FT: Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1

The North London derby spoils go to Tottenham, whose 12-game unbeaten run in the Premier League is the best in their history. They also move back into third place, seven points clear of Arsenal as the Gunners suffer a massive blow in their top-four hopes this year. Thanks for your messages today and I'll see you all again soon.

FT: Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1.

Change right at the death for Spurs as Gallas replaces Lennon.

Yellow card for Walker for kicking the ball away.

Lloris gets a good punch to the corner and the hosts launch the ball up the pitch to kill further seconds, with Arsenal only likely to have one more chance to snatch an equaliser here!

Another huge chance for Arsenal, as the ball sits up Podolski on the half-volley, before Dawson's despairing dive takes the ball behind for a corner.

Rosicky begins another path into Spurs' half, but Livermore trips him and Mertesacker launches the ball forward, where Asso-Ekotto eventually clears for Spurs.

Wilshere does well, but with the pressure of Sigurdsson his ball into Walcott is cut out by the immense Vertonghen.

Shocking Arsenal defending nearly sees Bale and Lennon pick up on loose balls, before six minutes of added time is announced.

Walcott's decent effort has Lloris scrambling, but it drifts narrowly wide of the near post and the chances are running out for Arsenal to equalise.

Podolski is the next to go down in some distress, taking a boot from Parker as he looked to find Cazorla, and Arsenal have a free-kick 30 yards out.

Dembele hobbles off, adding to the extra time somewhat, before being replaced by Livermore.

Dembele tackles Wilshere, which looked fairly inoccuous, but the Spurs midfielder goes down painfully and it's his left leg which is currently being tended to by Spurs' physios.

Ramsey and Walcott lead the line down the right, before Rosicky crosses in, with Vertonghen's clearance falling to Giroud whose woeful effort flies into the fans.

Bale's free-kick 40-yards out carries a punch, but safe hands from Szczesny prevents the ball spilling out for any potential rebounds.

The corner comes to nothing for Arsenal, but the other end Szczesny shows his composure to deny Defoe near the byline, calmly heading the ball out of play.

A golden chance for Arsenal this time, with Ramsey set free by Rosicky, firing across goal with a crucial deflection from Assou-Ekotto steering it out for a corner.

Podolski collects the ball from Walcott, but a heavy first touch in the penalty area takes it out of his control as Lloris rushes out to take control of the ball.

Arsenal look to take a quick free-kick as Cazorla is felled, but his ball to Giroud is cut out by Dawson, and Spurs aren't happy as the ball is brought back for the original free-kick to be taken.

Podolski takes to the field for Arsenal. with Arteta the man making way.

The linesman's flag is raised again as Giroud is deemed to have tugged back Vertonghen, the game fascinating poised as we enter the last fifteen minutes.

Arsenal break with numbers, but Ramsey's overcooked pass across goal travels out of play for a throw-in, much to Wenger's chagrin on the sidelines.

Bale stings the arms of Szczesny, firing a volley on goal from just inside the penalty area after a prolonged period of pressure from a Spurs corner. It's turning into quite a cracker at White Hart Lane now!

Lennon is found on the right by Parker, whose dancing feet mesmerise Monreal, before his drive across goal is met by the outstretched foot of Vermaelen.

This time it's Defoe who comes close, with Wilshere seeing the ball stolen from him by Bale as the Spurs striker drags an effort wide from 20 yards. Two great chances in quick succession for the hosts.

Massive, massive chance for Tottenham, as Defoe feeds in Sigurdsson who selflessly plays the ball square with only Mertesacker near him when the goal was gaping.

Dawson positions himself well to head away as Spurs look to get back on the attack on the break before the ball ends up back with Arsenal.

Walcott goes to ground during an attempted challenge from Sigurdsson, and Arsenal have another free-kick which Mertesacker will surely be eyeing.

Wilshere advances, with vigorously hussling from Bale resulting in a free-kick to Arsenal, who are starting to boss things now as they seek an equaliser.

Adebayor is carried off on a stretcher, and his striker partner Defoe replaces him in the Spurs attack.

Tensions threaten to boil over as Arsenal decline to play the ball out of play while Adebayor was injured, and Dawson is reprimanded as a result for his role in the exchange.

Crucial last-ditch stuff from Vertonghen to stop Walcott breaking past him from Rosicky's ball. Excellent defending from the Spurs defender.

A slick passage of play on the edge of Tottenham's area sees Arsenal threaten, until Giroud's effort is charged down, with Walcott heading over the bar moments later from Ramsey's cross.

Rosicky immediately looks for Walcott around the back of Assou-Ekotto, but the pace of the full-back sees him in good stead as he ushers the ball out for a goal-kick.

Jenkinson is hauled off for Arsenal, with Rosicky the man entering the fray.

What a chance for Spurs. Dembele's superb run and pass sets away Assou-Ekotto, but as he finds Bale at the far post, the in-form winger fires well into the stands.

Giroud leaps for the ball but falls awkwardly under Dawson, laying in some distress as a result while the Arsenal medics attend to the striker.

From a Spurs corner, Dembele hacks the ball back into the danger area, but Bale is caught yards offside when he picks it up and the attack comes to an end.

Szczesny sprints off his line to deny Adebayor reaching Bale's through ball, with both teams looking dangerous now whenever they go on the offensive.

Arteta finds Ramsey on the left, where he tormented Walker to win a free-kick before, but this time the Spurs left-back does better and only concedes a throw-in.

Nervy moments for Spurs, as Lloris initially does tremendously to cut out Jenkinson's delivery, before spilling it slightly as no Arsenal player looks up to capitalise.

Vetonghen hacks away from Wilshere's delivery into the centre of the penalty box, before Monreal unleashes a furious drive that swings away from goal. This is much better from the Gunners now.

Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1. They certainly do test Spurs as well, with Mertesacker's glancing header taking a touch off Bale as the ball bounces past the helpless dive of Lloris. Arsenal have a route back into the match!

GOAL! Mertesacker scores!

Great ambition from Ramsey to hold up the ball in the corner, eventually drawing a foul from Lennon, with Arsenal presented with a good chance to test Spurs here.

Cazorla takes a tumble under Parker, clutching his ankle as a result as Arsenal win a free-kick in the centre of the pitch.

The first chance of the second half falls to Spurs, as Bale's run down the right results in a delivery that falls to Sigurdsson, who takes aim, but fires some way over the bar.

Ramsey's progress is halted by Parker cutting off space, before Wilshere is found near the touchline where Walker makes the intercepting challenge.

Arsenal kick off the second half.

Ryan Sparks believes further drama lays ahead, tweeting: "I think it will finish 3-2 to spurs with Bale to get the winner late in the match!"

Lewis Pacey is a man wanting answers. He writes: "Having been told for the last few years that fourth-place is as good as a trophy, what does Wenger do when he slips 7 points behind Spurs and 5 behind fourth-placed Chelsea? Us Gooners are interested in the answer!"

Gunners fans seem to be quite weary after that 45 minutes, and Carl Fletcher leads the line, writing: "For all Arsenal's passing being 2-0 down proves we aren't good enough any more. I'm hoping for a comeback but not optimistic!"

Two goals in three minutes see Spurs ahead at the break, and Arsene Wenger will surely have harsh words for his defenders in the Gunners' dressing room. Send your second half predictions to jack.woodfield@hotmail.com or tweet @JWoodfield365

HT: Tottenham 2 Arsenal 0.

Arsenal just can't get a lucky touch right now, as Ramsey fires the ball into the box with a number of team-mates lurking as Dawson's deflection steers it to safety for Spurs.

Two minutes of added time to be played.

Giroud is found by Ramsey, but is pickpocketed by Asso-Ekotto before Arteta fouls Adebayor attempting to retrieve the ball.

Parker looks to replicate Spurs' second goal with a chip into Lennon, but Vermaelen gets in the way and prevents the ball meeting its target.

A shell-shocking four minutes for Arsenal sees Jenkinson win his side a corner, but as Wilshere plays in short, Arteta chips the ball straight into Vertonghen's path.

Tottenham 2 Arsenal 0. It's a horrible goal to concede from Arsenal, who aren't happy as Cazorla was left on the floor as Spurs attacked, but as Monreal pushes up, Lennon creeps in behind to meet Parker's ball, taking the ball around Szczesny before slotting it home.

GOAL! Lennon makes it 2-0!

Tottenham 1 Arsenal 0. Sigurdsson's through ball is far more precise this time, expertly playing in Bale behind Arsenal's centre-backs who naturally finishes with aplomb. First blood in the derby to Spurs!

GOAL! Bale scores!

The through ball was an admirable target for Sigurdsson but the execution was poor into Adebayor as Szczesny collects, with the hosts starting to press the issue in the final third a little more now.

The corner comes to nothing after Assou-Ekotto's clearance, and for now Spurs have possession as we still await the game's opening goal.

Jenkinson again sets away down the right, finding too much space really behind Asso-Ekotto, as Dawson heads behind his delivery.

Ramsey is freed down the right by Jenkinson, but his ball into the box sees Vertonghen stab away, before Giroud fouls the defender during the proceeding Arsenal throw-in.

Another booking comes as Lennon sprints away from Ramsey, who takes a tug on the winger's arm to concede a free-kick 35 yards out.

Second yellow of the day falls to Dawson, who stands his ground to prevent Giroud slipping past him at the half-way line.

Spurs get a little lucky as Parker inexplicably concedes possession, gifting Arsenal a chance to break, with Giroud unable to deliver the ball to a team-mate in the box as Dawson hacks away.

Corner now to Spurs, as Lennon stumbles his way through Mertesacker with the ball rolling out of play. Bale delivers, but Cazorla knocks the ball away before Adebayor takes a tumble in the box, with no penalty awarded by Clattenburg.

Neither Walker of Dawson can rid Spurs of Monreal and Cazorla's threat, and in the end the latter clears for a throw-in as Arsenal continue to look the more likely to break the deadlock for the time being.

Arsenal fail to materialise an attack from the corner, with Vermaelen ending up steering the ball away from danger with his header and it goes for a Spurs goal-kick.

Cazorla resumes possession after playing a lazy pass to Giroud, and upon finding Walcott, Walker's last-ditch tackle sees a corner conceded.

Giroud looks to slip in Monreal behind Walker, but the pacey Spurs full-back ensures that his opposition counterpart does not meet the striker's ball as he clears to safety.

Arsenal 's defence pushes up, and Sigurdsson's delivery over the top is not met by the oncoming Bale, as the visitors earn a goal-kick.

Arsenal creep their way up the pitch, but for now their passing only takes them backwards as Spurs comfortably marshall the space in their half.

A lunge from Adebayor runs the risk of of a booking and he is indeed shown the yellow card for a silly tackle on Wilshere.

A storming challenge from Vermaelen sees the ball wrangled away from Parker, who went down heavily but it seemed to be a fair tackle.

Neither team can control the ball for too long before Sigurdsson finds Bale and Spurs threaten. Adebayor is caught offside looking to meet Bale's pass though and another attack in the game is broken down.

Adebayor looks to advance past Vermaelen, but a sterling tackle from the defender knocks the ball out of play near the touchline.

Spurs enjoy time on the ball, without progressing foo far forward for the time being as Lloris ends up booting the ball upfield which Dembele collects.

Wilshere collects the loose ball, but Parker's attempts to retrieve it result in a free-kick to Arsenal after a poor challenge from the midfielder.

Lloris is on hand again to deny Giroud poking the ball past him from Jenkinson's through ball, as Arsenal dominate possession in these early stages.

Dawson clears Spurs' lines, and after a scrappy passage of play they regain the ball, only for Dembele's premature delivery to elude the run of Bale.

Good tempo in Arsenal's attack, as Wilshere feeds in Giroud behind Dawson as Walker slides in to concede a corner.

Vermaelen's chip over the top finds Giroud, but he sets off a tad early and the linesman's flag is raised as a result. Tottenham free-kick.

The first effort on target sees a Wishere corner meet the head of Giroud, but it's a comfortable save for Lloris. Moments later, Bale leads Spurs away on the break but an intervention from Monreal prevents his shot reaching goal.

Giroud hussles Parker, regaining possession for his side as Assou-Ekotto slides in to prevent Walcott breaking away down the right.

Wilshere leads Arsenal forward, before Ramsey is closed down which earns his side a throw-in. From that throw, Wilshere is denied the chance to shoot as Vertonghen gets the tackle in.

Sigurdsson flies into Jenkinson, conceding a free-kick with that sliding challenge, and as Wilshere delivers, Vertonghen is required to head away for Spurs.

Dawson charges in to get his head on the ball, but the offside flag is raised and it's an Arsenal free-kick.

A tackle by Arteta on Lennon is eventually brought back for a free-kick by Clattenburg, and Bale will line up to take it.

Tottenham kick off and get the action started.

The players are out on the pitch having been met be a deafening ovation, and we're now moments away from getting the North London derby underway.

Some betting news from our friends at Sky Bet now. Spurs are 13/10 favs with Arsenal 2/1 and the draw 12/5. Punters have been torn over who will win but are backing Bale to score in their droves.

Chris Dow is pragmatic before kick-off, writing: "I'm an Arsenal boy, but can see Spurs running the show this afternoon. I reckon 4-2 for Tottenham is a fair shout - Arsenal's defence lately, derby or not, has been woeful."

So of course the name on everybody's lips ahead of today's game is Gareth Bale, especially after his sensational winner against West Ham on Monday night. However, given that Andre Villas-Boas' last two games against Arsenal with Chelsea and Tottenham have seen his sides concede 10 goals overall, it may end up being Spurs' defence that is required to save the day if they are to emerge victorious this afternoon.

Specifics now from Justin, who writes: "Arsenal to win 5-2, Bale to score first and Tottenham to lead first half, but expect a comeback special from the boys in red with Wilshere being the man to win us the game! COYG!"

Russel Green gets us underway, writing: "This is a big chance to gain points and push for the third position in the league. Spurs are slow starters at home and we need to make sure we are ready from the start. To be fair I see draw written all over this one."

Arsenal: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Ramsey, Arteta, Walcott, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud. Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Rosicky, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Gervinho.

Tottenham: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto, Dembele, Parker, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale, Adebayor. Subs: Friedel, Naughton, Gallas, Carroll, Livermore, Holtby, Defoe.

Here are the teams...

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to live coverage of Tottenham v Arsenal in the Premier League's North London derby at White Hart Lane. Team news will appear here shortly, and if you'd like to get in touch today you can e-mail jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or tweet @JWoodfield365

Kick-off is at 1600 GMT.

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