Fletcher backs Moyes' United

Darren Fletcher has laid bare the growing anger inside the Manchester United dressing room at claims there are splits in the camp.

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PolishJoe (Manchester United) says...

eyal&alib, I see your point but I still think there's room for British players at the top of the Premiership. Would you seriously not like Rooney in your squad? Problem is, as you say, if a British player shows the slightest hint of talent the price tag is ridiculous. You just have to hope that you have a gem of a player in your academy coming through or take a risk and pay a high, but not ridiculous, price when they are young, see Jones, Smalling, Zaha, and hope they live up to the promnise. It worked for Arsenal with Ramsey and for Spurs, spectacularly, with Bale. Problem is you are paying two or three times the price of a young foreign player who has the same potential and that's all you are buying, potential. As for the Irish, I suggest you cast an eye over Seamus Coleman at Everton; he's starting to look very good indeed.

Posted 5:47pm 15th January 2014

eyal&alib (Manchester City) says...

@Polishjoe, I have no problem with English players at United, would I swap them for the equivalent players in our squad? No. There seems to be a check list that people run through each time they have a pop at City, you know the one, Money, Plastic, Emptihad, Sheikh will get bored, no English players. Do they print it off over on rag cafe? United's English contingent are pretty average, perhaps the down fall in the quality of a domestic players is one of the reasons United are struggling, perhaps through no fault of their own their old model of a solid domestic group of players needs to change. United were built on Keane, Ince, Neville's, Giggs, Irwin, Bruce, Pallister, Beckham et al, I can't think of an Irish man anywhere close to Keane, or Irwin for that matter. The talent required to be in contention for the top honours is simply not there domestically. Look at Luke Shaw, very promising full back, talk of a value if £30 million. Now personally I'd prefer Kolarov, Clichy, Zaba & Kompany for the same money. You? Look at Andy Carrol, he cost £3 million less than Aguero. Would you buy British?

Posted 3:39pm 15th January 2014

PolishJoe (Manchester United) says...

eyal&alib, I agree that the whole "you've spent a fortune so you don't count" thing is ridiculous; let's face it in terms of money spent over the years City had a lot of catching up to do. What I don't agree with is your theory that "EVERY" United fan, or even most United fans, think that Cleverley & Carrick aren't good enough. Cleverley clearly needs to get better or get lost but Carrick is easily good enough for any midfield if you get the right player to play with him. Just because he doesn't light up the stadium every game some people think he's useless but he is constantly singled out for praise by just about every pundit on television and, honestly, some of them do actually know what they're talking about. As for Jones, I don't think we've seen enough of him to deem him not good enough for any team yet; more like "shows promise". That's something that a lot of fans, and managers/owners, don't seem to have patience for any more - allowing a promising player to develop in the team. They don't all make it obviously but it would be a sad state of affairs if they weren't given the opportunity. Feel free to slag me off using Zaha and Pogba as examples but i don't make the decisions at Old Trafford; thank God!

Posted 1:40pm 15th January 2014

jimbobbarker (Torquay United) says...

@PolishJoe and Mike_Christie - Very well reasoned and sensibly thought out responses. I agree with both of you actually. Part of me was kind of smugly looking at Man Utd's results at the start of the season but to be honest, I think I am beginning to get annoyed by then, hence my bitter outbursts. Believe it or not I LOVE Premiership football and don't have a dislike for ANY Premiership team, its amazing to watch and blows any of the other European two and three horse leagues out of the water. As the leagues flagship club I guess I expected Man Utd to drop a little bit but not like they have (as did most Utd fans I suppose). When you think about it the way you have done below, we will hopefully see an improvement next season. Lets be fair, its in everyone's best interest to see all the top clubs performing at their best. Would Utd fans prefer to beat an amazing Liverpool side or a substandard Liverpool side? Surely the satisfaction would come from the former. @solskjaer99 I do talk a lot of cr@p on this site which is sometimes governed by the mood I am in, sorry if I appear fickle sometimes.

Posted 11:07am 15th January 2014

eyal&alib (Manchester City) says...

@bob the manc, we haven't got many English players because they're rubbish... It's not really our fault that Rodwell and Richards are permanently injured. I'm interested, these English players United have, are they the ones no where near good enough? Wellbeck, you're only local lad wouldn't play if a Rooney & RVP were fit, Smalling & Jones not good enough and Cleaverly & Carrick, are they not the central midfield that EVERY United fan says is not good enough? I'm not interested in the nationality of a player. I just want the best 11 players on the pitch. If we had 11 Mancunians that would be fantastic, providing they were the best 11 players. What has the money we've spent got to do with Moyes being awful?

Posted 10:13am 15th January 2014

r3dz (Manchester United) says...

Isn't it kind of scary once United used to have Berbatov, Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney on the same squad with firing Nani featuring here and there along with Scholes, Hargreaves, Carrick playing in middle and even Anderson was playing like a 30 million "sure thing" Ferdinand & Vidic were rock solid with Evra bombin forward, Now all we have is the talk as how Ronaldo still have United at his heart.......

Posted 7:55am 15th January 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

I might be one of the few who think this, but I have a gut feeling United are going to get something at Chelsea, maybe a win, but I think at least a draw. There has to be something within the United players which says, enough's enough, we have to start winning now and put down a marker and at the very least show we have professional pride in us as players and show the United fans that it matters to them, because if not fourth is only going to get more difficult. And I feel that the Chelsea game will be that moment, the moment when Moyes becomes a man, sorry couldn't resist and they get a result. I genuinely think it could be season defining for United. I want United to come back strong and hard because it means if we beat them to fourth then it's a sweeter and more hard fought victory.

Posted 11:31pm 14th January 2014

rhysmanc (Manchester United) says...

Surely the main difference really has been the unavailability of RVP this season compared to last? That and basically standing still while the shower of sh*t around us got their acts together, as Fellaini offered no improvement at all. Add to that the fact that our ageing squad got a year older and I'm not surprised to see us where we are right now.

Posted 11:09pm 14th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@jimbobarker Hang on a minute, you ridiculed me for criticising Moyes on here a few months back, now you're agreeing with me? Bandwagon jumper.

Posted 7:11pm 14th January 2014

bob the manc (Manchester United) says...

eyal&alib: for all the money you spent, you really thought you would have 2 trophies to show for it? I mean you spent GBP700 million over the last few years That is a lot of dough for 2 trophies. All United fans knew we were in for a rough ride after SAF.We also knew how crappy our squad was for a few seasons now.It was mostly due to other teams around us being inconsistent that we won. You think SAF was all genius, thanks for that, but United fans knew he was a flawed too, just that he made up for it most often than not. The other thing is that your club has lost its identity. You City fans laugh about how hard it is to find a United fan in Manchester, well you don't even have a player from Manchester. why is that? In fact every time your team scores a goal, there isn't a single British player celebrating it.United just as well may win nothing this year or the next. But Moyes is very close to SAF and he is still around. I pray that Moyes learns fast, but if he doesn't by next year, then I will be the first to ship him out. Until then you worry about your club and we will about ours.

Posted 6:59pm 14th January 2014

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