F/T: Malaga 0 Borussia Dortmund 0

An entertaining first leg comes to an end, and Dortmund will no doubt be kicking themselves after missing several chances in both halves. For Malaga, much lies ahead in Germany, but this clean sheet will give them confidence, and we could be in for a cracker of a second leg next week.

FT: Malaga 0 Borussia Dortmund 0.

Malaga's attack down the left sees the game Toulalan eventually head away, preventing a potential Dortmund counter attack and that should be the game's last action.

Gotze is replaced in the dying embers, with Kirch coming on for his second Champions League appearance.

Three added minutes are to be played.

A well worked free-kick is played far towards Antunes by Gamez, but as he aims his shot over the bar, it may have been the wrong choice, especially given the fragility of Dortmund's defending this half.

It's all Malaga for the time being, with Santa Cruz outsmuscling Santana, with another piece of clumsy defending from the Dortmund man seeing a corner conceded.

Isco's evening comes to an end, with his four-lettered counterpart Duda taking to the field.

Isco and Gotze both collide after a lunge from the former, with the free-kick awarded in Dortmund's favour, which is played short by Schmelzer.

Schieber cuts inside Demichellis superbly from Gotze's through ball, but he lacks composure at the right time, driving a swerving shot well wide from 10 yards.

Antunes sets himself up from range, and aims a wild shot some way over the bar. A rush of blood to the head for the Malaga left-back there.

Lewandowski lets Iturra slip in front of him, and as he looks to regain the ball he concedes another free-kick. Suffice to say, it hasn't been the striker's best evening.

Dortmund's next change sees Bender replace Kehl.

Lewandowski protests his innocence, but his leap with Gamez sees the striker penalised after some rather poor sportsmanship from the Malaga defender.

Yellow card for Iturra for a cynical trip on Lewandowski which rules him out of the second leg.

Joaquin looks to pick out Portillo over the top of Piszczek, who ends up recovering splendidly to ease the ball back to Weidenfeller.

Santa Cruz arrives for Malaga, with Baptista the man taken off.

Weligton collects a knock after looking to tangle with Schmelzer, as the hosts prepare to make another substitution.

As both teams struggle in their quests to move forward, a succession of loose passes see the game hit a bit of a lull.

A supreme challenge from Kehl prevents Joaquin being found by Iturra, with Malaga just starting to look the likelier to break the deadlock.

Lewandowski fails to slip the ball through Demichellis, with Dortmund's forwards looking a bit lacking now in their bid to find the opening goal.

Portillo can't feed the ball back into Joaquin after an initial pass from the winger, with a neat build-up from Malaga resulting in a Santana clearance.

Reus comes off, with Schiber entering the fray for Dortmund.

Saviola makes way for Malaga, with Portillo coming on in his place.

Toulalan lunges into Gunfogan, conceding a fairly needless free-kick in a position Dortmund will like the look of 25 yards out.

Baptista wins Malaga a corner, but Santana expertly clears for the visitors, beating a host of bodies to the ball in the process, before Weidenfeller is alert to deny Isco and Toulalan in quick succession.

Gotze is the next Dortmund player guilty of missing a golden chance, firing wide after slipping in past Demichellis with the goal at his mercy.

Weidenfeller meets the corner with a big punch, witth the score still increcdibly goalless as both sides continue to impress and impose themselves going forward.

Toulalan beautifully links up with Isco, with sheer endeavour from the veteran earning a corner for his team.

Demichellis makes a crucial intervention as Lewandowski was to ready to pounce from Gotze's ball, with the latter contuning his involvement as another attempted through ball is cut out.

Santana looked to meet the delivery, but Weligton beats his fellow defender to the ball, as Dortmund continue their attack with a throw-in.

Antunes is forced into clearing behind for a corner, after a lovely chip from Piszczek looked to set Reus free.

A penetrating run from Joaquin sees him eclpise Schmelzer, but he eventually runs out of room and in the end Weidenfeller rushes out to smother the ball.

Gotze hussles Antunes, but concedes a free-kick due to his enthusiasm, which sees Dortmund's swift progression forward brought to an end.

Malaga calm play down in their defence, eventually pressing forward, where Subotic steps in to steal back possession from Baptista.

The chances continue to accumulate for the visitors, with Piszczek finding Grosskreutz out wide, as his delivery into Lewandowski sees the striker a yard behind the flight of the ball.

Lewandowski and Iturra collide, with the former thoroghly apologetic for his role in the incident, which results in a Dortmund free-kick.

A foul by Reus on Toulalan is penalised, with Malaga maintaining their resilient progress going forward, with both defences being tested often at the moment.

Games makes progress, but is forced back by Schmelzer, before a neat run into the box by Joaquin sees Subotic make a timely tackle.

Saviola steals the ball from Subotic, but upon running out of room to shoot he slides in Santana and catches the defender, resulting in a free-kick.

Another massive chance for Dortmund is scuffed by Lewandowski, presented with the chance to fire home from 10-yards, slipping, and firing his shot well wide.

Lewandowksi appeals for handball as Antunes denies his deflected striker, but no penalty is given, as Dortmund begin the second half in the same vein as they did the first.

Malaga get the action back underway.

HALF TIME. Malaga 0 Borussia Dortmund 0.

Caballero makes another wonderful save, this time from Kehl, whose curling left-footed strike was heading straight for the top corner.

Reus is stopped in his tracks by Toulalan - a superb tackle - but Piszczek regains possession for Dortmund, before Reus is again denied, this time by Weligton.

This is much better from Malaga, with Antunes forcing Weidenfeller into two punches away from goal, with the visitors' defence looking a little shaky as we approach the break.

Santana follows the run of Joaquin, doing well in the end to steer his delivery out for a corner. As it comes in, a scramble occurs which sees Toulalna's header fired narrowly wide.

A near disastrous moment for Weidenfeller sees him spill a delivery from Joaqun, which was inches away from landing at Saviola's feet from six yards out.

A clip on Isco from Santana results in a Malaga free-kick, and Joaquin's header incredibly manages to direct the ball away from goal in a let off for Dortmund's defenders.

Antunes delivers a lovely ball into Isco, who is marshalled by Schmelzer who came across after the ball had beaten Dortmund's centre-backs.

Isco takes a challenge from Subotic but is up straight away, as another swift Dortmund counter attack results in Lewandowski directing an effort into the arms of Caballero.

Demichellis powers forward down the right, earning his side a corner which draws a huge roar from the home fans, with their side continuing to hold on for the time being against a Dortmund side who seem destined to score sooner rather than later.

Antunes keeps Malaga moving forward, delivering for Saviola, who is beaten in the air by Saviola, but the hosts eventually forced back after a loose touch by Iturra.

Reus takes aim from the free-kick, which flashes narrowly wide, as a confident Caballero remained completely unmoved.

Yellow card for Weligton, who gets far too tight on Lewandowski and hauls him down right on the edge of the penalty area.

The chances continue to stack up for Dortmund, with Reus firing the ball in for Grosskreutz, whose flick takes a touch off Demichellis and a corner is given.

Lovely work from Malaga sees Isco slip the ball in to Saviola, but he overcooks the pass slightly, leaving Weidenfeller the opportunity to smother the ball.

Grosskreutz makes an intelligent run in behind Malaga's shaky defensive line, but he controls the ball poorly from Gundogan's chip and sees it roll into Caballero's path.

Reus hacks away at the other end as Baptista crosses in for Saviola, with Malaga's attack starting to lack creativity as Dortmund continue to offer a menacing threat on the counter attack.

Reus v Caballero is again won by the Malaga goalkeeper, with a well-worked move concluding with the winger's shot which is straight down the throat of Caballero.

Dortmund eventually put the ball in the net, but Lewandowski is caught offside as he flicked the ball on, leaving Reus' finish on the rebound redundant.

Reus is again in the thick of Dortmund's attack, collecting the ball from Lewandowski, before his cut back from the byline is hacked away. This is a great spell of pressure from the visitors.

Isco is nudged off the ball by Schmelzer, with the forward then slid into by Subotic, with the end deicision a throw-in to Dortmund, much to the Malaga man's chagrin.

Malaga look to press down the right, but Santana arrives timely to prevent Joaquin breaking, before Toulalan is caught in possession by Kehl.

Shouts for handball are heard by Malaga fans as Isco looks to force his way from a corner, but Dortmund are straight back up the other end as Caballero is on hand to deny Reus.

The first booking goes the way of Dortmund, with Grosskreutz sliding in on Joaquin, conceding a free-kick roughly 30 yards from goal.

Iturra finds Isco, who earns a free-kick for his side after a late tackle from Kehl, who had fooled by the youngster's trickery.

Good pressure from Toulalan sees him steal the ball from Reus, as Dortmund start to up the urgency whenever they move forward.

Baptista's neat turn sees him steer away from Kehl, but the final ball into Saviola ends up gifting the ball back to Dortmund. From Grosskreutz's flick, Lewandowski ends up sprinting clear of Weligton, but his tame shot is well parried by Caballero.

Baptista takes control for Malaga, spreading the ball to Joaquin, whose delivery is calmly cleared by Subotic as Dortmund reclaim possession.

Malaga resume play as Gundogan is aided on the touchline, before Reus narrowly misses out on controlling Schmelzer's pass as Weligton makes the tackle.

As Toulalan storms forward to clear the ball, the midfilelder ends up lunging straight into Gundogan, who is receiving treatment as a result of the challenge.

Toulalan steers Malaga out of trouble after a Weligton slip, with the visitors looking bright whenever they venture forward in these early exchanges.

Great early chance fo the hosts, with Saviola picked out near the byline, choosing not to square to the unmarked Isco and firing at the near post, which sees his shot connect with the side netting.

Gotze takes aim after being set up by Reus, with a neat Dortmund ending up with a sterling block from the charging Demichellis.

Weligton goes long in his bid to find Isco, but Subotic slides in accordingly to intercept possession for Dortmund.

Schmelzer is clattered into by Gamez, but play continues with Dortmund's attack before the visitors eventually win a throw-in deep in Malaga's half.

Isco picks up the ball near the touchline, but as he looks to take on Piszczek, the offside flag is raised against the forward.

Dortmund kick off and get the quarter-final underway.

Rafee Ahmed writes: ""Dortmund are a top top team now with the likes of Gotze, Reus and the goal machine Lewandowski they will have just too much for Malaga who have been fantastic after what they have gone through...3-0 to Dortmund."

Timal writes: "Malaga have home advantage but I don't think that they can beat mighty BVB. 3-0 BVB. Lewandowski to start & finish scoring & one from Gotze."

The German side are hot 1/3 favourites with Sky Bet to reach the semi-final but first must overcome a potentially tricky opening leg against one of the surprise packets of this year's tournament. The home side are 21/10 to take an advantage to Dortmund with the draw 12/5 and the visitors at 5/4. On the goal front it's 7/1 for Mario Gotze to bag the opening goal for the Bundesliga outfit or 10/1 for Isco to put Malaga ahead.

Tonight's referee is Jonas Eriksson (Sigtuna).

Malaga: Willy, Jesus Gamez, Demichelis, Weligton, Antunes, Toulalan, Iturra, Joaquin, Saviola, Isco, Julio Baptista. Subs: Kameni, Lugano, Camacho, Duda, Sergio Sanchez, Santa Cruz, Francisco Portillo.

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller, Piszczek, Subotic, Felipe Santana, Schmelzer, Gundogan, Kehl, Reus, Gotze, Grosskreutz, Lewandowski. Subs: Langerak, Bender, Leitner, Sahin, Kirch, Schieber, Bittencourt.

Good evening everyone and welcome to live commentary of Malaga v Borussia Dortmund. The visitors have been in supreme form in the Champions League this season, disposing of Real Madrid in the group stages, and it will take a mighty effort from the Spanish side to beat the German giants over two legs. You can send your thoughts on tonight's quarter-final first leg to jack.woodfield@bskyb.com or @JWoodfield365.

Kick-off is at 1945 GMT.

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