Eye On The Experts: Lee Dixon

Chummy without too much 'banter', plain speaking but able to put you in the role of the player. Our boys take a look at Lee Dixon's punditing, & they're impressed...

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kireca (Arsenal) says...

my bad Barnesy10 - thought he was looking at Ballack while saying it. Phew. I knew he couldn't be that lax. I'll give you that one Redknapp, but I'm watching you :P

Posted 11:25am 27th February 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@kireca...I think the other Jamie was actually Carra, I'm sure the 3 pundits that night were Redknapp, Ballack and Carra. @Mr bojangles...dude let it go, we all make mistakes! @Monkeybutler...Glen Johnson is smarter than your average footballer. He's doing a maths degree and has learnt Spanish. Whether that means he will make a good pundit, who knows, but he isn't a dullard.

Posted 12:06pm 25th February 2014

monkeybutler (Arsenal) says...

I got the feeling Dixon left the beeb because he was trying to do a job for the licence-payer while the three fools in the studio with him were getting paid much, much more to do the bare minimum. He's the best pundit on terrestrial TV and I hope it isn't long til he's saved from his ITV hell by a reformed BBC or, more likely, BTSport, whose Premier League pundits are awful. Jake Humphrey and Dixon would be the nicest, most professional combo on the box. Also, seeing as right backs clearly make the best pundits, are we give years away from really looking forward to hearing what Glen Johnson's take is?

Posted 11:59am 24th February 2014

mr bojangles (Liverpool) says...

Ive never liked Lee Dixon since a MOTD episode a few years back saying that apart form Gerrard and Torres, no Liverpool player would get in the Utd Team. he chose Darren Fletcher over Mascherano and Alonso, O'Shea over Arbeloa after that i thought he was a complete tit and refuse to listen to whatever he has to say, everyone has there own opinion but his was sh*te.

Posted 8:55am 24th February 2014

JoeyBoswell (Liverpool) says...

I haven't got a bad word to say about him. Other than he's got a face like an elbow. But he's still a beautiful man. Lovely Lee Dixon. Sex on a stick.

Posted 1:31am 24th February 2014

redped (Liverpool) says...

Dixon would come into his own as the main presenter; people only think of Lineker now as an anodyne average everyman but the BBC showed guts to give him the MoTD gig originally and he was good in the first 2 years. There is a trend on all tv channels to have a presenter who hasn't played the game supported by ex-pros; why? It would give thoughtful ex players like dixon, neville and nevin the platform they deserve. The likes of Chiles gets on everyones nerves so lets shake it up

Posted 7:03pm 23rd February 2014

Ezy_Rider says...

Could it be argued that full-backs are the best pundits, given Dixon and Neville's achievements? Plus Carragher is part full-back. Usually on the small side so can't rely on physique to cover up lack of ability/intelligence; need to know what's what at both ends of the pitch; and even the best ones don't earn enough to rule out a post-playing job on the TV

Posted 5:20pm 23rd February 2014

red_devil83 (Manchester United) says...

From Neville to Dixon to Nevin. The holy trinity of knowledgeable punditry.

Posted 9:05pm 21st February 2014

hepi (Liverpool) says...

nonsense!! all lee dixon doe and has done for several years is state the obvious or just repeat what the person next to him has said, and um, says um a lot!! just look out for it next time he's on!!

Posted 5:13pm 21st February 2014

hepi (Liverpool) says...

nonsense!! all lee dixon doe and has done for several years is state the obvious or just repeat what the person next to him has said, and um, says um a lot!! just look out for it next time he's on!!

Posted 5:12pm 21st February 2014

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