FT: Arsenal 0 Chelsea 0

FINAL WORD: Chris Green says: "Hi Steve. I would just like to wish you and the rest of the Sky Sports team a Merry Christmas! :)" And a Merry Christmas to you Chris and everyone else who uses our service. See you on Boxing Day for more Premier League action in what looks to be the tightest race for years!!

FULL TIME. That's it, a scrappy draw at the Emirates to leave Liverpool top at Christmas. Thanks for your views tonight, stay with us for reaction.

90 (+3)
Lampard takes the corner but Arsenal clear and ref blows for full time.

90 (+3)
Luiz wins a corner after Rosicky deflects his shot from the edge of the box.

90 (+3)
Luiz takes the free-kick but it hits the wall.

90 (+2)
Walcott takes the corner but Chelsea clear before Ramires wins a free-kick 30 yards out in front of goal.

90 (+1)
Arsenal take the corner and Vermaelen has an effort cleared off the line by Azpilicueta for another corner on the left.

Three minutes of added time.

Giroud wins a corner on the right.

Chelsea win a throw in 30 yards out on the right. Ivanovic puts the ball into the box but Mertesacker clears.

Luiz is on for Torres as Chelsea look to keep a point.

Lampard takes the corner but it misses everyone in the box. Torres retrieves the ball but his cross is cleared.

Arsenal take the corner but Chelsea clear. Ivanovic then punts the ball forward and Mertesacker has to head out for a corner on the left.

Another good chance for Arsenal. Rosicky finds Gibbs to the left side of the box, he crosses over towards Giroud in the centre but Terry makes a great last ditch tackle to clear the ball out for a corner on the left.

Vermaelen wins a free-kick 40 yards out in the centre. Arsenal take and feed the ball to Gibbs but his cross from 20 yards on the left catches the wind and flies well wide and over.

Chelsea take the throw in but Arsenal win one in a similar position. Sagna takes but Ivanovic clears the box.

Giroud tries to release Walcott into the right corner but he concedes a throw in near the Chelsea byline.

Chelsea press but Sagna wins the ball off Schurrle to the right side of the box.

Best chance of the match for Arsenal. Ramsey floats the ball over the Chelsea defenders to set up Giroud on the left but his shot from eight yards goes wide with Cech advancing.

Sagna takes the throw in ten yards on the right but the ball rolls out for a goal kick.

Oscar is on for Willian.

Giroud tries to get onto a Ramsey throughball and Cahill has to put it out for a throw in on the right.

Play resumes after Ramires has treatment.

Arsenal take the throw in. Ramires goes down injured after going for a header with Ramsey. Ramsey puts the ball out so he can receive treatment but his team-mates aren't happy he has!

Schurrle is on for Hazard for Chelsea.

Sagna tries to cross into the box from the right and wins a throw in 30 yards out.

Lampard floats the free-kick into the far post but Terry heads wide from six yards.

Chelsea break forward and Ivanovic gets caught by Rosicky in what looks like retribution for his challenge on Ozil before. Rosicky is booked and Chelsea have a free-kick 35 yards out on the right.

Walcott takes the throw in again but Giroud cannot get his shot off in the box.

Ozil tries a shot which is blocked by Ivanovic for a throw in five yards out on the left. Arsneal take and Ivanovic raises his foot to try and win the ball off Ozil. Ozil is not happy and there is handbags and players from both sides get involved. The ref clams the situation down without any bookings.

Chelsea come again and Torres heads down a long ball for Lampard who shoots at goal from 30 yards and Szczesny is down well to his right to gather.

Lampard puts the free-kick into the box and Ivanovic tries an effort from the edge of the box but Szczesny is down to gather.

Walcott is booked for catching Azpilicueta. Chelsea have a free-kick 35 yards out on the left.

Dave Squires says: "Looking at these two sides as an evertonian makes me think maybe were in with a shout for the title let alone top 4." I think the wind is not helping. Niall says: "This is an out and out scrap right now...my no score bore is def on the cards now...shame on you jose...for parking the bus you should be deducted points its disgusting but effective i suppose if you only want the point...wont happen against lpool next week 1-3."

Arsenal take the free-kick but Mikel wins the ball and clears forward.

Chelsea take the free-kick forwards but Ramires catches Arteta in the middle of the park. The ref books him.

Arsenal press forward down the right but Hazard tracks back and wins a free-kick off Sagna.

Willian crosses into the box from 30 yards out on the right but it is just over Lampard's head in the centre and runs out for a goal kick.

Ramsey tries to release Walcott into the right corner and Azpilicueta has to put it out for a throw in five yards out. Arsenal take but Arteta's pass forward rolls harmlessly out for a goal kick.

Arsenal press again but the ball goes out as Giroud runs down the left flank.

Arsenal press before Rosicky's cross from the centre to Sagna on the right is over hit and goes out for a throw in to Chelsea.

Brian, a Blues fan in Hawaii says: "Jose's first substitution - If he pulls off Mikel for an attacking player, Chelsea will run out winners. If he plays it safe, it'll be 0-0. "

The Gunners feed the ball to Sagna in the right corner but his cross is caught by Cech. Chelsea break forward and have a man over but Ramires cross from the right towards Hazard in the centre is over hit and Arsenal win a goal kick.

Terry over hits a pass for an Arsenal throw in 40 yards out on the left. They take and keep possession before winning a throw in in a similar position on the other side. The crowd are singing for Cazorla.

Arteta hits a long ball forward to try and release Giroud into the left side of the box but it just goes over his outstretched leg for a goal kick.

Chelsea break forward and Hazard wins a throw in 25 yards out on the left. Chelsea take but Hazard fouls Sagna for an Arsenal free-kick near their own byline.

Willian fouls Gibbs for an Arsenal free-kick just inside their own half. They take and keep good possession before Rosicky plays a one-two with Giroud before his shot from the edge of the box is blocked by Terry.

Walcott takes the corner on the left but Giroud cannot get a good header off in the centre and the ball loops up for Cech to easily catch.

Gibbs takes the throw in and Arsenal feed the ball to Giroud in the left corner who wins a corner off Cahill.

The Gunners keep good possession before Rosicky wins a throw in 35 yards out on the right.

Arsenal re-start the game. No changes at the break. Cheers for your views at half time.

Qasim says: "This is a must win game for Arsenal here because if Chelsea win Arsenal will fall to third and the form Liverpool and Manchester City are on I don't think Arsenal will manage to go top again. Hope Chelsea win so Liverpool stay top. I think Chelsea will edge it 0-1." Paul in Lincoln says: "Looking forward to Arsenal pipping this 1-0, with the result coming from Ozil. Come on you Gunners."

Sohail from Redditch says: "Arsenal seem to always flop it against the big teams. Ramsey after the form he was hasn't really looked sharp. Wenger bring on Cazorla and lets win this! COYG !!" Jake says: "I think Chelsea really needed to score during the last 15 minutes of the second half when they were on top and the conditions were in their favour. Arsenal will only grow into the game during this second half." I agree, Arsenal will have the wind behind them next half!

Stewart in Addlestone, a long time Arsenal fan, says: "I gotta a good feeling about this season, for the first time in a long time! Arsenal to sneak a cheeky 1 goal lead and the win! Go on the gooners! Merry Christmas!! " Ben, Chelsea fan, says: "I think chelsea should certainly think about a change maybe bring on oscar or mata to add to the build up play. If they can make the most of their chances they could be 1 or 2 goals ahead."

Matt says: "Watching from in NZ expect 2-0 to Chelsea, looking at Oscar to light things up a bit with his nimble footwork when he comes on." James Wills says: "I've got 2-1 arsenal, Terry first goal at 250/1 ... Fingers crossed." Good luck mate!

George says: "Great game so far between these two sides, i reckon chelsea have the upper hand, but the best is yet to come!" Lloyd says: "Think this is all set up for a smash and grab for chelsea. Perfect game for the direct running of schurrle. Mark my words!" Gareth says: "More of the same from Chelsea and we will win 2-0. Ramires to score first."

Quite a few views, here goes....Kenny a Gooner says: "I think it's very even game could go either way the way it looking so I going for arsenal to nick it 1 nil!!!" Gary from Nottingham, a Liverpool fan, says: "This is just what I want for christmas, a draw would see us sitting top on Christmas day!" Paul Auckland, NZ, agrees. "As a pool fan hoping, praying for a draw in this one - all good so far!"

Fancy a bet? Sky Bet now go 2/1 for an Arsenal win, 6/5 for the draw and 5/2 for a Chelsea victory.

HALF TIME. That's it, all square at the break at the Emirates. It's very tight here but Chelsea have shaded it, with Lampard hitting the bar. What are your predictions for the second period? Send them to steve.pass2@bskyb.com and I will post up the best when I get back with my brew!

One minute of added time.

Ozil's shot from 20 yards in the centre is blocked by Cahill before Rosicky's effort from 25 yards out goes well wide.

Walcott takes the corner but Ivanovic heads partially away. Ramsey then loses the ball and Chelsea break forward. Hazard passes to Willian who tries a shot from 15 yards on the left but his low effort is saved by Szczesny.

Giroud crosses from ten yards on the left and wins a corner on the left.

"Who made the phrase famous "parking the bus" mourinho is driver and conductor." Rob, Essex

Walcott takes the corner but Torres gets his head on it before Ozil is flagged offside.

Arsenal break forward and Gibbs wins a corner on the left off Hazard.

Chelsea take the free-kick but Szczesny is quickly off his line to gather.

Rosicky catches Azpilicueta for a Chelsea free-kick on the left touchline near the halfway line. He escapes a booking.

Willian takes the corner but Vermaelen clears.

Vermaelen hits a poor back-pass back and Szczesny puts it out for a corner on the left.

Arteta is back on his feet and is able to continue.

Szczesny takes the free-kick. Mikel and Arteta clash for the ball near the halfway line. The ref plays on and Ozil passes to Walcott to the right of the box and he goes down under a challenge from Willian but the ref gives no penalty.

Wilian's shot from the left is deflected out for a corner on the left. He takes but Ramsey is fouled for an Arsenal free-kick just outside their box.

Hazard passes to Torres with his back to goal. He takes a touch, turns and shoots but Szczesny saves to his right.

Chelsea come again and Hazard tees up Lampard to the right side of the box with a great lob but his volley from ten yards hits the crossbar and Arsenal scramble the ball away.

Chelsea win a free-kick near the halfway line on the left. Hazard quickly puts the ball into the box for Torres to chase but Szczesny is quickly off his line to gather.

Kevin says: "Although both teams are happier to win, the fear of losing would be far more distressing and we could well see erhh, how can I say this, a compliant draw....." I agree it is very tight at present with no real chances.

Torres tries to latch onto a long ball forward into the left corner but it runs out for a goal kick.

Azpilicueta crosses from 30 yards on the left into the box but Mertesacker heads away.

Lull - the game is scrappy in the middle at present.

Chelsea break forward and Willian crosses from the right towards Ramires in the box. He heads from 15 yards in the centre but the header goes over.

Gibbs takes the throw in and Arsenal keep possession before Ramsey's pass to Arteta in the right of the book is intercepted.

Arsenal take the corner but Chelsea partially clear before Giroud's cross from the left is cleared for a throw in near the halfway line.

Hazard tries to run into the Arsenal box down the centre but Mertesacker tackles. Arsenal break forward and Sagan crosses into the box from the right and Cahill has to put the ball out for a corner on the right under pressure from Giroud.

Ramsey floats the free-kick over the wall for Giroud to chase but it runs out for a goal kick.

Ozil wins a free-kick off Lampard 35 yards out in front of goal.

Lampard puts the corner into the box but the ref blows for a Mikel foul on Szczesny.

Willian passes to Ramires who crosses into the box from ten yards on the right and Ramsey has to put it out for a corner on the right

Cech punts the free-kick forwards and Ramires tries to lob the ball through to Torres in the box but he slips and Arsenal break forward. Mikel then holds off Giroud near the left byline to shepherd the ball out for a Chelsea goal kick.

Arsenal come again and Ramsey tries to latch onto a long ball into the right corner but he is flagged offside.

Arsenal take the throw in and Arteta tries to play Giroud into the box but Terry is there to clear again.

Gibbs crosses from six yards out on the left and Terry has to head out for an Arsenal throw in 20 yards out on the left.

Ramsey hits a looping ball for Walcott in the box but Azpilicueta manages to clear.

Hazard tries to release Ramires through on goal down the centre but it runs through to Szczesny to gather.

Arsenal press again but Sagna cannot get onto Ramsey's pass into the right corner and the ball rolls out for a goal kick.

The Gunners take the free-kick and Sagna wins a throw in just inside the Chelsea half after being caught by Lampard. They take and Ozil tries to pass to Giroud on the edge of the box but Terry clears.

Ramsey is caught by Azpilicueta for an Arsenal free-kick just inside their own half.

Arsenal press forward but Ramsey's pass is misplaced and runs through to Cech to clear.

Torres and Mertesacker battle for the ball midway in the Arsenal half but the ref blows for a shirt tug by the Chelsea man.

Walcott takes the corner but the ball catches the wind and flies out harmlessly for a goal kick on the far side.

Arsenal take the throw in and Gibbs wins a corner on the left.

Gibbs crosses into the box from 12 yards on the left and wins a throw in 20 yards out off Cahill.

Chelsea break forward but Mertesacker tackles Torres near the Arsenal box.

Arsenal press but Rosicky's intended throughball for Giroud is intercepted by Cahill and the Blues clear.

Chelsea take the throw in and Azpilicueta gets to the left byline, crosses into the box and Lampard has a shot blocked from 15 yards before the official flags for offside.

Arsenal press forward but Hazard wins the ball off Ramsey and breaks forward, winning a throw in 35 yards out on the left.

Lampard puts the corner from the right into the box but it runs out for a throw in to the Gunners on the far side.

Gibbs hits a poor back pass and concedes the first corner of the game.

Sagna tries to play a one-two with Walcott to get into the right corner but cannot get onto the return ball and it goes out for a goal kick.

Chelsea get the game underway. It's a cracking atmosphere at the Emirates!

The teams are coming out on the pitch, not long to go now, hold onto your hats!

Kevin says: "Who knows if the Gunners have been shaken by that recent bombardment or if they can dominate their volatile neighbours. The result will probably depend on Walcott's form. Even getting beaten by EPL's best team can only occur twice and the title will be determined by picking up points at all the other clubs which Gunners have been doing." As you say Kevin, consistency is key but it will help whoever wins here, including gaining momentum after both lost last time.

Noel Thomas says: "I am a man city fan & i want this game to be a draw." Toby says: "Hi, CHELSEA to win 2-0 with Lampard and Torres to score. CHELSEA always beat Arsenal. COME ON BLUES!!!" John says: "Good morning from Wellington NZ. Chelsea always seem to raise their game when it matters most, for crunch games. Although Arsenal have been impressive. 2-1 to Chelsea, Lampard to score both." Cheers John, enjoy the game with your breakfast!

"Hello it's Yahya from London here. I'm not expecting anything big from chelsea today with their past couple of performances, but anything but a loss will do for me I'm going for a 2-2." Mamun says: "Im sure arsenal can win this game today by clinching a 2-1 win against the blue lions #COYG"

MORE VIEWS - Will Turner says: "I'm a Glasgow Rangers man but follow the Premier League every week I've always had a soft spot for Chelsea and fancy them to win 2-0 tonight with Big John Terry M.O.T.M." Dmitry from Houston says: "A win for Chelsea by one goal. 3:2 (2:1) with winning penalty goal in last 15 for Hazard to score."

Teams - Arsene Wenger is seeking a first victory at the 10th attempt over Mourinho's Chelsea and reacted to the 6-3 loss at Manchester City by making four changes, with Kieran Gibbs, Tomas Rosicky, Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta drafted in.

A recap on team news - Fernando Torres starts up front for Chelsea. Blues boss Jose Mourinho has made six changes following last week's loss at Sunderland, with Torres, Branislav Ivanovic, John Terry, Ramires, Eden Hazard and Petr Cech recalled and former Gunner Ashley Cole named among the substitutes.

Harry says: "As a neutral i hope we get a 4-4 thriller but I think arsenal will nick the game 3-2. Hope we get a good game." Hear, hear Harry!

"I think tonight is going to be a pretty tight game, but I feel Chelsea have the quality in midfield to hopefully grind out a 2-1 win, hopefully see Torres get on the scoresheet tonight to build abit of confidence in attack, hopefully the defence can be abit better too as arsenal could punish mistakes at the back." Ross Anderson Perth. Scott in Norfolk says: "Going to be a hard one tonight for the Arsenal, would like to look forward to it but can't see us winning if we do it will be 1-0 and Ramsey will get it. that's the only way we will win tonight." Simon says: "As a Chelsea fan gutted to see mata and oscar missing, tho seems Jose has gone for a mentally strong minded team, and hoping to win it on the counter attack! Gonna call it 2.1 Chelsea. Hazard to grab the winner." Sagar says: "Hello, I think Chelsea going to win this. It is extremely windy here and the pitch is wet. This condition does not favor gunner's passing game. Physical strength of Chelsea dominate the game."

Chris Green from Huddersfield says: "London derbies are always a huge spectacle, and I am looking forward to kick-off with great anticipation. Chelsea are favourites to get the better of Arsenal once again, but I have a sneaky feeling that Wenger will finally achieve his first win against Mourinho if his team can pull off a good performance. Prediction: Arsenal 3-2 Chelsea." Niall says: "Hi steve mad gunners fan...with chelsea arriving in town it looks on paper as a smashing encounter...jose would be delighted with a point here..its the master of tactics against arsene mr free flow beautiful football so basically chelsea to block up midfield and thwart ozil...not attractive by jose but it will be effective 0-0" Let's hope you're wrong Niall, I want some goals, especially from Giroud, Ramsey, Hazard, Terry and Mertesacker as they're all in my fantasy team!

MORE VIEWS - Shoaib says: "chelsea will win tonight!! predictions 0-1 goal from hazard." Saleem says: "I think it will be a very entertaining game from the start by I think Chelsea will pull off a 2-1 win over the gunners." "Sully from Burnley here... I think arsenal will win 3-2 or 2-1 and podolski or giroud netting first!!" Allan from Cumbria says: "Chelsea fan here . i kinda dont feel confident we will win . just what our season as been like so far . with no good striker . only 2 to get the goals is hazard & Schürrle ."

Referee - Mike Dean (Wirral).

There are six changes for Chelsea from the side last lost at Sunderland in the cup: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Mikel, Lampard, Ramires, Willian, Hazard, Torres. Subs: Cole, Luiz, Mata, Oscar, Schurrle, Schwarzer, Eto'o.

Teams - There are four changes for Arsenal from the side that lost at Man City last time: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Ramsey, Arteta, Walcott, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud. Subs: Podolski, Monreal, Cazorla, Flamini, Fabianski, Bendtner, Jenkinson.

Craig says: "Will 'monsieur' WENGER get the better of the 'SPECIAL ONE' tonight? I think a 2-1 victory is on the cards for the mighty gooners coming from 1 down #COYG" Scott Machin, Rainham, kent says: "As an arsenal fan I am praying rather than believing we will win tonight. We always seem to struggle against the 'top 4' and can't believe we will go fourth if we lose! Come on Arsenal, answer my prayer. A narrow 1-0 will do!" Carl says: "As an Arsenal fan I have always fancied us to win this one, I'm going for a 2-0 or 2-1 win. Big game however and a real six pointer. Win and everything's looking Rosie, defeat and the doubters will no doubt re-surface!"

FIRST VIEWS - A few of you have already been in touch with your predictions. Noel says: "Gunners gonna win 3-1." Michael says: "I'm an arsenal fan. But being optimistic I say the best result from this is a draw. I think Chelsea might clinch it with a 2-1 win. With Giroud scrounge for arsenal." Joe from Ilford says: "I think the blues are gonna snatch the win 3-1 with hazard and torres grabbing the goals cmon u blues !!!" Cheers for your views - a full range there!

If you fancy a bet tonight, Sky Bet go 7/5 for an Arsenal win, 12/5 for the draw and 2/1 for a Chelsea victory. What are your views / predictions for tonight's game? Send them to steve.pass2@bskyb.com

Remember, you can also watch Arsenal take on Chelsea live on Sky Sports 1HD from 7pm, or for just 4.99 with a NOW TV day pass.

Welcome to the Emirates where Arsenal host Chelsea looking to win to climb back to the top of the Premier League table for Christmas, while the Blues can leapfrog the Gunners with a victory. What are your views / predictions for tonight's game? Send them to steve.pass2@bskyb.com and I will post up the best throughout the evening.

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