Five Thoughts After Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

Rank incompetence from Howard Webb, a gamble that paid off for Arsene Wenger, possession is not the law and a pundit that has no place on the television...

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crow says...

@juddlinskatron I think he was comparing Gray to Giroud and the rest and saying how people are easy to forget things like Suarez is famous for.

Posted 5:49pm 20th February 2014

juddlinskatron (Chelsea) says...

@clarky1989 - so you're on your high horse about Giroud being an 'adulterer'?! Good God man, are your borrowing your morals from the old testament or something? What will you be complaining about next, Ramsey bearing false witness? Ozil coveting the Ox??

Posted 1:27pm 19th February 2014

crow says...

@jelasfirsttouch from the scousers I have met in the past I can well believe they made this point and meant every word of it.

Posted 7:37am 19th February 2014

dino (Liverpool) says...

I think that at the end of the day, the result was fair enough.

Posted 3:27am 19th February 2014

SonicSP says...

Glad Andy Gray is back.

Posted 9:58pm 18th February 2014

dennis be (Arsenal) says...

This was a fair result, all the last part of the game after pool got their soft penalty, pool players went down at every opportunity, possibly this is why Webb missed or didn't give the pen as it was lost in the dramatics. Suarez goes down in the most impossible agony AGAIN! 'Not giving it for that, does he thing I'm stupid?'

Posted 1:34pm 18th February 2014

jelasfirsttouch (Everton) says...

Tragically I know a Kopite who made the Webb/police links. And he can't see why it is an issue. I honestly think it's non-Scousers (no I'm not Red bashing) who support Liverpool who don't get the gravity and stupidity of the point

Posted 12:38pm 18th February 2014

Gab1965 says...

Andy Gray isn't even a great pundit, so I wouldn't miss him if he wasn't on television anymore. The comments on Twitter have come from Keys, but seeing as they are such good buddies, it seems unlikely that Gray wouldn't have put him straight if he could understand what the fuss was all about. Andy Gray has been doing that nonsense so many times that it is unlikely, at his age, that he will ever change. Makes me laugh listening to a load of blokes saying it is no big deal, how generous of them. Webb probably did, just about, even up the mistakes but if the second penalty is given, no one can say what would have happened after that, so the Gerrard incident becomes totally academic really, it may never have happened. This business about how people fall over counting against them is a nonsense as well. The ref is meant to judge it on what he sees, so not sure how Webb didn't see that. There's been many a penalty not given because a player did not go down, so it is no surprise to see that players try to show the ref that they have been taken out to remove any doubt. The number of people talking about Suarez's history, from people who have supported Bale, Drogba, Young, Ronaldo, is quite funny, really, just goes to show how hypocritical some people can be.

Posted 10:34pm 17th February 2014

woodcutters son says...

Any two people can look at the same incident and see it differently. I've no doubt that Webb gave all his decisions as he saw them and for no other reason. Why the media want to make it out as something else is just to serve their own purpose. So the ref got some decisions wrong, thats football. Its been that way for 150 years and long may it continue. Anything else wouldnt be the game we've grown up with.

Posted 6:08pm 17th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Howard Webb has, for me, always been a lenient referee. Always. For me that's a good thing, generally speaking, although it is a frustration to those who want the game referee'd to "the letter", so to speak. He has always tried to incorporate common sense into his game, but on days like yesterday it can be an issue. Liverpool deserved a second penalty, and Gerrard should probably have walked for his second challenge. It wasn't the worst tackle in the world, but it was a booking. He may well have even factored Webbs leniency into his decision making prior to that tackle; who knows. But the challenge on Suarez was as clear a penalty as it's possible to get, give or take. Ox went for the ball, missed it, and cleaned Suarez out. It was a foul; in the box. Penalty.

Posted 5:05pm 17th February 2014

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