had flicked his leg out but then pulled it away. Foy, rightly, does not give the penalty. Remember Ba had a penalty claim in the first leg.

A few ironic cheers go around the Liberty Stadium as Ivanovic hits a forward pass which misses any of his team-mates and rolls out for a goal-kick.

Chelsea are seeing plenty of the ball but Swansea are happy to drop off to the halfway line and allow Ivanovic and Cahill to have possession.

Swansea are back and in a good defensive shape. Mata eventually gives the ball away.

After his howlers in the first leg, Ivanovic looks a little nervous. He lumps the ball forward and gives play back to Swansea.

Swansea are starting the game with intent. They are not showing early signs of simply looking to defend. Rangel and Davies are both pushing forward from full-back.

Oscar looks for an early free-kick on the edge of the Swansea box after going down close to a hanging leg from Chico. But referee Foy waves play on.

Chelsea get the game going.

Here come the teams. Williams and Lampard lead out Swansea and Chelsea at the Liberty Stadium.

With five minutes to kick-off, thanks for all the emails and tweets so far this evening. Sorry I have not been able to publish them all. Keep your thoughts coming at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Luke Flynn says: "I reckon it will be a close affair tonight. I still think the Swans will go through! 2-1 to Chelsea, maybe."

Interim Chelsea boss Benitez in his pre-match TV interview: "You always have to have confidence at the beginning. The team has been training well and hopefully things go well for us. Ba is starting because we have two strikers and we have to manage them. I did not think about playing Ba and Torres before the game. Maybe we will in the game."

Matt Tacey says: "With Ba starting and Chelsea playing very well, we can overcome the 2-0 deficit. I'm going 3-1 to CFC!"

If you have joined us late with 15 minutes to kick-off, here is a round-up of the team news. Benitez opts Ba instead of Torres in attack as Chelsea seek to overturn a two-goal deficit in the second leg of their Capital One Cup semi-final at Swansea. Torres, without a goal since 23rd December, dropped to the bench while Lampard skippers the side from midfield with John Terry again among the substitutes. Swansea name the same side who triumphed at Stamford Bridge in the first leg as Chico returns from a knee injury at the heart of the defence with Michu, who signed a new contract earlier on Wednesday, starting up front at a snowy Liberty Stadium.

Swansea have of course been boosted by the news star forward Michu has scored a new contract earlier today. Laudrup has just said in his pre-match TV interview of the new deal: "I think it is a very good signal. He has been in the media a lot because of his success. It is a good signal to send to the fans that he has signed a new contract and he deserves it."

Chris Welch says: "As a fellow Welshman, I would just like to wish Swansea all the very best tonight. It will be a great result if they can get themselves to Wembley for the final."

I do think it is only anxiety which can stop Swansea from going through to the final. If they play the way they are capable of performing, keeping the ball, that should do the job. Chelsea, though, are excellent away from home and have won six successive games, scoring goals galore.

Chris Foy

Rosie says: "I'm going for a 3-0 Chelsea win. Two for Ba and one from Mata!! COME ON THE BLUES!"

Adam Ellis says: "I'm predicting a 1-1 draw. I say Swansea will keep the ball so that they keep the advantage they have. Graham and Ba to score. Swansea's De Guzman will be the key player tonight. They need to get him on the ball as he's capable of anything."

Opta Fact
Juan Mata has either scored (two) or assisted (four) six goals in just five League Cup appearances.

Is the captaincy a parting gift for Lampard, who could yet still leave Chelsea in the January transfer window? Are Chelsea fans pleased Ba is starting ahead of Torres? Swansea have named an unchanged squad from the first leg. Who will be Laudrup's key players? Get in touch at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Kayode Akinjare says: "Swansea's 2-0 win at Stamford bridge left me loco a fortnight ago and I believe my blues will overturn the deficit away from home as our away form is wicked these days. I am unable to make any predictions concerning the score line now becasue the shock still lingers. The sky is blue!!!!"

Ash says: "I'm optimistic and think we'll go through. 4-1 to Chelsea. Hazard to score first! Come on you blues!!!"

Alexander Phillips says: "I think Chelsea will beat Swansea tonight in a hard-fought game. I think the final score will be 3-0 to Chelsea with Ba, Hazard and Mata all on target COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!"

Tremmel, Rangel, Williams (c), Chico, Davies, Britton, De Guzman, Ki, Routledge, Hernandez, Michu. Subs: Vorm, Monk, Tiendalli, Lamah, Dyer, Shechter, Graham.

CFC Team
Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Cole, Ramires, Lampard (c), Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Ba. Subs: Turnbull, Ferreira, Bertrand, D Luiz, Terry, Marin, Torres.

Swansea are now within touching distance of a major cup final. Could that reality bring nerves tonight? Laudrup's tactics were perfect in a smash-and-grab win in the first leg. The team news is in. Stay with us!

Lars Luno says: "I think Laudrup's got two options. Play all men behind the ball or his preferred style of free-flowing possession football. Sadly, I think that he will choose the former as the 2-0 lead is worth holding onto. If he does, it will be a boring affair. I hope he doesn't as I think that will give Chelsea the best chance. I'm betting a 3-0 in extra time to Chelsea."

Michael Laudrup's Swansea hold a two-goal aggregate lead from the first leg, when goals from Michu and Danny Graham gave the Welsh club a shock win at Stamford Bridge. Can they complete the job and join fellow surprise finalists Bradford City at Wembley? If you want to get in touch on this or any other issue throughout the evening, drop me a line at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Hello and welcome to our live and interactive minute-by minute coverage of the Capital One Cup semi-final second leg between Swansea City and Rafa Benitez's Chelsea at the Liberty Stadium.

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