Suarez content at Liverpool

Luis Suarez is the happiest he has been in his career at Liverpool and has urged the club to target the Champions League next season.

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crow says...

I hope he does leave the EPL for good. He might be blessed with talent but he clearly has a problem when things do not go his way. Say Real do get him how is he going to react to sitting on the bench, will he munch his way through the other subs? As a top striker I think he still has a way to go, yes he can do it against Norwich but what about the stronger teams. When Chelsea played Liverpool I did not relise he was playing and that is his trouble, he goes to sleep in top games. I do think the World Cup will be big for him either way. If Uruguay have a crap WC and he doesn't score he is going to suffer but if Urguay do well and he does perform he will be more valuable.

Posted 7:30pm 21st May 2014

wotyomamased says...

@moondance lol. a fair point and very well made Sir. The only thing I would say is, he has scored about a dozen goals against Norwich. If I were a canary, I'd be sick at the sight of him. At the World Cup, he'll be trying to get past the World's best defenders, not that Norwich's Bennett & Martin aren't up there of course. And if by some miracle Suarez doesn't score at the World Cup, and doesn't get a kick, I might well keep my £70m tucked away firmly in my ole smoking jacket pocket, along with the cohibas . As for for the Spanish & Real, lol I can see a Madrid Chaiman, thinking exactly that sentence that you wrote, and the fact that if he does well against Costa Rica, that they might even through in a couple of sacks of coffee beans to sweeten the deal, as a gesture of goodwill. And yes before anyone goes off on's Sunday, and "Yes I am massively pulling your chains !" So please chillax and enjoy the sun !

Posted 9:36am 18th May 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Ultimately I'd like to see him stay, though. He is, without doubt, the player most likely to get you out of your seat. The most exciting player since Ronaldo, certainly, and it's for the good of the English game if the vacuum of talent to Spain was finally ended.

Posted 12:27pm 17th May 2014

magicfuller (Stoke City) says...

@Bale Doubt: Have yourself a beer today mate on me. I will replace it if somehow our paths cross. poignant, succinct and witty. I doff my cap.

Posted 11:43am 17th May 2014

King_Kenny (Liverpool) says...

Reading these comments reminds me of a South Park episode were the bar was lowered, the human race had regressed and Michelle Obama was introducing 'sketti wrestling' for fat kids as entertainment. This comments section needs James Cameron.

Posted 10:16pm 16th May 2014

moondance says...

@wotyomamased sorry but saying it depends on how many goals he scores in the World Cup is just ridiculous,i think they know what Suarez can do by now and whether he scores 3,4 or 5 goals will make little difference. Do you really think somebody at Real is thinking 'i quite like the sound of this fella Suarez but these Manchester United fans,they tell me he only scores goals against Norwich so i,m going to wait and if he scores a hat trick against Costa Rica i'm gonna pounce' !

Posted 5:26pm 16th May 2014

wotyomamased says...

@Barnesy10. Finally some common sense. You're right he stays, great. He goes, you get a sh*t load money, and get someone else, great. It's a win-win either way. Now how come it's taken all day, and you're the only Liverpool fan intelligent enough to figure that one out ??? A holding mid-fielder and a decent centreback, should see you go be better next season!

Posted 4:55pm 16th May 2014

moondance says...

@Barnesy10 well said,unlike some experts on here i've no idea whether Suarez will stay or go but i'm amazed at the number of people who have (presumably) read an article and then decided to leave a comment that doesn't reflect anything that has been reported. It's almost like some people have a fixed opinion and when the story contradicts their opinion they just keep ranting on.

Posted 4:54pm 16th May 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

Cogs- haha nice one

Posted 4:50pm 16th May 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

And Barnsey10 you are as usual the voice of reason on here. Spot on mate.

Posted 4:49pm 16th May 2014

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