No Clothes? He's Not Even An Emperor...

Johnny isn't buying David Moyes' excuses at Man United. What evidence is there that he's suddenly going to turn it around? Perhaps it's best to part ways and move on...

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gordy (Leeds United) says...

HarryBoulton, fair comment. But we are talking about United here the reigning champions, one of the biggest clubs in the world. Taking chances on people with a solid body of work isn't something that they need to do, they should be looking for and acquiring the best. Jurgen Klopp would have been a greta appointment. This was always doomed to failure because he was never going to be given the time to do the necessary rebuilding, 2 years out of the champions league is not something Man U can afford.

Posted 2:34pm 12th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

"Which of these clubs would have considered Moyes for their manager. Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus, Inter or AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Ajax, Paris St Germain? None of them". Who would have selected Guardiola before Barca? Who would have selected Mourinho before Porto? When Liverpool took Rogers on it was considered a gamble. All managers either start out at the bottom and work up, or they're the product of a gamlbe by a big club. Moyes may well go on to achieve nothing and prove to be a flop, but like many managers before him he had a solid body of work behind him and he had earned his chance at the top table. Whether he takes it or not we will discover in the fullness of time, but to simply say "no other nig club would have appointed him" is neither here nor there, because other big clubs have gambled on lesser managers and come out the other side smiling. Moyes, rate him or not, had, in my opinion at least, earnt a crack at the big time. Now he has that shot I hope he's given some opportunity to make a fist of it before being disposed of.

Posted 7:06pm 11th February 2014

gordy (Leeds United) says...

Which of these clubs would have considered Moyes for their manager. Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus, Inter or AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Ajax, Paris St Germain? None of them, yet his is selected and handed the Man U job. I honestly do not believe he would have been considered for Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City or Chelsea. But he is just given the united job. I would be gutted if he ended up at Leeds.

Posted 2:51pm 11th February 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@allaboutnonsense In your magical world, there aren't three points for a win, there are points for every nice thing said by players about managers, this is what you value above all else, above playing style, above results, above league positions, or trophies, what really matters is what a nice bloke the manager is. Are you not worried that Moyes might be usurped by a manager who's players say nicer things about them? I bet you're into homeopathy aren't you? Why use actual medicine that has evidence that works when you can use magical water? Moyes's players may say nice things yet under perform on the pitch, Mourinho's give the impression that they would run through walls for him and win matches, I know what I prefer, you've made it perfectly clear you disagree, and would much rather the players all said Moyes was a great guy, while still not playing for him.

Posted 4:51pm 26th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@allaboutnonsense The evidence that the current coaches at United are inferior to the previous ones? The premier league table, case closed. My arguments against Moyes do suit my interests, my interests in United playing attractive and ultimately successful, retaining Moyes is mutually exclusive to both. The crux of your argument is that you won't think for yourself and think that we should all accept every decision the club makes without question, I disagree, you think this makes you a better supporter, it doesn't, it makes you a sheep, what little brain you have is wasted on you. No objective system of choosing Ferguson's successor would have come to the conclusion that Moyes was the right man. There are fans that think Moyes should get our backing because we're stuck with him now, even though they know he was he wrong man, I respect this viewpoint, although it's not my own. You, however, keep trying to argue that Moyes is the right man and will somehow come good, this viewpoint is not based on logic or reasoning, it's based on being an unthinking drone. Being a winner is something either you have or you don't, Ferguson is a winner, Mourinho is a winner, Guardiola is a winner, they didn't learn to be one, they were born with it, all the top managers are winners, you can't possibly claim Moyes is a winner (no, quotes from Ross Barkley etc. can't help you there), I don't need to work with Moyes every day to see this, it's clear as day. So yes, he may learn how to not be starstruck every time he shows up for work in the morning, but he'll never have the bloody-minded determination to succeed that's required to make it at a club of United's size.

Posted 4:37pm 26th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@solskjaer.....yeah, it's like I thought. You clearly don't know what any if the coaches were or weren't doing yet you seem to believe the last ones were better? Based on no knowledge at all? And you wonder why people think you're an idiot? Of course you don't care what Barkley says, or any other professional that has hands on experience of working with Moyes....because they disagree with you! This isn't about whether Moyes is the right man or not, only time will tell that, this is about saying your piece, then shutting up and supporting the club. You don't pick and choose who you will and won't support, for real fans it's all or nothing. All that's happened here is that we've appointed a manager that hasn't win anything...and the glory hunters are panicking. All your argument is based on is that Moyes won nothing with Everton. You just wanted Mourinho because trophies is all that matters to you. Whether you agree with this decision or not, it was made with the clubs best interests at heart. Your argument seems to only serve your interests, and we don't really need 'fans' like that right now.

Posted 10:55pm 25th January 2014

cosmic dancer (Everton) says...

Man Of Ire, I have no doubt, given time and money, Moyes will be a success. He's a great man and a great manager, finding his feet in new surroundings at one if the biggest clubs in world football. Most blues were sad to see him go and wish him all the best, excluding two fixtures a season!

Posted 10:35pm 25th January 2014

allaboutunited says... I said, I'll watch whilst you confirm none of it. Another thing I was right about. City fans have spent their whole lying and deluding themselves, now you've decided to come out of the wood work, you're merely spouting it on the internet. Get over United mate, it's turning you into a right muppet.

Posted 9:20am 25th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@man of ire Try again. The problem with you and the other Moyes obsessives, is that the truth hurts, you know that I'm right about Moyes, otherwise you wouldn't get so upset when I point out the fact that he is ruining our club. It's not disloyal, it's not being a plastic, there is more than one type of supporter. I'm the type who wants what's best for Manchester United, even if the club themselves don't seem to want it. No-one can honestly say they would have picked Moyes last May. You could think for yourselves then, why not now, because Ferguson picked him? Ferguson picked Djemba Djemba, when the time came that we could all see he wasn't up to the standard required, there were no fans saying 'Fergie chose him, he must have seen something in him to make him think he was good enough, he needs time to prove himself', so why are they saying this about Moyes? Djemba Djemba never came good, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest Moyes ever will either. Ferguson was wrong, it is of course true that he got more wrong than right as a manager, but why now that he's retired do people think he is infallible all of a sudden?

Posted 12:25am 25th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@allaboutbeingwrong The coaching staff members you named were clearly doing something right since they were integral to the club's success over the past few seasons, and now they're gone United are terrible, so it's either them or the manager. Also, you miss the obvious point that coaching can be positive or negative, being coached badly can be worse than not being coached at all, so it's not just the loss of Steele and Phelan, it's the fact that the replacements are inferior. I wasn't one of the ones saying Phelan was rubbish, so again, it doesn't help your point. I see what you keep doing, going off in another tangent because your opinion on Moyes is backed up by absolutely no evidence. Spare me more ****about 'Barkley says he's a lovely bloke' or other such utter tripe as is your wont. As for not explaining anything, explain this 'because the press don't don't it up with anything either', I have no idea what you're talking about, and clearly you don't either. Mass hysteria by the press? Hysteria about what? Swept up? I said in May that United would be ruined by Moyes, the press were saying nothing of the sort, just more nonsense from your simple little brain, continuing your trend. I've explained the problems with Moyes many times, just because you don't understand, doesn't mean I haven't explained them, in simple terms for your simple brain, many times. If my explanations are too complicated for you, watching United's performances and results since Moyes took over should have clarified things, but even that is beyond your grasp so you really are beyond help. Give Moyes time you say, time for him to play the attractive, attacking, winning football Moyes brought to┬┐what's that, he's a cautious, negative manager who has no winning mentality? Oh well, carry on being deluded.

Posted 12:11am 25th January 2014

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