FT: Everton 3 Oldham 1

Everton 3 Oldham 1. All over and the Toffees progress to meet Wigan in the quarter-finals. Oldham's impressive run comes to an end.

Wesolowski with another decent challenge. Croft forces Baines to concede a corner. Final seconds. Corner played low and hammered clear.

Howard keeps hold of the ball for as long as possible. Baines then runs the ball down the line for Osman. Everton happy to play keep-ball now.

Everton able to run down the clock. Wesolowski wins the ball back. Oldham go long, floating the ball into the box for Smith to win. He gets a powerful head to the ball, but nods straight at Howard.

Jelavic involved in another tussle. This time the decision goes against him. Simpson moving forward for Oldham once more, and he wins a late corner. Tarkowski jumps into Howard, who is not happy at the treatment he is getting.

Three minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Second change for Everton sees Pienaar trudge off and Hitzlsperger enter the fray. Everton just looking to see things out now.

Smith can't get off the ground this time, as he collides with Jagielka. Grounds collects for Oldham, but Everton have numbers back and block the route to goal.

Back underway. Jelavic tussles with Tarkowski, after the ball has gone. Play continues. Oldham force Everton into a misplaced pass.

Howard getting treatment on his back. He doesn't look too happy, but should be okay to continue. He took a heavy tumble.

Simpson clatters into Howard and is booked. First card of the evening. Howard will require treatment. Simpson was always looking to bundle into the Everton keeper.

Simpson slips to the dead-ball line. He is always stretching to get in a cross and fires high over Smith in the middle. Everton take their time with a throw down by their own corner flag.

Mirallas makes way for Naismith in Everton's first change.

Three on three as Everton pile forward. They work the ball nicely. Mirallas holds it up well, allowing Gibson to arrive late. Surprisingly, he fires high over the top from 12 yards out.

Ball drips to Barnard on the edge of the box. He hasn't got space for a shot. Baxter does, but he drills at Osman. Oldham desperate to remain on the front foot, but Croft sees the ball slip out of play.

Grounds tries to send over a long throw. He can;t get to Smith, and he comes through the back of Coleman to get to the ball. Free-kick to Everton inside their own box.

Quick feet from Mirallas as he makes the dead-ball line and forces Grounds to concede a corner. Simpson nods the set-piece out. Gibson shoots first time, but fires into a collection of bodies.

Smith wins the ball in the air, but Baxter can't get up with him. Mirallas, back on the right, drifts past Grounds. Coleman takes over, cuts inside and finds Gibson. No space for a shot.

Baines goes back to Distin. No need for Everton to throw the ball forward. Baxter slides in trying to block Distin's clearance. He dived in a little and concedes a free-kick.

Everything going towards Smith now. Distin standing up to the challenge well. Frustration for the Oldham striker as he concedes a free-kick.

Jelavic goes down under pressure from Tarkowski. He is waved back to his feet. Oldham fire long. They need to try and get the ball at the other end of the field.

Wesolwski on in place of Brown. Attacking switch by Oldham as they make their final change.

Pienaar hooks over a cross, which M'Voto clears. Neville returns the ball into the box, but Tarkowski is there on this occasion. Gibson then wastes possession as he fires straight out of play.

Corner is played short to Pienaar. He plays it back to Mirallas, but he has Grounds in his face right away. Everton are able to win a throw and run a few more seconds off the clock.

Baines sent sprawling by Croft wide on the Everton left. The Oldham man trying a little too hard there. Mirallas delivers, and Simpson has to nod behind for a corner.

Croft refusing to throw in the towel. He is working so hard. All of the Oldham team are, they just aren't seeing enough of the ball. Everton looking to slow things down.

Pienaar able to delay a pass as Osman moves outside him. Rather than shoot from a tight angle, he looks to cross. But sends the ball behind those in the middle.

Pienaar pops up on the right wing for Everton, with Mirallas having now moved out to the left. He looks to send over an early cross, but gets his delivery all wrong and the ball sails into the stands.

Smith down and is holding his shoulder. Play goes on around him and Everton win a free-kick. Smith hurt his shoulder against Liverpool and Oldham will be hoping he hasn't done the same again tonight.

Brown able to surge down the right. He is able to get his head home and hang over a cross. Simpson heads goalwards from 12 yards out, but glances into the hands of Howard.

Oldham have players piling forward, but Baxter goes short towards Croft when he wanted the ball playing over the top and in behind. Everton move forward, but a poor touch from Mirallas sends the ball behind for a goal kick.

Free-kick to Everton wide on their right. Gibson takes, but can't pick out a blue shirt in the middle. Neville fires long, forcing Grounds to nod out for a throw.

Coleman tries to take control again for the Toffees. A direct burst takes him past Grounds. He fires in a cross-shot which flashes through the box and past the post.

Maybe there is life in this tie yet! Distin is then almost caught on the ball inside his own half. Everton wobbling slightly.

GOAL OLDHAM - SMITH. Croft still beavering away and he wins a corner. The ball is whipped into the heart of the six-yard box from the set-piece, and it comes as no surprise to see Smith rise highest and nod home.

That should be game over now. Everton would have to suffer a dramatic collapse to let Oldham back in.

GOAL EVERTON - OSMAN. Wicked delivery from Pienaar causes Oldham all sorts of problems. Osman gets a slight touch to the ball, sending it past the boot of Jelavic and through Bouzanis.

Mirallas picks the ball up on the Everton right. He spots Osman in space, but his rolled cross is not the best and is easily cut out. Oldham look to trouble the Toffees again.

Baxter with neat feet in midfield. Smith then finds Brown out wide. He rolls a pass into Croft, who shots first time. He opts to go near post, rather than across Howard, and fires wide of the target.

Croft able to work a yard on the right wing and send over a cross. No sign of Smith this time as Howard can claim with ease. Better from Oldham in the last few minutes. They know they need to try and make something happen.

Grounds able to drift forward. He floats the ball towards Smith. Distin does enough to prevent Smith from getting a head to the ball. Brown sends up a looping cross, which Howard has to watch onto the roof of the net.

Howard comes and gets a hand to the corner. Everton struggle to clear initially, but can then look to counter. They waste the opportunity. Moyes shaking his head on the bench.

Simpson's first involvement is to fire over a low cross from the right. Baxter is waiting, but Neville can knock the ball behind. Timely intervention.

Double change by Oldham. Obita and Iwelumo make way for Simpson and Smith. Expect the Latics to keep going long now they have Smith up top. He is a giant of a striker.

M'Voto with a powerful header, which drops over Distin. Baines alert to the danger, with Barnard lurking, and he can watch the ball skid behind for a goal kick. Oldham readying changes on the touchline.

Distin up above Barnard with ease. Oldham haven't had much joy going long. Everton move forward through Coleman. He crosses for Osman, who is stretching and can only prod at Bouzanis.

Mirallas' delivery is headed clear by Tarkowski. Mirallas able to put the ball into the box again. Jelavic sees a touch bobble into the path of Jagielka, who skies a shot from 10 yards out. Decent chance to make it three.

Obita drifts offside. Everton clear their lines. The Toffees prepared to play their way out from the back. Brown with a sliced clearance and Bouzanis can't prevent the ball slipping behind for a corner.

Baines past Brown, but not Croft. The ball keeps running Everton's way. Doesn't bode well for Oldham. They may require a stroke of luck if they are to get back into this.

Brown too eager to get to the ball and trips Pienaar from behind. Everton try to take the free-kick too quickly and are pulled back. Distin eventually sends the ball long.

Iwelumo outmuscles Mirallas. Jagielka then sends a clearance more up than out. Everton win another throw. Baines fires the ball against Croft, who then sees off Gibson.

Obita's first touch lets him down, presenting Everton with a throw. Coleman returns the favour as he tries to skip past Grounds. Matt Smith warming up for the visitors. Expect to see him sooner rather than later.

Baines prevented from slipping a pass into Osman. Oldham need to keep things tight at the start of the second half. There is still hope for them, especially if they can get one back early on.

Everton gets us underway, with no changes by either side at the interval.

Players are back with us and we are ready for the off once more.

Ian Smith says: "Moyes will not let Everton take foot off the gas after last weekend I predict 4-1."

John Brotheridge says: "Viewing from NZ. After 50 odd years of watching EFC my guts tell me this is not over yet. Don't relax Blues, another 2 needed then close it right down. Been here too many times to watch it slip away. COYB don't fall asleep now."

Graham Moore says: "I can see Everton scoring an early goal to kill the game and feel Jelavic will get a confidence boosting brace with us going on to win 4 or maybe 5 nil. Our name is on the cup this year!"

Remember you can bet in-play at Skybet.com. Everton are now 1/100 to claim the win, with Oldham 100/1 and the draw 33/1. You can get 8/1 on Everton to win 3-1.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Everton 2 Oldham 0. The Toffees in control at the interval. Oldham have fared admirably, but the Premier League side have made the most of their opportunities.

Grounds with a long throw from the left. Coleman touches the ball on, but Everton can clear.

Pienaar into the box. He has Osman in support. The England international prods a tame effort goalwards from the edge of the box, and sees the ball loop into the arms of Bouzanis.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

Baxter surges down the left. Obita takes over, but has Neville in his face. No room for a cross, but he does well to force a throw. Would be a great time for Oldham to get one back.

Clash of heads between Osman and Tarkowski. Everton man bounces back to his feet. Physios called for, but both men are soon up and ready to continue. Michael Oliver tells them they have to go off anyway, even though they didn't receive treatment. Odd call.

Croft down again, and as he falls Baines smashes the ball into his arm. No malice, but a stinger for the Oldham man. Furman takes the free-kick this time. Howard comes to punch and clatters into Tarkowski.

Baines trips Croft. Another chance for Oldham to load the penalty area. Poor from Baxter this time. He sends the ball high over the heads of those who have trotted forward. He's better than that.

Another sight of goal for Jelavic. He rises to meet a Coleman cross, but jumps too early and ends up underneath the ball. His looping header drops over the crossbar. Nice football again from the hosts, who are controlling things now.

Risky pass from Baxter towards his own goal. Tarkowski comes across to slice the ball out of play. Throw to Everton by the corner flag. Everton go backwards once more.

Everton able to counter. Coleman in behind Obita, who does well to track back and block a route to goal. The Toffees are forced to go backwards, and Barnard wins Oldham a throw.

Pienaar tripped in midfield. He falls on the ball and is lucky not to get a boot in the face. Oldham soon have it back. Furman flicks a pass into Barnard, but Coleman gets there first.

Baxter delivers. He puts the ball underneath the Everton crossbar. Great delivery. Howard gets hands to the ball, and gets a free-kick. M'Voto jumped with him and keepers always get those calls.

Jelavic escapes in behind Brown. The ball is sent in his direction, but the flag goes up. At the other end, Oldham are able to force a corner.

Oldham now have it all to do. Everton haven't had to work too hard for their two-goal lead. They can now relax and look to dictate proceedings.

GOAL EVERTON - BAINES. Not the best of spot kicks, but Everton double their lead. Baines strikes the ball very close to Bouzanis, but he can't get down quick enough and the penalty sneaks underneath him.

Jelavic goes down again inside the box, and this time Michael Oliver does point to the spot. Decision actually for handball, with Brown moving his hand towards the ball as it bounced inside the box.

Everton knocking the ball around in midfield. Oldham have dropped deeper. Coleman runs at Grounds, but there is no way through for the hosts.

Iwelumo touches on, but Jagielka can nod back to Howard. Oldham still posing a few questions and are far from out of this. Everton haven't looked great so far. One decent delivery has been all they have required.

Distin sees off the threat of Barnard. Brown then stands on the ball. Everton look to play the ball along their back four. Oldham not quite as quick to get into the hosts now.

Coleman with no options from a throw. Crowd not amused with the lack of movement. Everton do get the ball back into play eventually, but soon lose it.

Mirallas sends over the corner, towards the near post. Osman rises first. The ball cannons off his shoulder and over the top. Barnard was in attendance as well. Osman claims a another corner, but doesn't get one.

Coleman can;t work a yard for a cross, and then gives the ball away. Oldham can't make their way forward. Brown challenges Pienaar, but sends the ball to Baines. He cracks an effort goalwards, forcing Bouzanis to tip around the post.

Nice build-up from Everton sends Osman to the dead-ball line. He cuts the ball back towards Jelavic, but he swings at fresh air. Ball taken off his toe by Tarkowski.

Handball by Grounds as he nips in front of Osman. No complaints from the Oldham full-back. Howard fires the ball long, but Grounds nods clear from in front of Mirallas.

Paul Scholes in attendance tonight. Famous Oldham supporter. Moyes now out off the bench barking instructions at his players. He is demanding they up their work rate.

Oldham can't get out of their own half. Osman gets down the right. Grounds forced to concede a throw. Neville whips over a cross. Jelavic down after being held by Tarkowski. Oldham man did have hold of the Everton striker's shirt. Nothing given.

Pienaar rolls a pass into the path of Jelavic. Bouzanis is off his line quickly to slide in and gather. Everton come again. Mirallas able to fire over a cross, which M'Voto nods clear from in front of Jelavic.

Bouzanis goes long towards Iwelumo again. He tussles with Distin. The Everton centre-half is strong enough to see out the threat and allow the ball to bounce behind.

Jelavic glances on towards Osman, but Tarkowski is there for Oldham. Flag then goes up again, against Jelavic. Toffees seeing more of the ball now.

Gibson over the set-piece. His sends over another dangerous delivery, which is glanced to safety. Everton try their luck down the opposite flank, but Pienaar floats an attempted cross into the stands.

Ambitious effort from Jelavic. He looks to strike the ball early as he comes across him. His effort bobbles harmlessly wide. The Everton man is out of form, and it showed there. The Toffees then win a free-kick off Barnard wide on their right.

Everton take the chance to slow things down. Oldham won't allow them to settle. Jelavic is able to find space down the right, but fails to bring Mirallas into play alongside him.

Baxter hits the post. Great effort from the former Everton man. He is freed into space and bends the ball around Howard from the edge of the box. He strikes the inside of the upright. So unlucky.

Oldham have started brightly but now find themselves behind. They need to settle down and come again. Bouzanis does well to come and claim a Pienaar cross.

GOAL EVERTON - MIRALLAS. No mistake from the hosts on this occasion. Everton work the ball to their right, where Gibosn whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Mirallas arrives on cue to guide a controlled half-volley past Bouzanis.

The set-piece is only half-cleared into the path of Gibson. He is 12 yards out and has space for a moment. He can't gather the ball in and the opportunity goes begging.

Baxter floats the ball long - too long. Howard is able to come and pluck out of the air. Oldham need to deliver better than that. Pienaar and Croft then tangle in the Oldham box. The Latics man does enough to concede a corner.

Obita unable to make his way past Coleman. All a bit scrappy as Everton squander possession immediately. Pienaar then catches Brown late. Opportunity for Oldham to send a free-kick into a crowded box.

Another long ball down the right from Oldham. Barnard interested, but the bounce carries it away from him and through to Howard. Gibson with room to work in midfield, but his pass towards Mirallas is cut out by Grounds.

Everton look to counter after Croft fails to collect on the edge of their box. No messing around from M'Voto as he hammers a clearance into the stands. Pienaar is then flagged offside.

Mirallas with a heavy touch, allowing Furman to snap at his heels. Coleman wins the ball back for the hosts and finds Mirallas. He has nowhere to go and sees the ball deflect of his boot and behind for a goal kick.

Baxter swings over a cross from the Oldham left, onto the head of Jagielka. Message over the tannoy warns those standing up that they will be ejected from the stadium. No-one appears to be listening.

Flag up against Mirallas. He went far too early. Bouzanis sends the free-kick long towards Iwelumo. He wins the ball in the air, but is forced wide and can't pick out a team-mate.

Gibson weeps a pass wide to Pienaar. He has Osman running past him, but yet again Oldham close Everton down quickly and prevent the hosts from making headway in and around the penalty area.

Baines well forward down the Everton left. He is unable to combine with Pienaar. The Toffees try again. Osman is eventually picked out inside the box and goes down under pressure from Furman. Penalty shout goes up, but the decision goes Oldham's way. Osman did catch Furman first.

Grounds whips an early cross into the Everton box from the left wing. Neville on hand to send a diving header clear. Coleman given no time on the ball as he collects, but settles for a throw.

Baines strikes his first effort of the evening into the wall. He is much better than that. Barnard leads the chase as Oldham look to pile out from the back. Jagielka sees the ball back to Howard.

Pienaar forced backwards. Oldham looking to close the ball down quickly. Mirallas skips inside off the right flank. He is able to spin into space on the edge of the box. Grounds sends him tumbling. Free-kick to Everton 25 yards out, just right of centre.

Ball played down the channels for Barnard to chase. He is never going to catch up with it and Howard can watch it run behind. Everton then move forward for the first time, with Jelavic pulling wide to the left flank. Baines overlaps, but can't cross.

Ball in the air a lot in the opening seconds. Oldham immediately onto the front foot. Croft able to get in behind Baines, but the ball evades him and runs behind for a goal kick.

Oldham kick us off.

Change of ends before we get up and running.

Pre-match formalities underway and we are almost ready for the off. Great atmosphere inside Goodison. The FA Cup still has it's magic!

The players are in the tunnel so we will have to leave the feedback there for now. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Oliver and Joel, London-based Everton fans, are providing a joint voice tonight. They say: "Think that Everton will prevail 3-1 and that it's time Moyes receives his well-deserved trophy! Come On You Blues!"

For the record, tonight's referee is Michael Oliver.

Chris Williams is another keeping up to date with things from foreign climes. He says: "I live in Marbella now and coach football here. I am ex-Centre of Excellence director at Oldham Athletic and ex-Manchester City Academy coach. Jose Baxter for the first and only goal for me."

David Theibert is tuning in from afar, and is hoping for nothing more than an entertaining encounter. He says: "I am from York Pennsylvania, USA. I always cheer for Tim Howard but Oldham's run has been fun. I am rooting for drama!!!"

Rafee Ahmed feels an upset could be on the cards. He says: "What a sensational run it has been for the League One side Oldham, who have been brilliant against every opponent they have faced. Can't wait to see them knock Everton out of the cup...just hope Smith carries on this scoring run..3-2 Oldham."

No Marouane Fellaini in Everton's matchday squad, as they welcome Phil Neville and Kevin Mirallas back into their starting XI. Oldham are unchanged from the weekend, with Dean Furman the only man to make their side tonight who did not start the initial tie.

Oldham team: Bouzanis, Brown, Grounds, M'Voto, Tarkowski, Croft, Furman, Iwelumo, Obita, Barnard, Baxter. Subs: Cisak, Wesolowski, Simpson, Smith, Millar, Winchester, Mellor.

Everton team: Howard, Neville, Baines, Gibson, Jagielka, Jelavic, Mirallas, Distin, Osman, Pienaar, Coleman. Subs: Mucha, Heitinga, Oviedo, Naismith, Hitzlsperger, Vellios, Duffy.

You can also bet in-play throughout the game at Skybet.com. Everton start as strong favourites as 1/6, with Oldham 14/1 and the draw 6/1. You can get 33/1 on Oldham to progress on penalties.

Will Everton prove too strong, or can Oldham book their place in the quarter-finals? Who will be the men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to offer your thoughts on how tonight's match might play out by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Everton, though, have suffered just two defeats in 2013, are chasing a top-four finish in the Premier League and will be aware of the need to raise their game on home soil.

The Latics have every reason to believe that an upset could be on the cards, as they prevailed 1-0 the last time the two sides met at Goodison Park back in the 2007/08 FA Cup.

League One hopefuls Oldham have already dashed the cup dreams of one Merseyside outfit this season in the form of Liverpool, and have their sights set on another Premier League scalp.

The two sides played out an entertaining 2-2 draw at Boundary Park in their initial meeting, with Matt Smith grabbing the most dramatic of levellers for the Latics.

Welcome to Goodison Park for our coverage of tonight's FA Cup fifth round replay between Everton and Oldham.

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