There May Be Trouble Ahead...

In the worst kept secret in football, Louis van Gaal has finally been appointed. Adam Bate discusses why this may be a gamble for the club, despite the Dutchman's impressive record...

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pof (Manchester United) says...

"Rooney is United's best player" is an interesting debate. I believe he probably was under Moyes but generally when he is the best player, United are not as successful. Like Gerrard, he doesn't bring the best out of other players as his mentality is to try to do everything himself. Many believe this makes him the ultimate team player. I believe the opposite. The most telling stat for me is: Number of times he scored 20+ league goals in a title winning team. RVP 1-0 Rooney. Van Gaal seems like the greatest managerial appointment of all time after the disaster of last season. Bring on the "trouble".

Posted 8:32am 22nd May 2014

wotyomamased says...

@Synergy I have sympathy with your views +understand where you're comin from. But with respect you're wrong. Rooney's, (&most of his family), never had the physique to be a footballer. He has the build of a boxer, not that of a natural athlete like Ronaldo or a Messi. There's always a fat kid in there waiting to pop out. I have a similar build, and appreciate the constant struggle it takes just to maintain a normal body weight, to say nowt of peak fitness! So that explains part of it. He also drops into Midfield to get the ball, cos basically he gets frustrated if he doesn't get it, & so often he sacrifices himself for the good of the team, doing the dirty work. Not because he is asked to, but because it's in his nature. He just wants to win. He doesn't hide, & he can be terribly inconsistent, & in the odd game downright awful! Like on12th Feb 2011 @Old Trafford, Vs City, he was shocking, everything was mishit, came off his shins, not a single pass went where he intended it to go, & Vincent Kompany had him in his pocket for 77 minutes of that game. In the 78th Nani puts over a Cross, Rooney back to goal, readjusts his position and sends an acrobatic, unstoppable overhead kick high past startled City keeper Joe Hart. It was the only thing he did right in the game, it won a pivotal match, gave us the momentum to win the title that year, & is probably the best goal of all time scored in the Premiership. No one likes a player that holds the club to ransom, that's for City players, but thats just modern footballers for you! RVP had one good season, & then didn't fancy it. Injured (my ar*e, that was a dead leg at worst vs. Olympiakos), yet amazingly fit for the WC. Also Remember Mourinho (he knows a thing or two about football), he sold Mata, and was falling over himself to get Wayne....Why ? Because he's not silly, and neither should you be ;)

Posted 6:10pm 21st May 2014

Synergy says...

@HarryBoulton> You described James Milner. Putting in the yards, defending etc. Actually the player who came out of last season with credit was David De Gae, who was fantastic. Rooney ran about a bit and scored a few goals, which made plenty of fans happy as everyone else quit on Moyes. Rooney looked like the only one who hadn't (probably coz Moyes got him more money).

To quote our new coach Van Gaal, "Running is for animals. You need a brain and a ball for football". Simply put Rooney lost the ball a lot, struggled with a poor touch, lacks pace and can't beat a defender anymore. He is still a very good central striker, but an average no 10. I'd rather have RVP and Mata play there and surround them with Januzaj and Kagawa and create a one touch passing offense.

Posted 2:08pm 21st May 2014

Synergy says...

@wotyomamased> Rooney when he was younger was a force of nature. Over the years he hasn't developed as expected (he had the talent to be world class). He had a few injures, hasn't bothered controlling his weight and hence has lost pace. Yes he is 28 and may end up as our leading goalscorer of all time, however he just isn't the player he once was.

He drifts too often into midfield, struggles with his first touch (when not on the purple patch) and does not have the discipline or creativity to play as the no 10. He works fine as a no 9, but RVP is just better in that position. Its not that Rooney is useless. Just that he isn't as good as he once was and we have better options in the position he wants to play, not to mention his ridiculously high wages.

Posted 1:53pm 21st May 2014

HarryBoulton says...

I'm with Crookster. I have felt, for a long time, that a fit Wayne Rooney is our best and most important player by a country mile. Ability is about more than just talent. RvP and Mata don't come remotely close to putting in the hard yards in the same way as Rooney does. Coupled with his footballing ability, he's far more important to us than either of them. Rooney was the only player who came out of last season with any credit at all. Why are people so quick to dismiss and criticise Rooney, yet they forget / ignore that Robin Van Persie went missing for vast swathes of last season, and when he was on the pitch, he looked disinterested and well below the required standard? Wayne Rooney, if nothing else, has earnt his stripes with this club which is more than can be said of either Mata or van Persie. RvP has had one good season and all of a sudden people are looking past the unforgivable. If you gave me the choice between Rooney and Van Persie, I'd take Rooney every single day, without hesitation.

Posted 12:41pm 21st May 2014

HarryBoulton says...

When you take into account the midfield Rooney has had to play with over the last 5 years or so, you realise how good he actually is. Ashley Young, Nani, Anderson, Cleverley, Phil Jones, and Antonio Valencia. That is not a world class list of players, it really isn't.

Posted 12:41pm 21st May 2014

spence (Manchester United) says...

@Crookster: I would say Rooney dropping deep and spraying the ball about (normally unsuccessfully) is half of our problem because when he does that the team loses its shape and we are left with nobody up top. I personally would much prefer to see us buy players who can actually control a midfield thus negating the need for Rooney to drop deep to find the ball, then play Mata behind RVP because both players are far more disciplined and will help the team maintain its shape. Rooney can do one and good riddance to him.

Posted 10:05am 21st May 2014

wotyomamased says...

@Synergy .....and yet miraculously aged 28 he is some 30 odd goals (one very good season) away from being United's leading goalscorer of all time, and 11 goals away from becoming England's. 17 goals last season too, not bad for an average United player I guess.

Posted 9:39am 21st May 2014

itscominghome (Liverpool) says...

Im so looking forward to reading that "van the man" is waving his town halls around the dressing room after each game, it"ll mean he"s asking them have they got any and there doing sh*te. " The chosen one, part 2 " is coming soon!!!!!!

Posted 8:55am 21st May 2014

Synergy says...

@fictionalemu> Actually the difference is that United chose Moyes, an absolute incompetent coach, who was so out of his depth that it wasn't even funny, as their coach to follow SAF, while the other teams chose better coaches.

Had they chosen Van Gaal to follow SAF, he would have bought a couple of competent midfielders and we would have finished top 4 while transitioning to a modern and European style of play. Sadly Moyes delayed that by a year and wasted 27 mil on Fellaini.

Posted 6:53am 21st May 2014

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