There's Life In The Old Dogs Yet...

For every skinny, suave, young football manager like Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Martinez, there's been an old-school boss who has over-achieved this season...

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beckenbauer (Fulham) says...

So Rodgers is suave and skinny, yeah? F*** off. Really. Lazier than lazy.

Posted 7:32pm 29th May 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

delboy - the point of this article - and several others on F365 at the moment - is to keep us on board until the World Cup starts.

Posted 2:02pm 29th May 2014

stevenjameshyde (Notts County) says...

@pompeyinoz - he swallowed a fly while in charge of Sunderland, and it just kind of snowballed from there

Posted 1:18pm 29th May 2014

delboy (Stoke City) says...

So basically because Hughes, Bruce and Pulis are British, middle aged, speak with strong regional accents and had good seasons they are the same? Would you put Lambert, Pardew and Hughton in the same bracket if they had better seasons? Apart from the difference in how he sets his team up, Hughes is also one of the best dressed managers in the league. I'm not sure what the point of this article is, maybe to prove that this site is not completely obsessed with young, well spoken foreign types.

Posted 10:55am 29th May 2014

rez plus (Manchester United) says...

I like the work Bruce has done at Hull, although I think he got lucky with Huddlestone to some extent. I also like Michael Gove, it's quite funny watching him give the Unions apoplexy at the idea they may be held vaguely accountable through exams they can't make so easy they are effectively "no fail".

Posted 10:00am 29th May 2014

pompeyinoz (Portsmouth) says...

Living in Oz I hadn't seen Steve Bruce for a few years. When did he swallow a goat?

Posted 6:34am 29th May 2014

fictionalemu says...

Mark Hughes an old-school boss? Hughes' teams play a pretty open, attacking brand of football. You yourself point out that he has transformed the way Stoke played under Pulis, so how can you lump them together in the same category? You'd have been better off putting Allardyce in here. Despite the complaints of West Ham fans, he's finished 10th and 13th since getting promotion, which is impressive.

Posted 9:43pm 28th May 2014

diabolicaldiaby (Arsenal) says...

Brendan Rodgers is skinny???

Posted 3:44pm 28th May 2014

CraigOrion (Arsenal) says...

Excellent point about these managers having a level by littler_dutch. I'd add in Roy Hodgson in there too, brilliant jobs done at Fulham and WBA but found it difficult at Liverpool.

Posted 1:14pm 28th May 2014

zedsmith (Liverpool) says...

This is a staggeringly lazy article in so many ways. From the idea of guardiola as a guy who is relentlessly positive - this about someone who spends most his time looking like he is going to slit his own wrists in despair. And mark Hughes as an old school manager is absolute nonsense. He might be gruff and have been an old school centre-forward back in the day, but his management has shown him to be the polar opposite to guys like pulls and Bruce in how he sets his team up, the football he tries to play etc. oh, and Brendan Rodgers as skinny... I think he has done phenomenally well at Liverpool, but even his mum wouldn't call him starve and skinny.

Posted 1:06pm 28th May 2014

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