Mata: Utd can achieve top four

Juan Mata is confident Manchester United are capable of putting together a run good enough to see them scrape a Champions League spot.

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rodger's gusset (Liverpool) says...

@Mike_Christie The best comment yet on here about Moyes by far.

Posted 11:56am 20th February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

@mike_christie, I have a lot of mates who support United, some season ticket holders, some pub watchers. Most of them saw Fergie's retirement as the opportunity to bring in a exciting new manager. One lad was excited to see who you got, as you say 'European experience' was the reason he was confident you'd get someone you could get behind. When you got Moyes, most the fans I know were thoroughly disappointed. You're right there is nothing Moyes has ever done or is currently doing that would lead anyone to think he is the right man to manage one of Europe's elite clubs. In his first season it looks like despite spending best part of £70 million he's managed to make his job easier. If he is given a second year expectations will be so much lower, he has managed to lower the bar of expectation this season, so next year if he makes top 4 it will be considered an achievement. Moyes' performance this year will lower the expectations to such an extent that if he betters this season next season it will be seen as improvement and be his reason to continue. If he then makes it back in to the top 4, people can say, see I told you he'd come good. No other team of United's stature would accept this. As a City fan I'd love us to be beating United to trophies, I'd love United to be just slightly worse than us but better than everyone else. The City in the last few years had been buzzing for the derbies, I'm guessing the next derby, won't be so. It will be considered failure if we lose basically roles reversed of the last 30 years.

Posted 10:22am 20th February 2014

budek (Bolton Wanderers) says...

What's the Mata? Realised you made a Juan move?

Posted 9:27am 20th February 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

@chickenlambmix, thanks for the support. I'd disagree that Moyes was a gamble though. Solskjaer would have been a gamble. Moyes has been a premier league manager for 10 years, and it was clear exactly what we were getting. We were told when Fergie announced his retirement that his replacement would have the 'relevant domestic and European experience', then we got Moyes. His experience is a decade of mid-table finishes punctuated by one top-4 and a couple of flirts with relegation, no cups and only one foray into the Champion's League that ended very quickly. Is that where the board see us being over the next few years?

Posted 9:05am 20th February 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

lankymanc, what was he chosen for? Was it his track record in over-achieving? Hardly, Everton are not Stoke or Wigan, and leading them to a succession of mid-table finishes was the very least that should have been expected. Was it for his progressive coaching and tactics? Hardly! Was it because he's an ex-Rangers, Glaswegian mate of our ex-Rangers, Glaswegian previous manager? Ding ding ding, we have a winner!! Is that really the right basis for the manager of one of the biggest clubs in world football to be appointed? Was he even interviewed for the job? Everyone can see what you get with Moyes, he's been managing one of England's biggest clubs (only Arsenal, Liverpool and United have won the league more times) for over a decade. What we're getting now is what he's been doing at Everton for years. He's 50, why should he suddenly change into a dynamic, exciting and progressive leader? Giving him more time is crazy, he's had a decade in the top flight, what talents has he been hiding all this time? Take away Fergie's recommendation and is their any way in the world that Moyes would have been in the running for the United job? Would Bayern, Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Barcelona, Juve or Real Madrid been phoning him up about taking over? Would they f**k as like! You've bought into Moyes propaganda and excuses hook line and sinker. We're over 20 points worse off than this time last season. All that has changed is the coaching staff. You can blame injuries, or the fixture list, or go along with the BS about other teams being stronger (City have a point less than this time last season), but they're all excuses.

Posted 8:53am 20th February 2014

Synergy says...

Nice to see optimism from Mata, sadly the race for 4th is over and United aren't in the running. Hopefully when we get a competent coach next year, we will be back where we belong.

@lankymanc> While United may not have a squad to match City and Chelsea, they do have a squad that matches up well to Arsenal and Pool. People forget that Arsenal players have overachieved this season while United players have badly underachieved thanks to having to play one dimensional football under Moyes. United came 2nd the season before RVP was bought, so calling it a threadbare squad would be incorrect. Apart from Central midfield we have decent players in all other positions and an absolutely stacked attacking lineup.

Yes Moyes gets credit for getting Mata and giving Januzaj a chance. However Moyes bought a Ferrari(Mata) and uses him like an Escort. Moyes also wasted 27 mil of Fellaini who has been an utter flop and United now concede rather than score goals during Fergie time. All that is on the coach.

Posted 7:51am 20th February 2014

dontommasino (Chelsea) says...

What in the name of Jeysus are they asking you to smoke up there Juan?

Posted 6:16pm 19th February 2014

keano81 (Manchester United) says...

uncle-muller , It would have been possible if Fergie was in charge, go on an unbeaten run we can't even win 2 matches in a row let alone go unbeaten for the rest of the season. We have lost more matches than we have won in 2014 that is just ridiculous, we have blamed fixtures but we looked at the first few games of the new year and they looked winnable on paper but we messed it up. Knocked out of both Cups by Swansea and Sunderland, then we lost to Stoke for the first time since the 80s, lost top both Newcastle and Everton at home more records broken there, we drew with the worst team in the League, lost to Chelsea its not that bad losing to Chelsea I suppose, we beat Cardiff and Swansea in the League in 2014 that is all. So in other words we aren't finishing in top 4.

Posted 5:26pm 19th February 2014

Alkaline_ (Manchester United) says...

@shauntobewild Nice to see some intelligent, level-headed Liverpool fans, you are a credit to your club. I apologise on behalf of my club for all the idiots on our side!

Posted 4:29pm 19th February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

Mike_Christie seems to have it spot on. Moyes was a gamble, a gamble that could cost United dearly. No CL, that's a good £40 million in revenue down the pan, revenue that United have been accustomed to year on year. In the summer United will more than likely have to replace RVP, they will have to replace Giggs, Ferdinand, Evra. Rafael isn't good enough and there's a massive hole right through the middle. It looks like City and Chelsea will address their shortfalls, City a centre half and an addition central midfielder at least, Chelsea will certainly add additional defenders and a top quality striker. That will leave United competing with City and Chelsea for the same players, yet City and Chelsea can offer better and respected top quality managers and CL football, United not so much. Arsenal are now in a position financially to add real quality and will offer CL football. I guess what I'm trying to say is, how do United fans think you'll catch up? Moyes doesn't seem to have a great eye for a player, you are battling in a market with richer and more desirable clubs during a WC year. According to the financial expert on SSN the other day, with the FFP now in place United can not really afford to miss out one season, let alone 2 or 3. City, Chelsea and Arsenal will all spend upwards of £50-£80 million improving their squads, United are already 15 points behind, I don't see how they catch up with Moyes. As mike_Christie says, Moyes is pretty much saying you need a new squad, can United afford it? can they catch up? would United fans want Moyes doing the spending? Rebuilding?

Posted 4:00pm 19th February 2014

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