Man City breach finance rules

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have been offered settlements for breaching financial fair play (FFP) rules.

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HarryBoulton says...

"we are doing nothing different to United". Sorry, could you do me the favour of pointing out when, exactly, Manchester United spent money handed to them by Arabian royalty, please? I'd hate to think that I'd missed that........

Posted 2:39pm 4th May 2014

onstandby (Manchester City) says...

What kind of Financial Fair Play punishes Mansour for putting money into the team and the area, but allows the Glaziers to rip the money out of United to the detriment of the team and the fans?

Posted 12:15pm 3rd May 2014

ted maul (Chelsea) says...

@Petulant_Radish - perhaps when he's finished his tea towel facial he can show me where I said anyone's football was "boring"?

Posted 3:03pm 2nd May 2014

Petulant_Radish says...

@ted Maul I read it as his ironing was delicious: now all I can picture is them as some old washerwoman vigorously ironing old commemorative tea towels from Liverpool's days of yore before rubbing them all over their face dreaming of those historic times.

Posted 12:49pm 2nd May 2014

rhysmanc (Manchester United) says...

You're both just coming off like idiots here to be honest. Embarrassing.

Posted 10:34am 2nd May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

Got to love oneloveunited, one minute he's quoting David Conn, now he's telling us about United breaking records for profit.. David Conn himself today wrote how that, United according to their latest figures lost £9m. Poor jimi, so angry and confused. According to his beloved Conn United posted a £9 million loss despite signing their record breaking shirt deal with Cheverolet. A deal surrounded by controversy. So 'onelove' is telling us about record profits, yet Conn something different. Jimi babe, we used to slag United off for buying titles yes, we are fully aware we are buying titles, we are also fully aware we are doing nothing different to United or anyone else... We are in no way denying we are spending money, you are just confused yet again, we love spending money, we love it even more when bitter hypocrites get on their high horse. It makes it even sweater...

Posted 10:06am 2nd May 2014

oneloveunited says...

@thecat...Are you for real? These would be the same Glazers who continue to break records for revenue, turnover and profit? The same Glazers who own the current champions and have overseen the most successful period in the clubs history? Those Glazers? The ones making money from erm..... their business? That's wrong.....but being funded by charity from a vile regime looking to promote it's own image, is ok? Is this like when City fans....the real ones, not these new plastics, used to slag United and others off for 'buying trophies'......yet now spend all their time trying to justify........buying trophies?? City fans talk nonsense, always have, the difference is now you're living off someone else's've just got louder. Go read David Conns articles to see what a real, knowledgeable, City fan thinks. I'm not really interested in a few gobshites on the internet that dont know what their talking about. Read it and get back to me, yeah? It's not hard, you should be able to manage it, ask an adult if you get confused by any big words.

Posted 5:31pm 1st May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

For those still interested after obsessed with City has turned yet another City story into his own personal outlet for rage, David Conn is journalist working now for the Guardian. He wrote a book about finance in football, his main gripe is the romance in football is dead. Football once a thing for the community to enjoy are now a World wide businesses. He yearns for the football of yesteryear, but admits things can never be the same. He is generally positive about Manchester City and has be equally complimentary about the money Mansour has ploughed into East Manchester. Poor jimi's real problem is everything promised to Manchester and City is fast coming true. He was originally a 'can't buy success' man. He was then a 'what happens when he gets bored' man. Then he was a FFP will stop you' man. He is literally the only person I have ever come across that has real issues with the campus. Feel free to research it, you'll soon see why City fans take such objection to everything this troll has to say. I think his posts indicate as much as anything just how desperate, obsessed and bitter he is..

Posted 5:14pm 1st May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

Poor old jimi, his obsession continues... So much so that he's found the one journalist who partially on limited occasion slightly agrees with your view. What about Martin Sammules? Award winning sports journalist? He has written many a piece directly contradicting David Conn. Out of interest my obsessed little friend, why do you think owners buy football clubs? A laugh? Spur of the moment entertainment? Nope they all buy them for their own personal gain... Do I care that off the back of ADUG wanting a highly publicised Football team leads to better facilities for my City? No. Do I care that I have one of the best value season tickets in the Premiership? Yes. Am I delighted to watch some of the Worlds best players? Yes. Is Manchester, are Manchester City directly benefitting from ADUG? Yes. Do you realise how embarrassing and desperate you sound? ADUG own Manchester City, and it's breathtaking what they are doing..David Conn, what award did he win again? Utter bu11sh1te again. I do pity you, we all know that Sheikh Mansour will want something back from his investment, his investment is what we are enjoying... My lies? You're a clown, you've cherry picked a few buzz words and snippets from a book generally well received by City fans, although littered with inaccuracy and a yearning for nostalgia. He longs for the good old days, so do many. As we all know Manchester City didn't create this sell to the highest bidder mantra, we just got lucky. You are right, I have no idea what I'm talking about, the Campus is purely a figment of my imagination. City and Manchester it's self are in no way benefitting from ADUG. You're right, Manchester City and East Manchester have clearly not benefitted at all since 2008..

Posted 4:55pm 1st May 2014

thecat (Manchester City) says...

@oneloveunited - you really need to get out more. Yes, The Sheikh bought City to raise the profile of Abu Dhabi and it's worked. Was it worth the money? I don't know, it's intangible, but he seems happy enough at present. Not as happy as the Glazier's admittedly, who bought United with the sole intention of milking the cash cow, which they've done to devastating effect. Our owners have at least had the decency to be open about their intentions.

Posted 4:06pm 1st May 2014

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