Four-month ban for Suarez

Luis Suarez has been banned from all football for four months and from international football for nine matches following his bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

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Synergy says...

@gyrate> Are you even aware of how the law works? Yes you can't be punished for crimes you already were punished for. However if you have repeated the same offense, it will be considered and your next punishment will be harsher. Basically this is coz it shows that inspite of the punishment you didn't learn your lesson and need a harsher punishment.

Lastly can you stop pretending this is some conspiracy against Pool. Its a punishment against a player, who wanted to leave for Barca and is still trying to engineer a move away. If anything the cannibal has just reduced 20 mil from his selling price. Rio was banned for 1 year and so was Cantona. If anything the cannibal got a very light sentence.

Lastly apart from Pool and Suarez, players don't go around biting players during international tournaments, so nobody will be stopping players from going.

Posted 8:35am 1st July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@gyrate, but if you continue to offend, it demonstrates a lack of willing to learn from the past. Very clearly the punishments he was given before haven't taught him anything. Can't keep handing out ten game bans when they clearly don't work..........

Posted 8:50pm 29th June 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

@ Gyrate: a repeat offender has to be dealt with more severely - that is, his history of offending is taken into account, the logic being, well THAT didn't work, we'll have to increase the punishment and see if he learns from that. I genuinely don't understand why anyone would think a "football" ban wouldn't affect him at club level. If he were convicted of drink-driving, would Liverpool ask for him to be allowed out to play on Saturdays, as he didn't commit the crime whilst playing for the club? A club like Liverpool, never slow to remind us of their history, tradition and integrity, should acknowledge that someone who represents them on the world stage has embarrassed them, and accept the punishment. A lot of employers would be dishing out punishments of their own, regardless of on whose time the crime was committed.

Posted 12:59pm 29th June 2014

uppertier (Arsenal) says...

When I played football 30 years ago in the lowly amateur leagues of surrey, me and my team mates would not have tolerated a team member biting the opposition. And I would have been appalled if the club supported him or allowed him to remain. Now I appreciate that none of us were worth 60 quid let alone 60 mil but I'd like to think that some of the Liverpool players must surely be questioning their employers attitude with Suarez. I now coach an U10 side and two years ago we did have a boy bite another in training. He was immediately removed from training and told never to return.

Posted 12:15pm 29th June 2014

varicoseregent (Manchester United) says...

@gyrate - get a grip of yourself man, that amount of frothing at the mouth can't be good for your health. First of all, if Suarez hadn't bitten someone then none of us would be talking about this. Secondly, he is a repeat offender, and with each time he has done this he has received a lengthier ban than before, without learning his lesson it would seem. Coupled with the fact he did it at the World Cup means that he was obviously going to be punished very severely this time around. Thirdly, FIFA are punishing the player not the teams he plays for. If he had been convicted of assaulting someone in a night club, does that mean he should still be allowed out to play for Liverpool because he wasn't wearing their shirt at the time? Finally, of course players will still be allowed to go and play for their country, don't be so ridiculous. They'll just have to do the minor thing of obeying the rules of football and not act like a whopper.

Posted 11:36am 29th June 2014

bigm1982 (Liverpool) says...

Suarez bites an Italian player. Italy go out. Columbia benefit. Liverpool suffer. Suarez gets his move to Barca. Ridiculous

Posted 8:40am 29th June 2014

ames63 (Manchester United) says...

Saurez has let Liverpool down so rather than suggest he has been hard donre to he should apologise to Brendan Rogers (again) and accept his punishment like a man. He is fortunate his ban is not much longer.

Posted 9:12am 28th June 2014

gyrate (Liverpool) says...

@HaryBoulton Suarez has already been (i.e. past tense) punished for his previous violations! In Law once punishment is administered you can't continue to punish for that previous act; any new act yes! You Utd fans are looking for a head start by Liverpool getting a points deduction so you can qualify for next seasons champions league! Pathetic!!!!!!! How can FIFA Punish a club that did not even play in the World Cup? Only International teams play in the World Cup and FIFA could be breaking the law here!

Posted 4:22am 28th June 2014

pudsyryan says...

Why is it that everyone from the Uruguayan FA, "Liverpool Football Club" as it likes to refer to itself, fans of LFC, fans of everyone who isn't LFC, and Gnasher himself have just dug themselves in? Gansher and the Uruguayan FA gave FIFA no option. Rather than a lot of macho posturing and protesting innocence, might it not have been better for everyone - including Gnasher - if he'd just said "Yes, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me, I'm bad with me nerves. I don't need the world on my back, because that's not going to stop this happening again. I need help." A voluntary ban, a serious dollop of community service a la Cantona (he's probably a decent enough guy off the pitch) and an acceptance of counselling until he's cured. Then everyone could get out of their trenches, and get back to whining about Rooney/Gerrard/England. Or even just enjoying the rest of the WC.

Posted 5:16pm 27th June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@gyrate, I do find myself asking, how many times will he have to bite another player before his fans finally admit that any punishment is proportional? 4, 5, 6 times? Maybe double figures before he fans of his clubs finally admit that someone needs to wipe the floor with him. I find it pretty amazing that anyone has the cheek to call it a "nonesense punishment". The only nonesense in all of this is that we're dicussing yet another instance of the same player comitting the same ridiculous offence for the third time in 5 years.

Posted 4:00pm 27th June 2014

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