FT: West Ham 0 Crystal Palace 1

West Ham 0 Crystal Palace 1. All over and the visitors take the spoils. Five wins in a row for the Eagles, three defeats on the spin for the Hammers.

Carroll tripped from behind by Digkacoi. Last chance for the Hammers. Free-kick 30 yards out, just right of centre. Carroll wants to hit it, but Noble crosses. Poor choice.

Murray booked for kicking the ball away and preventing Adrian from taking a quick free-kick. Hammers keeper then pushed back to take from the right place. Seconds tick away.

Palace sitting on the edge of their own box now. West Ham lumping high balls forward, but getting nothing on them. Another wayward pass then slips out of play. Hosts doing themselves few favours.

Standing ovation for Bolasie as he trudges off to be replaced by Parr. Pulis looking to run down the clock.

Carroll and Diame go down in the box, Palace slice up into the air. Desperate defending from the visitors. Joe Cole sends over another cross. Easily dealt with.

Four minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Free-kick to Palace wide on their left. Delaney looks to switch play to the right. Diame gathers for West Ham. He clips into Carlton Cole on the penalty spot, but he has his back to goal and is surrounded by defenders.

Terrible from Reid. With West Ham forcing Palace back, he somehow manages to play a square pass intended for McCartney in space on the right out of play. Groans around Upton Park.

Nice reception from the home support for Gabbidon - good to see. Can he help to keep the hosts frustrated? Diame is driving forward. He cuts onto his right, but sees a dipping cross hacked clear.

Pulis making changes at the back. Former West Ham defender Gabbison sent on in place of Puncheon. Palace shutting up shop.

Jedinak dips a pass over the top of Tomkins for Murray to chase. Great forward play as, with no support, the Palace striker wins a corner. Bolasie's delivery is flapped away by Adrian.

Joe Cole goes as close as West Ham have come to finding a breakthrough. He finds a pocket of space 30 yards out, drifts forward and sends a low drive skidding inches past the post. Nocerino then brought on in place of Nolan.

Noble clips the free-kick onto the head of Carroll. He nods across the face of goal, where Tomkins is waiting 12 yards out. He takes his eye off the ball and sees it slip past him before he can get a shot away.

Puncheon unable to trick his way past Tomkins on the edge of the box. West Ham can spring out, that is until Jedinak sends Diame tumbling to the turf.

Jerome has worked hard this afternoon and is offered a breather as he makes way for Murray. Palace striker coming on to make his 100th appearance for the club. Puncheon's corner comes to nothing.

McCartney has played countless cross-field passes looking for the head of Carroll but is yet to get one right. He is now defending again as Bolasie darts into the box and forces a corner.

Palace playing some neat football now, but squander possession inside their own half. West Ham can't get anything going as the Eagles press the ball quickly.

Speroni takes his time after collecting a loose ball. Palace have one eye on the clock now. They are edging ever closer to a fifth successive Premier League win - some achievement.

Puncheon nutmegs Tomkins, but the West Ham man can win the ball back and find Cole. Solid again from Ward as he slides in to prevent a corner and clear his lines. West Ham make their second change as Downing makes way for Joe Cole.

Bolasie allows a long ball to drift over his head. As he tries to turn and race after it, he is blocked by McCartney. He gets nothing. Away fans in full voice again.

Cole unable to gather the ball in as it is fed in his direction. He is too eager to try and win it back and ends up conceding a free-kick in the middle of the park.

Noble clips the ball to the back post. Not the best. Palace struggle to clear their lines, until Jedinak puts in an acrobatic over-head kick. Bolasie sprints out on the counter, but sees Noble block his shot after driving into the box.

Ledley loses the ball in midfield, but West Ham make a mess of taking advantage and have to go back to Adrian. His long clearance is met by Jedinak. Diame is then tripped by Bolasie wide on the right - on the angle of the penalty area.

First touch for Cole sees him glance a long ball towards Carroll. Ward alive to the danger and in the right place to hack clear. Palace determined to preserve their clean sheet.

Ledley has Ward breaking past him from full-back and into the box. Tomkins gets across the run and is bundled to the deck. The decision goes his way.

West Ham fans singing 'You don't know what you're doing' at Sam Allardyce. Obviously not impressed with the change. The Hammers could have done with keeping their width. They are defending again now as Bolasie skips to the by-line and fires a low cross through the six-yard box.

West Ham are sending on another striker, with Carlton Cole introduced in place of Jarvis. Two big men up top now for the Hammers.

Puncheon running down the middle, having gone from left to right. Reid spots him and is able to ensure that the ball doesn't reach in the in-form forward.

Palace work their short corner routine again. Jarvis switches off, allowing Mariappa a run into the box. The West Ham winger gets back in the nick of time to put the Eagles defender off, and he slices wide.

Desperate defending from West Ham as they throw bodies in the way of the ball. The last effort comes from Puncheon, who sees a dragged shot from 16 yards out deflected behind.

Diame down the left and hooking over a cross. Palace have Carroll well covered again. Three yellow shirts rise with him in the middle. Jerome leads a counter, and crosses for Bolasie to flick a header well wide.

Jerome still full of running up top for Palace. He has also been isolated for long periods today, but has done his bit for the collective cause - winning the penalty.

Downing in space on the left. He has time in which to get his head up and pick out a target, but scuffs a cross which gives Carroll no chance.

Palace now have 11 men behind the ball. Pulis in no mood to throw this away. Nolan trying to cause problems down the left, but is blocked off as he makes his way to the by-line.

West Ham win a corner. Downing takes, but Palace can easily clear in the middle.

Allardyce doesn't look impressed. He must be tempted to throw on another forward. Carroll has been all alone up top for the Hammers today and could do with a helping hand.

West Ham have dominated for long periods, but now find themselves behind. Palace have something to defend as they look to make it five wins in a row.

GOAL PALACE - JEDINAK. Palace skipper makes no mistake from the spot. Adrian goes the right way, but Jedinak's spot-kick is cleanly struck and finds the top corner.

Jerome goes down in the box, over the leg of Armero, and Atkinson points to the spot. Hammers full-back did kick out at fresh air.

Quick feet from Puncheon takes him past two defenders. He allows Mariappa to take over. He finds Jerome, who then tries to flick into the path of Puncheon. Touch is too heavy and runs behind.

Corner taken short to Jarvis. His delivery is only half-cleared to the edge of the box. Carroll there again for West Ham, but again he drags a tame shot goalwards and never threatens the target.

Bolasie runs Palace out from deep. He has Puncheon to his left. He drives into the box, and into Armero. West Ham defender stood his ground. Hosts counter, with Jarvis seeing a low cross break to Carroll. His low shot from 12 yards out his deflected behind.

McCartney to the by-line, but pushed a bit far by Jarvis. He does well to send over a low cross, but everyone in the middle has hung back and Speroni can drop on the ball and clutch it to his chest.

Downing back on the left, and with Armero breaking beyond him. His attempted cross is blocked at source. West Ham keep the ball. Carroll collects very deep and can't play a one-two with Nolan.

Downing spinning through midfield, but again he has no space in which to work. The ball is poked off his toe and through to Speroni. We're still lacking a spark - Joe Cole or Tom Ince to provide it?

Ball into Carroll's feet again. He lays off to Downing, who tries to burst into the box. His path his blocked. Palace go long, with Bolasie breaking down the middle. Adrian to the edge of his box to gather.

Jerome forces a corner. Bolasie takes, and the ball is nodded clear in the middle by Carroll. Downing racing down the left. His low cross finds the feet of Carroll at the back post. He drags a poor effort wide of the near post.

Bolasie trying to escape McCartney and into the box. He is dragged back at the West Ham full-back is booked. Free-kick on the edge of the box, down by the left corner flag. Not the best of deliveries from Puncheon.

Jarvis cuts onto his right foot and delivers from the left. Carroll goes down again as he tries to get on the end of the cross. Palace not allowing him to get a clear run at the ball.

Diame closes Jedinak by the corner flag, keeping Palace pegged inside their own half. Neither side able to get a foot on the ball. Ward wins a second throw. Armero invited down the left flank.

Noble awarded a free-kick as he is pushed to the turf while clearing deep inside his own half. Adrian can lump down field. Ball falls for Ledley, but his touch lets him down.

No changes at the interval by either side. Expect both managers to turn to their benches if things stay as they are. We may require inspiration from somewhere. Puncheon trying to provide, but can only win a throw by the corner flag.

Palace get us back underway.

Players back out for the second half.

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. West Ham now 11/8 to take the spoils, with Palace 11/4 and the draw 11/8. You can get 7/2 on the Hammers to win 1-0.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @Burtytweets.

West Ham 0 Crystal Palace 0. All square at the interval. Both sides struggling to create opportunities of note. Still all to play for.

Allardyce now out on the touchline. Both managers stood arms folded at the moment. Not too much for them, or the supporters, to get excited about.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

nolan out to the right this time. Everything square of him. Reid finds Downing on the left. His cross is looking for Carroll. He is unable to make contact.

Downing cutting inside from the left. Noble then tries to play Jarvis in behind Ward, but his intentions are read by the Palace full-back. Mariappa hacks up in the air, but Puncheon is bundled over as he tries to control so the Eagles can clear their lines.

Nolan looking to combine with Carroll, but settles for a throw. Palace pull 10 men back behind the ball. Tactic works as the Hammers have to go all the way back to Adrian.

Jedinak hacks into the stands as West Ham move down their left. Armero lacks options from the throw. Strange slice up in the air by Noble. Tomkins nods back to Adrian. All a bit scrappy.

risky from Palace as they bobble the ball backwards and Dann has to turn and find Speroni. He is able to hack down field. Puncheon looking to get down the right, but runs the ball out of play. Frustrating afternoon for him so far - has been kept very quiet.

We had applause from all four sides of the ground as the clock hit the 38-minute mark. More respects being paid to Dylan Tombides, who sadly passed away on Friday. West Ham have confirmed that they will be retiring their number 38 shirt in his honour.

Downing wide to Armero. He hangs over an inviting cross. Carroll gets a good run at the ball, but tries to put too much power on his header and ends up glancing well wide of the target from 10 yards out.

Palace struggling to get anything going in the final third, as they gift the ball back to the hosts. The Eagles then drop very deep as a collective, inviting the Hammers to edge their way forward.

Jarvis with a tame cross from the right which is easily cut out. Flag also up, which will allow Palace to relieve a bit of pressure. West Ham have started to turn the tempo up and are looking the most likely to force a breakthrough.

Tomkins can run the ball out from the back once more. He finds McCartney. He angles a ball into Carroll, who can control and find Nolan. He plays into the path of Diame, who sees a low drive blocked by Speroni. Palace keeper then called upon again moments later to beat away a close-range header from Carroll.

Nolan forced backwards, but keeps possession and sweeps right towards Jarvis. West Ham settle for a throw. No breaking Palace down, they look very solid as a defensive unit.

Collision between Reid and Jerome on halfway. West Ham free-kick. Looking at the Carroll tumble again, Jedinak did step across his path without making any attempt to play the ball. A tad fortunate. West Ham peppering the Palace box with crosses at the moment.

Jarvis, now on the right, hangs a cross to the back post. Carroll can't get a foot on the ball or a yard of space in which to get a shot away. Palace somehow smuggle the ball out of their penalty area unscathed.

Another terrible delivery from Bolasie. He looks to get whip on the delivery, but gets too much height on it and again the ball is curled behind for a goal kick. West Ham find Downing on their left. His cross is seen out, before Carroll goes down again in the box. No push say the officials.

Back to Bolasie again. His set-piece is whipped to the front post, where Tomkins can head clear. West Ham can't get out and Bolasie is upended down by the corner flag. Diame with a late lunge.

Bolasie again from the Palace left. The ball is glanced through the box, where Jedinak gathers. He forces another corner - from the other side - off Diame. Puncheon takes from the right. His delivery is glanced behind by Downing. Another corner.

Stinging drive from Diame forces Speroni into a fingertip stop. A 25-yard drive is touched over the top for a corner. Downing's delivery isn't the best and is met by the first man. Palace spring out and Ward races down the left to win a corner at the other end.

Jarvis inadvertently flicks a throw into the path of Jerome. He looks to pull the ball back towards the penalty spot, but West Ham have enough bodies back to see out the danger. They work their way through midfield. Palace sat very deep.

Downing's pace takes him past Delaney and to the by-line. He crosses right-footed on the slide, but gets no direction on the delivery. Palace clear. Away fans making all of the noise at the moment.

Tomkins drills long. He was looking for Carroll, but gives him no chance. Ball is volleyed out for a goal kick. Tomkins only had to float the ball down the middle, but looked to spread it left for some reason.

Pulis still prowling the touchline. On the field, Nolan is sent tumbling in the middle of the park and will get a free-kick. He was caught from behind by Jerome.

Break in play as Bolasie is finally forced off the field. Jerome returns the ball to Adrian. Normal service can now resume. Bolasie soon back with us.

It's getting rather heated out there as Palace aren't happy about the fact that West Ham didn't put the ball out for Bolasie to get treatment. Two big men - Carroll and Delaney - get a talking to. Handbags.

Carroll nods into the box, but must chase himself. Palace happy to hack anywhere. Nolan with a heavy touch in midfield. Palace finds the chest of Jerome. He tries to tee up Digkacoi on the edge of the box, but fails. Bolasie stays down after challenging for the loose ball.

Bolasie fells Tomkins as he tries to make his way around the West Ham defender and into the box. The hosts push out, but are outnumbered down their right. Digkacoi leads Palace clear. He tries his luck from 25 yards out, but fires straight at Adrian.

Puncheon's corner is nodded out by Carroll. West Ham unable to counter. Nolan blocked Mariappa's shot with his chest, but the ball was dangerously close to his arm. No harm done.

Palace take the free-kick short and wide to Bolasie. Another dangerous delivery to the back post is met by Dann. He gets above Armero, but nods over from six yards out. Corner given. Cleverly worked into Mariappa. Brave diving block from Nolan puts the ball behind again.

Bolasie teasing McCartney. Clever play as he gets to the by-line, but is unable to force over a cross. Carroll then pulled up for a high boot on Jedinak. First touch off his chest left him struggling to gain control.

Jarvis trying to get in behind, but has Dann racing across to meet him. A hooked cross lands on the roof of the net. Looking at the goal-line clearance again, it was Carroll who bundled clear.

Better from Bolasie this time as he floats the ball onto the head of Digkacoi. His towering header is bundled off the line. West Ham defenders never got off the floor.

Jerome chasing a lost cause and putting McCartney under pressure. He can only hook out of play. Ward takes the throw and gets the ball back. Bolasie then finds the full-back again and he forces a corner off Nolan. Persistence pays off.

Bolasie in strongly on Downing. Palace get the decision as the ball rolls out for a throw. Downing went over his leg rather than the leg being hung out to trip over. Another Hammers cross is claimed by Speroni. Safe hands.

Reid up above Jerome, who has barely had a kick so far. Jarvis bursting down the left again and looking for support from Diame. He crosses first time. Carroll goes down in the box claiming he had his shirt tugged, but is waved back to his feet.

Carroll bundled over by Dann, but the ball runs through to Jarvis. He is unable to deliver on this occasion, but wins a throw. Hosts go back to Tomkins, and across to McCartney.

Jarvis was caught by Mariappa as he crossed, but will be okay to continue. Palace now go long and Armero slices horribly on the edge of his own box. The ball loops into the air and - fortunately for the Hammers - into the arms of Adrian.

Safety first from Armero as he goes backwards on halfway. West Ham looking to play their way out. Palace happy to sit off. Jarvis is then freed in behind Mariappa and drills over a cross from the left. Great delivery, but Delaney is able to flick clear.

Nolan steals possession on the edge of the Palace box. He quickly whips over a cross for Carroll to attack. He can get something on this one, but Mariappa does just enough to put the England man under pressure and force him to nod over the top from eight yards out.

Bolasie delivers. He goes high and deep - too deep. Disappointing delivery as the ball sails over the heads of those in the middle and curls behind for a goal kick.

Mariappa with a throw down the right. Palace can break through Ledley and Bolasie. Ward offers support on the left and his attempted cross is deflected behind for the first corner of the afternoon.

Tomkins with a confident turn on halfway as Jerome breathes down his neck. He then strides out from the back and finds Downing. He clips over a cross, but again Carroll can't be found in the middle.

Mariappa sporting a face mask today. The ball a long way away from him again at the moment as West Ham build from deep. Noble exchanges passes with Jarvis and looks for Armero on the left. Throw conceded.

Patient build-up from West Ham as they play across their back four. Jerome doing his best to hurry them along. Palace soon get the ball back, but Mariappa's ball down the right is wayward and slips out of play.

Downing up against Ward, and cutting inside onto his left foot. Brave block from the Palace full-back just inside the box. West Ham then float over a cross looking for Carroll, but Speroni can claim.

Bolasie with a direct burst down the left flank. Tomkins across to cut off his route into the box and concede a throw. Bolasie on the ball again and forcing over a low cross. The ball breaks off the toe of Ledley and through to Adrian.

Long ball down the West Ham right ushered behind by Ward. Pulis immediately out onto the touchline. Long ball forward caught up in midfield.

West Ham get us up and running.

A minute's applause prior to kick-off in memory of West Ham's 20-year-old striker Dylan Tombides who sadly lost his three-year battle against testicular cancer on Friday.

'I'm forever blowing bubbles' rings out around Upton Park as the two teams emerge into the capital sunshine. Perfect conditions.

The players are in the tunnel so we will have to leave the feedback there for now. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Nathan Warnock says: "Palace fan from Dublin here can see this being a tense game as both teams have no real worries in regards to relegation but it is a must win game to move further clear. COME ON YOU PALACE. WE ARE STAYING UP!!"

Richard Dziedzic isn't convinced by Allardyce's selection. He says: "Just seen the West Ham Line up. Where's the sense of adventure from the home side? Poor Andy Carroll alone up front again."

Players starting to head back down the tunnel. Last chance for Allardyce and Pulis to get their message across before kick-off.

Hammers fan Ben Shepherd currently signing a few autographs and posing for pictures with home supporters. He'll be hoping he's picked a good weekend to be out of the Sky Sports studios.

Thomas Feeney sees the visitors coming out on top: "Nearly impossible of late to break down the Palace defence, I dont think West Ham have the fire power, 1 or 2 nil Palace for me."

A little over half-an-hour until kick-off at Upton Park. Keep your pre-match thoughts and predictions coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or Burtytweets.

Cian Hughes sees the visitors powering on towards the top half, saying: "Super performance in midweek by Palace at Goodison! I think they'll win again here. I'm going for 2-0 Palace, Puncheon with both."

Chris Green fears we may not be in for a classic. He says: "I see this game ending goalless."

Today's referee is Martin Atkinson.

Crystal Palace team: Speroni, Mariappa, Dann, Delaney, Ward, Digkacoi, Jedinak, Puncheon, Ledley, Bolasie, Jerome. Subs: Hennessey, Gabbidon, Parr, Guedioura, Ince, Gayle, Murray.

West Ham team: Adrian, Armero, Tomkins, Reid, McCartney, Downing, Diame, Noble, Nolan, Jarvis, Carroll. Subs: Taylor, O'Brien, Jaaskelainen, C.Cole, J.Cole, Johnson, Nocerino.

You can also bet in-play throughout the game at Skybet.com. West Ham start as favourites at 23/20, with Palace 12/5 and the draw 23/10. You can get the in-form Jason Puncheon to net first at 8/1.

Can West Ham return to winning ways or will Palace keep their momentum going? Who will be the key men - Carroll, Puncheon? Let me know your thoughts.

How do you see today's game going? Feel free to air your opinions by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or Burtytweets.

In contrast, the Eagles have won their last four to move on to 40 points for the season and end any lingering relegation fears. Tony Pulis is now being talked about as a Manager of the Year contender.

The Hammers have suffered back-to-back defeats of late - including a 3-1 reversal in another London derby at Arsenal in midweek - and sit seven points above the relegation zone.

Welcome to Upton Park for our coverage of today's Premier League encounter between West Ham and Crystal Palace.

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