Toure hits out at City

Yaya Toure claims Manchester City would not let him spend time with his dying brother Ibrahim before he joined their post-season trip to Dubai.

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icarus (Manchester United) says...

I'm obviously no great fan of City but they have a history of acting compassionately when it comes to personal bereavement. After the cake fiasco, I'm not really inclined to believe Toure.

Posted 9:15am 29th June 2014

onstandby (Manchester City) says...

Great player, but dragging the name of the club through the mud. Still at least he isn't biting other professionals to force his move through. Go on then Yaya, sling your hook.

Posted 4:24pm 28th June 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

"2.17 MCFC, the City Council and UK Sport are the principal partners in this next stage of work which will develop a detailed business case for the Institute. MCFC¿s Board has resolved to contribute financially to the project." How dare the new proposals tell such lies? Imagine that, The Manchester Institute of Sports Science and Sports Medicine, have released these proposals just for me.... Jimi, move on. More lies direct from the proposals for The Manchester Institute of Sports Science and Sports Medicine.

Posted 11:05am 28th June 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

So there you have it, you can take the word of an insane and obsessed buffoon or you can believe Sirs Bernstein & Leese, George Osbourne & Lord Deighton. Manchester City & ADUG have invested over £1bn in East Manchester, yet here's jimi telling us all the truth. Do you understand how sad you look? How bitter & obsessed? Not only that you continue to highlight your ignorance. I think the head of the Manchester council said it best, he describes the partnership between Manchester & ADUG as "fantastic". If you want the truth jimi, it's easy go have a walk round East Manchester, the developments literally are "fantastic". I like the way you call it 'spin' and 'lies' when all I've done is quote others. But hey, you carry on, you don't come across as desperate or bitter at all.... I guess Alex Willams MBE & all the work CITC do is lies & spin too? As for you obsession with Sheikh Mansour, the key word is DEPUTY. I guess most on here couldn't name the deputy pm in England let alone blame him for everything. We get it now, no need to keep coming back to City stories, £1bn investment in Manchester is bad for all concerned. Nasty City, nasty ADUG.

Posted 10:36am 28th June 2014

oneloveunited says..., you really are clinging on to this meaningless piece of spin aren't you? It's quite pathetic. Allow me to tell people the actual fact of the matter. The total number of permanent jobs, according to your clubs a massive 90. Which is about the same number of jobs lost when the site was bulldozed. Manchester residents have gone from being promised 80 acres of land for affordable housing and job creation....they now only have 5.5 acres, which was actually a condition of sale, not a gesture on City's part. The 'financial contribution'..... which has changed a lot since you lied about City building them, is merely a payment to sponsor the complex. So in reality, the people of Manchester have lost 74.5 acres of land they were promised for redevelopment, the number of jobs hasn't really changed, and City have paid what? To sponsor community facilities the council were building anyway....with tax payers money. And to top all your spin refuse to say that Mansour is the Deputy Prime Minister. The only person you're fooling yourself. Here's a quote for you which sums up the 'fantastic' relationship....'Manchester City are a stain on the fabric of British culture', this was in response to Manchesters proud history of anti slavery and the council then jumping into bed with slave traders. But let me guess....that's quotes wrong and yours is right? That normally your only answer.

Posted 3:32pm 27th June 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

Yep, you're right Jimi, the fact that Leese himself, in the quotes I've used commends City & ADUG on their continued investment. You know the bit where Leese says things like "this is not just about creating another World-class sporting facility in the area, it will ALSO create JOBS and OTHER opportunities for LOCAL residents." Then this, "Manchester City have also dedicated 5.5 acres to further community use". And finally, "Manchester City will also financial contributions to proposed leisure facilities"... So we're providing the regenerated land, we're providing financial contributions to the development of facilities. You're argument is what exactly? ADUG are not the UAE, Sheikh Mansour is half brother, educated in America, but hey I guess he's Arab must be all him.. Jimi mate, these 'lies'? There's only you lying, I e backed up everything I've said with quotes from the relevant people. Again, back to my original post, the partnership between ADUG & Manchester City Council is " fantastic". Carry on mate, you don't look bitter or silly at all.....

Posted 12:15pm 27th June 2014

oneloveunited says...

@zabbaman....oh, youve answered my questions have you? What, are they encoded in all the BS or something? If I stare long enough at your latest round of drivel....will the explanation about your lies suddenly pop out at me? I can't see anything about why Leese's statement actually contradicts lies youve been telling? Perhaps you could point us all to where youve answered that rather awkward question? You don't know what it's got to do with the investment arm of the Deputy Prime Minister and high ranking member of the ruling dictatorship that knowingly uses slaves? That arrest, imprison and torture innocent people? You can't work it out? Or are you really just choosing to lie to yourself? I think given the very clear lies on here, you haven't answered any questions, we can deduce that are indeed just lying to yourself.

Posted 8:26am 27th June 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

Two things Jimi, I have answered all your questions and highlighted ADUG's continued in Manchester. I am fully aware of how the UAE works, but I don't see what ADUG have to do with it. It's a bit like blaming Mike Tindle for problems in the UK.

Posted 5:38pm 26th June 2014

oneloveunited says...

@zabbaman...migrant workers are lured over there with false promises, when they arrive they have their passports taken from them. If they want to go home, they do what they are really have no idea do you? Yet you want to argue about it simply because it doesn't suit the 'ADUG are heroes' BS you're trying to ram down people's throats. Where is the response to ANY of my questions? Why have you avoided explaining your obvious lies about 'heavy subsidies' and MCFC showing they are 'more than a football club'? Because you have no answer that's why, because I'm right and you just can't admit it. Even now, all you're doing is listing a load of council projects, paid for by the tax payer....the single biggest investor in the project no less, and trying to fool people into thinking it's all thanks to Mansour and his dirty money. It's not, it would happen anyway.... it's just that he's seen an opportunity which benefits his interests and has therefore jumped on the band wagon. If he gave a toss about Manchester and the 'local community'......why has he still not paid for the stadium? I'll tell you why.....because there is nothing in it for him. Now run along lap dog, Mansour wants his balls licking.

Posted 4:28pm 26th June 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

If migrant workers are in the UAE working in poor conditions, who's fault is it? They know the pay, stay in India, stay in Pakistan, stay in Bangladesh. I have friends working in the UAE, they're not 'slaves'. But again what has any of that got to do which Sheikh Mansour? ADUG? City? Manchester? So far since ADUG took over Manchester City everything they said is evident for all to see. ADUG without question are making Manchester a better place. East Manchester since ADUG's initial investment in a City has seen and continues to see a £1bn plus investment in Sports & Educational facilities, improved public transport, redeveloped commercial opportunities, 100's of job, trees, parks, General City redevelopment and now housing. Face it, there are absolutely no negatives in ADUG's investment in Manchester. Rather than bitching and moaning about the "fantastic" work ADUG are doing in East Manchester, take a drive round Stretford, pubs, shops, guest houses, car dealerships all closed or closing. City's owners invest over a BILLION pound in East Manchester and you are moaning. Just imagine how sad you look. As many have said, "fantastic" is simply the word for what ADUG are doing in a Manchester. Get over it and move on. Perhaps spend your time obsessing over how little United & the Glazers are doing for Stretford, for Manchester...

Posted 1:58pm 26th June 2014

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