FT: Zulte-Waregem 0 Wigan 0

Zulte-Waregem 0 Wigan 0. Honours even in Belgium and the points are shared. The Latics will be delighted to take something on their European bow.

Not a great delivery from Watson, as he floats the ball over, and Boyce is pulled up for a foul at the back post. Wigan forced to race back into position. McCann with another important clearance, before Dicko hacks to safety.

De Fauw takes a chance and ends up having to muscle Watson to the deck. Opportunity to load the box and maybe steal a dramatic winner. Coyle sends plenty forward.

D'Haene challenging again, but can't trouble the target on this occasion. Wigan able to go long to Fortune. He needs support, and it doesn't arrive quickly enough. All about holding on now for the Latics.

Boyce breaks forward, and is then caught out of position. The ball won't fall kindly for Caceres and then Conte is unable to force a cross from the dead-ball line past Carson. Corner to Zulte.

Kums with a shot from a long way out which is easily blocked. Ball returned to the box and two Zulte players go down. Malanda wants a spot-kick, but he was tripped by a team-mate.

Another corner is fed in, but dealt with. Wigan can't clear their lines and Hazard fires goalwards inside the box. More handball shouts, but again nothing given. Survival mode at the moment for the Latics.

Hazard has to put the corner flag back in before taking the set-piece. More pushing and shoving. The delivery bounces inside the box and D'Haene is denied buy a fantastic block from McCann.

Another nice touch from Hazard, but he is forced away from goal. The ball ends up breaking to the edge of the box for Skulason, who sees a shot deflected behind.

Caceres popping up wide on the right again, and winning another throw. Patient build-up from the hosts, but no way through. Conte then skips past a couple of tackles and finds Naessens, who slips inside the box just as he was about to pull the trigger.

Final change for Wigan sees Powell replaced by Dicko.

Fortune all alone in the Zulte half of the field for Wigan. He is penalised while trying to run around Malanda. Watson questions the decision, but there was a shirt tug in there.

Space opening up for Powell for a moment, as he skips inside from the right wing. Again the ball runs away from him and the opportunity to get a shot away is gone. Bossut able to gather.

McClean working hard to get the ball back, but to no avail. Zulte running out of ideas as they lump long into the box. Wigan can't get out of their own half.

Zulte seeing plenty of the ball. A lot of probing going on from the hosts, but not a lot of penetration. They have been restricted to half chance or efforts from distance.

Still not happening for Powell as another pass aimed in his direction is allowed to run away from him. Conte threatens again at the other end of the field, but Boyce is there to hack clear.

Caceres wins a throw. He is prepared to drift wide and pull defenders with him. Wigan still holding form at the back.

Unfortunate for Fortune as he looks to slip past Duplus, but sees the ball bobble through his legs and out of play for a throw. Wigan supporters raise the noise level again. They have enjoyed their evening. They would like something to shout about on the field thought!

Malanda allowed to run the ball out. Wigan sitting deep. They have looked dangerous on the counter but can't slip too far into their shell. De Fauw allowed to drift a long way forward before skidding a 20-yard drive well wide.

De Fauw puts his head down to deal with a ball down the left, McClean puts his foot up, decision goes with the hosts. Fortune then pulled up for tugging at D'Haene's shirt.

Caceres involved straight away. He shows a neat touch to gather the ball and get it out of his feet. He shoots on sight, but down the throat of Carson.

Habibou has looked lively at times, but his race is run and Caceres is sent on in his place. Like-for-like change up top for Zulte.

Jeers from the crowd as another Zulte player goes down. McCann on Skulason again - running battle going on there. Watson able to fire long for Fortune, but he nods the ball straight out of play.

Naessens crowded out and Wigan can counter. Fortune picks out a clever run from Powell across his man, but his touch isn't the best once again and the ball runs across him allowing a Zulte defender to get back.

Skulason limps off after treatment, but should be back with us shortly. He doesn't look happy. Painful one rather than a game-ending one.

Break in play as Skulason goes down. He was caught by McCann - who has already been booked.

Watson delivers. Fortune flies in at the near post, but can't get a touch. The ball breaks to Perch on the edge of the box and his low drive forces Bossut into a smart save low to his left.

Perch has to poke clear under pressure, but Wigan can gather the loose ball. Powell, now operating on the right, slips past his man, but Duplus gets back at him. Powell wants a corner, and gets one.

The man who got Wigan into Europe, Watson, is sent on in place of Gomez. Double change by the Latics as McManaman also makes way for Fortune.

Shotton goes out to the right wing with Hazard. He stands up well and forces Zulte backwards. They are soon pressing again though and McClean has to concede a corner. The delivery is met by Duplus, but he nods wide when well placed.

A cross from De Fauw breaks to Hazard. He gets the ball back as Hazard lays it off into his path, but a half-volley fizzes well wide of Carson's goal.

McClean able to cut inside off the left flank. He shows why he likes to stay on his left side as he drags a poor right-footed effort well wide of the target.

Conte still pulling a lot of strings. He has plenty of runners to aim, but Perch is able to cut out a pass fed down the middle towards Hazard.

Skulason sees the ball run through his legs, but he can turn inside the Wigan box and get a shot away. The ball is blocked before it can reach Habibou or trouble Carson.

Brilliant from Naessens as he runs at Crainey and fires a great delivery across the face of goal. Habibou arriving at the back post but can't get a toe to the ball and force it into an empty net.

Habibou very deep as he looks to get involved. Wigan with plenty of bodies back and they keep the back door bolted. Powell then runs them out. Cross fed in towards Gomez is never going to reach the Spaniard.

Boyce runs the ball out. Hazard goes with him and ends up tripping the Wigan full-back as both men go to ground. Hazard the latest to go into the book. Not happy with the decision.

Gomez feeds a low ball into the box for Powell to chase. Good strength from Malanda as he allows Bossut to come sliding off his line and gather.

McArthur into Gomez, but he wastes possession with a terrible touch and pass. Zulte play their way out from the back. Kums looks left, but Hazard's header is wayward.

Conte with a clean strike from 25 yards out, but his effort is always going wide and never troubles Carson. End-to-end stuff, with legs starting to tire on a heavy playing surface.

Hazard picking the ball up all over the field now. Wigan need to keep an eye on him. Shotton sends the Latics forward, and goes left to Powell. Again he gets the ball caught under his feet. Not his night so far.

Good control from Habibou as he keeps Zulte heading forward. They go from right to left, finding the lively Conte. Hazard then lines up another long-range strike, which is blocked again.

Better from Powell as he gets the ball down and wins a corner. He had no support. Wigan go short and win another corner. Great delivery into the heart of the box which Shotton meets with the outside of his boot, but flicks wide of the post.

Conte through midfielder, with Naessens ahead of him. Wigan rocking again at the back, but manage to smuggle the ball clear. Relief for the visitors as the flag goes up. Two Zulte players offside.

De Fauw well forward again. He sends a cross to the near post which Carson comes for but is beaten to by Habibou. A glancing header slips narrowly wide of the upright. Let off for Carson.

Space for Hazard 35 yards out. He winds up a shot, but it is easily blocked. They can move forward through McManaman, but everything is square of him. Shotton now limping for the Latics.

Kums wide to De Fauw, but no way through for Zulte. Wigan have everybody back. No outlet for the Latics if and when they get the ball back. Hazard drops deep to get involved, before Malanda moves over halfway.

No Wigan player inside the Zulte half as the ball is fed back to D'Haene. Hosts seeing all of the ball at the moment. Powell over-runs as he tries to change that.

No changes from either manager at the interval. Expect both to turn to their benches sooner rather than later if things stay as they are. Zulte knocking the ball around early in the second half.

Zulte get the second half under way, with Hazard last to emerge from the tunnel.

Players back out and we are ready for the off once more. Hopefully we will get a few goals in the second period.

Smee says: "We need to bring on Espinoza to bring some pace to the game as he is keen and eager to find a solid place in the team. See this being a draw if Coyle does not mess up with silly tactics like he often does."

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. Wigan are now 2/1 to pick up a win, with Zulte 7/4 and the draw 6/4. You can get 3/1 on the game ending 0-0.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Zulte-Waregem 0 Wigan 0. All square at the interval and we are still looking for a goal. Woodwork hit at both ends, but no breakthrough.

McClean too eager to get the ball onto his left foot and has it taken off him. Zulte looking to mount one last attack before the break. Wigan pull 10 men behind the ball and shut up shop.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

McCann muscled off the ball and Wigan are in trouble. Hazard picked out and drills across the face of goal. The ball breaks to Conte, who sees his shot beaten away by Carson. Wigan rocking.

McClean can't combine with McCann. No room to work with down in the corner and Zulte win a throw. Habibou looks to run them at the heart of the Wigan defence, but his touch lets him down.

Great direct run from McManaman as he races around Duplus, but his cross is cut out. Zulte can counter, with Shotton slipping. The ball is worked out to the left, where Conte sends a wild effort high over the top.

Carson fires long. De Fauw up above McClean. Wigan win a throw on halfway. They need to get the ball on the deck again and knock it around a bit.

Hazard over another set-piece. Refere gives those in the middle another talking to. When the delivery does arrive, it is cleared at the front post. Shotton runs the ball out and Naessens is cautioned for tripping him from behind.

Crainey can only slice behind as Naessens closes him down inside the box. McCann is down after taking a blow to the face off Malanda. No intent, but he was caught flush in the face by a flailing arm. Nose is bleeding but he should be okay.

Hazard goes square from the free-kick to Conte. He sends over a cross. Handball shouts fall on deaf ears. Wigan can't clear again. Home fans getting behind their troops now. They sense a goal could be coming.

Carson closed down by Habibou as he looks to clear and Zulte back on the ball. Hosts starting to grow into the game and pose more of a threat. Wigan need to up the tempo again. Crainey trips Naessens wide on the Zulte right.

Crainey delivers another free-kick into the box. Boyce nods down, but Powell caught on his heels and can't react in time. Zulte happy to hack up to halfway.

Corner played short. When the ball is delivered into the box, a glancing header from McClean bounces off the top of his own crossbar and to safety. Wigan can't counter through McManaman, who slides into the corner flag.

Naessens sees a cross from the right cut out on the edge of the box. Conte tries again, but Crainey is there for Wigan. The Latics can't get the ball away and Zulte keep pressing. Naessens drills across the face of goal, before Hazard sees a shot from 35 yards flick over the top.

Wigan looking to play their way out from the back. Zulte look to force the issue and Carson has to go long. All a bit scrappy at the moment. Not a lot of quality on show.

Shotton fails to connect with a long ball down the middle. He was given a nudge in the back by Habibou, though, and Wigan win a free-kick.

Malanda drifts into the Wigan half, but delivers a poor pass. McClean gets his head up and runs at Zulte. The ball breaks for Gomez, who feeds McCann on the left. He is in behind, but the flag goes up.

Hazard twists and turns looking for a yard of space 25 yards from goal. He finds one, but sees a shot blocked at source. D'Haene able to clear his lines as Wigan look for the feet of Powell.

McCann gets a head to the delivery, but there are too many bodies between him and the goal and Malanda can hammer clear. Zulte with another aimles lump down field which runs through to Carson.

McArthur hangs the ball high towards McClean, but no joy for Wigan. They are forced backwards before coming forwards again. Gomez opts against a shot from the edge of the box, but McCann sees one deflected behind by Skulason.

McClean thinks he has won a throw off De Fauw, but the decision goes the other way. Habibou crowded out as he collects the ball and McCann can look for Gomez. He breaks into the box, but Kums slides in to block his path.

Gomez tripped by Kums after stealing the ball of the Zulte midfielder's toe. The home side still struggling in the final third. They want too much time on the ball.

Boyce shows good strength to get in front of Habibou and block his route to goal. Wigan unable to piece an attack together as they look to counter at pace.

Habibou with a very ambitious volley from 30 yards as the ball drops in front of him. It does take a touch off Gomez on its way behind. Hazard takes the corner, which is nodded clear in the middle.

Crainey with a poor pass which is easily cut out by De Fauw. Kums carries Zulte forward and a cross is fed into the box. Hazard frustrated that the ball doesn't reach him.

McClean fires a cross against the boot of De Fauw. Throw to Wigan. Delivery could have gone in a little earlier. Gomez then lets the ball run of play, and Zulte get the throw-in. Odd decision from Gomez.

Crainey fails to find McClean, but refuses to give the ball up. Zulte can't string anything together. Wigan doing really well to close space.

Powell climbs well to touch on a Carson clearance. McClean chases and ends up leaving De Fauw in a heap. Conte comes over to suggest that the tackle was late, but no more than a free-kick. McClean actually appeared to win the ball.

Zulte back on the ball. Wigan working hard to press high up the field and keep the hosts pegged back inside their own half. Hazard eventually chips forward for De Fauw to chase, but the ball runs away from him and behind for a goal kick.

McClean glances down the line for Powell, but he fails to win a foot race with De Fauw. The ball is presented back to him, but he spins and sends a poor 25-yard effort high over the top. A night for keeping shots low and working the keeper.

Crainey flights the free-kick to the edge of the box, where Boyce can't win the aerial battles. Kums looks down the right for Naessens, but he can't keep the ball in play and remain in possession.

Crainey runs Wigan out from the back. McClean takes over and is sent crashing to the turf by Skulason. He is also cautioned. Two bookings in as many minutes.

McCann pulled up for a hefty challenge on Habibou. He was late and high as he slid in and becomes the first player to have his name taken.

Gomez puts McManaman under a bit of pressure. Wigan let off the hook inside their own half as Hazard clatters through the back of Gomez. Carson fires long, but De Fauw nods clear.

Duplus tries to bring the ball down on his chest, but slips. McManaman unable to benefit and Shotton ends up hacking into the stands. Zulte given no time and space in the final third.

Hazard can't bring a pass fizzed towards him under his spell. Not a night for being too wayward, with the ball skidding off the surface. Wigan playing the ball along their back four.

Hazard delivers. Malanda arrives on cue as the ball reaches the penalty spot. He is unchallenged, but powers a header high over the top. Decent chance for the hosts goes begging.

Hazard finds Conte wide on the right wing. He stands up Crainey, before firing a cross against the Wigan defender and behind for a corner. Pushing and shoving inside the box delays the taking of the set-piece.

Bright start from Wigan. They have settled quicker and already carved open a couple of half-chances. Powell has now been sent tumbling by Habibou inside the centre circle.

Shotton long towards Powell. He can bring McManaman into play this time. He looks to feed a pass in behind De Fauw for McClean, but the Zulte full-back reads his mind. Wigan work the ball from a throw into Gomez, who rather snatches at a shot from 12 yards and diverts it wide of the target.

Nice feet from Conte on the edge of the box. He is able to work a yard of space, skipping around Crainey, and drills low and hard into the grateful arms of Carson.

McClean the target of another cross-field pass. He can get a touch this time, but glances down the line and out of play. Zulte press forward again.

McManaman tripped inside the Zulte half by Duplus. Wigan end up going all the way back to Carson. Possession the priority at the moment. McClean can't get a head to a floated pass aimed in his direction.

Powell unable to gather the ball in again. He needs to hold it up if others are to get alongside him. Zulte look left again to Naessens, but the conditions work against him as the ball slips under his boot and out of play.

Head in hands from Coyle after seeing that effort graze the woodwork. He is taking this seriously. Zulte now back on the ball, with Hazard crossing halfway and breaking down the left flank. McManaman goes all the way with him and wins a goal kick.

A long ball over the top makes it's way through to Powell. His first touch isn't the best, but D'Haene and Bossut get themselves in a pickle and surrender a corner. Zulte fail to deal with the delivery and McArthur clips the post with a half-volley from the edge of the box.

Hazard involved for the first time, and is tripped. He has a big reputation and has started the season well for Zulte. The hosts also happy to spend the first few minutes getting a foot on the ball, rather than looking forward.

Wigan allowed to knock the ball around early on, with Zulte prepared to sit deep. Powell drops deep to get involved, and settles for a throw on halfway.

Wigan get us up and running.

Rain still falling. Conditions far from ideal. Pre-match formalities almost completed. Travelling support making themselves heard. Long way from a full house in Brugge.

Players out of the tunnel and we are almost ready for the off. Here's hoping an historic night for Wigan ends on a high.

Ground staff have been working hard to make the surface playable. A lot of rain has fallen and the pitch will be very heavy. Hopefully that won't take anything away from the game and the heavens won't open again.

For the record, tonight's referee is Marcin Borski from Poland.

Seven changes by Coyle might suggest that he isn't taking this particularly seriously, but the Latics line-up still has plenty of quality in it and I don't think they will be happy to just make up the numbers.

Wigan players have been out on the pitch soaking up the European atmosphere. This is a big occasion for the Latics and they will want to show that they belong on this stage. Positive results in Europe could help them in the league.

Coyle opts to go with Shotton at centre-half and Powell up top as Wigan look to their creative talents for inspiration. Former Leeds loanee Habibou leads the line for Zulte, while Chelsea fans will be keen to have a look Thorgan Hazard - Eden's younger brother who is on loan from Stamford Bridge.

Zulte team: Bossut, De Fauw, D'Haene, Malanda, Duplus, Skulason, Kums, Conte, Hazard, Naessens, Habibou. Subs: Bruzzese, Verboom, N'Diaye, Tarfi, Sylla, Caceres, Bongonda.

Wigan team: Carson, Boyce, Shotton, Perch, Crainey, McArthur, McManaman, Gomez, McCann, McClean, Powell. Subs: Nicholls, Garcia, Buxton, Watson, Espinoza, Dicko, Fortune.

You can also bet in-play throughout the contest at Skybet.com. Zulte start as slight favourites at 6/4, with Wigan 15/8 and the draw 11/5. You can get Nick Powell to score first and Wigan to win 1-0 Price Boosted at 66/1.

Can Wigan claim a positive result on Belgian soil or will Zulte prove too strong for Owen Coyle's side? Who will be the men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to offer up your pre-match thoughts by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

The other two sides in Group D are Rubin Kazan and Maribor, so Wigan have some tough trips out on the road to take in during this campaign. Taking that into account, they will want to get off to a positive start.

Promotion back to the top flight is very much the priority for the Latics, so they need to ensure that Thursday night football in the Europa League does not become an unwelcome distraction.

Wigan are taking in their first continental adventure after landing the 2013 FA Cup. They are now plying their trade in the Championship, but will want to give a good account of themselves in Europe.

A second-place finish in the Belgian Pro League last season represented Zulte's best ever league standing and they have already sent APOEL crashing out of Europe this term - a side that has graced the Champions League in the past.

Welcome to Belgium for our coverage of this evening's Europa League clash between Zulte-Waregem and Wigan.

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