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The Page That Will See You Soon

The Page That Will See You Soon

This is a world where the words 'see you soon' are deemed cryptic and Friday's 'exclusive' is Monday's 'trending'. And we demand to learn five things from friendlies...

The Page That Says Bon Voyage

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There is a 'Spanish invasion' in the Championship - you can't move for paella. Plus the big news on Liverpool: Roberto Firmino wears shoes.

The Page That Brought Up The Train

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The Independent have the big scoop on the Christian Benteke deal, while the Metro break our lack of self-awarenessometer...

The Page That Cursed The Late Call

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Mario Balotelli 'trolls' Liverpool fans by offering best wishes to a mate, while Mediawatch can 'reveal' United's "surprise striker". Anyone but a striker...

The Page That Can Wait To See The Great Man

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Who could Man United's surprise signing be? Cristiano Ronaldo? Also, Liverpool suffer a 'crushing blow' and Everton are about to sign a 'genius'...

The Page That Has Been Rocked

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A sub at The Sun has tried to make Raheem Sterling look like a dick but has taken out a reporter as collateral damage. And The Independent have no shame...

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Readers' Comments


t all started going downhill when they started putting a photo of the writer along side their story. Journalists started to think that 'they' are the story, rather than what they write. Smug, self obsessed & up their own arse's. That sums up the majority of newspaper sports reporters.

Do We Need So Much Football Media?


he reason so much sh*t is written about football is because there are so many people who want to read sh*t about football. Now shut up, take my money, and tell me Ronaldo is going to sign for Van Haal and that Mick McCarthy is signing Peter Crouch on loan.

Do We Need So Much Football Media?


enger's delaying tactics in the transfer market creates goose pimples whenever a player is linked to Arsenal. The approach in buying players need to be changed@@#

New striker 'on Wenger's list'

Footer 365

Louis Van Gaal vows to walk away in 2017

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is determined to win the Premier League in the next two seasons but will retire in 2017 regardless.

Sergio Romero signs for Manchester United on three-year deal

Manchester United have signed Argentina international goalkeeper Sergio Romero on a three-year contract.

Bastian Schweinsteiger fitness boost for Manchester United

Manchester United have been handed a lift on their pre-season tour with the sight of Bastian Schweinsteiger training again.

Mail Box

Only Arsenal Fans Care About Friendlies

We are not entirely surprised after Arsenal fans leapt to the defence of friendlies. We also have mails on Louis van Gaal, Liverpool and more mundane tales...

Friendlies: Still Completely Meaningless

There is sharp message for anyone thinking about getting excited about friendlies, plus worries about Wayne Rooney. Every one of you has met a bloody footballer...

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