FT: Arsenal 1 Spurs 0

Arsenal 1 Tottenham. The Gunners claim the spoils on derby day, with Giroud the hero of the hour. Spurs will know they can play much better.

Backs to the wall job for Arsenal at the moment. Giroud back there sliding into tackles and heading everything. Villas-Boas out of his technical area to tell Walker to throw long. Arsenal can clear up in the air, and are then awarded a free-kick. That should be it.

Giroud barges into a challenge. Chance for Spurs to load the box. They go short to Lamela, and his cross hits Cazorla. Spurs eventually win a corner off Monreal. Lamela takes. The ball loops into the air, before Soldado fires across goal. Air shot from 10 yards out from Walker.

Arsenal now have six-men strung across their back line. Sagna involved as he hooks away a Soldado pass. Walker then sends over a cross, which Flamini glances clear. Another delivery comes in, and that too is seen out.

Arsenal make their third and final change. Walcott trots off to be replaced by Sagna. Wenger looking to shut up shop and preserve this clean sheet.

A loose ball breaks in the direction of Walker 25 yards out. He swings across the ball and ends up sending a wayward shot high into the stands. He could have taken a touch to steady himself.

Five minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Sandro drives Spurs through midfield. He gives the ball to Walker, and his pass sprayed out to the left curls out of play. Not looking like it will be Spurs' day. Wenger delaying his late change.

Walker's pace takes him to the by-line, and he is able to hook over a cross. No-one on white has gone to the front post, though, and Szczesny can gather with ease. Arsenal about to make their final change.

Keep-ball from Arsenal. Spurs working hard to get it back. Paulinho can't find a pass through the middle, and Defoe is then crowded out on the edge of the box.

Nice touch from Ramsey into Cazorla. He fires high to Walcott, who leaves Rose on the deck. He can't pick out a team-mate, and neither can Ramsey when the ball breaks back his way.

Arsenal with everyone behind the ball now. Defoe still finds a yard of space and plays the ball wide to Lamela. He cuts onto his left foot, but fails to catch a shot which trickles through to Szczesny.

Monreal does cross this time, but his effort his deflected into the arms of Lloris. Spurs break and Koscielny catches Defoe trying to dart in front of the Spurs striker. Free-kick to Spurs 40 yards from goal, dead centre. They send it wide and Chadli lashes high over the top. Wasted.

Giroud dives into a tackle on Sandro. Clumsy, and a free-kick to Spurs. They make nothing of it. Cazorla leads an Arsenal charge. He has Monreal with him, but he opts to go backwards rather than send over a hopeful cross from the left.

Walker unable to take a long ball fired down the right on his toe. Gibbs happy to take his time with the throw. Sandro involved for the first time, but can't find Paulinho with a square ball. Arsenal look to counter, but Walcott can't be freed down the middle.

Flamini has been a bundle of energy since coming on, as you would expect. He may not be a glamour signing, but he could be an important one for Arsenal. His experience will be key heading forward.

Walcott left on the floor after challenging for a high ball with Defoe. The Spurs striker did jump with his arms raised and goes into the book. No malice, but a caution all the same.

Monreal almost scores with his first touch. Giroud shows good strength to tee up Walcott. His effort from inside the area is parried away by Lloris. Monreal has the goal gaping, but Walker gets a vital toe to the ball for Spurs. Game still hanging in the balance.

Wenger and Arsenal looking to hold on to what they have. Rosicky makes way for Monreal. He will slot in on the left of midfield, but is a lot more defensively-minded than the man he has replaced.

Koscielny in the right place again to deal with a long throw from Rose. Walker then has acres of space to run into down the right wing, but can't be picked out.

Arsenal win a free-kick midway inside the Spurs half. Walcott plays it short. The Gunners happy to keep hold of the ball. Some neat one-touch stuff finds Giroud in an offside position. Koscielny crunches into another tackle, this time on Defoe.

Great save from Szczesny to deny Defoe, who saw an effort deflected on target. Soldado then claims hand-ball after seeing an effort blocked, and Walker drills a 25-yard drive wide of the target. Arsenal survive a major scare.

Sandro is to be sent on in place of the injured Capoue, who is now being carried from the field. Lamela sent on for his Spurs debut in place of Townsend. Villas-Boas has now played all of his cards.

Stretcher on for Capoue. His afternoon is over. Spurs ready to make more changes.

Cazorla landed on Capoue's ankle as he went over. Painful one and the Spurs midfielder doesn't appear to be in a good way. Break in play offers a chance for players on both sides to take a breather.

Ramsey slides a cross over and hobbles away after seeing Lloris gather under no pressure. He appears to run off whatever the problem was. Cazorla is then pushed to the ground by Capoue, who requires treatment himself.

We might be about to see Spurs' record signing Lamela. Villas-Boas passing on some final instructions. Is he the man to provide a spark for the visitors? They need something.

Dawson runs the ball out for Spurs, but is caught in possession by Rosicky. A clever pass is fed into the path of Walcott. Good goalkeeping again by Lloris as he races from his line to dive at Walcott's feet.

Dembele is the man to make way for Defoe. The Belgian has been very quiet today. Soldado will be pleased to see someone brought on to play alongside him. Play back under way and Walcott concedes a free-kick on the edge of the Spurs box.

Arsenal well organised as they allow Spurs to work the ball from side to side in front of them. Rosicky working hard, throwing himself into challenges. Not always the case with him. Paulinho then pulled up for a hand-ball.

Paulinho flashes a 25-yard drive well wide of the target. He had time to set his sights, but never got hold of the shot. Defoe being readied on the Spurs bench. They need a goal from somewhere and he knows his way to the back of the net.

Townsend floats a cross into the hands of Szczesny, and he moves the ball out quickly. Arsenal go long, and Lloris comes to gather right on the edge of his box. Home support think he was outside, but he is just about okay.

Chadli moves into the middle, but presents the ball to Gibbs. He is quick, but so is Walker and the Spurs man is able to get back and break up a promising counter. Paulinho then slows things down for Spurs.

Rosicky tracks back well to cut out a pass towards Walker. Arsenal can race forward on the counter. Giroud found on the edge of the box and sees a deflected effort bounce narrowly wide of the upright. Walcott's corner is cleared by the first man.

Capoue waltzes around Cazorla, but his caught on the knee and ends up going down. He is soon back on his feet and will be okay to continue. Expect both managers to start looking at their bench soon.

Space for Paulinho to turn into and look right for Townsend. Paulinho is then rising at the near post to meet a cross, but can't grow enough to make telling contact. Spurs remain on the front foot, with Arsenal pegged back.

Townsend whips the ball into the six-yard box, where it is nodded clear. Ramsey then snaps into a tackle on Chadli and emerges with the ball. Frustration for the Spurs man as he then tugs at Ramsey's shirt.

Walcott's delivery to the near post is seen away by Spurs. They can't clear their lines, though, until Townsend races them over halfway. Walker breaks past him and is sent tumbling by Gibbs. He gave the Spurs man a nudge in the back. Free-kick wide on the Spurs right.

Flamini and Dembele tussle in midfield - Arsenal man gets the decision. Walcott sent flying down the right. He crosses early and Vertonghen, who is running back towards his own goal, can only slice behind.

Mertesacker does well to get in front of Dembele and slide the ball out of play. Spurs then try their luck down their right, but Koscielny is always in front of Soldado and ends up being bundled to the turf.

Gibbs makes his way down to the corner flag, but can only win a throw. Ramsey then sends Dembele tumbling deep in Spurs territory. No need to commit a foul there. Visitors can go long to Soldado.

Poor free-kick from Chadli. He gets the ball up and over the wall, but it keeps on rising and sails harmlessly into the stands. Midfield battle then breaks out. All a bit scrappy again.

Rose can cut inside and is caught by the studs of Flamini 20 yards from goal. The Arsenal midfielder goes into the book. Opportunity for Spurs to work Szczesny.

Koscielny with another well-timed challenge, this time on Dembele. Townsend then crowded out, but Spurs can look left to Rose.

Chadli stops Walcott breaking down the right, but concedes a throw. Arsenal can't keep hold of the ball and Lloris can fire long. Spurs then work the ball into Soldado, who goes down in the box. He was touched by Koscielny, but not enough for a penalty. He went down a little too easily.

Chadli and Rose combine down the Spurs left, but Jenkinson puts in a strong challenge by the corner flag. From the throw, Rose ends up swinging a poor cross straight out of play. Villas-Boas stood hands on hips in his technical area.

Spurs biding their time again in midfield. Arsenal prepared to get men behind the ball and plug all the gaps. They have looked solid enough so far.

Space for Ramsey, who is teed up 30 yards from goal by Rosicky. He drills well wide of the target. Hearing that Wilshere went off as he was feeling unwell. Welcome news for Arsenal and England. He will, however, play no further part this afternoon as the Gunners try to see this out.

Great tackle from Koscielny has Arsenal moving forward. Ramsey is bundled to the turf by Walker and wins a free-kick. Opportunity to load the box again. Cazorla delivers from wide on the left. Not the best and Rose can nod clear.

Walker takes again, but lands the ball on the head of Mertesacker. Soldado then nods a long throw into Paulinho, but the ball won't sit for him inside the box to get a clean strike away.

Paulinho with a very ambitious volley from distance, which is deflected wide towards Walker. He settles for a corner. Walker takes himself. Soldado goes to the near post, but he can't threaten the target. Spurs win another corner.

No changes by either side at the interval. Spurs will be hoping to make a bright start to the second period, but have plenty of options on their bench if the scoreline remains the same.

Arsenal get the second half under way.

The players are back out and we are ready for the off once more. Get the feeling there is more goals in this yet.

David Newman says: "The main difference between the teams is that Arsenal know what it means to play in a north London full blooded derby. It doesn't yet mean anything for the new Spurs players and they don't yet have that steely commitment which is necessary on derby days. But hopefully well pull it back and go on to win 2-1."

Khaled Rahman says: "So far so good, money can't buy you goals."

Don says: "The way this match is going is that, I think Arsenal will score another goal, but later on Tottenham will score one goal."

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. Arsenal now 2/5 to take the spoils, with Spurs 9/1 and the draw 100/30. You can get 11/2 on the game ending 1-1.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bsyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0. The Gunners lead at the interval through Giroud's fine finish. Wilshere injury has soured the half, though, for the hosts.

Capoue caught on the ball again, but Arsenal can't make the most of the opportunity presented to them. Ramsey over-hits a pass and it runs away from Walcott and behind for a goal kick.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

Cazorla whips the ball onto the head of Koscielny. He flicks up into the air, and Lloris comes through a crowd of players to get a fist to the ball. He made his mind up early and made sure he got something on the ball.

Natural replacement for Wilshere in the middle of the park, but Wenger wouldn't have been wanting to make that change yet. Play back under way and Walker catches Flamini with a high boot. Free-kick to Arsenal 40 yards from goal. Cazorla over another set-piece.

The change does happen, with Flamini welcomed back to the Emirates in place of Wilshere - who heads straight down the tunnel.

Looks like it might be Wilshere who is struggling. He isn't breaking his beck to get around the field like he usually is. Bad news for Arsenal and England. Chadli plays the ball past Wilshere on this occasion, but it is touched back to Szczesny.

Flamini getting ready to come on for his second Arsenal debut. Someone must have taken a knock. Spurs looking to take advantage, but Rose sees a cross from the left cut out by Mertesacker.

Rose first to the ball ahead of Walcott, but is then caught out of position. Walcott looms for Giroud at the far post, but Dawson is first to the ball in the middle. Dembele then wins a free-kick off Ramsey.

Paulinho bursting down the middle, and goes wide to Townsend. Yet again he can cut across the edge of the box and get a shot away. This time he bobbles a low drive straight down Szczesny's throat.

Vertonghen looks for Townsend, as he cuts in off the wing, but the floated pass has too much on it. Dembele then intercepts a poor pass out of the Arsenal back four, but tugs at Gibbs shirt after finding himself outnumbered.

Dawson able to win an aerial duel with Giroud. Walker then invited forward from gull-back for Spurs, but he can't get around a sliding challenge from Gibbs.

Wilshere able to run away from Soldado and win a throw close to halfway. Wenger and Villas-Boas take the opportunity to get their message across as both sets of players move towards their area of the field.

Haven't seen enough of Dembele for Spurs. He seems to be more concerned about monitoring Wilshere. Spurs can push forward here now, but Jenkinson does really well to clear onto Rose and win a throw.

Townsend seen off by two Arsenal defenders, but Giroud them tries to be too clever with a pass towards the left flank. Rosicky then also gives the ball away. Neither side able to get a foot on it.

Rose in behind Walcott and to the by-line. He looks to cut the ball back, but Wilshere is there for Arsenal. The Gunners can't get out of their own half, until Paulinho plays a poor pass and gifts them the ball back.

Walcott sent sprinting clear down the middle and is clattered by Lloris, who is well outside of his area again. Rosicky is booked for arguing the decision. Lloris did get a toe to the ball, which saved him.

Paulinho moving forward, finding Soldado. The ball is returned to Spurs' Brazilian midfield, bundling his way into the penalty area. He claims a corner as the ball runs behind, but Arsenal get the decision.

Dawson's headed clearance drops to Cazorla. A couple of neat passes, involving Walcott sees the ball end up at the feet of Ramsey 15 yards from goal. He suffers a rush of blood and hammers high into the stands. Should have at least hit the target.

Capoue finds Townsend. He is allowed to cut inside onto his left foot again, and stings the fingertips of Szczesny from 25 yards out. He parries the ball away from goal, where it is then cleared up field.

Townsend finds Paulinho, but he is forced backwards by Cazorla. Vertonghen able to come forward again, but this decides against a dart towards the box. Wise idea as Arsenal win the ball back.

Spurs have been seeing plenty of the ball, but aren't doing much with it. Arsenal look the more dangerous when they spring forward. Wilshere looking for the lively Walcott again, but a dinked pass down the middle runs through to Lloris.

Villas-Boas looks far from happy on the sidelines. Arsenal are coming at his side again, with Jenkinson sent scampering down the right by Rosicky. Rose in the right place again for Spurs.

Vertonghen able to stride forward from the back, but is then caught in possession. Ramsey leads the Arsenal charge. He plays in Walcott again. This time he goes for goal from a tight angle, and Lloris can only parry the ball into the six-yard box. Dawson there for Spurs.

Walcott and Giroud looking to combine again, but Rose can get a toe to the ball. It breaks to Cazorla, who is prepared to go backwards and wait for another gap to open. He tries to find Walcott, and Lloris has to leave his area once again to clear his lines.

Three in three for Giroud this season, four in all competitions. There has been a lot of talk about a new striker coming into Arsenal, but their French forward is on fire right now.

GOAL ARSENAL - GIROUD. The Gunners in-form frontman is at it again. Rosicky given too much space on the right and he plays Walcott in behind Rose. His low delivery is turned in first time by Giroud - beating Lloris at his near post.

Spurs back to Dawson again. He decides against going long this time. Arsenal still pressing very high, which is helping to keep Spurs contained. They are, however, able to keep hold of the ball and be patient.

Capoue redeems himself with a sliding challenge on Giroud which prevents the Arsenal man from feeding a ball forward towards willing runners. Walcott then goes down in the box under pressure from Rose, but is waved back to his feet. Just bundled off the ball.

Walker delivers for Spurs. He scuffs low to the near post, where Arsenal can bundle clear. Capoue then plays a pass intended for Rose out of play for an Arsenal throw.

Wilshere spins in midfield, but Dembele is following him around and offering no time or space. Townsend wins the ball back for Spurs and cuts inside onto his left foot. An ambitious effort is deflected behind for a corner.

Another wayward ball lumped forward by Spurs. They are a bit too eager to go from back to front in one pass at times. Not a great plan as Soldado is down the middle by himself.

Rosicky trips Paulinho in the heart of midfield. Tonwsend is then able to combine with Soldado, but can't catch up with a pass played into the box. Arsenal take a couple of chances with back-passes, before Szczesny hacks to safety.

Szczesny drills long for Giroud, but his touch falls to Walker. Arsenal win the ball back and Rosicky can drift across the field. He has few options available to him, but keeps possession.

The Beckham boys are in attendance today. Don't think Wenger has his eye on the former England skipper. On the field, Spurs knocking the ball around midfield. All in front of Arsenal at the moment.

Mertesacker gives the ball away inside his own half. Soldado doesn't need a second invitation to get a shot away from 25 yards. His radar is out and he slices well wide of the target. Up at the other end, Giroud is unable to turn inside the box and force a corner.

Dembele turns past Ramsey, before Rose fires wide to Townsend on the Spurs right. Walker is sprung in behind Gibbs and cuts the ball back for Soldado 12 yards from goal, who sees a shot blocked at source.

Wilshere breaking forward, with Walcott running off him. Smart defending by Rose as he sees the ball back to Lloris. Arsenal press very high as Spurs try to play their way out from the back. They succeed and make it up to halfway.

Space for Dawson, and he fires a cross-field pass into the chest of Chadli. He skips around Jenkinson, but another low cross is dealt with at the near post. Jenkinson needs to get tighter to his man. He is beaten again moments later, but Chadli fires into the arms of Szczesny from a tight angle.

Rose and Chadli combine again. Jenkinson goes to the corner flag with the latter, and touches the ball behind. Chadli takes the set-piece short, before then delivering into the box. Arsenal clear their lines at the second attempt, through Jenkinson.

Spurs string passes together for the first time. Arsenal have 10 men behind the ball. Brilliant flick from Chadli frees Rose down the left. His low cross into the heart of the box is hacked out for a throw.

Chadli jumps into Jenkinson. Free-kick to Arsenal inside their own half. It is played short, and almost straight to Dembele. Jenkinson didn't look and Ramsey didn't want it. A bit sloppy from the hosts.

Lloris takes his time with a goal kick. Spurs yet to get going. Villas-Boas out on the sidelines, Wenger happily perched on his seat. On the field, Giroud escapes in behind and is picked out by Cazorla. He is always reaching for a header and sends it well wide.

Good hold up play by Giroud, and he squares for Walcott. He is tripped by Dembele on the edge of the box. Dead centre this time. 20 yards out. Cazorla over it again for Arsenal. This time he drills low under the wall, and the ball skids inches past the post. So close to a clever opener.

Cazorla drops deep to get involved, but gives the ball away. Arsenal soon get it back, but it's all a bit scrappy as the ball is prodded forward. Townsend takes it upon himself to try and get down the right flank again, but runs out of play.

Paulinho knocked off the ball in midfield - not often you can say that. Lloris then forced out of his area to hack the ball clear. Arsenal have settled into their stride much the quicker.

Cazorla takes, and forces Lloris into a smart save diving away to his right. He palms the ball behind for a corner. Giroud leaps highest to meet the delivery at the near post, but diverts a header high over the top.

Arsenal look to counter at pace. Spurs flooding men back. Jenkinson well forward, with Waclott in support. Tottenham are able to re-group and force the Gunners backwards. Rosicky then strides past Capoue and wins a free-kick just left of centre, 25 yards out.

Dawson fires long early doors. Koscielny nods out, but Townsend is soon darting down the right flank. A solid challenge halts him in his tracks, but Spurs win a corner - which is easily cleared.

Tottenham get us up and running.

Oldest Premier League manager - Wenger - has just exchanged handshakes with the youngest - Villas-Boas. All smiles at the moment. Don't imagine it will take long for that to change!

Pre-match formalities out of the way and we are ready for the off in the north London derby. Hold on to your hats, this could get lively!

I'm looking forward to this. Hope you enjoy the game whichever side of the divide you are on. Here's hoping the contest doesn't disappoint. Teams now out onto the field. Great noise inside the Emirates.

Teams are in the tunnel so we will have to leave the feedback there for now and turn our attention to the game. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Liam Emms thinks Arsenal will be convincing winners. He says: "I reckon the score will be Arsenal 4 - 1 Tottenham. Come on you Gunners!"

Andrew Miller thinks the red half of north London will be smiling come the full-time whistle. He says: "On paper Spurs starting 11 are still inferior to Arsenals. 3-1 to Arsenal. Giroud is making his mark. Starting to look world class with his finishing since pre-season. Great to see Zelalem on the bench! He looks very much like Wilshere did starting out, with his confidence and quality on the ball."

Micky can't see these two being separated today. He says: "I'm going for a 1-1 draw today, really unhappy for not spending, Walcott to score and Soldado with a penalty."

Both sets of players out being put through their paces. Perfect conditions for football. Two good footballing sides on show. Should be a cracker!

Furqan Ahmed thinks today's game will show what Spurs are made of. He says: "The only reason Tottenham are winning is cos of penalties they havent put a hard graft in yet."

Ellis Hill is another who thinks we may be in for a goal-fest, saying: "I'm trusting my gut: 4-2 to Spurs with Soldado & Giroud pickng up 2. COYS!!"

Half-an-hour until kick-off at the Emirates. A mix of nerves and excitement swirling around this particular part of north London. Keep your thoughts coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Dan Scropss thinks we could be in for a five-goal thriller. He says: "Going for a 3-2 Arsenal win, nail-biter to the finish with Giroud and Walcott (2) the Arsenal scorers!"

Milney thinks Arsenal can get the job done on home soil. He says: "Arsenal to win 3-1, with Giroud, Rosicky and Flamini the scorers! It's not all about who you sign!"

Chris Green is another backing Andre Villas-Boas' men. He says: "Think this match will be a tight encounter, but I think Spurs will just edge it this afternoon because they have the more powerful starting line-up. 2-1 Spurs my prediction. #ComeOnYouSpurs"

Owen Kay also sees the visitors coming out on top. He says: "I think Spurs will snatch a win today will be a great game... Great to see Lamela in the squad tough game but 1-0 Spurs."

Nicholas Mike sees Spurs putting down a marker today. He says: "Balance of power has changed in north London. A loss at home by Aston Villa and now Tottenham, will result in even more panic buying from Wenger before transfer window closes."

Josh Young also sees Arsenal collecting all three points. He says: "I'm going for 2-1 Arsenal going to be a tight game but Giroud with both goals!"

Mr Hawthorn disagrees and is going for a home win. He says: "Think Arsenal are going to comfortably win 2-0. #inarsenewetrust"

Dean thinks Spurs can do the business today. He says: "Huge expectations today given all the new signings, but is the team sufficiently together as a unit to dominate the game and take over power in North London? It will be a huge disappointment to Tottenham fans if we come away without the points again. 2-0 to Tottenham, Soldado to get both."

What do you make of the starting XIs? Keep your pre-match thoughts coming in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Koscielny, Gibbs and Rosicky come back in for the Gunners. Flamini on the bench as he awaits his second Arsenal debut. Tottenham make sweeping changes to the XI which figured in Europe on Thursday, reverting back to the side which saw off Swansea 1-0 in their last Premier League outing. Record signing Lamela among the substitutes.

Today's referee is Michael Oliver.

Tottenham team: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose, Capoue, Paulinho; Townsend, Dembele, Chadli, Soldado. Subs: Friedel, Naughton, Holtby, Lamela, Sandro, Sigurdsson, Defoe.

Arsenal team: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud. Subs: Fabianski, Sagna, Monreal, Flamini, Zelalem, Gnabry, Sanogo.

Team news on the way!

Steve Higgins is also going for an away win. He says: "I'm going 3-1 the mighty Spurs, Soldado 2 and Paulinho!"

Martin Jones thinks Spurs might just edge this. He says: "An intriguing early season derby game will hopefully show the new look Tottenham is capable of taking the three points today. Expect the game to be tight and full of bookings. 1-0 to Spurs (what are the odds on Soldado scoring his third penalty this season?)"

You can bet in-play throughout the game at Skybet.com. Arsenal start as favourites at 11/10, with Tottenham 13/5 and the draw 5/2. Olivier Giroud has proven his worth by opening the scoring in both of Arsenal's opening two Premier League games. The Frenchman is 5/1 to do so again while Roberto Soldado, who has netted both of Spurs' goals this season, is 6/1 to score first, and the prolific pair are 13/2 both to bag.

Can the Gunners keep their momentum going or will an expensively-assembled Spurs side seal the first derby spoils of the season? Who are you most looking forward to seeing in action? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to air your pre-match opinions by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Meetings between these two old adversaries always provide plenty of intriguing sub plots, and today's clash is no different. With just over 24 hours to go until the summer transfer window closes, this is a meeting between reluctant spenders and big spenders. Who will come out on top?

Tottenham, though, have secured back-to-back successes in the league and an 8- aggregate victory in the Europa League and will want to maintain their perfect start to the 2013/14 campaign.

Arsenal have recovered from an opening day nightmare to reach the group stage of the UEFA Champions League and claim a first victory of the season in the league.

Welcome to Emirates Stadium for our coverage of today's north London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham.

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