FT: Crystal Palace 0 Tottenham 1

Crystal Palace 0 Tottenham 1. All over and Soldado's penalty is the difference on the day. Harsh on Palace who more than held their own.

Last chance for Palace as they surge forward. Delaney sends the ball long. Chamakh is there, but Spurs can hack to safety. Williams then loses the ball and Defoe heads for the corner flag.

Capoue sprays a pass towards Lennon, but Moxey is there first to launch long for Phillips. Lloris in the right place again for Spurs. Time running out for the hosts.

Spurs keeping Palace at arm's length. The hosts needs to go long, and Chamakh glances on. Walker ends up nodding back to Lloris, who just about responds in time.

Three minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Jedinak with a rare mistake, which ends up with him having to concede a free-kick and going into the book. Walker hammers the free-kick long, but the ball ends up back with Speroni.

Holloway not too happy with the match officials. He is still arguing with the fourth official. On the field, Palace are in possession. Spurs sitting deep. Chamakh with a cross which is knocked down to Dikgacoi. He is denied by a double save from Lloris.

Defoe somehow skews wide after doing everything right to create an opening. He is able to slip past three defenders, but then scuffs wide of the post when presented with a clear sight of goal. Phillips flagged offside at the opposite end of the field.

Walker has Moxey back-peddling. He picks out a clever run from Chadli. He rolls over a low cross, which Sigurdsson meets but fires straight into Gabbidon. Solid defending.

Final change for Spurs, as they look to keep the back door locked. Rose, who has done really well today, is replaced by Kaboul.

Lloris flaps at the delivery, but makes amends as he bounces back to his feet to block a shot from Delaney. Williams then loses possession and Defoe charges forward. Palace have three men back and force Defoe towards the corner flag.

Rose forced to concede a corner. Positive drive down the right by Chamakh. Palace's subs have all looked bright.

Another change for Tottenham, with goalscorer Soldado making way for Defoe.

Phillips latches onto a loose ball and is immediately looking at the target. He has Gayle up with him, but is never going to pass the chance on. He ends up cutting across a 20-yard effort and sees it bobble well wide.

Chadli with his umpteenth effort of the afternoon. This time he sees a cross-shot with his left foot loop onto the roof of the net. Speroni never really troubled by it. Palace can't get hold of the ball at the moment.

Lloris so good at reading the game. He spots a pass into his box so early that he can trot forward and pluck it out of the air before it gets anywhere near Phillips. Walker leads another charge, and fires a cross through the penalty area.

Soldado breaks, with Chadli in support. With no-one else up with him, he takes two touches before drilling a low drive narrowly wide. He had to strike early as he had three defenders in close attendance.

Jedinak has won so many 50-50s for Palace today. He wins another now, but then sends a pass down the left out of play. Walker takes his time with the throw. Palace soon back on the ball.

Solid defending from Rose again as he is caught in another foot race with Gayle. He is able to get across the Palace forward, forcing Gayle to grab at his shirt and send him to the deck. Spurs fortunate to have Rose in their ranks. His pace has been crucial on two occasions now.

Neat play from Spurs as Lennon combines with Soldado. The Spaniard gets to the byline and sees a cross bundled behind by a back-tracking Moxey. Sigurdsson over another set-piece, which is easily nodded clear.

Moxey stays forward and collects a Delaney cross on his chest. He uses his arms to cushion the ball and concedes a free-kick. Holloway still kicking every ball on the sidelines.

Soldado all the way back to block a cross from Moxey. Spurs aware that they need to dig a little deeper here if they are to keep Palace at bay. Moxey goes backwards with the throw.

Jedinak concedes a corner. Sigurdsson takes. Palace clear. Spurs yet to threaten from a set-piece. Palace find Chamakh, who finds Williams. His centre is met by Dawson. Sigurdsson with a sly block on Dikgacoi. Cheap free-kick to give away.

Lively from Williams as he races through midfield. Walker cuts out a pass towards Gayle. Palace pushing Spurs back, but need to do more with the ball. Gabbidon gives it away on this occasion.

Ward limping again, but dusts himself off to continue. Chadli with another effort from distance after cutting onto his right foot. He looks for the far corner, but curls well off target.

Phillips suddenly sprung clear, beating the offside trap. He ends up facing away from goal and has Lloris snapping at his heels. Palace attack breaks down and Spurs counter. Rose and Ward end up colliding and tumbling off the field.

Smart play from Jedinak as he waits for support. Chamakh provides it and sends a clever pass down the channel for Gayle to chase. Great starting position from Lloris allows him to step forward and slide onto the loose ball.

Walker able to brush off Dikgacoi and free Soldado in behind. He looks cut and pulls the ball back for Sigurdsson on the penalty spot. He drags his shot and sees it skew inches wide of the upright. Should have been 2-0.

Chadli with a dangerous delivery from the left wing. Gabbidon can't take any chances at the near post and nods behind. Sigurdsson whips over the set-piece, which Moxey meets in the middle.

Holloway going for it now. He has three strikers on the park and Williams is a highly-rated youngster who will want to show that he belongs among Premier League company.

Holloway plays all of his cards at once. A triple change sees Phillips, Chamakh and Williams sent on in place of Wilbraham, Garvan and Dobbie.

Paulinho caught in possession. Gayle decides to go it alone as he breaks towards the box. He shoots left-footed from 20 yards out, but Lloris can watch the effort over the top.

Spurs with plenty of numbers in the middle of the park, which allows them to break up another Palace move. Rose then lets the visitors down as he lets the ball run away from him and out of play. Palace preparing changes.

Capoue and Sigurdsson combine to find Walker. Palace allow him no space and end up winning a throw of their own. Wilbraham still plugging away up top for the Eagles. He has put in a good shift today.

Wild effort from Capoue. He cuts onto his right foot 30 yards out and fancies his chances. Safe to say he will hit better shots this season as he almost clears the stand behind Speroni's goal.

Moxey skips away from Walker, who sticks out an arm. Palace keep going, but see a promising move break down on the edge of the box. Spurs able to spring out, but soon slow the pace.

Chadli charges at the Palace defence, but ends up going square. Walker drifts in from the other flank, but plays a pass behind Sigurdsson. Palace's turn to counter.

Wilbraham spins and sends Dikgacoi racing down the left wing. His cross is cut out by Dawson. Palace soon back on the ball and playing neat football. Jedinak looks for Ward and Rose has to concede a throw.

Soldado chasing a hopeful punt forward, but he is never going to win the race and Speroni gathers. Yet another long ball sails through to Lloris. Both sides too eager to get the ball forward quickly.

First change of the afternoon sees Dembele make way for another of Spurs' summer signings, Capoue.

Garvan delivers high and long. Delaney there again for Palace, but Spurs deal with the second ball and force the hosts back into their own half. Rose then takes no chances as he hacks another long ball into the crowd.

Vertonghen able to get out of the way just in time as Lloris comes to hack clear. Palace keep pressing and force Rose to deflect a floated delivery behind. Delaney rises to meet the corner, and wins another.

Rose in space on the left. He darts inside one challenge, but ends up shoving Jedinak to the turf when the Palace skipper comes over to cover. Villas-Boas preparing changes on the Spurs bench.

Paulinho battling away in midfield for Spurs, forcing Palace to look wide. Home side seeing a lot of the ball, but it is all in front of their opponents.

Spurs struggle to clear their lines from the set-piece. They are let off the hook as Gayle concedes a free-kick on the edge of the box. Palace can't find a way to test Lloris.

Lennon causing problems again, but this time Moxey deals with him before he is allowed to get into the box. Palace will feel they are still very much in this game. They win a free-kick off Dawson in the middle of the park.

Flag up against Wilbraham. He was drifting into space again, but the Spurs defence stepped up together. Lloris in no rush to get play back under way. Spurs now have something to hold.

GOAL TOTTENHAM - SOLDADO. No mistake from Tottenham's record signing. A stuttering run up from Soldado sees him send Speroni the wrong way and rifle into the bottom corner. Spurs in front.

Paulinho goes down just inside the box, with Jedinak snapping at his heels. Nothing given. Clattenburg does, however, point to the spot moments later as Lennon races to the byline and sees a cross strike the arm of the sliding Moxey. A bit harsh on the Palace man.

Dobbie knocked off the ball by Dembele. Spurs go right to Lennon, and then Soldado. He looks to play a one-two with Dembele, but Moxey nips in for Palace. Spurs still pressing, but Sigurdsson sees a shot blocked and Walker gets nowhere near with an effort from distance.

Nice one-touch stuff from Palace as they cross halfway. Ward well forward again down their right, before play is switched to Moxey. He looks to feed over a low cross, but no-one has gambled with a run to the near post.

Wilbraham in behind Vertonghen inside the opening seconds of the half. The ball looped towards him is a good one, but skips off the surface and through to Lloris.

Palace get the second half up and running. No changes by either side at the interval.

Players back out and we are ready for the off once more.

Charlie White says: "Can see Tottenham scoring a few goals."

Chris Green says: "Crystal Palace have impressed me a lot so far; they may not be leading in this match, but they have certainly showed signs that they can cope at this level."

Sky Bet now have Palace at 5/1 to take the spoils, with Spurs at 10/11 and the draw 7/4. You can get 7/2 on the game to end goalless.

How do you see the second half going? Will we get a goal? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Crystal Palace 0 Tottenham 0. The half ends with Lennon floating a cross to the back post, which Soldado rises to meet. From six yards out he nods over the top. All square at the interval.

Rose away from Wilbraham and cutting in field. Paulinho can't collect the ball when it breaks in his direction. Garvan leads a Palace charge, but it comes to nothing.

Spurs back at walking pace. Palace prepared to sit back and wait for them to come forward. Dawson tries to force the issue with a Hollywood pass, but ends up firing the ball into touch.

Wilbraham away from Vertonghen and finds Ward wide on the right. He goes long with a cross, which sails over those in the middle. Garvan can collect and keep Palace on the front foot.

Three minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Rose pokes the ball forward, sparking a bout of head tennis. Spurs get it back on the deck with Chadli, who has to go backwards. Sigurdsson then finds Walker, but his low cross to the near post is hammered clear by Delaney.

Vertonghen gets the ball back to Lloris. Wilbraham refuses to give up the chase and Lloris ends up slicing out of play. Wasted by Palace as Gayle nods a Ward throw out of play.

Gayle gets a word in his ear from Mark Clattenburg. He is warned about going to ground too easily. Still no cards so far, but there haven't been too many rash challenges.

Garvan down getting treatment. Another break in play allows both sets of players to get some fluids on board. Very warm out there. Villas-Boas now locked in discussion with Dembele.

Wilbraham pulls out to the right, in behind Rose. Support arrives quickly and Palace can push forward. Gayle nips around Walker and goes down 20 yards out. He went over Walker's foot, but went down very easily and gets nothing.

Lennon freed into space and allowed to get his head up inside the box. This time he keeps the ball on the ground and looks to pick out a run from Soldado to the near post. He fails and Speroni gathers again. Lennon had options in deeper positions around the penalty spot.

Good feet from Dembele takes him away from three Palace players. He then looks to reverse a pass into Soldado, but sends the ball at an awkward height and the Spaniard ends up bundling it through to Speroni.

Moxey ends up running into trouble. Lennon picked out again, but once more he can't pick out a team-mate with a floated cross. Spurs snapping into tackles, but Palace prepared to match them in the battling stakes.

Gayle can't combine with Dobbie. Paulinho with good work for Spurs as he holds off his man and keeps possession. Lennon allowed to race forward again, but sends a pass inside towards nobody. Lack of quality in the final third very noticeable at the moment.

Spurs go short from the corner, and Chadli ends up being outmuscled by Ward. Wasted opportunity by the visitors. They work the ball into the feet of rose, but he trips as he drifts past Dikagcoi on the edge of the area.

Great play again by Jedinak as he reads a Rose pass intended for Soldado. Sigurdsson then gets on the ball for Spurs and forces a smart fingertip save from Speroini with a curling 20-yard drive.

Vertonghen clears with Gayle waiting behind him in space. Soldado collects on halfway and is tripped from behind by Jedinak. Palace skipper a bit too eager to get to the ball.

Space for Dembele to turn inside the Palace half and find Walker. He is once again frustrated by some robust defending from Moxey. Palace back four doing really well and not giving an inch.

Lennon running at Moxey, and past him to the byline. He looks to dink a cross into the six-yard box, but Soldado can't meet the delivery.

Holloway out on the sidelines barking instructions at Dobbie. Palace boss will be delighted with how things have gone so far and how easily his side have contained Spurs.

Palace see out the latest Sigurdsson set-piece. The ball is soon returned to him and he looks to bend a delivery towards the back post. Soldado interested, but the ball drifts over his head.

Dawson walking out from the back once again. Spurs then go left to Chadli. He is allowed to drift inside onto his right foot and pull the trigger. A well-struck shot cannons behind off Dikgacoi.

Great challenge from Moxey as he nicks the ball off Walker. He is then felled by the Spurs full-back as he looks to clear his lines. Needles from Walker as Palace were penned in down by their own corner flag.

Gayle carries the ball a long way. His touch almost lets him down, but Palace remain in possession. Rose ends up diving into a tackle, conceding a free-kick 35 yards from goal. Garvan bends the delivery in and Wilbraham plants a powerful header straight at Lloris.

Palace also now pressing much higher up the field, which is pegging Spurs back. Rose offers an outlet down the left, but everything is inside of him in a rather busy midfield area.

Sigurdsson's set-piece is met by Dawson, who loops a header into the arms of Speroni. Palace looking a lot more comfortable now and are playing plenty of football of their own. Chadli forced all the way back to keep an eye on Ward.

Chadli cuts inside off the left flank. He starts a move which ends up at the feet of Lennon racing into the box. Moxey does well to recover his position and block the ball behind for a corner.

Wilbraham towers above Rose, but gave him a shove in the back as he nods down into the box. Spurs able to take a breather and play their way out from the back once more.

Ward just about keeps the ball in place as Palace press. Spurs this time get numbers back quickly and cut down all angles. Palace forced to go sideways waiting for gaps to open up.

Quick feet from Rose, and he is tripped wide on Spurs' left flank by Ward. Opportunity to load the box. Soldado cuts to the near post to meet Sigurdsson's low delivery, but flicks an ambitious effort well wide.

Rose invited forward from full-back. He has Chadli in support. Dikgacoi comes over from Palace to get a boot to a cross and prevent it from reaching the box. Spurs are being given no space.

Smart move out wide by Wilbraham pulls defenders with him. Palace work the ball to the edge of the box, but can't get a shot away. Jedinak then tries a bit too much and sends a pass intended for Ward behind for a goal kick.

Ward back on his feet and should be okay to continue. Palace return the ball to Lloris as we get back under way. Dawson seeing a lot of the ball but hasn't got a lot to aim at.

Ward is down and will require treatment. He appears to have landed funny after challenging for a high ball. He might have twisted his ankle. Magic sponge required.

The ball isn't sticking for Palace when they move it forward, which is inviting Spurs forward all the time. The visitors aren't faring much better though. All a bit scrappy at the moment.

Patient build-up from Spurs, with Paulinho dropping deep to get involved. Palace not looking to press until the ball reaches halfway. Sigurdsson able to skip past Moxey, but Jedinak shows great strength to hold the Spurs man off.

Free-kick to Palace wide on their right, just inside the Spurs half. The ball is fired long, but into a cluster of bodies on the edge of the box. Spurs able to clear.

Soldado down to the corner flag, before finding Lennon. He squares for Dembele, who tries his luck from distance. He sees a 25-yard drive fizz narrowly over the top.

Dobbie to the byline, and he tries to work a yard to get a shot away from inside the box. Spurs get numbers back and he is forced away from goal. Palace try again, but another cross flashes through the penalty area. Encouragement for the home support.

Paulinho trips Delaney as he looks to pounce on another risky backwards pass from Palace. Hosts standing up well to the challenge so far, they just need to get a foot on the ball.

Sigurdsson delivers, but his corner sails through the box and away into open field. Palace look to get the ball forward quickly, allowing Gayle to show his pace. Rose equal to him as he cuts across to hammer into the crowd.

Walker breaks past Lennon, but has to hold the ball up. Spurs eventually work Lennon into the box and his low cross is bundled behind by Jedinak.

Cross sent over by Rose from wide on Spurs' left. Soldado nips in front of his marker, but sends a header sailing well wide of the target.

Flag up against Wilbraham, who also takes a knock as he challenges with Dawson. He soon bounces back to his feet. Spurs seeing a lot of the ball, but not doing too much with it.

Garvan whips a cross into the Spurs box from deep, which Lloris collects from in front of Gayle. Wilbraham then wins an aerial duel with Dawson, but his flick comes to nothing.

Dobbie with a poor pass which halts a Palace counter. Spurs back on the ball. Lennon closed down really quickly and can't get into his stride. Spurs keep on coming, with Palace sat very deep.

Palace can't get a foot on the ball at the moment. Another stray pass, this time from Walker, gifts them possession. The hosts look nervy and Speroni has to race from his box to clear an under-hit back pass.

Vertonghen runs the ball out for Spurs, bringing Chadli into play. Sigurdsson able to spin in midfield, but Palace working hard to keep things tight in the middle of the park.

Rose sweeps the ball from left to right, but Moxey is under it for Palace. Tottenham then go backwards, looking to slip into their passing game early on. Dawson goes long, but Ward clears.

Sloppy pass straight off from Dawson, as he fires the ball out of play. Ward with a positive burst down the right flank, but Rose has him well covered.

Tottenham get us under way.

We'll have to leave the feedback for now as kick-off approaches. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Teams out into the stadium. The noise level is turned up a few notches. The time for talking is over. The time to deliver has arrived for both of these clubs.

Players are in the tunnel. We are almost ready for the off here. Great atmosphere for this derby clash. Palace fans putting on quite a pre-match show.

Just 10 minutes until kick-off at Selhurst Park. Both sets of players will be itching to get out there and get their season under way. Expectation is always high on the opening weekend and their is a real buzz of excitement among those in the stands.

Another opinion via Twitter, with Cruiza saying: "I think it will be a difficult one, but I believe we'll take it 2-1. I think all of our new signings will do well. #COYS"

Tom Charles is going for an away win. He says: "It has to be a Tottenham win Soldado to open the scoring and then Tottenham to ease a 2-0 win."

Chris Green is looking forward to an intriguing encounter on the opening weekend. He says: "As much as I want Crystal Palace to win this afternoon, I just can't see this happening because Spurs' starting line-up contains a lot of firepower; however, in football, you never know. Shocks have happened in the past, and if Palace perform to their potential, they may spring a surprise."

Harry Smith thinks Soldado will be among the goals. He says: "I like both sides but Crystal Palace don't really have any stand out players having lost Zaha and Glen Murray injured so I'm going for a comfortable 3-1 win to Tottenham with Soldado scoring on his debut."

Zohaib is another who thinks Spurs might find the going tough, saying: "Not a fan of either but I don't think Tottenham will be in full swing for the first few matches even with their team. I think Palace will be trying harder so I think it will be edgy. 2-1 Tottenham!"

Dave Maxwell sees Palace getting something today. He says: "Never a dull moment when Ian Holloway has a team in the Premier League and looking forward again to his post match interviews this season.Don't think Spurs will get the romp so many will predict today and looking forward to seeing how quickly Tottenham's new signings will adjust to life in the Premier. I'm going for a 1-1 draw with Soldado getting on the scoresheet from the spot."

Martin from Chalkwell is in optimistic mood. He says: "Great starting XI for Tottenham - looks like we are looking for goals today and it's important to steal a march on Arsenal's terrible start - prediction a hard fought 2-1 away win."

Dominic McKinney is another tipping an away win this afternoon. He says: "Huge Spurs fan here and I think the match may be a difficult one for us but I'm sure we can bag the 3 points, 1-3 win."

THFC1882 has been in touch via Twitter and is expecting an away win, saying: "This Tottenham Team is too strong for Palace today so my guess is a 3-0 win with Soldado grabbing a brace and a Chadli goal."

Sky Bet have Crystal Palace as outsiders at 4/1 to take the spoils, with Tottenham strong favourites at 8/11 and the draw 14/5. Roberto Soldado has been Price Boosted to 5/1 to open the scoring, with Dwight Gayle available at 10/1.

Crystal Palace hand a competitive debut to record signing Dwight Gayle, while Paulinho, Chadli and Soldado make their Premier League bows for Tottenham. What do you make the starting XIs? Get in touch at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Today's referee is Mark Clattenburg.

Tottenham team: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose, Lennon, Dembele, Chadli, Sigurdsson, Paulinho, Soldado. Subs: Friedel, Kaboul, Capoue, Townsend, Naughton, Defoe, Carroll.

Crystal Palace team: Speroni, Ward, Gabbidon, Delaney, Moxey, Dikgacoi, Jedinak, Garvan, Dobbie, Gayle, Wilbraham. Subs: Alexander, Marange, O'Keefe, Campana, Williams, Phillips, Chamakh.

Can Palace get off the mark on the opening weekend? Will Spurs prevail in the first London derby of the new season? Let me know your thoughts.

How do you see today's game going? Feel free to offer your thoughts by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Spurs have invested well this summer and will hope that they now have enough quality within their ranks - regardless of whether Bale stays or goes - to mount another push for a top-four finish.

In the opposing dug out, Andre Villas-Boas will be keen to put a summer dominated by speculation regarding Gareth Bale's future to the back of his mind and focus on the pursuit of points.

They will be hoping to last a little longer after stepping up once more, and Ian Holloway will be looking for his players to show the kind of commitment to their job that he does to his.

Palace are back among English football's elite for the first time since 2004/05, when they lasted just one season.

Both sides had to watch on yesterday as the new top flight campaign got under way, but they now find themselves very much under the spotlight.

Welcome to Selhurst Park for our coverage of today's Premier League clash between Crystal Palace and Tottenham.

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