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TT Meets...Reverend and The Makers

TEAMtalk had a chat with the lads from band Reverend and The Makers after one of their songs became an FA Cup anthem for Saturday's final.

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Yaya Toure: Might start busting some shapes to Shine the Light

Yaya Toure: Might start busting some shapes to Shine the Light

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Reverend and The Makers' chart hit, Shine the Light, won a nationwide competition to become the first official FA Cup Anthem.

So we invited them to TEAMtalk Towers for a chat about Saturday's Wembley showpiece between Manchester City and Wigan.

After a quick game of fussball, band members John McClure and Eddie Cosens - who are big Sheffield Wednesday fans - headed into our studio for a quick chat with Sky Sports News Radio presenter Chris Cooper about the song, the final, Oasis, Little Mix and the mighty Owls.

Chris Cooper: Winning the FA Cup anthem competition. What a privilege. I bet when you were in shorts a few years ago you used to be signing along with cup final songs?

Reverend and The Makers: It's great. We heard about heard about the FA doing this thing and our record label put us up for it. I think there were loads of very well-known bands in contention for it. I think there was thousands of poeple who voted so to be announced as the winner is a great result really.

It's come as the icing on the cake for what's been a really great record. It got in the top 20 and the tour did well so we're made up.

CC: Did it get a bit of support from the Sheffield Wednesday fans?

RATM: Oh yeah, they love us.

CC: What about the Sheffield United fans?

RATM: We get a lot of love in Sheffield, Yorkshire generally. We get a lot of love up North. My manager was saying the other day there's bands like us and The Courteeners who do thousands of tickets at gigs up north, but then we go down south and it's like people think that we don't exist.

If we were from London they'd think we were like the biggest band in the country. It's a bit like that isn't it? So, we get a lot of love from the north generally.

CC: I saw you a few years ago when you were supporting Oasis, did you have much football banter with the Gallaghers with them being Manchester City fans?

RATM: Yeah we like them guys. We went on tour with Noel earlier in the year. Noel used to have a big Man City flag by the dressing rooms for every match.

We were collecting stickers for a laugh, like you did when we were kids and I stuck a Man U sticker on his big Man City flag, but he doesn't know it was me. We might give him a bit of stick. We might wear a Wigan shirt just to wind him up. You know how it is!

CC: Do you get to perform the song before the final then?

RATM: Yeah, apparently they're going to walk out to the song as well. Watching Yaya Toure pull off a few dance moves to our song will be a treat in itself won't it?!

We're honoured to have won really and because it has been voted for by the public it's just confirmation that were doing good. It's a been a really good couple of years since we came back with this record, so it's good to be alive really.

CC: You never know you might make a few more quid out of it as well?

RATM: It's been on FIFA the football game and it's on a big advert in America at the moment (the same song). We've been playing around the world quite a lot with this record, so we could do with a few more quid. We'd be happy with a few more coffers!

CC: A lot of people say that when they hear one of their songs playing on the TV in the background like on Coronation Street or EastEnders they think they've made it. If you're watching the Monday Night Football and at half-time you can hear one of your tunes playing out of the the PA, does that give you that same kind of buzz?

RATM: Oh definitely. We're both massive football fans and yet it kind of means more in a way than chart success that people that are into football as well like your music. All the football clubs will hopefully be playing our song next season with the FA Cup. It does make us feel really good.

CC: This could go down in footballing history as part of the FA Cup final every year couldn't it? As well as Abide with me and the national anthem, we have Shine the Light?

RATM: You never know! I've got another dubious honour that I'll share with you. I think with Rod Stewart and one of the lads from The Enemy, I'm one of a select bunch of people to have played both a concert and a game of football at Wembley stadium, so I'm in good company there. To have Shine the Light as the first official FA cup anthem is another one for the scapbook really.

CC: As far as Shine the Light is concerned, when you were writing it, did you have football in mind?

RATM: Oh no. It was just a piece of music that Ed had written that he sent it to me. My mum buys a lottery ticket and she said, as she does every week: "If I win, I'm going to do this, this and this and then we're all going to go on holiday and then I'm going to decide how to spend it."

She's basically spent it before she's won it so I thought that would be a great topic for a song and I think that's why we carry on doing well.

This is our third top 20 record and the tour sold out and the reason for that is because we write songs about every day life.

You can write about your trendy stuff but we've been going nearly 10 years now and we've seen so much trendy stuff come and go and we're still going great and having success.

Football fans are very loyal and they'll support you through thick and thin, especially if you're talking about stuff that relates to them.

With this song being about buying a lottery ticket and wishing you could win - there's a nice little correlation with the FA Cup and the whole luck thing and a lot of that obviously goes on with the FA Cup - all the upsets and underdogs - so I think it works quite nicely. People just seem to be into what we're doing so long may it continue.

CC: After the cup final are you going to check the download chart to see if it has actually had an impact on the target audience?

RATM: It already has. I think quite a few people have downloaded it already.

CC: But you downloading it or your mum winning the lottery and downloading it a million times doesn't count!

RATM: Winning something like this is in many ways, like Eddy said, better than having a number one single. Charts are rubbish aren't they? If you're competing with the likes of Little Mix? This means more because it's voted for by real people, not money men or little girls with their pocket money.

CC: Who's going to win the cup final then?

RATM: It's got to be City hasn't it? We've got to say that. You can't really see past them can you? Plus Uncle Noel will tell us off, so we better say Man City.

CC: What about Sheffield Wednesday for next season? You've stayed up this year, bit of a dodgy period earlier in the season, but ultimately mission acomplished, you've stayed in the division.

RATM: We had a terrible start and then I think from December we were in the top three or four on form so we did really well to turn it round - but next season we need to push on really.

We're both season ticket holders but some of the signings Dave Jones made last summer, particularly people like Pecnik and Taylor and like even Mattock were just rubbish. We need to be a bit smarter in the transfer market.

They reckon that Alex Ferguson would be a good gaffer. We don't mind taking him on if he's looking for a job!

CC: Were you disappointed that Sheffield United missed out on the play-offs yet again? Do you miss the Sheffield derbies?

RATM: Yeah I'm not one of these who's partizan. I can't speak for Eddy but I certainly would have welcomed a derby because we missed the derby last year when we were on tour with Noel. I would've liked to have seen them come up personally.

It's brilliant for the city and the region really, especially with Doncaster coming up and we've got Leeds, Huddersfield and Barnsley still there, it would have been amazing to have had United as well but such is life.

Some cracking away days next season around Yorkshire. We're looking forward to it.

CC: We wish you the very best of the luck with the song, Shine the Light. Hopefully it can be a hit all over again and enjoy the cup final.

RATM: Thank you. Cheers.

For more about Reverend and The Makers visit their website or follow them on Twitter here

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