Mourinho: Suarez not worthy

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes Edin Dzeko, and not Luis Suarez, should have been the Premier League's player of the season.

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major (Swansea City) says...

Sorry to say. Mourinho you are a poor loser, Edin Dzeco is not fit to play in Luis Boots. Get real Mourinho Get a Life. The Major.

Posted 9:23pm 16th May 2014

ynwa hill16 (Liverpool) says...

"The kind of player he is, he's not just a goalscorer. He assists, he plays, he behaves, he's fair, doesn't dive, doesn't try to put opponents in the stands with accumulation of cards. Was it just me or did he lie on the ground for 7 mins in the Everton game and even the ref wouldnt allow him treatment. Jose = Clown

Posted 5:33pm 14th May 2014

stevemelbourne (Chelsea) says...

@siphil oh please, a Liverpool fan not finding anything to whinge about and just concentrating on the football? More chance of finding a fart in a jacuzzi.

Posted 1:10am 13th May 2014

stringman04 (Liverpool) says...

As people have already pointed out - Mourinho LOVES getting people all angry and fired-up over his comments. He is essentially an internet troll, but people give him TV cameras and radio stations to talk on instead of having to furiously type his rubbish! In saying that, I agree that Edin Dzeko has been fantastic this season .. and Yaya Toure was outstanding too! Us Liverpool fans have no reason to be too worried by what Jose's saying .. Suarez won it anyway, and Jose suggested Gerrard could have instead. It's all a bit "meh" really.

Posted 8:30pm 12th May 2014

xfloydx says...

He wants Dzeko. Its that simple. Mourinho is a very intelligent man. And no intelligent man would give Dzeko player of the season.

Posted 7:47pm 12th May 2014

moondance says...

I take everything Mourinho says with a large pinch of salt so i'll disregard his comment on Dzeko, as well as he has played recently. For me there are valid arguments to be had for either Suarez or Toure to be player of the year and both have been brilliant but the suggestion that the 'player' of the year should automatically be from the champions is a ridiculous argument particularly when this very site has been touting Tony Pulis for manager of the year (don't necessarily disagree btw). Also as both players and writers vote well before the end of the season should they be given a crystal ball before voting or should a new North Korea style vote now take place with a shortlist of six Man City players to choose from ?

Posted 4:24pm 12th May 2014

moondance says...

@zabbaman absolutely spot on and what was impressive about Pellegrini was that he didn't make excuses about not having managed in England before or that he couldn't possibly win the league because he had to sort out divisions among the players.

Posted 4:13pm 12th May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

"Charmless" Pellegrini, I've heard it all now. The man oozes 'charm'. I think you're confusing charm & bellendness. Mourinho won't see out 2014 with a Chelsea. If it wasn't Mourinho he'd have walked already. How Chelsea fans can stand by him is beyond me. Thou roughly decent and charming managers have been sacked for doing a lot better than finishing 3rd playing turgid football. The man is almost a charactature a parody of himself. No one was interested in Chelsea this weekend, no one cared, so he opens his mouth yet again.

Posted 12:05pm 12th May 2014

quoasis (Liverpool) says...

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME - repeat until media see through me

Posted 12:01pm 12th May 2014

lankymanc (Manchester United) says...

Admittedly, I've only skimmed the comments, but why is everyone getting their knickers in a twist about this? Where did he say Suarez was not 'worthy'? In fact, if you actually read the article, isn't he quite complimentary about Suarez? Think some people need to think more and not let 365 lead them by the nose down the wrong path.

Posted 11:04am 12th May 2014

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