Enjoy This Half-Baked Liverpool Side...

It's rare that we get the chance to see what happens when a potentially title-challenging attack plays with a mid-table defence. It turns out it's intriguing and a lot of fun...

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godsmote (Liverpool) says...

On the plus side both teams to score is nailed on every week.

Posted 10:06pm 25th February 2014

stringman04 (Liverpool) says...

As many have already pointed out - it's hardly an easy task to get your defence ticking when the only player in the backline to not suffer an injury keeping him out for a month or two is probably last season's worst player. Sakho and Kelly as the centre-back pairing next season please. PLEASE!!!

Posted 6:41pm 25th February 2014

stevechase (Liverpool) says...

I am not putting us in the same bracket as the clubs I am about to mention, but the general trend is that if a team is explosive up front (can we call ourselves that at the moment? I think we can) they tend to be a little shaky to say the least at the back. Brazil 1982 WC team! The Barca team over the last couple of years has hardly been defensively sound, its just they push so much no one gets to them. Same with Real and the side from 2003-2004. Same with Man City, same with Newcastle in the 90s with Keegan in charge. And how about the spurs side that Ardilles had. You are not going to be top scorers in the league and the tightest defence. Having said all that, the defensive line is pretty poor, but I don't think its because we don't have the players. I would have thought, when fully fit, Agger, Johnson, Kelly and A N Other are not bad. The keeper has to go, not impressed at all. Still, good to watch though even through a cushion! Steve

Posted 9:17am 25th February 2014

tonyv25 (Manchester United) says...

Ahh I remember when we won most games 3-2 last season and we had these kind of articles written about us... And definitely nothing written on how the league was poor...

Posted 8:11am 25th February 2014

scouser down so (Liverpool) says...

I sincerely hope and expect that Andre Wisdom will play a lot of games next season. He seems to ooze calm , confidence and leadership for Derby. Probably have to slot in at full back initially given his age etc. Think Sakho is a shoe-in with more games (would, i hope, have been first choice by now but for his injuries) and Enrique improves as a first choice the longer he's out !!! Flanners is a lot like Lescott in that they are probably at the back of the talent queue but by god they get there !! I think being a local lad always adds an extra 10% to your game. I think the general concensus last season amongst most of the crowd was that Shelvey had massive potential (a year or so on) but had to go due to his sloppiness and slower game). Thank god he didn't come out for the second half. Best player up til then and fabulous goal that produced a spine tingling round of applause from all points. Bony (who i had been critical of having only seen him on the box) was almost unplayable he was that good on the day ! Skyrtl has been an accident waiting to happen since time began !!!!!!

Posted 6:34pm 24th February 2014

fresh (Liverpool) says...

Thing is i can only see this team getting better, sas,sterling,coutinho hendo they are all still pretty young.......the defence can surely only be improved up. Hopefully next season with some decent additions we can mount a stronger challenge.........although still there this season i think we will fall a bit short (3rd i think) but it's been the most entertaining pool for a long while.

Posted 2:10pm 24th February 2014

tremor (Liverpool) says...

I think quite a few of the summer signings weren't from BR but rather from the 'transfer committee'. Rodgers wants his keepers to play as a sweeper, Mignotlet (7M) is terrible with his feet and has clearly been told to stay on his line as they don't trust him. Doesn't feel like a Rodgers signing to me. Lloris (7M) is a young player for the future. Sakho (18M) looks great but he's been injured a lot. Toure was a free transfer and the talk is that he has been absolutely fantastic off the pitch and is one of the most positive and loudest personalities in the dressing room. Chissoko is a loan to cover Enrique, who has been out for months now. I think we'll see a new keeper in the summer along with at least 1CB and 1FB. It's no surprise the defence has been a state with the amount of injuries combined with Mignotlet's lack of ball skills and the chopping and changing of the DM ahead of them. It's not good for my nerves and receding hairline but scoring more than you might be the only way we have at the moment.

Posted 1:57pm 24th February 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

thanks for your concern, but we're just enjoying the ride into the champs league

Posted 11:55am 24th February 2014

potek91 (Motherwell) says...

Say what u want as long u win...just ask mourinho bout this!

Posted 11:05am 24th February 2014

diegtristan8 (Manchester United) says...

Its not hard to see how Rodgers made the defence worse with the £35m when he signed average Mignolet, a very poor Toure, also a player he didnt replace is one of worst defenders in league(skrtel), brought in a very poor defender on loan(cissokho), so its hardly surprising the defence is worse. You can spend an infinite amount of money but if you sign bad players at inflated prices its bound to happen.

Posted 10:59am 24th February 2014

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