FT: West Ham 1 Newcastle 3

West Ham 1 Newcastle 3. The Magpies claim the spoils and West Ham slip back into the relegation zone.

West Ham left to rue their missed opportunities. Cole and Carroll spurned glorious chances. Final few seconds see Newcastle playing keep-ball.

GOAL NEWCASTLE - CABAYE. Cabaye whips the free-kick over the wall and in off the inside of the post. Adrian gets there, but sees the post coming and can only touch onto the woodwork. Game over.

Allardyce not happy with how long Krul is taking with set-pieces. He also won't be happy to see Ben Arfa tripped by Carroll on the edge of the box, just left of centre.

Time-wasting from Krul. We may go longer than five extra minutes here. He finds Ameobi, but he is surrounded by claret and blue shirts. Rather too aimless from West Ham as they lump long. Flag up against Carroll.

Cole trying to get something going, but gets the ball caught under his feet. Newcastle leaving just one up now, with everyone else dragged back. Their tactic is working as Joe Cole is flagged offside.

West Ham not where they want to be, down by their own corner flag. They will look to keep drilling long. Carlton Cole and Carroll need to deliver something.

Five minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Taylor wins a throw off Gouffran. Downing clips the ball forward and Yanga-Mbiwa has to slide out from in front of Carroll. Joe Cole takes the corner. It is only half-cleared. Downing delivers again, but Collins slides wide.

Joe Cole in towards Carlton Cole. He nods down, and Carroll goes over on the edge of the box. Nothing given. West Ham keep pumping the ball into the area, hoping something will fall their way.

Ben Arfa down the middle, but hasn't got any support. He puts the breaks on and goes backwards. Carroll comes back to help out and wins a throw. Downing sends over a cross, which Williamson just about deals with.

Head tennis again in midfield. Carroll then moving down the right, but the ball strikes him on the back. West Ham can keep Newcastle pegged back inside their own half.

Play finally back under way. Ben Arfa fires back to Adrian. We will be getting a sizeable chunk of stoppage-time, which may play into West Ham's hands.

Rat and Sissoko back on their feet, but both look a little rattled. They will be ok to continue.

Clash of heads between Rat and Sissoko. Both men stay down. Another break in play as the physios enter the field.

Yanga-Mbiwa on the charge, finding Sissoko. Newcastle come inside and find Ben Arfa. He tries to work the ball onto his left foot, but is blocked. He tries again soon after, but drags wide.

West Ham pushing more men forward now. Newcastle looking to hit them on the counter. They fail and end up playing all the way back to Krul. They are still in possession, though, and running down the clock.

Joe Cole collects on the far side, but can't pick out a team-mate. West Ham keep pressing, with Downing gathering a loose ball. He pokes over a cross, which is again seen out in the middle. Final ball still lacking for the Hammers.

Long throw from Taylor is seen out. Collins nods forward and Carroll finds Noble. Downing involved again, making his way to the by-line and winning a corner off Dummett. Downing takes himself, but the ball is glanced out.

Krul with a free-kick on halfway. He floats into the box, where Collins rises to clear. Morrison prods out and West Ham can counter. Downing skips past Dummett, but he sticks to his task and concedes a throw.

Sissoko sets his sights from a long way out. He has options right and left, but decides to go for goal from 25 yards out. His effort is always rising and sails high into the stands. Final change of the afternoon sees Ben Arfa replace Remy.

Cabaye down and requires treatment. A hint of time-wasting, possibly. Newcastle preparing another change. Krul will clear before it is made. Johnson and Collins nod back down field.

Cole on to Downing. He breaks into the box and crosses low. Krul dives out, but diverts the ball into the path of Carroll. He snatches at the effort on his right foot and skies the ball horribly over the top. Another costly miss by the Hammers.

Newcastle struggling to get anything going now. West Ham have improved considerably since the break. Just need to find a leveller from somewhere.

Johnson wraps his arms around Ameobi, and the Newcastle man gets the decision. Before the free-kick is taken, Santon makes way for Dummett. Set-piece floated into the arms of Adrian.

Third change by West Ham. Jarvis, who hasn't offered much this afternoon, is replaced by Joe Cole. Play back under way with a West Ham throw. Taylor goes long, and Cole flicks into the hands of Krul.

Cabaye with space, and Sissoko running off him. He can't be found and West Ham look forward once more. Morrison holds off Gouffran and finds Rat. He hangs over a cross, which runs through to Downing. He delivers from the other side, but Carroll can't connect.

Patient play from Newcastle as they look to try and lure West Ham out. Hosts not buying it. They wait for a loose pass and Collins steps in. Morrison picks out Cole and Downing is found on the right. His cross is blocked, but he wins a throw.

West Ham posing much more of a threat now, with Newcastle retreating into their shell. The Hammers can't pick the lock though. End-to-end stuff, but not too much action in the final thirds. All in the middle of the park at the moment.

Johnson nods forward, and Carroll touches into the path of Cole. He is caught on his heels. West Ham get the ball back and send Jarvis down the left. Great defending by Yanga-Mbiwa as he nicks the ball off the winger's toe.

Space for Ameobi 30 yards from goal. He drifts across the field and onto his left foot, before pulling the trigger. The ball bounces awkwardly in front of Adrian, but he gathers at the second attempt.

Santon well forward from left-back. He forces over a cross, but Johnson is there to hack clear for the hosts from the middle of the box. West Ham can't get the ball to stick up top, so Newcastle can keep edging forward. Cabaye tests Adrian from distance, but it is a comfortable save in truth.

Carroll gives the ball back to Krul, with Yanga-Mbwia hobbling back on. Krul slips as he clears, but gets plenty on the ball. Downing then fires up to Cole. Mis-kick from Carroll brings an end to the attack.

Yanga-Mbiwa requires treatment. Pardew locked in talks with his coaching staff. He needs to find a way of getting over the line, or extending this advantage. Yanga-Mbiwa should be okay to continue.

Carroll's first touch sees him touch on to Cole. He goes wide to Downing. He delivers a great cross, which catches Krul in two minds. He stays rooted to his line, but Carroll can't get a touch. Yanga-Mbiwa down after seeing the ball away at the back post.

Krul comes through the crowd to gather a long free-kick. He feels he should have a free-kick, but gets nothing. He pushes Cole inside the box. Risky, but he only gets a talking to.

Change made as Carroll is sent on in place of Diame.

Matt Taylor has Downing breaking down the right. He spots him and sends the ball his way. Pass has too much on it and skips off the turf and away from the West Ham winger. Newcastle think they have countered, but the flag goes up against Remy.

West Ham have looked rattled at the back at times, so throwing on another forward makes sense. Ameobi involved immediately as he finds Santon. He is stuck by the corner flag, and settles for a throw.

Anita the man to make way for Ameobi as Newcastle make their first change. Two up top now for the visitors.

Krul takes his time when the ball breaks his way. Cole has to come and hurry him. Huge clearance bounces all the way through to Adrian. Carroll now being given his final instructions. Striking changes on the way.

Movement on the Newcastle bench. Ameobi being readied. Experience and power up top. Play continuing at the moment with West Ham snapping into tackles - skipper Noble leading by example.

West Ham win a free-kick wide on their right. Opportunity to load the box from deep. Noble sends the free-kick short. Taylor does go forward, but Jarvis can't find Cole or anyone else with two attempted crosses.

Great opportunity for Cole. Matt Taylor freed down the right and able to get his head up. Cole all alone in the middle and picked out by a low cross. He goes with his left foot, but diverts the ball wide from 10 yards out. Could be a big miss.

Jarvis springs out on the counter, but Anita comes across to cover his run. The ball ends up squirting out for a Newcastle throw. They give it straight back to the hosts and Diame drills a powerful shot straight at Steven Taylor.

Carroll has been sent out to warm up. He gets a warm reception from the home support. Allardyce must be tempted to throw him on. He won't want to leave it too long. On the field, Newcastle take a chance at the back, as they play their way out, but get away with it.

Matt Taylor drills down the right flank, and Santon has to bundle the ball out for a throw. West Ham looking to mount some pressure, but give the ball away far too easily.

Noble and Downing over the set-piece. Noble clips the ball to the back post. Great climb from Collins, and a decent header. He fails to trouble Krul as the ball drops wide of the post.

Cole collects on his thigh this time, but is closed by three black and white shirts. West Ham do well to work the ball to Downing. He slips towards the box and is caught by Santon from behind. He wants a penalty, but free-kick is awarded right on the edge. Very tight angle so no opportunity for a shot.

Johnson glances out an Anita cross. Sissoko takes over down the Newcastle right, but has no room to work in. Ball breaks loose to Yanga-Mbiwa, who crosses first time. Woeful effort that sails into the stands.

Johnson fortunate to see a clearance break off Cabaye and back to him. Diame then takes over, but runs into Steven Taylor. Newcastle man left limping - may have jarred his knee.

Adrian over a free-kick. He drills long. Cole collects on his chest, but then has the ball taken off his toe by team-mate Taylor. Frustration for those on and off the field. West Ham trying a bit too hard.

Cabaye and Remy combine. The latter is left with a tight angle down the right channel. He fires across Adrian, but the Hammers keeper can parry to safety. Strong hands.

Taylor deflects the ball out for a Newcastle throw. Santon goes short to Tiote, then long down the left. All a bit scrappy, with Morrison and Jarvis unable to get the ball on the deck.

Sissoko with a direct burst from the off. He works the ball back to Tiote. He is encouraged to shoot from a long way out, but never gets hold of his effort and sees it bobble well wide of the target.

Newcastle get the second half under way.

Morrison has been sent on in place of Collison at the break. Attacking switch by the Hammers. More creativity on the park now.

Players back out and we are almost ready for the off once more. Newcastle keep West Ham waiting, as they ready a change.

Just for the record, the goal on the stroke of half-time has been credited as a Williamson own goal. Cole wanted it, but he won't get it.

Pete says: "I am stunned... Why is it that Sam can never adapt to the game in front of him? He keeps a winger on his wrong side... He keeps pressing the defence to punt the ball away ... The guy called us deluded but if he thinks this is premiership management then it's him that is deluded...!! We need to come out fighting in the next half and get 2 up front as their defence is shaky if we can put it under pressure... What good is one guy up front if he isn't supported...! COYI !!"

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

West Ham 1 Newcastle. What a time for the Hammers to grab a lifeline. They are still in this, but need to improve dramatically.

GOAL WEST HAM - COLE. Scrappy, but the Hammers will take it. Rat whips over a cross from the left. Newcastle are unable to deal with it and Cole can chest down. Krul slides out, but gets nothing on the ball and a combination of Cole and Williamson see the ball over the line.

Gouffran finds Sissoko, who is operating on the left now. He can't find a way past Taylor, but he can only hack down field and all the way through to Krul. Newcastle able to build from the back.

Two minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

All too easy for the Magpies at the moment. West Ham's back four looks like buckling up every time it is put under pressure. Newcastle know that and are working so hard to keep the home side pegged inside their own half.

Groans from the stands a Taylor has to play the ball back to Adrian. Hammers can't get out of their own half again. If this is Plan A, Allardyce desperately needs to go with Plan B - if he has one. He is almost three down as Anita slips the ball to Remy, who slashes at thin air.

Noble with space in midfield. He lacks options ahead of him and has to go sideways. Cabaye popping up all over the place as he closes down and rushes West Ham. Great performance from him so far.

Cabaye's delivery is glanced away by Collins. Yanga-Mbiwa takes the throw, and works space for a cross. Not the best, but the ball finds Sissoko. West Ham pegged back near their own corner flag.

Williamson deals with another long throw from Rat. Newcastle spring out on the counter. Sissoko involved again, and drags the ball back from the by-line to Tiote. He looks to curl an effort goalwards from the edge of the box, but Johnson puts in a brave block. Corner to Newcastle.

Krul takes a free-kick long, looking for Sissoko. He plays back to Anita, who gives the ball straight to Downing. He sets off down the right wing, but has Santon and Cabaye at his heels. Downing does really well to force a corner. He takes himself, but can't pick out a team-mate.

Rat with a short throw into Diame, who see his touch let him down. Not happening for the Hammers in the final third. Newcastle very comfortable at the moment.

Newcastle spray a wayward clearance straight out of play. Collins and Johnson can edge West Ham out. Newcastle's front three prepared to close from the front. Makes life easier for those behind them.

Noble felled and will get a free-kick inside the Newcastle half. West Ham need something to lift the mood around Upton Park, with the home support having gone flat. They almost work something as Diame is picked out and hooks a cross-shot across the face of goal and behind.

Gouffran has Anita running off him. He pulls back to the edge of the box for Remy. He looks to create something once again, but sees a cross floated into the hands of Adrian. West Ham can't make it up to halfway. Cabaye tries his luck from distance again, and Adrian has to dive low to his right to palm clear.

Diame glances on to Cole, who can't bring the ball under his spell. Sissoko pushing out on the counter again. Newcastle now happy to sit a little deeper and keep things tight.

Long way back now for the hosts. They have left gaping holes at the back on too many occasions and are always going to get punished when that happens. Johnson was caught under the ball on this occasion and let Remy pull off him.

GOAL NEWCASTLE - REMY. Nice football from Newcastle frees Sissoko down the right. He whips the ball towards the back post, where Remy is waiting. He gathers on his chest and pokes under Adrian. West Ham all over the place at the back again.

Anita into the feet of Sissoko, and gets it back. Newcastle playing through the middle, with Tiote then floating the ball over the top for Cabaye to chase. He moves from right to left, but is on the by-line when he collects and can't force the ball back to those in support.

Diame nicks the ball off Tiote, but Steven Taylor steps forward to poke forwards for Newcastle. West Ham settle for a throw. Nothing doing and the ball ends up back at the feet of Krul. Santon then nods back to his keeper as Newcastle struggle to get out.

Free-kick to West Ham close to halfway. Collins takes it short. Rat floats forward and Cole can get a touch. The ball drops to Downing, on his left foot. He spins and shoots from 12 yards out, but straight down the throat of Krul - who saves easily.

Tiote felled. Remy is ready to come back on, but will now be wearing a shirt with no name and the number five on his back. He can't get on the end of a cross whipped over by Cabaye from down by the right corner flag.

Free-kick to Newcastle on halfway. Remy in need of a new shirt, but can't find one with the number 14. Set-piece comes to nothing for the Magpies as Collins can watch the ball float over his head and behind.

Remy hardly in a rush to leave the field so we have a break in play. Frenchman will be patched up and should be okay. He was caught by the hand of Matt Taylor. Unintentional and didn't appear to catch him that hard - but he must have done.

Johnson hooks out from in front of Remy. Newcastle keep pressing, but the ball breaks to Rat. He has no choice but to drill long. Visitors get on the front foot once more, with Remy causing Collins all kind of problems. Downing then lumps the ball out of play. Remy has taken a knock and is bleeding from a head wound. He has to go off.

Remy slips Collins and tees up Cabaye on the edge of the box. He works a yard really well and looks to drag the ball across Adrian and into the bottom corner. Right idea, but he fires inches wide of the upright.

Newcastle should have made it two. Great vision by Cabaye as he picks up Sissoko breaking into the box. He has time to take a touch and set himself, but goes low with his effort and Adrian gets enough on the ball to prevent him from sneaking over the line. Taylor and Collins nowhere to be seen, he had acres of space.

Adrian over a free-kick for the hosts, which is drills long into the box. Solid header from Williamson, but the ball drops to Collison. He strikes on the volley, but Newcastle get bodies in the way again.

West Ham knock the ball around at the back, before deciding better of it and Johnson looks for his keeper. Ball moved up to Cole, but he can't keep hold of it and bring others into play. West Ham need him to.

West Ham win a throw down their left - by the corner flag. Rat goes short this time and gets the ball back. Sissoko out quickly to block his cross. Rat goes long this time and finds Collison. He has two bites of the cherry, but neither make it through a ruck of players and trouble Krul.

In again by Cabaye, but Cole has come back to help out for the hosts and glances to safety. Downing leads a West Ham counter. Sissoko comes across from the left to close him down. Great job for the collective cause.

Cabaye's delivery somehow makes its way through to Gouffran. He stabs goalwards and West Ham have to smuggle the ball away from in front of their own goal-line. Noble at the back post. Newcastle then force another corner.

Newcastle in again, and Gouffran causing problems once more. He is able to gather inside the box, turn and shoot. Brave block from Collins as he deflects the ball behind for a corner.

West Ham looking to offer an immediate response. Newcastle do just about enough to keep the back door bolted.

GOAL NEWCASTLE - CABAYE. Gouffran allowed to carry the ball towards the West Ham box and pick out Cabaye. Great composure from the Frenchman as he collects the pass and strokes the ball into the bottom corner.

A slip from Yanga-Mbiwa allows Jarvis to collect inside the box. He gets to the by-line, but a floated cross is easily cut out by Krul. Jarvis tries again and does much better. Taylor bombing forward from full-back, but flashes a header wide.

Gouffran blocks an attempted clearance from Taylor, who has to work the ball onto his left foot. No way through for West Ham, with Santon able to see Downing off. Head tennis then in midfield, with neither side able to string anything together.

Noble tracks back with Cabaye and prevents him from making inroads down the right with a sliding challenge. Newcastle are able to work the ball into the middle, and the feet of Remy. He goes for goal with his left foot from 25 yards out, but fires straight at Adrian.

Collins slides in on Sissoko, and the ball breaks towards Cole. Williamson stands up to the physical challenge well and pokes out for a throw. Rat goes long, but Williamson and Tiote combine to clear.

Free-kick to Newcastle deep inside their own half. Krul hammers down field. Rat rises well above Sissoko. Cabaye pulls wide to the right to get involved, but is forced backwards. West Ham pressing really well and giving Newcastle no time on the ball.

Sloppy from West Ham at the back and Remy can gather. He is prepared to lay the ball backwards to Santon, who has space 35 yards out. He decides to try his luck, but drills well wide of the target.

Ball back with Krul again, who looks long. Remy's chance the only one of the game so far. Looking at it again, Johnson clearly deflects the ball wide of the target. It was a vital block on the slide as Adrian was rooted to the spot.

Yanga-Mbiwa climbs on Jarvis, and nods out for a throw. Both managers already out on the sidelines barking out instructions. Newcastle boss watches on as Remy collects inside the box, gives Taylor the slip and then scuffs inches wide. He claims a corner, but doesn't get one.

Krul hangs the ball into the box. Collins climbs highest to clear. Downing moves the ball down the right for Diame, but he can't control and Santon can see it safely back to Krul.

Sissoko unable to keep the ball in play as he hooks down the right. West Ham squander possession, and Cabaye is then sent tumbling by Collison. Free-kick to visitors close to halfway.

Downing whips over a cross with his right foot. Diame goes down under pressure in the box, but nothing given. West Ham go left again, but Jarvis is still unable to produce and slices behind for a goal kick.

Rat takes forever with a throw, and immediately wins another. Not a lot of movement. Cole offers an angle and West Ham edge down their left flank once more. Rat with another throw. He goes long, but Williamson nods clear.

Matt Taylor, operating at right-back, hacks a clearance into the crowd. Could have rolled back to Adrian, but took no chances. Newcastle patient in possession and end up going all the way back to Krul. His clearance is too high for Yanga-Mbiwa.

Ball breaks back to Jarvis, but again he is unable to deliver. His second effort is thumped clear by Tiote. All down West Ham's ;eft at the moment. Rat whips over a cross, which Taylor nods to safety.

First effort on goal made inside the opening seconds, as Noble sees an acrobatic effort deflect behind for a corner. Jarvis over the set-piece. His delivery is poor and easily dealt with by Santon at the near post.

West Ham get us up and running.

Handshake between Pardew and Allardyce prior to kick-off. Big Sam working the PR by keeping some young supporters happy with a few autographs. A win today would ease some of the pressure on his shoulders. We are just about set now.

Andre Marriner leads the two sides out. Pre-match formalities to be completed and then we will be ready for the off.

Players in the tunnel so we will have to leave the feedback there for now. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Murray Fletcher is showing dedication to the Newcastle cause, saying: "Hoping for a Toon result. All nighter here in Australia. 2am kick-off."

Pete is expecting an evenly-matched encounter, saying: "Big game for us at home ... Need to see a strong performance from all the team.. We need to get the crowd behind them and get our first back to back... There is a lot at stake reputation wise for both managers given their history with both clubs so I can see a very close game and few chances... Especially if we score first but if the Geordies get in front I can see the game open up and a few goals... COYI!!"

Paul Giles is a West Ham fan caught in two minds, saying: "A big win or humiliating defeat is what the Hammers need, the win is obvious the defeat would mean the end of Sam and a bit of hope from us."

Newcastle now making their way to the dressing rooms. Last chance for Allardyce and Pardew to get words of wisdom across before they do battle against former employers. Plenty of intriguing sub-plots here today.

West Ham players head back down the tunnel. Thumbs up from Carroll as he makes his way from the field. Looks to be in high spirits. Will be desperate to make an impact this afternoon.

Matty Foster thinks his Magpies will get the job done, saying: "Tight game, but I can see us just edging it. 2-1 to the Toon."

A little over half an hour until kick-off at Upton Park. Keep your pre-match thoughts and predictions coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Warm-ups under way. West Ham the first to emerge. Another big afternoon for them. Newcastle could do with breaking their losing sequence in the league, but they are guaranteed to end the weekend comfortably inside the top half.

England boss Roy Hodgson in attendance this afternoon. He will be hoping to get a look at Carroll at some point, while Noble, Jarvis and Downing will be wanting to catch the eye.

Chris Green is backing an away win, saying: "Newcastle to win 2-0, with Cabaye and Remy scoring the goals."

Today's referee is Andre Marriner.

Newcastle team: Krul, Santon, Williamson, S.Taylor, Yanga-Mbiwa, Tiote, Anita, Cabaye, Sissoko, Remy, Gouffran. Subs: Elliot, Haidara, Dummett, Obertan, Ben Arfa, Shola Ameobi, Cisse.

West Ham team: Adrian, Rat, Collins, Johnson, Taylor, Downing, Collison, Noble, Diame, Jarvis, C.Cole. Subs: Jaaskelainen, Carroll, Maiga, Morrison, Diarra, J.Cole, Chambers.

You can also bet in-play throughout the afternoon at Skybet.com. West Ham start at 2/1 to take the spoils, with Newcastle 13/10 and the draw 12/5. You can get 6/1 on Carroll to open the scoring, or 7/4 to net at any time.

Can West Ham maintain momentum? Will Newcastle's slump continue? Who will be the men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

How do you see today's game going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Much of the attention today will obviously focus on Andy Carroll, with the West Ham striker back after long-term injury and looking to get one over on his former employers. Will he start? We'll find out shortly.

The Magpies, meanwhile, have lost their last three in the league - conceding four and failing to offer any response. They need the tide to start turning this weekend.

The Hammers enter the game buoyed by a 2-0 victory over Cardiff - their first in eight top flight outings and one which lifted them out of the bottom three.

Welcome to Upton Park for our coverage of today's Premier League encounter between West Ham and Newcastle.

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