Wenger embarrassed for Jose

Arsene Wenger described Jose Mourinho's comments about him as 'embarrassing' for Chelsea as he preferred to focus on Arsenal's 2-1 FA Cup victory over Liverpool.

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monstercookie (Arsenal) says...

@crow...hilarious, on so many levels.

Posted 8:17pm 25th February 2014

crow says...

@monstercookie get a life. My post was debating a point and answering a jibe at me. I see no reason to answer to the likes of you.

Posted 4:17pm 21st February 2014

monstercookie (Arsenal) says...

@Crow...are you for real or just trolling? Why all the personal insults dude?

Posted 1:43pm 21st February 2014

crow says...

@onceupon Precious? That sounds like you are in touch with your feminine side alright, lol. You seem to speak for a lot of people there? Do you have statements from all these thousands of people you seem to know? Getting a small sample of feedback does not make it go for all the people in the country. It is just your opinion nowt more nowt less. I can remember at the start of the season Chelsea were not tipped as champions but it UTD, CITY even Arsenal but even that is only opnion. If I really thought Chelsea had the strongest squad then yes I would be singing from the rafters Chelsea would be favourites but imo they are not, the result at WBA should give you a clue. I'd love to be wrong of course and Chelsea have a decent run in compared to the others but I have known Chelsea for a very long time and having a decent run in means squat. You may think Wenger is well respected if that is true I don't think he deserves to be. Managers who achieve deserve respect not what they done nearly over 10 years ago. I think you are confusing the words 'Respect' and 'has been'. @vaseline gang (apt name) Romans fake financial input? Have you any clue how Roman made his money and what he has done with it? But it is OK to flog names? and that isn't fake at all right? Grow up and try comparing like for like and leave your inane ideas for someone less intelligent than yourself, if such a person exists.

Posted 5:25pm 20th February 2014

onceupon says...

@crow: I can appreciate you are defending your team and your opinion is indeed perfectly valid as far as rating your team chances of winning the league. No need to put words into my mouth. I simply stated what is the general opinion outside of the Chelsea (and Man City) bubble. At the beginning of the season, most experts opinion was that Chelsea and Man City had the two best squad in the league and that they were favorites for the title. City's squad was perceived to be the stronger of the two but Mourinho know how, proven track record in England and ability to get the best out of his players was seen as an important factor. If you look around you can notice this is still the case. I also agree that Wenger could (should) have done better during this ever expanding trophy drought and in hindsight probably should have refrain from making this comment. The difference between saying "it's a fair of failure" that makes Mourinho AND Pellegrini say their sides are not favorites for the title and on the other hand labeling a fellow colleague - a well respected one at that - as a failure is a step too far as far as I'm concerned. Like you said, it's an opinion, nothing more and you can disagree with it, that's what debate is for. No need to get precious about it.

Posted 1:49pm 19th February 2014

vaseline gang (Arsenal) says...

@chelseablue_no1 - selling naming rights is a legitimate business sponsorship deal. All football clubs have these types of sponsors, whether its the name of the stadium or the names on their shirts. This is very different to Roman's financial doping of a club that could not attract such monster-sized deals without his fake financial input. Consider yourself sufficiently advised. Move on little boy.

Posted 9:47am 19th February 2014

crow says...

@onceupon There are people in this world that make the place a brighter, welcoming and intelligent place to be but then sadly there are 'people' like you. Whether you believe Chelsea are favourites is your opinion my opinion is that they aren't. See two conflicting opinions, isn't doesn't make you right it is just an opinion. Where facts come in, Wenger seemed to have done no wrong by saying Jose fears Failure? In my book that is an insult but then thats my opinion. Jose rightly pointed out that Wenger for the best part of a decade is a failure. Truth hurts sometimes. In football if you win titles or trophies you are a success and if you don't win anything you are a failure. Are you saying somehow that is wrong? Obviously I am only talking top 5 or 6 clubs. What Jose said was not embarrassing, well not for Jose but it might be for Wenger. I remember a manager called Vialli who was at Chelsea before Jose and Roman and he managed like 4 0r 5 trophies in two years but no trophies in 8 years? You got to hand it to Wenger, he is taking failure to whole new level.

Posted 7:57am 19th February 2014

onceupon says...

@grimupnorth : Not sure how it relates to my post but the odds just prove the point that there are two clear favorites. Liverpool are at 8's and Arsenal at 9's. You also forget that before Chelsea dropped points at West Brom, they were shortest to win outright which incidentally is when Mourinho said they were not favorites and Wenger responded with the "fear of failure" comment.

Posted 3:05pm 18th February 2014

deepcdiver (Chelsea) says...

@onceupon. I'll help you out a bit as you seem confused. Unless their price is the same bookies only have one favourite. City are currently best price 5/4 and Chelsea are best price 17/10. Therefore City are favourites because they are the price with the least return for a win.

Posted 12:10pm 18th February 2014

hincey (Arsenal) says...

@sicklelord be honest they are both acting like spoilt brats but if there was a spoilt brat ring leader that would go to Jose.

Posted 11:52am 18th February 2014

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