FT: Borussia Dortmund 1 Bayern Munich 2

GOOD NIGHT: As fireworks explode over Wembley, that is all for our minute-by minute updates of the 2013 Champions League final. Bayern Munich won 2-1 against Borussia Dortmund in the first all-German final in history. It was a fabulous final which will be remembered for Robben's assist and winning goal. Bayern are deserved winners after an incredible season in which they have responded to losing last year's Champions League final. It is immensely painful for Dortmund while Bayern are on track to set more records with a potential Treble. Will German continue to dominate? We will find out next season. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction.

Lahm lifts the trophy to massive cheers from Bayern's fans. Gold and silver tickertape falls from the stands at Wembley while the Champions League theme rings around the stadium. Dortmund's players watch on with broken hearts.

Bayern's players all kiss and touch the trophy as they walk past the trophy and prepare for captain Lahm to lift it on the balcony in front of the fans at Wembley.

Bayern now climb Wembley's steps to collect the Champions League trophy. What a recovery this is after they lost last season's final at their own Allianz Arena.

Here come the presentations. Bayern form guard of honour on the touchline at Wembley as first the match officials make their way up Wembley's famous steps. Dortmund then follow to collect their runners-up medals. They will rue how both Ribery and, especially, Dante when giving away the penalty having already been booked managed to avoid red cards.

Let us also not forget the performances of both goalkeepers Weidenfeller and Neuer, who were superb. There are tears of joy and despair on the field from both sets of players. What a night and what a game. Let me have your opinions on a classic final.

Dortmund's players are stood in a line on the edge of the penalty area in front of their fans with their arms around each other. Let me have your thoughts on a thrilling, breathless, engrossing final. Who was your man of the match? Do Bayern deserve their win? Is this redemption for Robben after he scored the winner and made the opener? Should Ribery and Dante have been sent off? Get in touch at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. I will publish a selection of the best comments.

Heynckes is jumping and singing with his players on the pitch in front of Bayern fans at Wembley. Bayern remain on track to become the first German team to win the Treble. How does Pep Guardiola surpass this next season? Heynckes has now won the Champions League twice after his previous success with Real Madrid.

Klopp is on the field and talking to his inconsolable players. Lewandowski is sat on the floor in disbelief. It is such pain for the Dortmund players at suffering such a late defeat to their German rivals.

Bayern players fall to the ground in celebration. Robben is screaming into his hands. Defeated Dortmund players are devastated but their fans are still singing. What a fantastic game that was. Robben gets his revenge after the devastation of losing to Chelsea last season.


90 + 4

90 + 3
Bayern are running down the clock. Gomez now comes on for Mandzukic.

90 + 2
Luiz Gustavo is on for Ribery, whose role in the goal should not be overlooked, although Robben is going to get all the headlines.

90 + 1
Sahin and Schieber are on for Bender and Blaszczykowski.

ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of three minutes added time.

Ecstasy for Bayern and heartbreak for Dortmund as Robben scores with 90 seconds left on the clock. Dortmund did not deal with a long ball and Piszczek allowed Ribery to back-heel the ball forward. Robben latched onto the loose ball to burst into the box past dangling Dortmund legs. Robben then scuffs his finish past Weidenfeller. That has surely secured the trophy for Bayern.

GOAL ROBBEN (1-2)!!!

Still neither coach has made a substitution but it looks like Boateng could be struggling with cramp.

A great tackle from Boateng on Gundogan sets Bayern on the attack. But Weidenfeller has been a hero this evening and he punches away Schweinsteiger's 25-yard drive.

Neither side is yet settling for extra time. They are both still attacking at every opportunity. But the game is becoming niggling in challenges as players get increasingly tired.

Robben is then one-on-one with Gundogan in a Bayern break. But Gundogan stands his ground and is then pulled down by Robben to earn a free-kick. Excellent play by Gundogan, who has been superb this evening.

Now it is a free-kick for Dortmund just inside the Bayern half. Schmelzer looks to loop the ball into the box but it is defended on the edge of the 18-yard line.

The corner is headed out to the edge of the box, where Schweinsteiger takes a touch before volleying over the crossbar. Schweinsteiger claims a deflection but it is a goal-kick.

Ribery sends a very good cross to the back post. Mandzukic is up for the header but Schmelzer defends well and bravely for a corner.

Bayern are the team on the front foot. It is breathless stuff. Can they find a winner. Dortmund look very tired from all their pressing in the opening 30 minutes.

Boateng is back on his feet and looks like he will be able to continue. That injury has taken a bit of the pace out of the game as we enter the final 10 minutes of normal time.

There is now a break in play as Boateng receives treatment to one of his ankles after Lewandowski trod on his ankle when he was lying on the floor. Was it intentional? Only Lewandowski will know.

Gaps are appearing all over the field now as both sides take gambles. It is a real knockout football match and is being played on a knife edge.

Dortmund are taking risks with their high line of defence. Subotic is lucky not to be sent off for pulling back Muller when he was breaking on goal. But Muller played the pass too wide for Mandzukic, who shoots into the side-netting. Referee Rizzoli takes no action.

Weidenfeller produces another brilliant save as he dives full stretch to his left to punch away a rifled, first-time effort from Alaba.

It is an end-to-end game and it is impossible to pick a winner. There are 15 minutes left of normal time but there is a feeling there will be another goal.

Lewandowski scorches a stunning volley into the back of the Bayern net from 30 yards but Neuer had stopped because the referee's whistle had gone in the build-up for a free-kick. That would have been the greatest goal ever in Champions League finals.

This has been a superb game. Ribery is now involved in a scuffle with some Dortmund defenders after claiming for a penalty.

What a saving challenge from Subotic! Muller rounded Weidenfeller and rolled the ball across the face of goal. Robben seemed to have a certain tap in at the back post. But Subotic slid in at the base of the post and somehow hooked the ball clear. Incredible defending.

Gundogan took Dortmund's penalty, because Lewandowski had a penalty saved by Neuer earlier this month.

Dortmund are now raging forward. Blaszczykowski delays a pass and then plays it into the path of the rampaging Hummels, who blasts a first-time effort from 20 yards over the crossbar. Do not forget, Bayern also took the lead in the final only to lose to Chelsea last season.

After Dante, who is very lucky to avoid a second booking, had taken out Reus to give away the free-kick, Gundogan brings Dortmund level. The midfielder kept very cool and smashed a low effort to the right, sending Neuer the wrong way.



Opta Fact
Mandzukic also scored his first competitive goal for Bayern against Dortmund: in the German Supercup (2-1).

Ribery seems to have recovered quickly and is back leading another attack. Dortmund need to beware getting picked off. They are having to throw a lot forward in search of an equaliser.

Ribery is rolling around in agony on the turf at Wembley. He was taken out by Hummels in a 50-50 at a bouncing ball. Hummels smashed him but took the ball as well. Bayern surround referee Rizzoli but there is no foul.

Corner to Dortmund on the left. However, Reus' delivery is again terrible and he does not beat the first man.

Bayern now have their tails up. Hummels and Subotic have looked nervous this evening and now could be further exposed. Mandzukic again gets in behind the defence but scuffs his shot.

Bayern take the lead on the hour mark. Subotic stepped forward in an attempt to play Robben offside but the Dutchman breaks the trap down the inside left channel. After drawing Weidenfeller, Robben squares the ball across the face of goal from the byline and Mandzukic is left with the simple finish from inside the six-yard box. Bayern's fans go crazy behind the goal.


Martinez heads on the corner but Mandzukic, in acres of space in the six-yard box, is caught by surprise and Weidenfeller can grab the ball.

Corner to Bayern on the right after Muller's low cross is blocked by Schmelzer. Bayern will want a good delivery.

The game is starting to lose a bit of rhythm through a few injuries. First, Mandzukic clashes heads with Hummels. Boateng then takes an accidental boot in the face at another aerial challenge.

Brilliant defending from Hummels, who stands up Robben when one-on-one in the box. Robben bounces off Hummels, who is then able to turn and carry the ball out of the box.

This time referee Rizzoli gives Dortmund a free-kick on the halfway line after Martinez plays a tactical body check on Reus when Dortmund were looking to break.

Mandzukic is a little late on Schmelzer, who was clearing a ball down field. But, not for the first time tonight, referee Rizzoli seemingly misses the offence. Schmelzer is not happy.

Bayern, though, do have a bit of the ball around the Dortmund box. Lahm and Robben link up, with the latter cutting in from the right. He attempts to thread a pass to Muller but Hummels is too strong.

This second half has started in a similar pattern to the first. Dortmund are making the running and Bayern look a little ragged. Schweinsteiger is not being allowed to make any impact.

Hummels carries the ball over the halfway line and keeps going to the edge of the Bayern box. But he then appears to get a bit of a nose bleed and his pass is a bit of a panic and aimless. Bayern are able to head clear.

Blaszczykowski leads an attack down the left flank. But Alaba defends perfectly, watching the ball and tackling before taking the danger away from goal. Superb play by the full-back.

It has been a bit of a scrappy start to the second half. But Dortmund's fans continue to be those making all the noise. Robben has moved centrally, with Muller going out to the right for Bayern.

Ribery brings down Reus at least 40 yards from goal. Reus very optimistically takes on the shot but it never has the power to threaten Neuer who can gather after a bit of a deflection up into the air.

Grosskreutz and Lahm collide in an aerial collision. Lahm comes off worst but is back on his feet.

Both teams are now attacking the end in front of their fans. Lewandowski skips into the box with the ball at his feet from the right but is blocked by Dante. Grosskreutz was in acres of space on the left.

WE'RE BACK: Dortmund get the second half going. Will the game continue to be the story of two goalkeepers?

Liam Ferguson says: "Going to have to agree with the previous 2 comments and go for a 2-1 Dortmand win."

@terrysims89 says: "Great first half, both sides play quality football. Can still see Bayern winning this, they're more precise and experienced."

Matty says: "Lewandowski can't be contained by Boateng, Dortmund to win 2-1"

Raj says: "Have a feeling Dortmund will lift the trophy tonight with a 2-1."

Opta Fact
Neuer has been forced into making five saves in a single half of a competitive game for the first time in 2012/13.

How on earth is it still goalless? Goalkeepers Neuer and Weidenfeller have both been excellent. Dortmund dominated the first half-an-hour before Bayern came into the game. Robben is especially frustrated at not having scored. He looks up to the sky in annoyance as he leaves the field at half-time. Boateng has struggled to contain Lewandowski. Was Ribery lucky not to be sent off for his elbow on Lewandowski? Let me have your thoughts on the first half at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. I will publish a selection of the best comments.


Neuer and Weidenfeller have been the best players on the pitch in the first half. Both goalkeepers have made several fine saves. Robben will be disappointed he has not opened the scoring yet.

Hummels, who was only just fit enough to play, is not having the best of games. He misjudges a header which allows Robben to latch onto the ball. But Weidenfeller is again quick off his line and takes Robben's volley full in the face.

Reus carries the ball forward but is greedy when shooting wide. He needed to get his head up and look for the pass to several team-mates inside the penalty area.

Schweinsteiger wants a free-kick in the centre circle after seemingly being eased out of an aerial challenge by Reus. But play continues.

The momentum is now with Bayern. Dortmund have lost the zip of the opening half-an-hour but Lewandowski still looks like he has the beating of Boateng on every occasion.

Bayern are coming into the game while Dortmund are starting to misplace passes all over the field. Schmelzer takes out Muller off the ball with a body check when the latter was attempting to break behind the defence. The referee does not see the offence.

Boateng looks like he might be hobbling a little bit. He has had a shocker so far against Lewandowski. It has been a great game so far.

The corner is somehow allowed to go right across the six-yard box, past Dante and Martinez, and curl out for a goal-kick at the back post. What a let off for Dortmund.

Robben shows his habit for being very reliant on his left foot. He has the chance to shoot on his right but takes too much time inside the box to allow Subotic to close down and block for a corner. Robben also had the chance for a simple pass to the unmarked Mandzukic.

Lewandowski again spins Boateng, who is really struggling with his opponent. Lewandowski is away and into the penalty area down the inside right channel. He punts his finish but Neuer is again equal to it and saves Bayern again in the one-on-one.

Schweinsteiger's delivery is wretched. Whether it was a pre-planned move or not, he smacks the ball with far too much power and it drifts out for a goal-kick at the back post.

Free-kick to Bayern wide on the left after Ribery is brought down from behind by Piszczek. This is a chance to cross the ball into the box.

Bayern are now pushing up. They have had a good five minutes. Dante and Boateng are now taking their starting positions on the halfway line to try and force Dortmund to go deep.

Despite rolling across the penalty area, the corner almost drops to both Dante and Schweinsteiger on the edge of the box. But they are charged down by Bender.

More good goalkeeping from Weidenfeller, as he is characteristically quick off his line to block Robben. The Dutchman had fortuitously latched onto the ball after Muller had stabbed it forward. Corner to Bayern on the right.

Dante is the first man to be booked in the 2013 Champions League final for blocking off Reus after the Dortmund man had skipped past him.

Those two chances have given Bayern a bit of spark and they have Dortmund pinned in. But Blaszczykowski threads a clever pass out of defence to set Reus on a break down the left.

From the corner, Martinez heads onto the roof of the net. Weidenfeller was a statue and was beaten. Martinez is agonisingly close to open the scoring.

Ribery is lucky not to be shown at least a yellow card for swinging an arm at Lewandowski, who was challenging from behind. Ribery then darts up field and his cross is met by Mandzukic, whose header is very well saved by Weidenfeller to go out for a corner via the crossbar.

Hummels is perhaps a little lucky to rather clumsily block Muller's attempted pass to Mandzukic, who would have been clean through on goal.

Boateng is continuing to man-mark Lewandowski but the Pole is still enjoying himself. He looks far too quick for Bayern's centre-back.

Dortmund really are dominating possession but they need to start taking some of their chances. Their quick, one-touch passing has had Bayern chasing shadows at times so far. Bayern's Robben has hardly had a touch.

Bender makes a run off the back of Muller from central midfield and then cuts in from the left. He curls at goal from inside the box but Neuer can dive low to his left and gather the ball. Dortmund fans are jumping up and down in unison in the stands.

Bayern are still not able to find a passing route through midfield and again have to go long to Mandzukic. But they do win a throw-in deep in Dortmund territory. The throw is wasted and Dortmund can carry the ball forward.

Dortmund again waste the corner. Not for the first time, Reus does not beat the first man with his set-piece. He cannot have many opportunities left.

Ribery looks a little winded after taking a ball square in his stomach. But he is okay to continue. Reus breaks forward and, after outpacing Lahm and Boateng, forces another save from long-range from Neuer, who palms the ball behind for another Dortmund corner.

Lewandowski again looks to turn Boateng on the halfway line. But referee Rizzoli decides Lewandowski fouls Boateng, who attempted to get in front of the Dortmund striker. Dortmund's fans let the referee know their feelings.

Bayern need to try and find a foot hold in midfield. They are having to go route one towards Mandzukic but he stands no chance in the air against Hummels and Subotic.

The resulting corner again comes to nothing. Dortmund need to improve their set-pieces. But Neuer has been forced to make two very good saves inside the opening quarter-of-an-hour.

Dortmund remain on the front foot and only a reflex save from Neuer at his near post denies Blaszczykowski with a first-time effort from six yards when meeting Reus' low cross from the right.

Dortmund are back on the attack and a snap effort from 25 yards by Lewandowski has to be tipped over the bar by Neuer. Good goalkeeping. The corner from Reus is again a let down on the left and is cleared at the near post.

Lewandowski again spins Boateng when tight to the left touchline. Lewandowski then charges forward and into the Bayern penalty area but he overruns the ball and it goes out for a goal-kick.

Schweinsteiger is not be offered any room to make things tick. As soon as he gets the ball anywhere near the centre circle, Bender and Gundogan are snapping in to challenge. Dortmund are very well organised.

Robben and Robery attempt to combine inside the Dortmund box but they are crowded out by a wall of defenders. Dortmund launch a trademark counter-attack but Blaszczykowski is a little greedy on the edge of the Bayern 18-yard line when blasting over the crossbar.

Lewandowski very nearly rolls Boateng with a great first touch on the edge of the Bayern box. But Lewandowski then gets the ball caught under his feet and Boateng can clear.

Weidenfeller takes a risk when dealing with a back-pass. He dwells on the ball and his eventual kick is almost blocked by the sliding Robben.

Neuer's handling is impeccable from the corner and he claims it on the edge of his six-yard box. The goalkeeper then launches a long throw down field but Ribery is unable to break on the left. Dortmund have now settled and look the more comfortable team.

Schweinsteiger brings down Blaszczykowski and Dortmund move forward from the free-kick. Boateng is forced to give away another corner.

Schmelzer initially gets past Lahm on an attack down the left at the byline. But Dante is across to cover and even wins a goal-kick after knocking the ball out off Schmelzer.

Mandzukic throws a frustrating gesture back at Dante after his team-mate gave him no chance with a long ball. Dortmund are happy to let Dante and Boateng have the ball at the back.

Reus takes the corner but it is disappointing and is headed clear at the near post. It looked like Reus may have scuffed his delivery.

Corner to Dortmund on the right after Lewandowski volleys at goal but Boateng does well to get in a block after initially giving his man too much room.

Free-kick to Bayern inside their own half after Bender clatters Martinez from behind. Bayern are seeing all of the very early possession.

Bayern decide to pass the ball around their defenders before Boateng launches a long pass down the right. Hummels heads clear. Subotic is almost too tight to Muller inside the box but Weidenfeller comes off his line to help his defender.

KICK-OFF Bayern get the game going.

Dortmund win the coin toss and Weidenfeller opts to give Bayern kick-off.

Here come the teams. Weidenfeller and Lahm lead out Dortmund and Bayern, respectively, into a wall of noise at Wembley. Kick-off is just a few minutes away. The players will be feeling nerves, excitement and, perhaps, even fear. Klopp and Heynckes follow their teams out of the tunnel. Bayern fans are forming a mosaic as the Champions League anthem booms around Wembley. The stadium is hosting its second final in three years in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the English Football Association.

Bayern fans can stop worrying, Schweinsteiger has been confirmed as fit after that earlier fitness scare. The opening ceremony is currently taking place on the field. It is a mock game of chess feature hundreds of soldiers dressed in the colours of Bayern and Dortmund.

We are now 10 minutes away from kick-off in the first all-German European Cup final in history. The atmosphere promises to be amazing and there are so many key battles over field. Stay with us for minute-by-minute action along with all the best post-match reaction from Wembley.

Tommy Akande says: "Just checked both team line ups and noticed that Dortmund players have an average age of 24. Could this be their only disadvantage against an experienced Bayern finalist? Only 90 mins will tell... Should be a great game all the same."

Opta Fact
Six of the 10 goals Bayern have conceded in the competition this season have been scored in the final 15 minutes of their matches. Bayern have scored more headed goals in the Champions League than any other side this season. Dortmund have kept just three clean sheets in their last 12 European matches.

While we await any news on Schweinsteiger, a word on tonight's referee. Manchester United fans may remember Rizzoli. The Italian was the man who sent off Rafael as they were knocked out of the 2010 Champions League final by Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich have been backed in from evens to 3/4 to win in 90 minutes, while Dortmund the 14/5 outsiders and 19/10 to lift the trophy, having been 33/1 after they were placed in the 'Group of Death'. Dortmund are the 14/5 outsiders.

Worrying scenes for Bayern fans down on the pitch. Schweinsteiger is hobbling around the pitch and is now receiving treatment after seemingly taking a knock from Mandzukic in a warm-up game of small-sided keep-ball. We will keep you posted on any developments.

Mark from Jakarta says: "Both coaches have been superb in getting the best out their respective squads all season. I'm going for the underdogs today, Dortmund to win by a slender one-goal advantage. 2-1. However the Bayern side may be too determined to let the cup slip away this time around."

@terrysims89 says: "Can see a cracking game tonight, both worthy finalists. I can see this going to Bayern 2-1 win, Robben, Muller & Lewandowski."

Thank you for all your emails and tweets so far this evening. Continue to send me your predictions and tips on where this game will be decided. Will it be settled in 90 minutes or are we facing extra time and penalties? Let me have your thoughts peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Opta Fact
Dortmund are undefeated against Bayern in their last six league games (four wins, two draws). However, Munich are undefeated in four competitive games this season (two wins in the Super Cup and German Cup and two draws in the Bundesliga). The last duel on neutral ground between Bayern and Dortmund was the 2012 German Cup final. Dortmund won 5-2.

As the Bayern and Dortmund players run out at Wembley to start their pre-match warm-up, here is a round-up of all the team news. Bayern coach Heynckes sends seven of his players on a Champions League revenge mission as the German giants look to get their hands on the trophy Chelsea snatched away from them on their own ground 12 months ago. The seven survivors include Robben and Ribery in a side that has been reinforced by the arrivals of Martinez, Dante and Mandzukic, plus the emergence of young Austrian Alaba. As expected, Dortmund's Bayern-bound midfielder Gotze was ruled out by a hamstring injury, leaving their hopes of a shock win resting on Polish forward Lewandowski, who scored all four goals in the amazing semi-final triumph over Real Madrid last month.

Wembley is awash in a sea of yellow, black and red. It will be an 86,000 sell-out. Both sets of fans are in full voice in this first ever all-German final in the European Cup. It is a glorious, sunny evening in London. Let's hope for a game to match.

Ayesha Poli says: "Watching the game in Dubai with a lovely atmosphere, neutral fan here but whichever team wins will sure deserve that trophy...!"

Martinez and Schweinsteiger again look like a formidable central midfield partnership for Bayern. They will sit and look to control the game while Muller, who has scored eight goals in this season's competition, will break forward. How will Dortmund try to stop their opponents?

Josh from Olney says: "Personally I would like to see Dortmund secure victory but looking at the line-ups with Gotze injured and the strength of Bayern, Dortmund have absolutely no chance. My heart says Dortmund but all I can really see happening is a comfortable victory for Bayern. Muller to score first."

Both teams usually line-up as a 4-2-3-1. We are expecting Grosskreutz to play wide on the left of the three for Dortmund in the role usually occupied by Reus, who will move centrally in the absence of Gotze.

@_chrisegan says: "Whoever wins tonight, Bayern and Dortmund are the two teams most deserving of a CL in the coming years #qualityW

@AdamMiddletonn says: "Reckon an upset's on the cards tonight, with Lewandowski adding to the four scored against Madrid. 3-1 to Dortmund!"

What do you think of the line-ups? As expected, Grosskreutz takes his place in the Dortmund starting XI in place of the injured Gotze. Is Lewandowski, after his four goals against Real Madrid in the semi-finals, the main hope for Dortmund? Who is Bayern's danger man? Let me have your opinions and predictions at peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF. I will publish a selection of the best.

Dort' team:
Weidenfeller (C), Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer, Bender, Gundogan, Blaszczykowski, Reus, Grosskreutz, Lewandowski. Subs: Langerak, Kirch, Felipe Santana, Kehl, Leitner, Sahin, Schieber.

Bayern team:
Neuer, Lahm (C), Boateng, Dante, Alaba, Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Muller, Ribery, Mandzukic. Subs: Starke, Van Buyten, Shaqiri, Luiz Gustavo, Tymoshchuk, Pizarro, Gomez.

Opta Fact
A German team is guaranteed to win the Champions League for a third time. Dortmund in 1997 and Bayern in 2001 were the previous winners. Bayern have lost three of the four finals they have played in. Dortmund were victorious in the only final they have played.

Bayern are also in contention to become the first German team to win the Treble. Jupp Heynckes' squad ran away with the Bundesliga title ahead of Jurgen Klopp's second-placed Dortmund. Bayern are also in the German Cup final next weekend.

Josh Parsons: "I think it will be a very close game but I think Munich will just sneak a win in extra time with the final score being 2-1 with Lewandowski, Muller and Robben getting the goals."

Stephan makes a good point. Do not forget Bayern lost last season's final at their own Allianz Arena. They have suffered defeat in three of their four Champions League finals. Will Bayern be additionally anxious as a result? Can Dortmund, who are now out on Wembley's pitch and looking at the stadium, take advantage? Keep your opinions coming.

Stephan Tubby says: "Well as a Chelsea fan and a Borussia Monchengladbach fan, too, I will be supporting the other Borussia! I was in Munich last year and we were underdogs. For most of the match we were outplayed. Yet we still won against ALL odds. I am hoping for a great team performance from Dortmund. A young hungry team - 2.1 Dortmund."

Another little note about tonight's officials is that former Premier League referee David Elleray is the UEFA referee observer.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) Assistant referees: Renato Faverani (ITA) & Andrea Stefani (ITA) Additional assistant referees: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA), Paolo Tagliavento (ITA).

The teams will now be arriving at Wembley, roughly an hour-and-three-quarters before kick-off. They will be feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement as they leave their coaches in the bowels of Wembley. Will they already know if they are playing? Do not forget Mario Gotze is missing for Dortmund due to injury. He is joining Bayern in the summer. Who should be in the first XIs? Let me have your thoughts.

Chris Green says: "I have been looking forward to this match all week, and knowing that kick-off is imminent is an awesome feeling. This match will be a tight encounter; both teams have talented players who can put on a good show when they're on their game, so it's very hard to predict who will lift the famous European Cup. But one thing is for sure, we're in for a cracker this evening. It would be a great achievement if Dortmund sprung a surprise and won the Champions League; this would show the whole football world that any team is capable of winning the Champions League if they are inspired. But, sadly, I just can't see Dortmund pulling this off as Bayern have been the more in-form team in team in Germany this season."

Throughout the evening you can interact with us and discuss the big issues in the game. Drop me a line with your predictions, opinions and even rants. Where will this match be won and loss? Who are you supporting and why? Get in touch with peter.fraser@bskyb.com or via Twitter @SkySportsPeteF.

Fans of both Dortmund and Bayern are continuing to flood into a sun-soaked Wembley via the famous Wembley Way. It should be an incredible atmosphere tonight. Kick-off is at 19.45BST. We can expect the team news approximately an hour before the game starts.

Hello and welcome to our live and interactive coverage of the UEFA Champions League final from Wembley as Borussia Dortmund take on Bayern Munich in the first all-German clash in history. Throughout the evening we will bring you all the team news, the minute-by-minute coverage of the game and all the best post-match reaction. You can also have your say on all the big talking points.

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