FT: Rubin Kazan 3 Chelsea 2 (Agg: 4-5)

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Rubin Kazan 3 Chelsea 2 (Agg 4-5) - that's it! Chelsea advance to the Europa League semi-finals!

It looks like Chelsea are heading into the last four after surviving the late threat from Rubin. We're into the dying seconds now...

A late chance for Chelsea as Oscar tries a shot from just inside the box but it's a tame effort and goes straight to the keeper.

Rubin have a late free-kick after a Ferreira push but Natkho's delivery is seen off by Moses.

There's a final change for Chelsea as Lampard makes way for Branislav Ivanovic.

Oscar kicks the ball away and gets a yellow card for his troubles as we move into stoppage time, with three minutes added.

Natkho puts in another ball, looking for Dyadyun, but Cech's steady hands are there to grab it to safety.

Kaleshin makes a run down the right and attempts to put in a cross but doesn't catch it right and skies his attempt.

Time is running out for Kazan to pull off a shock comeback and the Blues are edging closer to the semi-finals...

Torres is clipped by Marcano and the defender earns the first booking of the night.

Torres tries to break through the Kazan defence but Eremenko snatches the ball away from the onrushing Spanish striker.

Terry intervenes in a Rubin attack and breaks, with Lampard picking up the ball and feeding Oscar, but Navas puts it behind.

The minutes are trickling down as Eremenko charges forward and unleashes a long range shot but it's turned wide by Cech.

An Oscar corner is cleared by the home defence. He plants the ball back in immediately but the Rubin keeper charges to collect.

Rubin have had six attempts on target to Chelsea's three so far. Oscar gets forward as the Blues try a rare attack.

Another chance for Rubin Kazan as Rondon clips in a free header from close range and Cech is forced to make a quick catch.

Ansaldi tries his luck with a fizzing shot from range but it goes wide of the left post and doesn't trouble Cech.

Chelsea aren't home and dry yet then as Kazan ensure they need to stay awake in these dying stages. It's worth pointing out that Rubin need to score two more to put Chelsea out.

A change for Chelsea as Benyoun makes way for Oscar

It's a great penalty from Natkho as he sends Cech the wrong way and fires coolly into the roof of the net.

GOAL! NATKHO SCORES FROM THE SPOT! Rubin 3 Chelsea 2 (4-5)

PENALTY! The ref points to the spot after a push on newcomer Ryazantsev by Azpilicueta! A little wink from the Russian as it's given...

Kasaev makes way for Aleksandr Ryazantsev as the Russians make their final change

Karadeniz attempts to slip the ball through for Dyadyn down the right but he can't prevent it from going out.

Rubin are set to make a third and final change but first try another attack as Karadeniz plants a ball in the box for the arriving Kasaev but Azpilicueta is there to head clear.

Navas knocks the ball out to subdue a Chelsea threat down the right and Azpilicueta takes the resulting throw.

There's a little push on Terry in the lower back by Kasaev and the whistle goes to hand Chelsea a free-kick in their own end.

Moses makes a run for Chelsea but is frustrated down the left by the Kazan defence and the home side win the ball.

There's another change for the home side as Orbaiz makes way for Vladimir Dyadyun.

Benayoun gets his head to the delivery to clear but seconds later Marcano rises to meet another cross into the box and the Blues are lucky as he plants it wide.

Chelsea give away a free-kick inside their own half after a high boot from Mikel and Rubin's set-piece specialist Natkho steps up to take.

A cross scooped into the box by Kasaev is greeted by the head of Karadeniz as he heads home Kazan's second of the night.


Kasaev tries to plant a cross into the box but it takes a deflection and goes out for a Kazan throw on the left of the Blues' half.

Lampard loses out to goalscorer Marcano down the right of the Kazan half and appeals to the ref but he's unmoved.

It's Ramires that makes way - maybe with one eye on Sunday's FA Cup semi-final - as Chelsea bring on Mikel.

Chelsea prepare to make a change, with John Obi Mikel warming up. It's the Blues on the ball as Torres gets forward.

A long Luiz ball finds Moses who picks out Lampard in the box but he can't hold onto it as the hosts hook it away.

It's definitely a more lively half so far as Chelsea go back ahead again. Back on the attack, Kasaev can't quite keep on his feet in the box as he tries to weave away to try a shot.

There's a lovely one-two between Moses and Ramires before the former lifts a great shot over the keeper for Chelsea's second.


Chelsea regroup after that leveller, trading passes at the back. Torres trips Ansaldi to hand the hosts a free-kick in midfield.

So there's a glimmer of hope for the home side as they pull it back to 2-4 on aggregate. The sparsely populated stadium has woken up a bit.

Orbaiz's free-kick from range on the right is well-taken and Marcano makes a run from a deeper position before leaping to nod it home for his second goal of the season.


Rondon gets the better of Terry, prompting him to pull off some emergency defending to hook the ball away.

Benayoun is bundled over by Kasaev on the left of the Blues' half and the advantage goes to the visitors as Cech lofts a goal-kick upfield.

Kasaev battles to find a way into the box on the left but is crowded out by Azpilicueta and the attack fizzles out.

It's looks like the masked Torres took a knock to his face off Marcano right across his broken nose but he seems to have shrugged it off.

Torres looks a little dazed and stops playing momentarily, holding his nose, but he seems to recover after a few seconds.

We're back underway in Russia and Chelsea are 45 minutes away from the semi-finals of the Europa League. Can Kazan find a way back?

There's a half-time change for Kazan as Vitali Kaleshin comes on for Oleg Kuzmin.

It's almost time to get back underway in Moscow. Thanks for all your feedback - sorry I couldn't publish everyone's!

Chris Green - "Chelsea have performed very good so far..I think Chelsea are easily capable of scoring at least 2 more goals before the night is over.. 3-0 Chelsea my prediction."

@jamisadler - "Torres seems to be enjoying the Europa League, that's 3 goals in 2 games :D"

Aaron Tugwell - "I could have really been more wrong about my prediction, now I think it will be 1-2 with Torres getting another. Glad to see us winning."

Alan Sams has written in - "Apart from one early chance for Rubin and the late one a deserved lead, Lampards vision with the goal was stunning...#love lamps!!"

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The whistle blows and that half ends Chelsea 1 Rubin Kazan 0 thanks to Fernando Torres' opener, with the tie poised at 1-4 to the Blues on aggregate.

There's drama to end the first half as Cech is called upon to make a really good save off Karadeniz.

We're into the final minute of regular time this half and as it stands Chelsea are strolling steadily to a win.

Moses picks out Torres on the edge of the box and the Spanish striker does well to get back on his feet and keep the ball under pressure from Ansaldi but Kuzmin snatches it away seconds later.

The minutes are trickling down in this half as Lampard pairs up in a one-two with Moses but can't keep the ball from going behind.

Chelsea are looking comfortable as they pass at the back, in no hurry to make their move. Luiz eventually looks for Torres with a long pass.

Cech's takes the resulting goal-kick but Lampard loses possession in the Kazan half. The visitors reclaim it when Azpilicueta takes a throw moments later.

There's more exchanging of passes from the hosts in midfield until a ball breaks to Ansaldi on the left - but he's offside.

Kasaev's misplaced pass on the edge of the box is pounced on by Ake as Chelsea manage to diffuse another threat.

The Blues continue to frustrate the hosts as Luiz gets his head to a long ball into the area, then Cech claims the rebounded effort.

Kazan exchange passes as they continue to look for a way through but Ansaldi's ball goes high and behind as he struggles under pressure from Benayoun.

Cech does well as he comes out to claim the ball as Rondon rushes forward to meet a long pass into the box.

Kasaev makes a tidy run but gets crowded out in the box so flicks a neat backheel to Eremenko, whose shot prompts a diving save from Cech.

Ake and Luiz both put in clearances to subdue the hosts as they continue to push forward. An Eremenko ball goes straight to Cech.

Moses does well to control an awkward ball from Lampard down the left but can't get a cross into the box, where Torres loiters.

Natkho finds Karadeniz out on the right and he picks out Rondon but he can't get his shot on target as a Kazan chance goes begging.

Torres chases a long ball down the left but Navas just gets to it ahead of the Chelsea striker to head it out for a Blues throw.

A long Moses ball in from the left finds the head of Lampard but Ryzhikov makes a neat catch to deny the midfielder.

There's another throw for Chelsea but Kazan are straight back on the ball through Rondon until Azpilicueta gets it away from the striker.

Rubin are struggling to find a way through as Chelsea's defence sit back and deny them any space. Kasaev's effort from the left evades his team-mates for a Blues goal-kick.

Back on the ball, Chelsea comfortably trade passes at the back, with Luiz picking out Azpilicueta on the wing.

Chelsea take another throw in midfield but Kazan reclaim possession. Getting forward again, Rondon and Karadeniz pair up on the edge of the box.

Rondon tries his luck with a strike from range after a one-two with Natkho but it goes well wide and doesn't trouble Cech.

Kazan pass their way forward until Ferreira cuts out a ball intended for Rondon on the edge of the box.

Chelsea win a throw inside their own end which Azpilicueta takes. Eremenko manages to snatch possession back in midfield.

Ansaldi tries to break out of the Kazan half under pressure from the Blues' defence.

Moses tries his luck with a scuffed shot from the edge of the box which bounces towards goal over the uneven surface and into the waiting gloves of the kneeling Ryzhikov.

Lampard's delivery sails in but the onrushing Navas jumps to clear seconds before the whistle blows to rule Luiz offside.

Moses goes down on the left of the Kazan half to earn Chelsea a free-kick from range, which Lampard steps up to take.

Torres lifts a decent ball in from the right for Benayoun waiting in the box but he can't quite get a clear header away under pressure from the Kazan centre halves.

There's more build-up from the home side as their defenders trade passes and the ball slips through to Natkho but he gives it away to Lampard.

Marcano slips in a challenge on Azpilicueta to put the ball out for a Chelsea throw. Lampard tries to cross into the box but his high effort goes over the net and behind.

Azpilicueta and Benayoun link up down the right channel, looking for a way through as the Blues press.

Kuzmin tries to plant a cross in the area from the left but it lands straight on the head of Ake, who clears to it safety.

Rubin are on the ball looking for a way back but Cech collects easily as Rondon tries to pounce on a long ball in the box.

A solid start to Chelsea then as they inch closer to the semi-finals. The Blues win a throw in midfield.

Famous last words! Lampard does well to pick out Torres and the masked man is able to lob home from distance after goalkeeper Ryzhikov comes far out of his goal.


Terry gets his head to Ansaldi's ball as he attempts to plant it in the box. It's been all the Russia side so far..

Ferreira hoofs the ball out of danger as the hosts press in these early minutes. Eremenko gets away Rubin's first shot but fires straight at Terry from close range. Lucky for Chelsea there.

Spanish pairing Marcano and Navas trade passes in central defence early on before passing the ball forward, looking for Rondon.

We're underway on a chilly evening in Russia and it's Chelsea that get things started on the artificial pitch.

The teams are out at the Luzhniki Stadium (where there's plenty of empty seats) and it's almost time for kick-off. Enjoy the first half!

Not long now until we get underway in Moscow. Thanks for all your pre-match comments - keep your feedback coming at the break.

Rafa Benitez has done well with his team selection tonight, according to Chris Jolly - "Rafa has definitely made the right team selection as the Europa League is the lowest priority for the club this season. PL first and FA Cup second. A strong bench means he can bring on game winners if he needs them!"

@kelvinediale tweeted - "I see Chelsea coming through this one easily, hope Nathan Ake takes his opportunity well today."

Tom Reading feels Kazan's move to the Moscow venue could work in Chelsea's favour - "I see a comfortable Chelsea win here. Mata Oscar and Hazard on the bench will come on second half. The game is at a neutral venue witch will be almost empty. A training exercise for the champions of Europe."

You can back Torres for a brace at 12/1 with Sky Bet Chris, while he's 2/1 to score in the 90 minutes. Chelsea are 7/4 for a win this evening and 1/9 to qualify. Head over to www.skybet.com for all markets.

Chris Green feels Chelsea have to be quick off the mark - "This match will be tough for Chelsea, but I'm sure they'll make it through to the semi-finals if they score early.. My prediction: Rubin Kazen 1-2 Chelsea. Ps. What are the odds of Torres scoring a brace?"

Rafee Ahmed is expecting a Chelsea upset - "Just hope Rubin Kazan do something special this match and kick Chelsea out of the competition just like in the Champions League, Rubin will give Chelsea a good game tonight, just hope it's a entertaining game...2-0 to Kazan-WHY NOT!"

Aaron Tugwell isn't feeling too optimistic over Chelsea's chances of a win - "Don't see anyone winning here, if anyone, Rubin to win. Wouldnt believe I was a Chelsea supporter. Our form has been difficult to watch, but 3 wins in a row, maybe a fourth? I predict a 2-2 draw, Torres and Moses with the goals in the second half."

Captain John Terry, Frank Lampard, Victor Moses and Fernando Torres, who scored twice in the first leg, are also included against a Rubin side showing three changes from Stamford Bridge.

Looking at that Blues side, 18-year-old Dutchman Nathan Ake makes his second senior start for Chelsea at the Luzhniki Stadium, while Paulo Ferreira steps in at left-back due to the absences of Ashley Cole (hamstring) and Ryan Bertrand (illness).

Refereeing this evening's clash is Firat Aydinus (Turkey).

Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Terry, Luiz, Ferreira, Ramires, Ake, Moses, Lampard, Benayoun, Torres. Subs: Turnbull, Ivanovic, Mata, Oscar, Mikel, Hazard, Marin.

Rubin Kazan: Ryzhikov, Kuzmin, Marcano, Cesar Navas, Ansaldi, Karadeniz, Orbaiz, Natcho, Kasaev, Roman Eremenko, Rondon. Subs: Arlauskis, Ryazantsev, Kisliak, Kaleshin, Dyadyun, Tore, Sharonov.

Here come the teams then...

We've got the team news coming up for you very shortly but first why not get in touch with your thoughts ahead of kick-off? You can email rachel.griffiths@bskyb.com or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG.

Chelsea go into the second leg of their quarter-final tie boasting a commanding 3-1 lead and will be hoping to finish the job in Russia.

Good afternoon all and welcome to our live coverage of Rubin Kazan v Chelsea in the UEFA Europa League.

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