FT: Olympiakos 2 Manchester United 0

Olympiakos 2 Man Utd 0. A tough season for the Red Devils hits another low. United were second best and can have few complaints. They have it all to do in the return leg at Old Trafford.

Evra with a hopeful lump forward. Van Persie slips, but the ball breaks to Young. He sees a snap-shot deflect behind. Young takes the corner, Vidic fails to connect.

De Gea scuffs a clearance, but to a team-mate. Olaitan frustrates United by holding off two defenders and winning a throw. Seconds ticking away. Ball touched behind for a goal kick by Olaitan.

Break in play as Olympiakos play the clock. Olaitan down. Welbeck gives them the ball back. Roberto takes as long as possible to get the game going again.

Kagawa into Rooney. The ball is played back to Kagawa, who has Evra flying down the left. He is forced towards the by-line and can't cut the ball back towards the penalty spot.

Three minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

Young crossing towards Welbeck, but can't pick him out. Rooney looks right again, but Young's touch lets him down. Ferdinand fells Fuster with a lunging tackle and is rightly cautioned.

Van Persie unable to make telling connection with a Welbeck pass prodded through a collection of bodies. Roberto able to gather and calm things down.

Kagawa sent tumbling, but deep inside his own half. Vidic leaves the free-kick to De Gea. He drills long, but Welbeck is beaten in the air by Salino.

Holebas swings the ball into the box, but away from the runners in the middle and behind for a goal kick. De Gea in a hurry to get the ball back in play.

Final change made by Olympiakos, with Valdez thrown on in place of the hard-working Perez. On the field, Rooney concedes a free-kick 40 yards from goal.

Moyes still barking out instructions, but you wonder if anyone is listening. Back to the drawing board - again - for the United boss.

Rooney outnumbered in midfield. Olympiakos always seem to have numbers where they need them. They can't threaten on this occasion though.

Welbeck thinks he has won a corner, but doesn't get the call. Evra joins the debate and needs to be careful as he has already been booked. Ball looked to have hit Manolas last.

First clear chance of the night for United, and they waste it. Great run down the right from Smalling. He feeds over a clever cross. His first touch is great, but the second is with his right foot and sees him lash over the top from 10 yards out.

Van Persie with a hopeful shot from 20 yards out which cannons into the back of Welbeck. Sums up United's night. Looking increasingly likely that they will leave empty-handed.

Smalling clears on the edge of his own box. United still being forced to play backwards far too often. Young is able to beat the offside trap and send over a dangerous low cross which Roberto has to punch clear on the slide.

Evra up above Perez, but flicks out for a throw. United now running out of time if they are to get anything to take back to Old Trafford.

Perez with a direct burst at Evra. The United full-back can only watch as the ball breaks off his shins and behind for a corner. Machado over the set-piece. His delivery drops inside the box, before Young hacks clear.

The ball bounces too high for Kagawa to do anything with it and he has to settle for a throw. Ferdinand then invites Smalling forward, but Olaitan nicks the ball back for the hosts. Poor pass from Carrick this time.

Olympiakos replace their other goalscorer, with Dominguez making way for Machado.

Dominguez whips over a free-kick from the right. United can smuggle the ball out on the far side. Perez gathers and returns it to the box, but too much on the delivery.

Kagawa and Evra see Salino run the ball away from them. Again, the Olympiakos man wanted it more - so he took it.

Kagawa caught on the ball, but it runs for Rooney. Young finds space on the right, but is met by three defenders and isn't tricky enough to find a way through. Dominguez counters, but is outmuscled by Vidic.

Head tennis in midfield. Olaitan brings the ball back down to earth. Space for Dominguez to move into, but he is happy to keep the ball and play safe. Holebas then runs at Smalling, but can't pull a cross over from the by-line.

Olympiakos slowing things down. Crowd have settled a little. They have had plenty to cheer, though, and will enjoy their evening.

Vidic fires a pass into De Gea, who has to chase across his box to reach the ball. United play their way forward. Carrick turns a floated pass into Rooney, but Manolas has Welbeck well covered down the left flank. No joy again for United.

Evra clips the heels of Salino chasing down the left. Again, the Olympiakos full-back was going nowhere and Evra just needed to stand off and force him towards the corner.

Rooney unable to get anything on a Young cross. Olaitan upended by Ferdinand as the ball is cleared and wins a free-kick. United man got the ball, but stuck a leg around Olaitan - who doesn't need much help to go down.

Campbell sees a cross ricochet into the path of Olaitan. He takes one touch to set himself and then sends a stinging volley inches wide of the upright with De Gea rooted to the spot. Olympiakos then make their first change, with Fuster replacing Campbell.

Ferdinand up to Van Persie, but he is unable to control. Campbell can break down the right for the hosts. He is forced backwards by Evra.

Olaitan spins in midfield. He finds Campbell, who in turn finds Dominguez. Hosts look left. Patient build-up. Perez digs out a cross, which is only half-cleared to Maniatis. His shot from 25 yards out bobbles well wide.

Rooney sells Carrick short, and he does well to fire into the feet of Young. He sends over a dipping cross. Welbeck slips in the middle and can only flick the ball wide with a high boot in his face.

Evra feeds a low pass into the path of Welbeck. He is bundled over inside the box, but the flag has gone up. Better from United. They still haven't worked Roberto yet though and we are over an hour in.

Rooney flicks the ball over Kagawa's head, but he hustles well to prevent a goal kick. United go wide to Smalling, but he plays a pass behind Rooney and straight to Olaitan. So sloppy from the visitors.

United make their double change. Valencia is the man to make way for Welbeck, while Cleverley is replaced by Kagawa. Young now moved out to the right.

Still a lot of sideways football from the visitors. When Vidic does clip forward, Manolas is able to get his body across Young and usher the ball behind for a goal kick.

Welbeck also going to be sent on. United desperately need an away goal, but haven't looked like getting one as yet. They need someone to step off the bench and grab them a lifeline.

Movement on the United bench, with Kagawa being readied. Moyes needs inspiration from somewhere. Home support in full voice again. Great atmosphere.

Olympiakos still working so hard to close the man on the ball. They have put so much into the tie, and are deservedly the ones to have got something out of it.

United's European dreams in danger of being dashed here. They now have a mountain to climb, and this tie isn't over yet. Olympiakos better at home than on the road, but they now have a two-goal cushion to defend.

GOAL OLYMPIAKOS - CAMPBELL. Brilliant strike. United undone by an Arsenal player. Campbell gathers 30 yards out, nutmegs Carrick and bends a wonderful left-footed effort past De Gea.

Olympiakos knocking the ball around confidently. United dropping very deep. Maniatis dinks the ball towards Perez inside the box, but the ball floats through to De Gea.

Cleverley does well to find a cross from wide on the right. Van Persie waiting at the back post, but Manolas is in front of him. Olaitan looks to counter, but is caught in two minds and runs straight into Vidic.

Ferdinand with another poor pass. Evra and Young try to combine, and are out of position as Olympiakos counter. Great play from Rooney as he tracks all the way back to regain possession.

Smalling clips a pass into no-one. Dominguez and Maniatis lead the home charge. Perez wastes an opportunity in a wide area and Valencia is tripped as he looks to break.

Vidic back to De Gea. He plays short to Ferdinand. He lets the ball roll across him, unaware that Olaitan was closing. Ferdinand has looked well off the pace tonight. United have, however, gone on to win a throw down their left.

Carrick looking for Young, but Roberto steps off his line to pluck the ball out of the air. Moyes on the touchline offering instruction, but he is getting nothing from his side at the moment. They need to raise the tempo dramatically - virtually at walking pace.

Loose free-kick from Carrick inside his own half. Perez sets his sights from a long way out, and fails to test De Gea. United shooting themselves in the foot at times. Valencia runs the ball out and wins a throw.

Van Persie clips Manolas' heels as he chases a lost cause. Sign of frustration as the defender was facing his own goal and going nowhere. Olympiakos looking to cause problems. Cleverly clears a Perez cross.

No changes at the interval by either side. Expect Moyes to turn to his bench sooner rather than later. Not a great start by the Red Devils as Cleverley plays a terrible pass along his own 18 yard line. He is fortunate to get away with it.

United get the second half under way.

Players back out for the second half.

Steve Holcroft says: "I'm trying to avoid any expletives here but what a shocking performance so far, we don't want to win the game, passing is predictable and slow, Young and Valencia have offered nothing. Get Tom Cleverley off the pitch, get Kagawa on, the opposition are a average side, and we are playing with the mentality of a draw here and a win at old Trafford, wake up Moyes!"

James Allen says: "I am predicting a 1-1 draw, I think that united have a goal in them with Rooney scoring. If united lose here then should beat them at Old Trafford."

James Rafferty says: "David moyes is not the man for united, is it any suprise utd have the same prem league stats as Everton did this time last year. Why does he change a team from the weekend which was prob our best so far his season. Every week he makes drastic changes so is it any wonder ts win lose win draw lose etc etc."

Uzair says: "United should realize that Old Trafford is not a fortress anymore,they have to score, can't keep it late."

Jordan Green says: "Olympiakos have been the better team, United have just been passing it about going nowhere, well deserved lead."

Tyler says: "Fellani on, Cleverley off!!!! Come on Moyes! Wake up and smell the mediocre coffee!"

Harry Somner says: "I'm sorry Chris, but does Tom Cleverley actually want the ball?? He never goes forward and then gives it away! Get him off, Kagawa on!!"

Dan Horsham says: "Same old United this season! Knew I should have played FIFA! Boring football from an ageing team! Can't blame Moyes however you can't let the team take all the blame!"

Anthony Lee says: "It's so frustrating watching United, they don't pass the ball with any real tempo. They go sideways and backwards, when they do go forward, it breaks down, because Valencia nor Young can protect the ball under pressure. They're not getting Rooney or RVP on the half-turn enough; it's predictable; it's boring. The problem is not the starting eleven, it's the way they play, they're not moving the ball quick enough and there's no urgency."

Remember you can also bet in-play at Skybet.com. United now drifted to 13/2, with Olympiakos 4/9 and the draw 13/5. You can get 12/1 on the Red Devils to win 2-1.

How do you see the second half going? Get your thoughts in to Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

Olympiakos 1 Man Utd 0. Hosts lead at the interval. United yet to get going and Moyes has work to do here.

Van Persie wide on the right, and finding Carrick. United go out to the left. Another cross hung over by Evra is easily plucked out of the air by Roberto.

One minute of stoppage-time to be played.

Ferdinand nods out to Holebas. He is forced wide and sees a cross blocked by Smalling. United win a goal kick. De Gea looks to feed the ball wide, but puts Smalling under pressure. Odd decision.

Evra closed down by two red and white shirts, and has to concede a throw inside his own half. He does well to win one back off Campbell.

Van Persie back with us. Olympiakos have a throw down their right. Campbell goes down under pressure from Young, but is waved back to his feet. Young then has another nibble, and this time is penalised.

Van Persie's head collided with Roberto's shoulder. He is now back on his feet. He looks a little groggy but should be okay to continue. He has to make his way off as Rooney stands over a corner. Set-piece played short, then back to Rooney. His shot from a tight angle is blocked by Maniatis.

Van Persie collided with Roberto as he tried to get on the end of the free-kick and has stayed down inside the box. He will require treatment.

Evra tripped by N'Dinga as he makes another move down the left. Free-kick to United on their left flank. Rooney to take, once the wall has retreated 10 yards. Manolas turns a dangerous delivery over his own crossbar.

United have to up the tempo now. They have offered very little so far and now find themselves behind. Home side, backed by a very vocal support, are only going to grow in confidence if the game continues like this.

GOAL OLYMPIAKOS - DOMINGUEZ. Home side take the lead. United can only half clear the ball to edge of the box. Maniatis gathers and scuffs a shot goalwards, which is deflected past a wrong-footed De Gea by Dominguez.

Ferdinand has to drill long, but slips as he makes contact. Cleverley and Vidic forced to combine in order to stop Dominguez. Young can counter, but feeds a cross from the left aimed at Van Persie into the arms of Roberto.

De Gea clear, but Olympiakos have two men challenging above Rooney. Home side want it more at the moment. United waiting for something to happen, rather than making it happen.

Rooney drills wide for Valencia, but slices his pass out of play. Not United's night for far. Nothing happening for them in the final third. At the other end, Olaitan is looking lively again. Ball ends up with Holebas, who goes for goal from 30 yards out. Poor effort which trickles well wide.

Smalling able to dominate Perez in the air. Not the best of options for Olympiakos to go high when looking wide. Perez then concedes a free-kick, allowing United to clear their lines and take a breather.

Vidic taps out from in front of Olaitan. United being pegged back. Campbell can't get the ball down, but wins another throw. He then twists and turns heading towards the corner flag, but can't find a way around Evra.

Smalling now conceding a throw at the other end of the field. Holebas forward to take. Perez volleys the ball towards the edge of the box. Dominguez tangles with Vidic, goes down, but sees the decision go against him.

Smallng bombing down the right, but his run is spotted by Marcano. He is happy to concede a throw. Few options for Smalling and the hosts are soon looking to counter. Break is slowed down on halfway.

United with 10 men behind the ball. One of those in Ferdinand, who bundles overs Olaitan but is allowed to run the ball out. Olympiakos forward has gone down a few times now and isn't get anything from the officials. Needs to be much stronger against Ferdinand and Vidic.

Campbell skipping past United defenders and towards the box. Cleverley slides in to halt him in his tracks. Olympiakos were able to counter down their right as Evra had pushed on and left space in behind.

Campbell running at Evra, and finding Olaitan. Olympiakos kept at arm's length by United. Valencia nicks the ball back, and Rooney wins a free-kick after good hold-up play. Drew a foul.

Valencia brushes off one challenge, but is outnumbered down the right flank and Holebas is able to hold the United man off and allow the ball to run behind for a goal kick.

Olaitan into Dominguez, who invites Salino forward from full-back. Smalling first to his cross. Loose ball ends up at the feet of Perez, who cuts inside Smalling onto his favoured right foot and fires into the side netting from the edge of the area. De Gea had the shot well covered.

Young pops up in midfield, with Evra providing the width. He finds Van Persie, who is bundled over from behind by Perez. United can't make anything of the free-kick.

Rooney and Van Persie combine. Former forced a little wide and Manolas can slide in with a challenge. Throw to United down by the corner flag, but the ball ends up all the way back at the feet of De Gea.

Pushing and shoving inside the box delays the taking the corner. Eventually Rooney delivers and Roberto comes through the crowd to get a strong punch to the ball.

Rooney deep inside his own half. Not where United need him to be. He slowly drifts forward and goes left to Young. United persevere down the left and Evra forces a corner.

Olympiakos go long through Roberto. Campbell gathers and cuts in field. He finds Maniatis, who tries his luck from distance. He never really gets hold of a 30-yard drive and De Gea can gather with ease.

Rooney drops deep to get involved and plays a one-two with Young. He can't free Van Persie though. United try again. Valencia with space on the right. He breaks towards the by-line, but then slices a poor cross through the area and out for a goal kick.

Vidic with another important inception on the edge of his own box. United clear long, and see the ball drop for Valencia. Visitors hardly flooding men forward in support, allowing Olympiakos to regroup.

Campbell with a neat touch and pass into Olaitan. He goes down on the edge of the box, but is waved back to his feet. United's passing not as crisp as it could be so far. Valencia then witha heavy touch, and he dives in trying to win the ball back. Fortunate not to make contact with his marker.

Van Persie gets a toe to the ball in front of Manolas and looks to race into the area. Good pace from Manolas as he gets back at the Dutchman and pokes behind for a corner. Cleverley's delivery is nodded up in the air. The ball ends up breaking back in Cleverley's direction, but he slices a volley from 12 yards out over the crossbar.

Smalling past Perez and crossing into the box. Young gathers the loose ball on the left, and spots Van Persie breaking behind his man. Nice idea, but a threaded pass has too much on it and runs behind for a goal kick.

Rooney combining with Smalling down the right, but there is no room in which to work. United having to play along their back line a lot. Helping them to settle but is offering no threat.

Olaitan thinks he has forced a throw off Ferdinand, but the decision goes against him. Home support, as expected, not too happy with the officials.

Smalling again involved on the right. He lays off to Valencia, who is immediately forced to backtrack by Holebas. The pair then tangle again moments later, and the decision goes Olympiakos' way as both end up on the deck.

Ferdinand looking for a run down the middle of Young, but Marcano leaps to nod clear. Valencia is then bundled off the ball by Holebas. Perez threads a pass down the middle, but no-one has made a break and De Gea can gather.

Manolas with a wayward cross-field pass which sails high over the head of Perez. United try to build from the back again. Olympiakos sitting off a little deeper now.

United taking a rare opportunity to knock the ball around midfield. Smalling into Van Persie, who can spin and find Young. He has Evra on the overlap, but Manolas can hook a tame cross to safety.

Huge hole in the United defence as Dominguez races through. Vidic slides in with an heroic block as the Olympiakos man looks to pull the trigger. Hosts pressing again, but De Gea comes to claim a cross whipped over from the right.

Young pokes down the left for Evra to chase, but asks too much of him. Manolas able to step over to his right and clear off Evra for a throw. United get the ball back, but see Smalling trip over his own feet and squander possession.

De Gea slices another clearance out of play. Not the brightest of starts by United. They haven't settled yet. Hosts much livelier. United on the ball, though. Smalling looks for Rooney, but Marcano steps across the England striker.

Valencia felled close to halfway. United go backwards and along their back four. Olympiakos chasing the ball from the front, not allowing United to get out. Ferdinand sells Smalling short, but a retreating Carrick gets him off the hook.

United happy to let the hosts have the ball inside their own half. Olaitan then picked out 35 yards from goal, but has Vidic in close company. Patient build-up from Olympiakos waiting for United to step up and leave gaps in behind.

Perez whips the ball over, and Vidic rises highest to nod clear. Olympiakos start again from the back. Salino looking to push on from full-back, but United have plenty of men behind the ball.

Campbell unable to get around Evra. The United full-back used his hand to stop the ball going over his head and is booked. Long night for the Frenchman ahead. Free-kick to the hosts wide on their right - almost on the touchline.

Smalling nods safely back to De Gea. United look to build from the back, but the hosts are pressing high up the field and are soon back in possession. Every United touch being jeered by the lively home support.

Early touch for Roberto. Van Persie quick to close, forcing the keeper to drill long. Vidic pulled out to the left and plays a risky back-pass to De Gea, which is sliced. Olympiakos looking to slip into the passing stride.

Olympiakos get us up and running.

Players out into a cauldron of noise. Champions League anthem rings out around the stadium and we are very nearly ready for kick-off. Games faces on!

The teams are in the tunnel so we will have to leave the feedback there for now. There will be further opportunities to have your say at half-time and at the final whistle.

Another interesting fact worth nothing prior to kick-off is that, with Dortmund winning in Zenit earlier, all five first legs in these last 16 ties have been won by the away side. Bodes well for United.

Home support already making plenty of noise. United will also have to handle the atmosphere tonight. They have enough experience within their ranks to suggest that shouldn't be an issue.

Kiran the latest to say: "I've just seen Tom Cleverley is playing. I'd rather United play with 10 men. Seriously how is Fellaini not playing!"

Nouman Zafar says: "Seriously, Kagawa? Are we still supporting him? Moyes gave him plenty of chances, the dude can't just put in one creative pass. Just moving up and down the pitch doesn't help. Going for a United win and hoping Valencia and Young have a good game. However, Cleverly for Fellaini.. Got it wrong there Moyes..."

Worth pointing out that Olympiakos saw off Benfica and Anderlecht on home soil in the group stage, but were soundly beaten by PSG - so perhaps they struggle against sides that look to get at them.

Saif Ali says: "Manchester United 3-1 Rooney, Van Persie and Ashley Young. Still can't see why Kagawa hardly ever gets a game!!"

Alan Anderson thinks he's on to a winner: "Lots of optimistic United followers by the look of it. But I took Olympiakos at 7/1 this morning and now they're 12/5 and that pretty much says there's plenty money for them so regardless of what line-up Moyes sends out it's a clear home win in my book and 12/5 still looks over-priced."

Sticking with a similar theme, Ben Gleeson says: "I'm pretty sure you will get a lot of these, but I am less than inspired by the line up. I will always get behind every United player as criticising rarely achieves anything, but I thought Moyes would have learnt at least something about big games and big decisions by now. Probably our most pivotal match of the campaign and he brings in 3 players that are short of match-fitness. Fellaini who has been short of confidence since arriving had his best game in a United shirt at the weekend and he's rewarded by being replaced by Cleverley. What is he doing?!. 1-1"

Steve Anderson says: "Cannot understand Moyes' thinking in putting Cleverly in, would rather play with ten men, or in fact just put Kagawa in there and push him forward a little bit he is 100 times the player of Cleverly!!!! And for all the people bashing Ashley Young although not his biggest fan he has 100% upped his game under Moyes, can no 1 remember his last couple of games n goals???? 3-1 united even though Kagawa should be in there!!!!!"

Jason says: "I will be delighted if Utd keep a clean sheet, it would be the third in a row and if we're not conceeding goals, all the better, for the goalkeeper and defence to get some confidence behind them."

Wahid Mahmood says: "What crime has Kagawa done? Premier lge, FA cup, carling cup and now champ league. When will he get a game? Clueless one picking Cleverley Carrick Young shows just how bad a manager he is. That's enough for me not going to bother with the game."

Steve Webster says: "Olympiakos have scored 4 in their last 2 fixtures, with United's current form my money is on Olympiakos. Here's to a high scoring game!"

Martin Ives says: "Poor old Kagawa, even a cup tied Mata can't get him in the team, such a waste."

For the record, tonight's referee is Gianluca Rocchi from Italy.

Tyler another questioning Moyes' logic: "Sorry to sound like a broken record, but get Cleverley out! Would rather play with ten men than have him. Hoping for a win tonight, and would be nice for Rooney to edge closer to Sir Bobby's record. Would also like Ashley Young to have a good game as well as Smalling. Predicting 3-0 with Rooney (2) and Valencia netting."

Daniel Aneke is too happy with United's line-up: "Valencia, Cleverley and Young? For all his chatter, Moyes never changes-sigh!"

Adam Gillis reckons we are set for stalemate: "Green Green here, Just kidding, I expect a boring game between two poor sides tonight with it ending in a 1-1 draw with United winning at Old Trafford."

Tom McCartney agrees: "2-0 united, Van Persie and Smalling." As does Ewan Walker: "United to win 1-0, RVP with the goal."

Tyles sees an away win: "I can see united winning 3-0 overall, 2 for Rooney and 1 for Van Persie."

Another Green, Chris this time, says: "United to win 3-0, with Rooney bagging a hat-trick."

Jordan Green is quickest out of the blocks, saying: "I reckon Olympiakos will win by 2 goals to 1."

Man Utd team: De Gea, Smalling, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Carrick, Cleverley, Valencia, Rooney, Young, Van Persie. Subs: Lindegaard, Buttner, Giggs, Kagawa, Fellaini, Hernandez, Welbeck.

Olympiakos team: Roberto, Maniatis, Holebas, Manolas, Marcano, Leandro Salino, N'Dinga, Perez, Campbell, Dominguez, Olaitan. Subs: Megyeri, Papadopoulos, Bong, Machado, Samaris, David Fuster, Valdez.

You can also bet in-play throughout the evening at Skybet.com. United start as favourites at 5/4, with Olympiakos 12/5 and the draw 9/4. You can get the Red Devils to win 3-0 Price Boosted to 25/1.

Can United claim a first leg lead and a couple of away goals, or will Olympiakos prevail on home soil? Who will the key men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

How do you see tonight's game going? Feel free to offer your opinions by contacting me direct at Chris.Burton@bskyb.com or @SkySportsChrisB.

The hosts currently top the Greek Super League having gone unbeaten through 26 games so far. They may have offloaded key frontman Kostas Mitroglou to Fulham in January, but they still have plenty of firepower at their disposal.

Olympiakos squeezed their way into the knockout stage on goal difference, but they are a force to be reckoned with - particularly on home soil.

They are also yet to taste defeat in continental competition this term, with the ease in which they progressed into the last 16 as the winners of Group A standing in stark contrast to their domestic struggles.

United arrive in Greece buoyed by a weekend win over Crystal Palace in the Premier League and now unbeaten in their last three outings.

Welcome to the Karaiskakis Stadium for our coverage of tonight's UEFA Champions League encounter between Olympiakos and Manchester United.

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