Platini vows to end 'stupid' rule

Michel Platini has repeated his call for the "stupid" 'triple punishment' rule to be dropped, following two controversial incidents this week.

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bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) says...

First of all the idea that defenders would be upending players in the box left right and centre if we did away with the double/treble punishment is nonsense. Before the rule was brought in a professional foul was generally considered to be one committed outside the box and that's where the problem lay. Inside the box there is rarely an opportunity for a defender to advantageously give away a penalty instead of letting the goal scoring chance develop (except handballs on the line which can easily be addressed), simply because the defenders presence makes the chance more difficult in the first place. If a player denies a goal (beyond reasonable doubt - hand ball on line etc...) then the red card should apply, but otherwise we really need to be careful and judge each case on it's merits. A great example of the fine lines for defenders was the recent Danny Rose red card against City. We are talking fractions of a second between it being a world class tackle or being a penalty, red card and a suspension. Surely nobody believes it is sensible to apply the double/treble punishment in this situation?

Posted 3:17pm 24th February 2014

Paracelsus says...

The only problem I have with the triple punishment which is the general theory of automatic suspensions and fixed suspension time frames. It is similar to having sentencing guidelines in criminal courts where there is no examination of the factors involved with each case and instead has a 'one size fits all' approach which results in many unfair situations. Yes, judgement after the fact has problems as well, but is the least bad approach of the two in the courts, so it ought to be tried in the 'court of football'.

Posted 1:31pm 24th February 2014

gunnergremlin (Arsenal) says...

@chelseablue_no1: The irony of your comment is absolutely hilarious. A chelsea fan effectively deriding a manager for being 18 years in the same job. Not much chance of a chelsea manager picking up 100 eh? @greenbeetle: A fatal flaw in your cunning plan mate. More often its the goalkeeper who is the offender. Under your idea he would be facing a penalty knowing if he saves it his game is over. Just award a 'penalty goal' for what would normally be a red card offense whether its inside the penalty area or not. Same decision for the ref to make, just a different sanction. Job done.

Posted 1:30pm 24th February 2014

a_dis says...

chelseablue_no1 - is that a huge amount over 18 years? Probably on a par with most clubs over that period of time, unless you can prove otherwise...

Posted 12:56pm 24th February 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

Oh, Michel must be wrong because i definitely remember Philip Cornwall saying its a great rule. Which is it? Michel Platini or Philip Cornwall? Who knows more about football? hmmmm

Posted 11:52am 24th February 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

No surprise that Arsenal fans are crying the loudest considering the 100 red cards their players have received during Wenger's reign.

Posted 10:17am 24th February 2014

bright and edgy (Manchester City) says...

Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with red carding a player that takes the last man, can't have people chopping down attackers through on goal for fun. But I do agree that its unfair for the receiving team not to fully benefit from the consequence of the punishment, in the respect of a 3 game ban or whatever.

Posted 10:59pm 23rd February 2014

dennis be (Arsenal) says...

It is stupid when you get it for the soft foul that Robben totally made the most of, foul? I guess, but just look at the picture a light brush on his back leg and Robben is spinning in the air in agony. If he had any balls he would have stayed on his feet and scored instead of getting a fellow professional sent off and banned. It was nothing. I agree with most, changing the rule to what exactly?Demechellis was a little more cut and dry, poor challenge from behind last man. FIFA are not very high on my list of organisations, corrupt as anything and as democratic as the Ukraine.....

Posted 9:43pm 23rd February 2014

SonicSP says...

Seems fair to me. A foul in penalty box needs to be a penalty. A red card foul in penalty box should be a red card and a penalty. They don't like it be because it kills games, and yes I agree that it does kill the excitement but its fair. Don't want to get red carded then don't do red card challenges. A penalty while a good chance isn't much if it isn't converted. Football needs lots of fixes but all of the things he decided to focus on its on this.

Posted 8:20pm 23rd February 2014

greenbeetle (Arsenal) says...

Maybe send the player off only if the penalty is missed. The opposing team effectively gets to decide the punishment. I'm sure Bayern would have taken the extra man over the goal. I know... stupid idea.

Posted 5:57pm 23rd February 2014

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