A Very Arsenal End To A Very Arsenal Season

Doing just enough for victory after the introduction of a young French forward and marking the departure of an established player to Manchester City. How very, very Arsenal...

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crow says...

I don't like Arsenal but I will say this article is rubbish. I desperately wanted Hull to win and if they had a few fitter players they might have done it. If you understand the FA Cup it isn't about 'deserving' it is having luck on your side and winning against the odds. Even cup favourites experience this on the route to the Cup Final and the Cup Final anything goes. Arsenal played their part in their cup run. Having one trophy in 9 years isn't that much better that having no trophies in 9 years for a club the size of Arsenal but anyone would think from some of these comments and the article suggest Arsenal are the only ones suffering from this. @bobsy you do like your stereotypes don't you. How about you stop posting here and go and steal something?

Posted 7:19pm 21st May 2014

jelster (Arsenal) says...

How long since Liverpool, Spurs, Everton etc won a title Hey, I got frustrated at 9 years without a cup, but why is there such hatred of Arsenal ? Maybe it's because they do it "the Arsenal way", without throwing billions at it, and because they have a Manager who the team respect. Listen to every player who was interviewed on Saturday & Sunday, to them it was all about Wenger, the club and the fans. Maybe this was Adrian Durham in disguise

Posted 1:47pm 21st May 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

tbf, i'm surprised the suffolkers are able to type what with their extra thumbs getting in the way

Posted 4:59pm 20th May 2014

PHOENIX_GUNNS (Arsenal) says...

So much has been said of the demise of Arsenal, we the long suffering fans have wanted ray of light we won the FA Cup, then the revisionists¿ coin us lucky because we had an easy run in (They probably think we . It gets worse the pair of hacks go on a diatribe telling us how little effect it will have and so on and so forth. Then the writers take on finishing 4th place as Arsenal¿s raison d¿etre, some clubs are not flush with cash and when we cant win the premiership we try and finish as high up the table as possible, that just happens to be top 4. Wenger I¿m sure regrets saying top 4 is our zenith but most of us know winning the premiership is the goal. Then they go on a rant into how we don¿t renew player contracts, which we have been guilty in the past, though Bacary¿s case is unique in the sense that due to the severity of his injury (2nd leg break in 2 years , Arsenal shelved talks). I do hope this is the beginning of better things to come for the club, Wenger has brought us both high and low points but we will use the FA Cup triumph as a foundation on which to build. No one thinks we don¿t have problems but which club doesn¿t.

Posted 3:28pm 20th May 2014

highburyJD says...

@twoilms pretty sure we didn't sell to Citeh at "well below players value" - Kolo £16M and Greedybarndoor £25M both hugely overpriced, Na$ri £24M was market rate. Only Clichy at £6M was cheap. He'd had a poor run of form and looked like he needed a new start.

Posted 1:58pm 20th May 2014

lotsofgoats (Chelsea) says...

Don't rate the side or Wenger anymore particularly but this is a pretty terrible piece. I think the highlight was questioning the actual cup-run, as if putting out 3 of the top 6 goes down as an 'easy' route? Yes there's been too much bluster about it but clinging to a few 'turning point' comments and laughing at them is pointless. Most people - Arsenal fans included - realise the FA Cup is a poor excuse versus their targets and are happy to see where next season takes them. Just drop it.

Posted 1:32pm 20th May 2014

red wool (Liverpool) says...

Arsenal havent won anything for 9 years, Arsenal havent won anything for 9 years, Arsenal havent won anything for 9 years, etc etc.....Arsenal win something and then get slagged off for it!!!! Gooners, you truly have my sympathy! However, I must insist that it would be better for yous if Arsene was to leave. In AFCs case the sum is much much less than all the parts. Arsenal would explode into life if a new and well selected man took charge......similarly Arsene would provide a massive boost to pone or two big clubs if they were to take him on. You've got to freshen up as you're getting a bit stale I reckon. In the meantime, congratulations on winning the cup, well done......oh, one dig from an LFC fan (cos I can't help myself!) wtf was that song all about??? Sound, "she wore a yellow ribbon", I get the significance of it to yer fans, but seriously, that's wierd sh*t that!

Posted 1:15pm 20th May 2014

rochdalerhy (Rochdale) says...

@tk421 .......I was referring to the whole piece in that it seems to be a some anti-arsenal guff that would presumably be almost identical had arsenal not won the FA cup. I'm by no means an arsenal fan but surely anyone with the slightest football knowledge will see this article for what it is........dross

Posted 9:41am 20th May 2014

itiswhatitis (Arsenal) says...

@xiron: your endless whinging at the penalty that never was when we kicked you out of the cup, that was delicious. This? This is nothing....

Posted 4:28am 20th May 2014

femilongus (Arsenal) says...

I wonder how the article would have gone had Arsenal lost? Exactly along these same lines I'd guess! It seems the sports journos can't stop bashing Wenger! Keep it up while we keep piling trophies to make up for the 'locust' years

Posted 11:10pm 19th May 2014

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