Eye On The Experts: Chris Waddle

This week, Alan and Johnny look at Chris 'Sminky Pinky' Waddle, a man who divides opinion but isn't afraid to call a spade a f***ing shovel and has a heartfelt passion for England...

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jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

It's bottom of the barrel time. Waddle's not an expert, he's just someone who mispronunciates. You should have gone with Trevor Brooking as I suggested.

Posted 10:43am 3rd June 2014

themoo (Liverpool) says...

Slagging someone off for how they talk is racist. You people saying it 'grinds your gears' make me sick.

Posted 8:17pm 2nd June 2014

summerofcmpunk (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Waddle is a good egg

Posted 6:57pm 2nd June 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

I like Waddle. Don't agree with everything he says by any means but merely having an opinion in this day and age is enough to be endearing. Really enjoying the series fellas. Please do David Pleat!

Posted 1:37pm 2nd June 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

I think the greatest compliment I can play Chris is that I had never formed an opinion on him before this article. Like a good referee (or so we are always being told), I just hadn't noticed him. People like Savage take great pride in being "noticed" even if it's people stoning them to the edge of town - Waddle is sensible and no-nonsense, speaks his mind (but not in an ostenatious "not afraid who I upset/Marmite" way like Savage, just in an honest, down to earth way). I think the "pelanty" controversy may be a local thing - I have other Nor'Easterners saying it. I find it strange, but I also find Hansen saying "he headered it into the net" strange.

Posted 1:33pm 2nd June 2014

valerian (West Ham United) says...

Except he was wrong about the FA. Initiatives are taking place, having been taking place for awhile now. However, these things take time to implement and we are starting from a long way back compared to other countries. Plus our performance at WC 2010 was nothing to do with youth football.

Posted 12:38pm 2nd June 2014

bun9 (Manchester United) says...

His best moment was when he was praising the old French left-back Lizarazarazu.

Posted 10:32am 2nd June 2014

Nutboy says...

Probably the best British pundit. Can't stand the general matiness and refusal to look at games involving England with any impartiality. England's answer to Eamon Dunphy I suppose.

Posted 10:51pm 1st June 2014

kingemo number1 (Manchester United) says...

Totally agree that Waddle is a great pundit, says the truth and in general is correct... The only thing that annoys me is that when he speaks he starts a lot of his sentences with "Listen". Maybe i am being over critical but it drives me mad..we are listening Chris and with great interest .

Posted 4:12pm 1st June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Waddle isn't the only person to say "pelanty". John Hartson is a serial offender in this arena as well. Grinds my gears.

Posted 4:07pm 1st June 2014

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his is brilliant! All these years of moral ambiguity, grey areas of offence and context..now we have a simple, easy to follow guide to right and wrong. What did you do today? I kicked the face off a panda . Oh well, you didn't rape, kill anyone or abuse a minor, knock yourself champ.

megabrow (cufc)
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wonder if he'd feel the same way if he wasn't a white, non-jewish heterosexual male. Because Mackay has basically insulted everyone else!

Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


heers Harry. I was wondering if he'd murdered anyone

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