FT: Real Madrid 2 Borussia Dortmund 0 (Agg: 3-4)

Dortmund's squad and coaching staff are dancing and jumping on the field, while several Real players have been falling to the ground in devastation. They have themselves to blame for the missed chances. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction. We will have a full match report and all the reaction from the Bernabeu. We will also have more in-depth coverage on Wednesday night when Bayern Munich will look to defend a 4-0 aggregate lead against Barcelona and make it an all-German Champions League final.

Special mention should also go to English referee Webb. Mourinho will probably have something to say but the match official had a good game in very difficult circumstances, with a niggling match on the field and a fierce atmosphere in the stands.

Opta Fact
Dortmund are the first German team to qualify for a Champions League final (including the European Cup) at Wembley.

Late goals from Benzema and Ramos gave Real hope. But Dortmund can thank Hummels for an excellent performance in keeping Real at bay for the majority of the game. Ronaldo did not have the best of nights. Real can now only hope to win the Copa del Rey for Mourinho to, in all probability, to end his last season with the Spanish giants with a trophy.

It was a breathless second leg at the Bernabeu, where Real left it too late for their comeback as Dortmund just held on to reach the final. Mourinho's team paid the price for missing so many chances in the opening 25 minutes. Dortmund will now face Barcelona or Bayern Munich at Wembley on 25th May.


90 + 7

90 + 6
Ronaldo hits the deck in the penalty area under a challenge from Santana, who put his shoulder into the Real star. Referee Webb tells Ronaldo to get up. Is that it all over for Real?

90 + 6
Dortmund's bench are all on their feet on the edge of the pitch. They are seconds from the final.

90 + 5
Dortmund have the ball but fail to keep it as they play a pass out of play. They look very nervous. but Real then stray offside. They will regret missing all those early chances.

90 + 4
ADDED TIME: The officials announce there will be five additional minutes. We are already into the fourth of those minutes.

90 + 3
Corner to Real and goalkeeper Lopez comes up. Ramos meets the corner but heads wide of the base of the post.

90 + 2
We are deep into stoppage time but there has been no announcement about how much time there will be.

90 + 1
Santana comes on for Bender.

Bender is down and is receiving lengthy treatment. The stretcher comes on to carry off Bender. Mourinho thinks Dortmund are time-wasting. There is going to be a lot of added time.

What a finish we are in for now! Dortmund do not clear the barrage of corners. Benzema does very well to keep the ball alive at the back post before calmly rolling the ball to Ramos, who rifiles into the roof of the net from close range.

GOAL RAMOS (2-0 - 3-4)!!!

Real win three corners in quick succession. The third comes as Weidenfeller saves a deflected effort from Benzema. Dortmund are panicking and do not clear properly.

Dortmund are running down the clock by taking off Lewandowski and sending on Kehl. Ramos is complaining to referee Webb about the amount of time the change takes.

Dortmund now have every man back deep other than Lewandowski. Anywhere will do whenever they get the ball. It is very nervy for the German club.

Real's fans have rediscovered their voices. Free-kick to Real wide on the right. The delivery almost finds Ramos but it is just taken off his head. Another cross again finds Ramos but he heads at Weidenfeller.

Weidenfeller is booked for refusing to let go of the ball after the goal as Real looked for a quick restart.

Ozil found room down the left and played an excellent ball across the face of the six-yard box to give Benzema are tap-in. Is it too little too late for Real?

Opta Fact
Real Madrid have scored in each of their last 25 Champions League games and have extended their club record.

GOAL BENZEMA (1-0 - 2-4)!!!

Corner to Dortmund on the left. They are understandably in no hurry. Reus takes the set-piece but it is headed clear by Essien and then Reus is offside.

Khedira goes in the book for a wild sliding challenge on Blaszczykowski.

There are just 10 minutes left for Real to try and find an incredible recovery. They look as if they are running out of energy. Dortmund are within touching distance of their first Champions League final since winning it in 1997.

Ramos does not make it through the night without collecting a booking and will now miss the next match.

Real fans are screaming for a free-kick when the ball hits the hand of Hummels on the edge of the box. But referee Webb waves play on. Replays suggest it was the wrong decision.

Free-kick to Real wide on the left. This is a chance to launch the ball into the box. But it is Hummels' again who meets Modric's delivery to head clear.

Reus does brilliantly to cut into the box from the left and play a one-two with Lewandowski. He plays the ball back to Lewandowski, whose close-range shot is blocked by the flying body of Essien. Lewandowski could have had another four goals tonight.

It is the Dortmund fans who can now be heard singing at the Bernabeu. Real's fans are starting to sense it will not be their night as Ronaldo is unable to keep the ball in play when it rolls out for a throw-in.

Real are running out of time. Dortmund are within 16 minutes plus stoppage time of reaching Wembley and a potential all-German final against Bayern Madrid, who face Barcelona in their second leg tomorrow night.

Modric bursts into the box and it looks like he will get a touch to the ball before Bender to win a penalty. But Bender makes an important interception. Dortmund are dropping deep.

Kaka goes very close with an instinctive volley from Di Maria's low cross to the near post. Kaka tries to guide it around the corner but it flies just wide of the base of the near post.

Ozil crosses from the right but it is just too high for Ronaldo and he cannot get a decent connection with his header before Di Maria cannot slide far enough to keep it in play at the back post.

Ronaldo takes a touch and hits and effort from the edge of the box with a toe-poke. It is always rising and goes over the crossbar. He wants a corner but referee Webb is not interested.

Modric again wins the ball back for Real in midfield and sets his team on the attack. But Kaka cannot get past Subotic. Real have not created anything like the chances they had at the start of the first half.

Alonso is not taken off and Real send on Khedira.

Di Maria gets caught in two minds on the corner of the penalty area and sends a cross-shot wide of the far post. That is another chance that goes begging for Real.

Reus fouls Ramos just inside the Real half. There is a feeling the game could change massively if Real can grab a goal. It is very finely balanced despite the significant aggregate deficit. Dortmund still look nervous.

Alonso has not had his best night in the centre of midfield for Real. The Spaniard has given the ball away on several occasions and is not being given the space he likes to operate.

Dortmund are starting to create the better chances. It is incredible this game is still 0-0. Both Mourinho and Klopp are looking very tense on the touchline.

Chance for Lewandowski as he rises above a flat-footed Ramos but heads wide. Lewandowski looks like he was put off and Dortmund are claiming there was a pull from Ramos. It did not look like a clean jump for Lewandowski.

What a save from Lopez to keep Real in the tie! Reus squares the ball across the edge of the six-yard line and, unmarked, Gundogan thinks he has scored. But Lopez flings himself full stretch to block the shot and keep Real alive.

Lewandowski and Ramos are again involved in a tussle and the latter has his hands in the face of Dortmund's striker. Referee Webb dashes in to split it up.

Modric plays Benzema in down the left-hand side of the penalty area. Benzema crosses towards Ronaldo but the ball does not reach its target. It has not really been Ronaldo's night so far.

It sounded like Higuain was jeered a little bit by the Real fans when he was substituted. It has been a frustrating night for the home team at the Bernabeu.

Real have gone three at the back since Kaka came on for Coentrao. But they have not been able to build any momentum in this second half.

Real Madrid make their first changes and, obviously, they are attacking. Kaka and Benzema are on for Coentrao and Higuain.

Opta Fact
Lewandowski is the second player to hit the woodwork against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in this season's Champions League along with Manchester United's Robin van Persie.

A long thrown falls at the feet of Lewandowski inside the Real six-yard box. But Ramos can get a foot in from behind. In another move, Lewandowski then almost catches Ramos with a volley after missing the ball.

Higuain has not been great this evening. He has been offside several times and this time he slips when chasing a forward pass. Real's substitutes are warming up.

Dortmund win a corner on the left. Reus swings the ball into the box with his right foot and Higuain can only flick it on before Coentrao properly defends.

Real are trying to get themselves going again but Dortmund are looking more of a threat on the counter-attack a their hosts takes chances.

Before Lewandowski hit the crossbar, that man Hummels, who has been linked with Barcelona, again headed a cross clear. He has been superb tonight.

Lewandowski hits the crossbar. He is played in by Reus and has too much pace for Varane before smashing an incredibly powerful effort against the underside of the bar and back out again. Real are living dangerously.

Essien body-checks Schmelzer but somehow escapes a booking. From the free-kick, Dortmund move forward and Lewandowski, with his back to goal inside the area, turns only to fire over the crossbar. That was a good chance.

Real look to spread the ball wide to the left quickly but Modric misses his pass and puts it out for a throw-in to Dortmund.

Ramos is guilty of pushing at the second corner, referee Webb spots the foul and gives Dortmund a free-kick.

Hummels is again in the right place at the right time to stop a Dortmund cross. He heads it behind and then does the same again from the set-piece to give Real another corner.

WE'RE BACK: Real take kick-off at the start of the second half.

Chris Pruce says: "Real don't look like this now, but it'll be 3-0 to Madrid! 2-0 and then an injury time goal!"

Paul Reed-Peck says: "Sticking with my earlier prediction of 2-1 to Real, BVB to score first then Ronaldo to bag a late brace as Real crash out."

Opta Fact
In 13 per cent of their games in Champions League history, Real Madrid have scored three or more goals in the second half.

Chris Green says: "I still think Real Madrid have a chance of upsetting the odds, but they must start taking their chances."

Jim Dunker says: "Definitely can see Ramos taking an early exit from the pitch tonight, still banking on a score of 1-1 with BVB going on to the final."

For all their effort, Real have nothing to show for the first half after being guilty of missing several chances. Ozil was especially guilty of wasting a great opportunity. Dortmund lost Gotze early on to apparent injury. Lewandowski has not had much of an impact under some heavy-handed defending from Ramos. It has been very difficult game for Webb to referee. Let me have your thoughts on the first half at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

45 + 3

45 + 2
Ronaldo fancies the shoot from the free-kick but he sends it high and ugly over the crossbar. That should be enough for Dortmund to see out the first half without conceding.

45 + 1
Bender is booked from tripping Ronaldo from behind around 35 yards from goal. Both of Dortmund's central midfielders have now been booked in the first half.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of two minutes added time before half-time.

Real are playing very quickly but it is a bit frantic. Ramos, not for the first time tonight, puts an arm into the face of Lewandowski when challenging the Dortmund striker. There are again words exchanged between the pair.

Gundogan is cautioned close to the halfway line for a foul. Higuain also goes in the book.

There has been a bit more urgency again to Real's game in the past couple of minutes. They seem to recognise they could do with a goal before half-time. Dortmund had become comfortable. Real offside again as Higuain is flagged by Cann.

Again Real go offside as Ozil strays beyond the Dortmund defence. It is tight but is a good call from English referee's assistant Cann.

Higuain twists and turns down the left before chipping a cross to the near post. There is not quite enough pace on the ball and Weidenfeller can grab the ball off the head of Ronaldo.

Real take a quick free-kick down the right to find some good movement from Ronaldo. Ronaldo sends an early cross into the box but no Real team-mate is attacking the delivery.

Di Maria flicks a pass forward to Higuain after some nice one-touch passing. But Higuain is flagged offside. The Real fans do not like the decision. This is a tough game for Webb to referee.

Real did the same earlier in this season's Champions League against Manchester City and Manchester United, when they started brilliantly but did not take their opportunities.

Real look like they have lost a bit of belief after missing those good chances in the first 25 minutes. They are now falling a little bit flat and the crowd seem to sense the same.

Piszczek moves forward from right-back and wins a corner from Coentrao. Reus' outswinging delivery is headed clear by Ronaldo and Modric completes the defending on the edge of the box.

Dortmund have now got on top of Ozil and Modric. The Real pair were causing a lot of problems in the opening half-an-hour but are now struggling to find the pockets of space between midfield and defence.

Do not forget, Mourinho has gone out of the Champions League in the past two successive semi-finals. Would another elimination mark the end of his time at Real?

Dortmund are certainly settling into the game. They are pinging some nice one-touch passes in order to frustrate Real. But Klopp's side are still looking to attack. They are not interested in simply trying to see the tie out.

Ronaldo is not happy with Essien when the Real full-back on the night sends a cross behind the goal and out for a goal-kick. The Real crowd is now falling a little quiet.

Real, though, have certainly learned from the first leg and they are not giving Dortmund any room. They are still pressing with a high line.

Dortmund may have taken some of that early attacking sting out of Real as we approach the half-hour mark. The chances have dried up a little for Real. Dortmund are now seeing more of the ball.

Bender clatters into Alonso in the Real penalty area but won the ball first. Real fans are not happy and more deafening whistles are directed towards referee Webb.

Real are clearly in no mood to give Dortmund an easy night. Klopp is furious on the touchline that Coentrao was only shown a yellow card.

Coentrao is booked for leaving his foot in on Lewandowski. That was not totally dissimilar to the foul committed by Stephane Sessegnon, which earned a red card last night.

Lewandowski is holding his head from that collision with Ramos. As predicted, Real are roughing Lewandowski up a little bit this evening. Real break forward but Di Maria's shot crashes into Higuain from the edge of the box.

Superb header from Ramos to stop Lewandowski from meeting Schmelzer's left-wing cross. There is a bit of afters from Ramos as he has a word with Lewandowski when they get back to their feet.

Ronaldo plays the overlapping Coentrao in down the left. Coentrao hits an early cross towards Higuain but Hummels makes an important header on the six-yard line.

Blaszczykowski brings Dortmund forward on the right. But, on the edge of the area, Ramos times a tackle to perfection when stepping in to take the ball.

Ronaldo is now taking up his favoured position over on the left-hand side of Real's attack. Dortmund will need to beware of the forward cutting in on his deadly right foot.

Ronaldo looks to the heavens in frustration after his 25-yards daisy-cutter goes harmlessly wide. That was selfish from the Portuguese, who had options for the pass.

Mourinho is prowling and snarling his way around his technical area. Klopp, as ever looking scruffy but smart, is stood with his hands in his coat pocket.

Di Maria plays a clever reverse ball in the centre of midfield to set Real forward on another attack. But eventually the ball goes out for a Dortmund throw-in on the far touchline.

Dortmund have not got going. They look a bag of nerves and this performance is very similar to the problems they had against Malaga.

Real are targeting Dortmund left-back Schmelzer, who looks very anxious and has not had a good game in this first 16 minutes. Essien is getting forward from Real's right-back position whenever he can.

What a chance for Real. Ozil breaks clean through but drags his left-foot effort horribly wide of the near post. He has his hands on his head. Real are not taking their chances.

Gotze is unable to continue and is off to be replaced by the versatile Grosskreutz.

Chances at both ends as first Lewandowski does not quite catch the ball cleanly after being given room by Ramos inside the six-yard box. Real break forward and Ronaldo does exactly the same when shooting at Weidenfeller.

Gotze does not look happy. He has walked off the pitch and seems to have an injury. He is talking to the Dortmund coaching staff.

Dortmund finally get to see a bit of the ball as Gotze carries it out of defence. But he then plays a forward ball towards Lewandowski, who knows he has run offside.

Free-kick to Real wide on the right after Schmelzer floors Higuain. Ozil is over the free-kick and will look to cross the ball into the box. Higuain meets the delivery and heads wide at the near post. But a flag is up for a foul.

Dortmund would like to get a foot on the ball. They have not had any real controlled possession in the opening 10 minutes. Bender tries a rushed forward pass and again gives the ball back to Real.

Real keep Dortmund pinned inside their own penalty area from the corner. Ronaldo cuts in from the right and shoots over the crossbar from the edge of the box. This is encouraging for Real. They are creating opportunities.

Dortmund never properly clear their lines from the corner and Subotic could easily have hooked the ball into his own goal when blocking Alonso's shot. Luckily for Dortmund, the ball only deflects for another corner.

Ramos has a little glance towards referee Webb after being clipped by Reus. But the English official only gives a free-kick and does not brandish any card. Real move up field and win another corner.

Real have made a good start. They are playing with a high line and tempo in an attempt to put Dortmund under some early pressure and it is working.

Real create the first chance of the game as Higuain finds himself through on Weidenfeller after Schmelzer was caught on the ball. Weidenfeller stands up and saves the shot with his feet to deflect it out for a corner, which comes to nothing.

What a touch from Gotze as he flicks the ball on to Lewandowski with the outside of his boot before getting it back and putting a pass for his team-mate to spin and run on to.

Mass, shrill whistles meet Weidenfeller as he takes a long time over the goal-kick. Real's fans are in no mood to let Dortmund time-waste.

Real move up the other end of the field and win a corner. The set-piece is just over the head of Varane before Di Maria smacks an optimistic follow-up effort high over the crossbar.

Reus darts behind the Real defence in chase of a long ball forward. He is flagged offside and Lopez is out of his area to head clear. Replays suggest the offside call is tight.

KICK-OFF: Dortmund get the game going.

Here come the teams. Respective captains Ramos and Weidenfeller lead out Real and Dortmund into a Bernabeu decked out in banners to make a mosaic. There should be a great atmosphere tonight.

Remember, a place at Wembley is at stake tonight. The home of English football will be hosting the final of the European Cup for a record seventh time. Will it be Real or Dortmund? Can Mourinho produce an improbable comeback? Will it be the end of his time at Real Madrid at the end of the season? We will soon find out.

There is just 10 minutes left to kick-off at the Bernabeu. Thanks for all your emails and tweets so far this evening. Sorry I have not been able to publish them all but keep them coming at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

If you fancy a flutter on tonight's game, Sky Bet have plenty of markets. Real are 8/15 to produce a victory at full-time. The draw is 15/4 and Dortmund to win is 9/2. Ronaldo is 5/2 to open the scoring while Lewandowski is 6/1.

Chris Hague says: "I said last week Lewandowski isn't that good... So I shall say this week Ronaldo isn't looking too good... Ronaldo 3 BVB 0."

Opta Fact
Lewandowski has been directly involved in 52 per cent of Dortmund's goals in the Champions League this season, 12 out of 23 (10 goals, two assists). He became the first ever player to score four goals in a European Cup/Champions League game against Real Madrid.

Paul Reed-Peck says: "Real will definitely win this match, and Ronaldo will score, but I can't see them keeping a clean sheet... 2-1 to Real."

Opta Fact
Four of Dortmund's five away games in the Champions League this season have ended in a draw. Real Madrid have won 14 of their 17 Champions League games at the Bernabeu under Jose Mourinho. Ten of these games have been won by at least three-clear goals.

Tom Charles says: "Dortmund buckled under Malaga at home and now have to play at Madrid. Surely Madrid are too strong - 4-1 and then penalties."

Chris Green says: "Although Real Madrid got thrashed in the first leg, I still think they've got a chance of getting to Wembley if they stay confident and perform to their potential. But what they must not do is give Borussia Dortmund the chance of extending their aggregate lead. Real need to stay focused at the back and keep it tight because Dortmund have the players to hurt any team in Europe. Real Madrid fans may not be confident of a miracle happening but anything can happen in football. My prediction: Real Madrid 1-2 Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund will of course have to keep an eye on Ronaldo this evening. The Real superstar is the top scorer in this season's Champions League with 12 goals. It beats his previous best tally in the competition (10 goals in 2011/12). Ronaldo has also scored in each of his last six Champions League games, equalling the record previously set by Marouane Chamakh and Burak Yilmaz. Ronaldo and Dortmund's Marcel Schmelzer are the only outfield players to have featured in every single minute of this season's Champions League campaign.

Will Real be able to keep Lewandowski quiet tonight after his stunning four goals in the first leg? Mourinho has said Real were an 'innocent team' when not committing any fouls against the Pole in Germany. That could mean Lewandowski is in for a bit of rough treatment. Keep your opinions coming and I will do my best to publish as many as possible.

AJ Brill says: "Real Madrid will smash it tonight. Real Madrid 3-1 Dortmund, but not enough to go through."

Harry Richardson says: "This is going to be a CLASSIC. Real will win 2-0 but won't be able to get back into this!!!!!"

It seems certain we will get goals tonight. Real Madrid's games have produced 42 (24 for, 18 against), the most in the Champions League this season. Some of you are getting in touch to say Essien will be a weak link for Real tonight? What do you think? Get in touch at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Real Madrid haven't reached the Champions League final since 2002 while Dortmund's only final appearance was back in 1997, when they they were the eventual winners, beating Juventus 3-1.

Steve Nicholas says: "You just know it's going to be a DO NOT MISS belter. Ronaldo will score two then Madrid will get a late penalty which Ronaldo will take and............miss."

@AlexBullions says: "Real Madrid will win tonight but it won't be enough to see them through. 2-0 probably."

Timal says: "Germany already defeated Spain this year. BVB is a good team with good spirit. They are too much for Real. I think Real will go for the kill & destroy again tonight. BVB 3-2. Gotze & Lewandowski brace again today. Ronaldo & Benzema will score for Real. BVB will be the champions this season & Bayern will be runner-up again."

Dortmund have been able to include Lukasz Piszczek, who has overcome a groin injury. The impressive Ilkay Gundogan and Mario Gotze, who will in the summer leave for Bayern Munich, have also both been deemed fit to play.

Borussia Dortmund team: Weidenfeller (C), Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer, Gundogan, Bender, Blaszczykowski, Gotze, Reus, Lewandowski. Subs: Langerak, Kehl, Leitner, Sahin, Grosskreutz, Schieber, Felipe Santana.

Real have made two changes to their starting line-up from the first leg. Luka Modric has been included instead of Sami Khedira. At right-back, Michael Essien plays at right-back and Pepe has dropped to the bench. Alvaro Arbeloa and Marcelo miss out through injury.

Real Madrid team: Diego Lopez, Varane, Ramos (C), Fabio Coentrao, Ozil, Xabi Alonso, Essien, Di Maria, Ronaldo, Higuain. Subs: Casillas, Pepe, Albiol, Khedira, Kaka, Benzema, Morata.

The team news is in at the Bernabeu! Stay with us for the full line-ups.

Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) Assistant referees: Darren Cann (ENG), Michael Mullarkey (ENG) Fourth official: Stephen Child (ENG) Additional assistant referees: Mike Dean (ENG) Michael Oliver (ENG).

You can get in touch throughout the evening and discuss the talking points from the game in Spain. Drop me a line at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. I will publish a selection of your best predictions, opinions and rants.

Dortmund are just arriving at the Bernabeu. Jose Mourinho's Real are facing a huge challenge. Only one team has managed to overturn a 4-1 deficit after the first leg of a Champions League knockout game. It was Deportivo La Coruna against AC Milan in the quarter-finals of the 2003/04 campaign. They won 4-0 at the Riazor in the second leg. Jurgen Klopp's Dortmund are also unbeaten in the Champions League this season after seven wins and four draws. But Real do have a good record at home to German clubs, winning 18 of 24 meetings. Although, they were knocked out of last season's semi-finals at the Bernabeu on penalties by Bayern Munich.

Hello and welcome to our live and interactive coverage of the UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund at the Bernabeu. Can Real produce a miracle and overturn their 4-1 first-leg defeat? You will find out here. Stay with us for all the team news.

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