City transfer plans unchanged

Manchester City's transfer activity will not be stifled this summer despite facing a spending cap as a result of UEFA sanctions, insists the club chairman.

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oneloveunited says...

@zabbaman....not very bright? Coming from the fella who has been wrong at every stage of FFP? Your 'story' changes every time, first FFP wouldn't happen, then it was illegal, then City would it 'protects' City! All that is happening here is that you have been lying to yourself all along, and continue to do so. I asked for your 'evidence'? Where is it? Again, changing the subject because you have no answer. Everton have been looking for investors for about 10 years, before you started following City....Mansour looked at buying them. There is no investment out there and certainly not at the level to compete with City. This the myth City fans live off.....that FFP stops investment.....when really there are no investors. Selling imagine rights to the girls team is just desperation, it's certainly not something a well run club needs to be doing is it? Same for the stadium one was interested is sponsoring a hollow stadium. So you sold it to a member of the same family. It's all an illusion. But that's the purpose of City isn't it? To fool people? To make a vile regime look nice to the rest of the world? Sadly, the only people who appear to be fooled....are City fans!

Posted 1:09pm 27th May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

You're not very bright are you oneloveunited? You understand that these FFP rules you love so much are now being used to protect City? Our revenues are set to break through £400 million, without investment how can say Everton or Villa turning over around £100 m ever compete? As I say, it's clear you don't really understand what you are talking about. The stadium deal, fine in fact under valued according to UEFA. The sale of IP to related parties is uncharted ground and again was allowed by UEFA. Hence the ruling we couldn't use those yearly by biannually. We failed on a ruling that has been changed by UEFA twice in 4 years, are failing was related to amortisation of wages pre 2011.. I suggest you watch Mubarak's interview it explains pretty much everything. City & CFG are a vision beyond a normal football club. We are looking to be the biggest sports network in the World. Again, say what you like, FFP is now designed to protect us. FFP as I've said all along is a good thing for City.

Posted 10:25am 22nd May 2014

oneloveunited says...

@zabbaman....sorry, what 'evidence'? City didn't have a leg to stand on did they? Lots of talk from City.....but as usual, nothing to back it up. The facts are quite simple, the 9 clubs that are the only ones FFP actually effected read like the 'who's who of stupid spending. City and PSG we know about, Anzhi are in deep trouble and just got relegated.....which only confirms UEFA fears. Zenit who spent big on the likes of Hulk and Witsel, Galatasary who spent big wages on the likes of Drogba and Sneijder.....all this money being spent isn't going to the 'good of the game', it's lining the pockets of players and agents. No one, except City and their fans, are surprised by those sanctioned. Liverpool didn't fall under UEFA jurisdiction this season, am also not aware of any dodgy stadium deals between members of the same family, or 'image right' sales between the clubs men and women's team....which is a blatant attempt at cheating, who else tried that?? Who else needed to? For all City's talk about breaking even and making profit....why the need to cheat then? City have already created huge gaps in quality....what planet are you on? 500m squad, playing 10m squads? What 'division' has FFP actually caused?

Posted 8:53am 22nd May 2014

oneloveunited says...

@Dactyl....What you're saying doesn't match up with the facts. FFP only effects clubs in European comps. It doesn't stop investment, it attempts to minimize losses. How many clubs do you think there are losing more than 45m for 3 years? The only clubs that failed were those that have been spending stupid money on players and wages....I fail to see where the problem is here? Other than the fact that it's your club that's been caught cheating. Funny that you mention Everton actually, as they are one of the clubs that can appeal to UEFA if they feel they have 'lost out' on CL football because of Citys cheating. In fact take City out of it, take the money away....and Liverpool could be champs, Everton could be in the CL.....go further, take away Chelsea's many other clubs could have benefitted from CL income down the years? Fans are being robbed, not by FFP at all....but by clubs like City. Your only response is that FFP stops some imaginary billionaire buying a clubs way to the top? That my friend, is the vision that is really killing football.

Posted 7:14pm 21st May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

@kaiser007, you don't hear any neutrals complaining because the evidence is only just becoming obvious. Most intelligent journalists are beginning to point it out. Look at leagues like Greece, Turkey in Eastern Europe. Look at Scotland. I fully appreciate that our money Chelsea's money has taken us to the top, but FFP only cements our position there. Pretty much every year since the Premier League began the top 4 sides have been the top four in term if wages paid. FFP will without question create huge divisions in quality. The rule wasn't intended to stop City, it's just the G14 have tried to use FFP, I notice nobody has an issue with Liverpool being I over a £100 million of debt and losing £50 million a year. This is what FFP was for.

Posted 10:04am 21st May 2014

Kaiser007 says...

It's laughable how City fans argue that FFP will kill all hope for teams like Everton, Villa, Newcastle, etc to make it to the big time. Essentially, it means that the only way to be successful is to find some billionaire who has siphoned off the money from his own country and given it to a team in a faraway land. In reality oil money has pushed up transfer fees and wages and made it harder for honest clubs to compete. If City and Chelsea hadn't bought their way into the top four, teams like Everton and Newcastle might have made it to the Champions League and Liverpool and Arsenal won the league. I don't hear of many neutral fans crying about FFP.

Posted 9:06pm 20th May 2014

dactyl (Manchester City) says...

@oneloveunited ..does it not only effect the elite? I think you miss the point. Of course all those in European competitions are affected by FFP but the rules stop anyone not currently in that elite who wants to join from earning enough money to compete for the best players and hence qualify for a top four place. The likes of Everton, Villa, Forest each with a historic European pedigree are unlikely ever to raise enough money via UEFA's approved earning channels of ticket prices, sponsorship etc. The money a club can earn from such UEFA legitimatised sources depends critically on how successful that club already is. FFP didn't intend perhaps to create a cartel but by changing the initial vision from preventing unsustainable debt to preventing annual deficit it has done just that. This is not an analysis from City or their supporters but from many neutral commentators who see FFP for what it has become: a well intentioned c*ck-up. City may have a disadvantage in the short term but they will probably break even or even make profit within a few years and so climb aboard the gravy train with Barca, Real Madrid. Bayern and even United should they qualify. It's those left behind that UEFA (and you) ignore and they will never be able to catch up. In short if you support FFP you are supporting a strongly anti-competitive financial constraint. The only glimmer of light is that it's very anti-competitive structure is the basis of a legal challenge (by the lawyer who won the Bosman case) which may eventually, for these things take a long time, result in FFP being declared illegal under Euro competition law. I hope so and should that happen I would also hope that Platini would have the dignity to resign and apologise. Not holding breath though.

Posted 4:17pm 20th May 2014

jimmyjazz (Liverpool) says...

UEFA have essentially set up a legal bribe system. You can break the rules as long as you give them loads of money

Posted 1:50pm 20th May 2014

Synergy says...

@AW2DAN (Manchester City)> I would much rather United were still a PLC and hence owned by the fans. Doubt any United fans are Glazier fans.

However I am against the ridiculous financial doping from sugar daddies. I am fine with the initial investment it takes to compete. However when City has the highest wages of all sports team and now plan to pay Sagna 150k to sit on the bench and buy further, it gets a bit ridiculous.

And yeah I do prefer the Glaziers to a corrupt regime that oppresses their own citizens, carries out human rights abuses and treats women as second class citizens. Glaziers smell like roses compared to them.

Posted 1:47pm 20th May 2014

oneloveunited says...

@zabbaman....Still lying I see. No 'moving of the goal posts' here. UEFA correctly ruled the sale of IP and image rights to City's ladies team as bogus, and have discounted that income. City and people like you are merely attempting to create a smoke screen. FFP is working, only an idiot would think UEFA would be kicking teams out of Europe for their first offence. Now City have been forced to tow the line. Instead of City using charity to artificially inflate wages, transfer fees and agents fees, you will now have to act like a proper business. You keep saying FFP was designed to 'protect the elite', but seeing as it only effects teams in Europe....does it not only effect the elite? Sure it rewards well run successful clubs....but that's sort of the inventive it provides. What City fans don't say though is that the current system favours an even smaller elite of morally corrupt billionaires using football for their own selfish gain. But of're in denial about that as well aren't you??

Posted 1:42pm 20th May 2014

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