Muntari, Boateng booted out

Ghana midfielders Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng have been suspended indefinitely from the national team and sent home from the World Cup for disciplinary reasons.

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PolishJoe (Manchester United) says...

meanonsunday, I must admit that the thought did cross my mind. They probably thought that the GFA would be less likely to risk losing them rather that risking the futures of the lesser known players. Greed is a terrible thing but it may be that everybody is pointing their fingers in the wrong direction here; maybe the GFA officials wanted money more than they wanted success.

Posted 1:38pm 27th June 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

"What ? What ? It's not like he bit someone..."

Posted 5:43pm 26th June 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

Kevin Prince Boateng only returned to the Ghana team from self imposed exile when they were already on the road to qualifying for the World Cup, and Muntari is a muscle bound nimrod who acts without thinking on a regular basis. Ghana will be better off without them, maybe Michael Essien will get a game now

Posted 5:40pm 26th June 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

@jd_lfc, i definitely wouldn't say that the site hates Liverpool (it's the media, therefore it loves Liverpool) but my god you have some embarrassing representatives in the comments section. We all have them, but... tbh there were a lot more than those two defending the biting (one saying it's just a headbutt, infact) on the other story. I pity you... to all those non-bity-apologist Liverpool fans, don't worry, he'll be gone soon. Sadly taking your chances of success with him tho.

Posted 4:17pm 26th June 2014

montezuma (Arsenal) says...

@lamina : OK - it's possible that a corrupt GFA were holding off paying the players for whatever reason. But I still find it amazing that the two players would give a damn. In light of what they earn for their clubs, that appearance and bonus money would be chciken-feed. Given that Boateng earns ¿2,500,000 a year and Muntari earns ¿1,500,000 a year (see "AC Milan players Salaries 2013-14 (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport) : Whatever the circumstances surrounding the cash - I'm sure they could have easily survived until after the world cup. They are professional footballers - and (I think anyway) they have a duty to their fans who help to pay their wages. In financial terms, compared to the Ghana fans that paid to see them at this world cup, they may as well be royalty. But have shown no consideration for those fans and have only thought of themselves here. I am sure there is more to the tale and you are right when you say I'll never know all of it - but it's still massively greedy, petulant and sadly too-typical behaviour from modern-day footballers.

Posted 3:34pm 26th June 2014

ptobes (Portsmouth) says...

Glenn Johnson, Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, David James, all regularly slated, and now this to two of our finest old boys!! Surely nobody can now deny that F365/the media/Sepp Blatter/SPECTRE/Dr Evil is waging an insidious campaign to eradicate Portsmouth FC forever?!

Posted 3:33pm 26th June 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

Really people? Do two odd Liverpool fans speak for us all...nope. I do find it strange that in the comments section many a dumb thing is said by various fans of various clubs but never highlighted. I'm not one for tin hatted conspiracies but it seems odd of F365 to highlight this in the articles. As if to say that bobsy and the like (bobsy known for troll tendencies) is representative of us all. When sensible LFC fans write, we get drowned out by the few crazies and the views of the crazies are perpetuated by rival fans and some in the media as saying this is our voice. It reminds me of UKIP. All the fuss and hype about them, you would've have thought Farage was about to become Prime Minister but I've rarely met a UKIP supporter (is it cos I is Black?) or one willing to admit it. If you perpetuate a myth long and hard enough it often manifests itself as the truth.

Posted 3:17pm 26th June 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@montezuma... you know what you are right. This thread should be about Ghana and not Suarez. Shame on Bobsy and Triangular for bringing it up unnecessarily.

Posted 3:16pm 26th June 2014

lamina (Arsenal) says...

@moneytrain81 (Liverpool) How would you react if your company consistently reports paying you 1 million dollars every 2 years but you nor your bank account never see this cash? Hm? What if you knew your boss takes the cash from the CFO but never gives it to you? You may not even appreciate the crude nature of the cheats. Only the players who do not care about the cash speak out against the GFA. The players who need money keep their mouths shut and play their hearts out in the hope that Liverpool FC will come calling... Do you get it now?

Posted 3:14pm 26th June 2014

LeftyDan says...

@birdman - take a bow son!

Posted 2:56pm 26th June 2014

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