Agger admits to frustration

Daniel Agger has told the Danish press of his frustration at not playing in some of Liverpool's key games but says he is not currently thinking about his future.

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heighwayman (Liverpool) says...

@wotyomamased - even if that's true, what about Kolo Toure? If Agger had been fit for some of the games Toure played in, I'd be confident of the extra points. In fact if he'd been fit just for West Brom-Liverpool at the Hawthorns, that would have been enough: if we hadn't conceded Kolo's giveaway goal and had taken three points from that match, we'd have won the league. Yes, I know those two points alone wouldn't have won us the league, but if we'd had them, we wouldn't have been trying to chase goal difference against Palace while 3-0 up and would have just closed down the game instead. Lots of ifs.... that's one of them

Posted 3:13pm 21st May 2014

stevechase (Liverpool) says...

Agger is miles better than Sahko, but sadly his never ending injuries don't help his cause. We always look more comfortable when Agger is in the side and a little less 'at risk'

Posted 10:43am 21st May 2014

wotyomamased says...

@dhirt11 no you wouldn't have mate, you would have conceded more goals. @stingman04 is absolutely correct. There's a very good article on 'squawka dot com' comparing them. In every single defensive department Sakho was better than Agger. The stats do not lie, and I guess that's why Brendan played him. Skrtl was your stand out defender this season. Be interesting to see whether Brendan goes to market....

Posted 9:59am 21st May 2014

dhirt11 (Liverpool) says...

if Rodgers played him instead of sakho we'd probably have the league title.. poor call Rodgers

Posted 8:10am 21st May 2014

stringman04 (Liverpool) says...

People always talk about Agger's "brilliant ball-playing ability". What about his lack of pace, his constantly being out-muscled in the air, and the fact he's almost perma-crocked? Besides, mamadou Sakho had better tackling AND PASSING stats this season. Agger's been great - but he hasn't been great enough, for a long enough time.

Posted 8:21pm 20th May 2014

heighwayman (Liverpool) says...

Agger surely knows that the reason he's been left out is injury. Yes, he's been on the bench for a few big games, but only when he's in the process of recovering from injury, which always takes him a while. If he was more durable he'd be truly outstanding. In fact if he was more durable we'd have won the league

Posted 2:09pm 20th May 2014

red wool (Liverpool) says...

He's out of here, deffo. ajsr1982 - ur right mate, they'll get good money for him, and with Skrtl/Sakho/Ilori/Kelly i think we've got the foundation for a good selection of centre halves. Skrtl is arguably a bit dangerous but then he weighs in with goals and match saving tackles, and Sakho is still doubted by a lot but I think his crazy style belies his true talent, though we will see about that. Ilori looks good, Kelly is going to get a run in the team yeah, see ya Dagger lad, shame cos you've been a loyal (if not injury prone) member of the club, and you're attacking qualities for a centre half are excellent. Maybe you should have concentrated on other things, like football, earlier on in yer career an then you truly would have been world class.

Posted 1:07pm 20th May 2014

gillowatt (Liverpool) says...

Replace the name "Agger" with "Skrtel" and this is pretty much the same exact same article that was written at the end of last season. If you recall, Skrtel was the one frozen out of the squad by Rodgers at the second half of last season. The off-season saw numerous articles claiming that he was off to this team or another. The result was Skrtel having arguably his steadiest season in the side. Not saying the same will occur with Agger...but I hope it does.

Posted 1:04pm 20th May 2014

arexrarris (Liverpool) says...

Won't begrudge him leaving, he stuck around when it counted and he had better opportunities elsewhere (financially too). I'd like to see him stay though, and hopefully he can get fit. Still don't see why it's a cardinal sin to play two left-footed centre backs together if right-footed players do it all the time.

Posted 12:36pm 20th May 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

Really not a huge surprise this, and I think he'll be off in the summer, along with Johnson. While I rate Agger very highly, he is one of those players who needs to be at or near the top of his game to be effective. He takes 4-6 games to recover from injury and sadly, he's injured a lot. When he played in the second half of the season this year, he was woefully exposed by his lack of match fitness. Given that he's almost 30, and would still command £12-15m in the transfer market, with a heavy heart, I say that would be excellent business.

Posted 10:19am 20th May 2014

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