Wenger praises Arsenal spirit

Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal have demonstrated the strength of their spirit after a 3-0 victory over Newcastle United tightened their grip on fourth spot.

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TheWhiz (Arsenal) says...

Our spirit is UNSTOPPABLE we don't need more players guys, right? right?¿ There are no more excuses this next season, the stadium debt is payed down etc etc. If Wenger doesn't strengthen the squad or at least pick up more competent squad players, it's time for him to move on. Sorry end of.

Posted 5:32pm 30th April 2014

Oysterman (Arsenal) says...

gooner mike, I suspect Wenger and his cohorts chose not to buy someone for the sake of it as there were very few, if any, top notch strikers available. Name any that were sold during the winter? As it turned out, Giroud has managed to survive (until now) but I think we have also been luck in defence. Relying on Sagna as a 4th centre half has also been a close shave. I will say that another poor transfer window will cause massive criticism. I cannot believe we'll go into next season without a number of players in and out.

Posted 10:07am 30th April 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

@gooner mike - that is were I'm starting to have doubts. I think Wenger actually believes they are adequate replacements. He places way too much trust in his players and that is always his downfall, season in, season out.

Posted 8:51am 30th April 2014

thefraser (Arsenal) says...

If you go on market prices, Wenger will only buy 1 top player next season, most likely a centre forward. So our collection of eggshells across the middle of the park better stay fit. But on the plus side, the U21 and U18 / U16 are having a real shake up in terms of coaching (and gaining a figurehead in head of Youth Academy Andries Jonker). I imagine this is the start of the end for Wenger's dictatorship.

Posted 6:45pm 29th April 2014

gooner mike (Arsenal) says...

I admire your optimism for the future @Oysterman but many of us had that optimism for this season back in December. Wenger is the most experienced manager in the Premiership and yet he refused to strengthen the squad in January knowing very well that Bendtner or Sanogo were not adequate back-up for Giroud. I would expect better judgement from someone who is being paid seven million pounds a year. But what upsets me most of all is the charade we are going to go through again this summer. The usual hype from 'Ivan the Terrible' when the season ticket renewals are due, that there will be money to spend and to expect three or four quality signings. During May we shall have signed a 17 year old from the outskirts of Paris and a bid for Suarez for forty million and two pounds. Since Wenger will be at the World Cup and touring the Far East nothing will happen until the 31st August apart from the fantasy gossip in the newspapers. Then of course, assuming Diaby hasn't injured himself in Brazil there will be no further signings because we have Diaby back.

Posted 5:16pm 29th April 2014

Jay_D says...

Signings are going to be crucial going into next season; striker, DM, replacements for outgoing players etc. But injuries and personnel alone don't explain some of the performances in the last couple of months. I don't think this team needed Pogba and Ronaldo in the side to not get thrashed by Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton. Performances against Dortmund, Bayern and to a certain extent City show that the current squad has it within them to do better as well. Its a question of tactics and mentality, someting that can't be solved in the transfer market alone.

Posted 3:08pm 29th April 2014

kireca (Arsenal) says...

What 'oioisaveloy' said. It's no bad thing finishing forth, but this season Wenger has demonstrated a monstrous lack of ambition, along with a titanic superiority complex against teams in the top half of the table.

Posted 2:59pm 29th April 2014

rascal87 says...

Would be nice if just for once a team with genuine ambition of wanting to use the Champions League as a platform to go onto bigger and better things finished 4th instead of a team that is just year after year satisfied to finish there and do nothing else.

Posted 2:21pm 29th April 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

@celery1971 - I'd go with the first choice. Refine the team by bringing in more talent and quality and bring back the Arsenal of the early 2000s. I would rather be patient and wait for success than resort to Mourinho tactics.

Posted 2:04pm 29th April 2014

celery1971 (Chelsea) says...

It is without doubt a great achievement to make the top 4 again but.... surely its now long overdue that the minimum expectation should be raised a bit higher than 3rd loser? Does that need a fresh face to drive that on or has Arsene still got the drive to do that? What do you prefer AFC fans - the eye pleasing, if fragile football of the last few years with little to show for it or the George Graham (dare I say Jose approach) not quite so attractive but ultimately delivered more and kept you challenging for longer?

Posted 1:50pm 29th April 2014

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