Bento unhappy with referee

Portugal coach Paulo Bento has suggested that the referee was biased against them during their 4-0 defeat to Germany in Group G of the World Cup.

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rodger's gusset (Liverpool) says...

I hope somebody from the Ghana squad gives Muller something to cry about in their next game. Yes Pepe was an idiot but Muller needs a wake up call with a set of studs in the happy sacks.

Posted 2:12pm 17th June 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

jimbob87 - agree 100%. He's sheer filth and a total liability. No thuggery, no overreaction.

Posted 12:22pm 17th June 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

Muller went down like a rice pudding, yes, but Pepe nutted him. I fully admit it was one of those pathetic nuts, but that makes it all the more pathetic. Look stupid footballers, if you clash heads with another player in anger. You WILL be sent off. Headbutt=Red Card. Football Rules Chapter One. Once he was gone that was it for Portugal, and the Germans were like all Pepe-le-Phew and coasted. Also, the abbreviation 'peno' is becoming popular which is a concern, lets not lower the standards eh

Posted 11:44am 17th June 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

It's no wonder Real Madrid find it hard to win la liga when they got two players that go out of their way to keep getting theirselves sent off, that must be 30 red cards between Pepe and Ramos during their careers.

Posted 11:30am 17th June 2014

Synergy says...

The referee realized that there was little contact before Muller went down like he has been shot and didn't even whistle for a foul. Then Pepe (who should be used to diving given he plays in Classicos), decided to headbutt Muller after the ref basically agreed with him that it wasn't a foul.

Now that wasn't much of a headbutt. It wasn't as blatant as Zidane's on Materazzi, rather just a tap. However any such aggressive contact is a red card and Pepe basically forced the refs hand. Though they did have a solid case for a penalty though, however given the score was 4-0 at that point, doubt it would have mattered.

They came up against the German buzzsaw and got chopped.

Posted 11:02am 17th June 2014

red_devil83 (Manchester United) says...

Muller is a f***ing disgrace. He should be banned for such cheating. I'd rather see a proper leg breaker tackle than some powder puff fanny going down clutching his face when nothing has happened to him. At least he'd really be hurt if his leg was facing the wrong way.

Posted 10:48am 17th June 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

@ leopolddoom: So we now have to start looking at GRADES of headbutt to establish whether someone should be sent off? Yes, like most "assaults" in football, it wouldn't have knocked the skin off a rice pudding, but players know exactly what they're going to get sent off for. Pepé knew and was foolish in the extreme. There should be more severe and retrospective sanctions for players who act in such a craven manner as Muller did, but well-paid prfessionals should be able to walk away from such provocation - this was a vital World Cup match, he should have left his ego in the changing room.

Posted 10:24am 17th June 2014

jimbob87 (Peterborough United) says...

How he even has the balls to defend Pepe is beyond reason. Say what you like about Terry, Suarez, Ronaldo, Busquets etc, but Pepe is on his own planet in the constellation tw*nt.

Posted 9:57am 17th June 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

Maybe Bento should have thought about playing with eleven players from the start and with a proper captain rather than a show-pony glory-hunter (who wasn't fit anyway, not that it would have mattered if he was). It was his own poor selection, not the referee.

Posted 9:20am 17th June 2014

leopolddoom (Manchester United) says...

Its hardly a butt when muller is also bringing his head up. Mullers initial reaction was a disgrace, hummels cleaned out two players and should've walked and Portugal had a stonewall penalty denied. No denying pepes fooolishness but muller is an out and out cheat. Yellows for both (and peps would've gone later anyway)

Posted 9:19am 17th June 2014

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