Roy: Rooney obsession sad

Roy Hodgson believes it is unfair that England's hopes always appear to be pinned on Wayne Rooney and says the striker only wants to be regarded as an important member of the squad.

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jimbobbarker (Torquay United) says...

Peoples obsession and dislike for him are based on the potential he showed right up to the point where Ronaldo left Utd. At that point Ronaldo started to get better and Rooney started smoking. From then on, he has not lived up to his potential one bit. The fans feel bitter towards him and yet live in hope that he will become the player we all wanted him to be. Can you imagine if David Beckham had the ability that Rooney has, you would never see the like! Sadly, Rooney will always be the focus until another player of his quality comes along to take the torch.

Posted 4:01pm 5th June 2014

bicks says...

the only thing 'strange' with Rooney is that people are surprised that for a so called 'world class player' on £300k a week people have above average expectations

Posted 9:05pm 2nd June 2014

santowhir (Manchester United) says...

While we are bashing at other rivals players, I might as well mention Lampard and Gerrard are utter gash.

Posted 3:17pm 2nd June 2014

magicfuller (Stoke City) says...

I was at the Froch vs Groves fight on Saturday and when Wayne's face came up on a screen being interviewed, all the lads near me (who I didnt know btw) started booing and shouting obscenities. I asked 'Why are you booing the England striker 2 weeks before a World Cup'. They all responded by saying how much they hated him. It's just bizarre. And with fans like that we will be very lucky to get out of the group stages.

Posted 2:43pm 2nd June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

fictionalemu and morpheus99 have got it between them, somehow. Rooney does need to stop trying to carry the team, but at the same time, the team need to stop relying on himn so much, which is where Sturridge can help out. You look at the list of England goal scorers over the last 10 years and Rooney, contrary to popular belief, contributes an awful lot. Disproportionately so, in fact. But people forget and ignore his good work and simlpy finger him for blame every time there's a disappointment. He does well, in general. His record in competitive games and qualifiers is unmatched. He just needs a shot at a tournament fully fit.

Posted 1:32pm 2nd June 2014

speedymct2 (Manchester United) says...

I completely agree with Hodgson on this one. Every day there's another Rooney related headline on the back pages, and there really shouldn't be. The problem is, the press built him up to such a level that there's bound to be expectation. I agree he didn't have his best game on Friday, but is obviously recovering from injury and just needs game time. It's ridiculous to day that he shouldn't be in the team, as it's fairly obvious to most people that he earns his place. As IanJames said, people have a love/hate affair with him and it's pretty unfair. Leave him be and see what happens...

Posted 12:44pm 2nd June 2014

fresh (Liverpool) says...

i just want him to get injured so he misses the WC then we may see the team that can play as a team. Never rated rooney.

Posted 12:11pm 2nd June 2014

IanJames says...

I think Hodgson might have to look again. It's not really the entire country that's obsessed with Rooney, it's a clique of headline-producing hacks who seem to have a love/hate affair with the bloke. Most people I know couldn't really work up that much of a stress about him.

Posted 11:09am 2nd June 2014

morpheus99 (Manchester United) says...

@fictionalemu, if the rest of the team were good enough he wouldnt have to go wandering looking for the ball to create something, blame the english midfield for the failings not rooney

Posted 11:05am 2nd June 2014

dryice says...

There does seem to be a strange obsession with Rooney. Maybe we just had the assumption that the 18 year old with all the talent would continue to improve until he peaked in his mid twenties, whereas it seemed like he had (or was close) to being the full player he could very early on. So we judge him on not being the player we expected him to be and then often discard him as a failure...seems quite harsh. He divides opinion and not many seem to think he's a good player, plenty see him as a world beater and plenty see him as a talentless thug who needs selling. It's odd.

Posted 10:49am 2nd June 2014

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