FT: Argentina 1 Belgium 0

It's all over in Brasilia. Argentina are through to their first World Cup semi-final since 1990.

Ball is tossed in from a Belgium throw-in and there could be a hammer-blow for Wilmots' men as Messi races free. He's one-on-one with Courtois and it is the Belgian keeper who comes out on top. Can it inspire Belgium?

Van Buyten concedes a free-kick as he backs into Demichelis and Argentina will be keen to get the ball down the other end of the field.

Belgium flooding the area and Lukaku is looking to cause problems but, as it has been throughout, the delivery is poor.

We're going to have five minutes added time at the end of this one. Time for Belgium to get back into it, but they won't if Van Buyetn keeps rolling on the floor appealing for free-kicks which the referee is not interested in.

Fellaini and Van Buyten are the Belgian targets up front but they cannot be picked out.

Another Belgium corner appears to be causing problems for Argentina as the ball drops for Chadli, but his panicked effort bounces into the hands of Romero.

Route one seems to the Belgium's modus operandi, but Argentina are equal to the aerial threat.

After Lukaku is sandwiched between two Argentinian defenders Messi looks to release Palacio, but Courtois is quickly out to collect the ball.

De Bruyne's corner is headed away by Gago and the ball is returned towards Lukaku, who is in an offside position.

Kompany launches the ball towards Fellaini, who heads down into the path of De Bruyne and his shot is deflected for a Belgium corner.

Belgium get into the final third and the ball is chipped towards Fellaini, who is rather harshly ruled offside.

Zabaleta races down the right wing before exchanging passes with Biglia and crossing towards Palacio, although his effort is just too high.

Messi is still hunting the ball down and piling pressure on the Belgian defence. The European side are struggling to get out of their own half.

Final switch for Argentina as Gonzalo Higuain comes off to be replaced by Fernando Gago. Standing ovation for the Napoli striker and after that eighth-minute strike he deserves it.

Free-kick for Argentina after Witsel brings Higuain down. There is quick word from the referee before Argentina look to pass their way around the Belgian defence.

Belgium attempt to break down the left, but a loose pass from Vertonghen is intercepted by Zabaleta and the South Americans look to attack once more.

There is a final change for Belgium as Eden Hazard makes way for Nacer Chadli.

Another stride forward from Belgium and De Bruyne is broken down as the linesman's flag is raised for offside.

Mertens looks to go for the spectacular from the free-kick and fails. Interesting move given Belgium's set-piece success in the opening stages of the competition.

Vertonghen is brought crashing down down by Lucas Biglia on the left and goes into the book for his efforts.

Belgium get forward and the ball is brought into the path of Fellaini but once again, they lack the clinical edge required in the final third.

Belgium win a free-kick on the halfway line but opt to simply pass along their backline.

There is a scrappy battle on the right and Belgium come away with the ball, although Lukaku cannot get beyond Zabaleta.

Change for Argentina as Ezequiel Lavezzi makes way for Rodrigo Palacio.

Lukaku looses out to Zabaleta and Mascherano looks to release Messi, who wins a throw-in for Argentina on the edge of the Belgium box.

Second booking of the match goes to Toby Alderweireld after he chopped down Lavezzi on the halfway line. Should Belgium progress he will miss the semi-final.

Belgium remain in the attacking third but De Bruyne's ball goes over the head of Hazard and Zabaleta scoops it away.

Hazard picks out the advancing Vertonghen with a crossfield ball but he cannot find any of the three red shirts in the box.

De Bruyne is released down the right for Belgium and slides a neat ball into the box, which Garay pokes into the hands of Romero. He always beat his own keeper there. A promising five minutes for Belgium since those changes.

More jostling, this time in the Belgium half, and Wilmots' side are awarded a cheap free-kick.

Higuain continues to put in a fine shift as he works tracks back, wins possession and draws a free-kick from Toby.

There is no urgency about Belgium's quite yet as they pass across their backline.

Belgium opt to utilise the left flank once again and the ball is whipped towards Fellaini, who pushes Garay in the back and concedes the free-kick.

Belgium have produced little quality from the wings but Vertonghen whips in his second pin-point cross of the match but Fellaini's attacking header is just over the crossbar.

Divock Origi and Kevin Mirallas make way as Marc Wilmots introduces Romelu Lukaku and Dries Mertens.

This time Lavezzi breaks before being brought to a crashing halt by Kompany.

Higuain breaks down the right flank but has no support and is forced backwards.

Yet again, poor distribution in the attacking third leaves Belgium susceptible to the counter and Argentina look to pounce. Luckily for Belgium, Lavezzi ran himself into a dead end.

Argentina hit straight back with a counter of their own. It's a one-man attack as Higuain makes a blistering run before striking the crossbar with a thundering shot. He was one-on-one and probably should have done better.

Messi's corner is well collected by a confident Courtois and Belgium launch a brisk counter-attack, which is soon broken down.

Eden Hazard picks up the first booking of the match after going in heavily on Biglia. Messi sends another teasing ball towards the back post and Courtois tips it out for a corner.

The Belgian defence is under scrutiny as Lavezzi knocks a precision ball across the face of goal. It goes out for a throw-in and Higuain is holding his head wondering why he didn't attack the ball.

Higuain finds space in the left corner and is allowed to drift into the box and get a shot away. His effort goes just wide of the posts but he should never have been given that much space!

Belgium show too much force in the attacking third and concede a free-kick, which allows Argentina to race forward once more.

Hazard floats into space on the edge of the Argentinian box before releasing Vertonghen on the left and he wins a throw-in for Belgium.

Argentina have a throw on the right but immediately gift possession to Belgium as Higuain knocks the ball into touch.

Higuain is brought down about 30 yards out, he did make a meal of it but Argentina have a free kick. Messi stands over it but cannot find a team-mate with his curling effort towards the back post.

Belgium attack is broken down and Mascherano looks to feed Higauin but his pass is cut off. Meanwhile, Lukaku spent the entire duration of the break warming and is stripped and ready for action. His introduction looks imminent.

Higuain rolls the ball to Messi and we're back underway at the Estadio Nacional.

The players are making their way back out for the second half. Can Belgium turn this one around? Or will Argentina race into the semi-finals? We're about to find out!

One final Argentina attack ends with a whimper and Rizzoli blows for half-time. Argentina go into the break with a one-goal lead thanks to a brilliant strike from Gonzalo Higuain. Lionel Messi has been shining for Argentina once again, but Belgium must rediscover their form from earlier in the tournament if they are to send this one to extra time.

Belgium just lacking that final ball, their passing in the final third has left plenty to be desired. That is definitely something Wilmots will pick out in his half-time team talk.

We will have two minutes of added time at the end of this first half as Belgium slowly look to make progress down the right flank.

Belgium look to turn defence into attack as Mirallas wins the ball back before Hazard looks to get away from Zabaleta. Argentina are quick to regroup and the threat is cut off.

Argentina win a corner but Messi's delivery is met by Witsel, rather unwillingly it has to be said, as the midfielder walks away holding his nose.

Another close shave! This time for Belgium as Vertonghen whips in a fine cross and Mirallas makes good ground before swooping low with a powerful header. His effort is just wide.

Argentina pass their way up to halfway before Messi is hurried off the ball in midfield.

Oh so close from Messi! There is a great level of audacity in Messi's effort as he goes for the goalkeeper's side but, for once, is inaccurate.

An inviting chance for Messi to double Argentina's lead after he was bundled down on the edge of the box. Belgian complain, but they have not right to after Fellaini tangled his legs with Messi and brought the Argentina No 10 to the ground.

Zabaleta comes down the right for Argentina this time, before play is switched to the left as they attempt to break down the Belgian defence.

Higuain looks to make progress from the halfway line but he is thwarted as De Bruyne catches his foot.

De Bruyne looks to get in behind the Argentine defence but he gets on the wrong side of Garay and the South Americans look to build from the back.

Fellaini wins possession for Belgium just inside his own half and they patiently seek a route through an organised Argentina defence.

How will that change impact Argentina's play? Di Maria very much a creative attacking force, while Perez is more defensively minded. Will they lose an edge?

Angel Di Maria did return to the field but his game is over. He limps away to the bench and is replaced by Enzo Perez.

Argentina off down the left with Lavezzi, who releases Basanta on the overlap but his cross fails to pick out a blue and white shirt in the box.

A brilliant goal-kick from Romero is taken down by Higuain on the right of the Belgian box but he is soon crowded out and forced backwards.

As Di Maria trudges to the sidelines, the Argentina fans raise the decibel levels significantly. No doubt who the crowd are behind.

There is a brief break in play as Di Maria receives treatment from the Argentinian medical staff.

Messi is all over this match! This time with an exquisite through-ball for Di Maria, who attempts to turn inside and shoot but his effort is blocked by Kompany.

Argentina pump the ball long and Messi appears to be winning the foot race against Kompany and the Barcelona man appears to have knocked the ball away from the Belgian captain. The referee disagrees and awards the free-kick to Belgium. Kompany gets a reprieve there.

We're getting some end-to-end action now as De Bruyne fires another stinging shot at Romero, who can only push the ball back into play and his defenders pick up the pieces.

Origi loses control on the fringes of the Argentinian box and Messi is flying away. He has three for company but is well chased by Witsel, who closes the door on the playmaker, who is upset not to get a free-kick.

Argentina look to attack the left wing, but there is good interception from Witsel and Belgium are patient in their build-up, until Hazard goes one too far.

There is some space for De Bruyne on the right, but his cross comes to nothing as Fellaini is penalised for being offside.

Messi patrolling with the ball once more before picking out Lavezzi on the right, although Argentina cannot find a way through the Belgian defence.

Vertonghen is off down the left again but this time he loses control and the ball goes into touch for an Argentina throw-in.

What looked like a promising break for Belgium is broken down as the referee refuses to give a free-kick to Hazard, who may have been tripped on his way through the Argentine defence. De Bruyne made the initial break before Fellaini picked out the Chelsea playmaker.

Belgium do not have much breathing space here as Kompany is hustled by Higuain close to his own byline.

De Bruyne aims for the near post this time, but there is no trouble for Romero in the Argentina goal.

Excellent break from Vertonghen down the left flank and he produces a teasing cross, which Garay is forced to put out for a corner.

Messi is patiently looking for space near the halfway line, but is soon cut off as Fellaini crashes into his back. The Manchester United man may have conceded a free-kick but he's left a mark on Argentina's star man.

After a strong break down the right, Belgium win the first corner of the match but De Bruyne's delivery eludes everyone and floats out of play.

The tempo is starting to settle slightly as Romero's goal-kick goes straight through to his opposite number Courtois.

Belgium looking the force the matter now as De Bruyne drifts into space before unleashing a left-footed strike from outside the box but his effort is well wide.

As you can imagine, the Argentinian fans are drowning out the Belgian support in the Brazilian capital as Kompany heads a lofted ball away.

Fellaini looking for space in the right corner from a throw-in, but he is quickly crowded out and Belgium are forced all the way to their defenders.

Argentina's buoyancy has increased even more after that goal. They're pressing high and piling the pressure on Belgium throughout the field.

GOAL! GONZALO HIGUAIN! Maybe it won't be a one-man show after all. Messi did have a role to play as he found Di Maria and his ball fortuitously dropped into the path of Higauin, who fired beyond Courtois with a first-time shot straight out of the top draw. An excellent finish from the Argentine!

That clear spring is Argentina's step in keeping Belgium chasing the ball early on.

Argentina looking to up the tempo in all areas of the pitch as they build from the back with pace.

Mirallas makes Belgium's first meaningful break but Mascherano is quickly across to the right flank to apply pressure and the Barcelona midfielder reckons the forward dived to the floor. He's probably right on this occasion. Either way, Argentina have possession back.

The South American side are definitely making the better start so far as Di Maria skips away from a couple of defenders before looking to cut inside and get a shot away, although his effort is blocked.

Argentina make the first real break of the match as Higuain and Messi combine on their way into the Belgian box, but the latter cannot pick out his team-mate in the centre of the area with a square ball.

Good harrying from Mascherano on Witsel and there is a little bit of afters from the frustrated Belgian. Both players get a quiet word from the referee but we can expect plenty more between those two.

Belgium pass across their backline before going long in search of De Bruyne, who is beaten in the air by Garay.

Here we go! Belgium get the ball rolling and we're away with the third World Cup quarter-final.

Those rousing renditions have set the tone excellently. Who make the final four and book a date with either the Netherlands or Costa Rica? Well, we're about to find out...kick-off is almost upon on...Sit tight!

A more sincere rendition of the Belgian national anthem, with hands on hearts throughout the Brasilia stadium.

Argentinian fans are bouncing along to their national anthem. There may be a party atmosphere in the stands, but there is nothing but steely-eyed determination painted on the faces of the Alejandro Sabella's players.

Captains Messi and Kompany address the crowd as part of FIFA's anti-discrimination day, both reiterating a message of being stronger together.

Our referee this afternoon is Nicola Rizzoli of Italy.

Belgium:: Courtois; Toby, Van Buyten, Kompany (capt), Vertonghen; Witsel, Fellaini; Mirallas, De Bruyne, Hazard; Origi

Argentina: Romero; Zabaleta, Demichelis, Garay, Basanta; Biglia, Mascherano, Di Maria; Higuain, Messi (capt), Lavezzi

As the teams start to assemble in the Estadio Nacional tunnel, let's remind ourselves of those starting line-ups...

Max Wellbin believes there will be a different game-changer for Argentina today. He says: "Aguero to come off the bench for an injury at halftime to score a brace after a Garay header to put Argentina up before the interval. 3-0 Argentina!!!"

Kick-off is only 15 minutes away now and the teams will shortly be making their way out onto the Estadio Nacional turf.

The stats would suggest we're in for an attacking affair, with Belgium (83) and Argentina (80) having the most shots in the tournament so far.

Tinashe Gongera in Harare is bucking the trend however, he's backing the Belgians. "Introduction of Demichelis will slow down the defence and Belgium with a slow defense already. I predict a high scoring draw in 90, 2-2, and Hazard to sneak in with a winner in extra time."

Jordan Green, like many, is backing an Argentina win this afternoon. He says: "Argentina to win 3-1, vamos Argentina!"

Belgium are making a name for themselves as late scorers at the World Cup. All six of their goals in the competition to date have come after the 70th minute.

Both sides needed overtime to book their place in the quarter-finals. An Angel Di Maria strike saw Argentina past Switzerland in the Round of 16, while Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku for Marc Wilmots' side but a Julian Green goal set up a thrilling finale.

Belgium bench: Bossut, Lombaerts, Defour, Ciman, Mignolet, Vermaelen, Dembele, Chadli, Mertens, Lukaku, Januzaj

Argentina bench: Rodriguez, Aguero, Campagnaro, Orion, Perez, Palacio, Gago, Andujar, A Fernandez, Alvarez, F Fernandez

Belgium starting XI: Thibaut Courtois; Toby Alderweireld, Daniel Van Buyten, Vincent Kompany (capt), Jan Vertonghen; Axel Witsel, Marouane Fellaini; Kevin Mirallas, Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard; Divock Origi

Belgium made one change from the 2-1 extra time win over the United States in the Round of 16. Attacking midfielder Kevin Mirallas starts ahead of Dries Mertens while striker Romelu Lukaku, who scored the crucial second against the U.S., again starts on the bench.

Argentina starting XI: Sergio Romero; Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Ezequiel Garay, Jose Maria Basanta; Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Angel Di Maria; Gonzalo Higuain, Lionel Messi (capt), Ezequiel Lavezzi

Argentina gave first starts to Lucas Biglia, Martin Demichelis and Jose Basanta for this last-eight clash. Centre back Demichelis replaced Federico Fernandez and Basanta took the place of suspended left back Marcos Rojo, who collected a second yellow card in the 1-0 extra-time win over Switzerland in the last 16. Biglia starts in midfield ahead of Fernando Gago.

With kick-off 45 minutes away, let's take a look at those all important teams...

Chris Green from Huddersfield believes Argentina are ready to break their one-goal trend today, he says: "Argentina to win 2-0, with Messi and Lavezzi scoring the goals."

Of course, Messi has been heavily relied upon by Argentina, with the Barcelona playmaker scoring four of their seven goals in the tournament so far. Three of those goals have come from outside the area, so Belgium would do well to not allow Argentina's star man any space.

Rob Roberts is in Boston Spa and reckons Lionel Messi will be Argentina's saviour once again. "Belgium to score first, Argentina to come back with two late Messi strikes to sneak it," he predicts.

On that one-goal theme, Faisal Ahmed has not been overwhelmed by either side so far and expects another tight affair. He says: "I think both teams have not lived up to their expectations this World Cup. Argentina to scrape through in a 1-0 win, Messi scoring."

This first showdown is a match-up of two unbeaten sides at this year's tournament, with the Netherlands the only other nation to have won all their matches. Interestingly, all Argentina and Belgium's victory have come via a one-goal margin.

It's Ben Hampshire here, on hand to guide you through proceedings. As ever, you can get involved in today's match by offering your views and predictions. You can get in touch via the usual avenues; email me on Benjamin.Hampshire@bskyb.com or Tweet your opinions to @BH92 and I will publish a selection of the best.

Good afternoon and welcome to our live, interactive coverage of the FIFA World Cup quarter-final between Argentina and Belgium in Brasilia. It is a third consecutive last-eight appearance for Argentina, but they have not progressed further since reaching the final in 1990. Belgium meanwhile could end Belgium's 28-year absence from the World Cup semi-finals with victory at the Estadio Nacional.


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