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Man City to go back in for Isco, Chelsea linked with Sami Khedira again and Arsenal came up fort for Draxler...

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megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

I'd sort of be okay with Shawcross playing for England. This depresses me. Thing is, he does now have a reputation for being,um, somewhat robust. You can do this and play for England, if you are already playing for England (see Rooney, Wayne). If you are not already 'in' then your rep keeps you out (see Bowyer/Smith). Suspect Shawcross is firmly in the latter category.

Posted 5:12pm 18th February 2014

aki (Manchester City) says...

well done magic fuller, you've managed a hatrick of comments to you rather than the article, "apart from his whoopsie on his debut"- apart from? he came on as sub yet still had time for a rick, he was against a team we shouldn't really fear save for one man. he looked like a rabbit in the headlights, he is a boring, one dimensional animal. the only embarrassing thing is like Joey Barton, he can say he played for England.

Posted 2:31pm 18th February 2014

magicfuller (Stoke City) says...

Mr Fox. Under Hughes, Ryan's game has changed. He no longer is under instruction to just hoof it down the pitch. He isnt the best ball player, he's no Rio. But he is an extremely solid defender, and considering England need this I think he should get a look in. @slowgraffiti - calling Shawcross an 'oaf' reflects more your lack of knowledge about football, than any lack of ability in Shawcross.

Posted 1:42pm 18th February 2014

scarboroughfox (York City) says...

magicfuller - Shawcross would be fine if all England required was an old fashioned stopper to boot or head the ball away to no-one in particular. On the other hand, they may want to have a chance of beating international opposition, in which case they will find someone who can carry the ball out of defence and actually pass it to a teammate.

Posted 12:00pm 18th February 2014

alwaysaboutcity (Manchester City) says...

Does diegtristan know where United are in the league? Who the manager is?

Posted 10:20am 18th February 2014

slowgraffiti says...

magicfuller, I do not think England wishes to be associated with such an oaf. (Which is saying something, considering the oafs they've used in the past.)

Posted 2:56am 18th February 2014

Gab1965 says...

diegtristan8 - You guys can spend as much as you like, Mr Ferguson allowed the squad to decline for too long and I don't think that most people seem to understand how much needs to be done now. The entire defence needs changing, the midfield also needs work. Van Persie will also need replacing before too long, Carrick as well. That is a lot of money that is required and no guarantee that the players will all be up to the job, as most of Ferguson's last signings have shown. Easily 150 million will need to be spent, unless you have some more good youngsters coming through. If Suarez is sold, for a large sum, the team will replace him and strengthen the squad. And Sturridge is pretty good insurance against the team going into total freefall. If Liverpool are 8th, the way you guys are going, you could well be 9th!

Posted 10:44pm 17th February 2014

59er (Norwich City) says...

It,s that Stoke / Norwich bias as not being seen as big clubs. Shawcross deserves a go as did Grant Holt.

Posted 5:13pm 17th February 2014

yesiricanboogie (Liverpool) says...

@Diego. Kinda proves my point doesn't it? Mkhrtyian went to Dortmund (CL football) Costa stayed with Athletico (CL football) Eriksen went to Spurs (as we didn't make a bid, Brendan doesn't rate him apparently) and Dempsey had a choice between Spurs and us and stayed in London (which is fair enough) Take it from a fan of a (currently) non-CL team. It's really hard work getting top class players in if you've not got the decent games to offer them. Gab1965 has probably got a point but with the strength of the top of the league at the minute it's gonna be bloody hard work attracting players for you in the summer. Especially if Agent Moyes is still in charge. Good debate though, thanks for enlivening an otherwise dull working day!!

Posted 4:47pm 17th February 2014

diegtristan8 (Manchester United) says...

@yessiricanboogie, baines didnt turn anyone down because everton didnt accept a bid, i could list all the players that turned down liverpool but i would be here all night, Diego costa, mkhitarhan, christian erikson, clint demspey, etc etc ............. cant wait until next year when suarez is playing in madrid and liverpool are back down in 8th place

Posted 4:24pm 17th February 2014

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