Shaw joins United in £30m deal

Manchester United have signed Southampton left-back Luke Shaw for a fee in excess of £30million.

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petergriffin (Manchester City) says...

Synergy - you can check my figures on soccerbase and the Arsenal snippet is from the swiss ramble. You seem to have bought very heavily into a myth by suggesting all was hunky dory with football finance before 2008 the difference is that prior to Mansoor and Abramovich it was your own club paying the highest wages and breaking the transfer records so you didn t care. I call you a plastic because if when you started following football United had been a midtable championship club you wouldn t have started supporting them as theres nothing to tie you to the club so your support has been artificially gained. I don t even class it as being an insult anymore as its just part of football now. Being honest you d have to admit that your issue with City and Chelsea is that you have started supporting United because of the guarantee of success due to their financial power which the outside investment in City and Chelsea has taken away rather than this pretend concern for the good of the game isn t it?

Posted 8:32am 3rd July 2014

Synergy says...

@zabberman> Given FFP gave City a slap on the wrist as punishment. Fines literally mean nothing to sugar daddies and even the restrictions on registering players for CL were soften, when they essentially reduced the number of homegrown players required as well. So all UEFA did was line their pockets with Shieky money.

So what exactly is stopping say a Qatar sheikh from buying a club, having his family's company sign a inflated sponsorship deal with them, have the same company or a different one owned by his family buy the naming rights of the clubs stadium at an inflated price and finally just pay the fine UEFA demand off him? So no its not the end of the sugar daddy and the weak broken FFP does little to stop it.

Posted 2:39pm 2nd July 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@cosmic dancer What utter nonsense, United and LvG have never behaved like that, when we signed Rooney did that happen to him? Name me one player United have spent >£10m who didn't become a first team regular, at any age? Chelsea/City may sign players to stop others getting them, United never have.

Posted 12:44pm 29th June 2014

wozza (Manchester United) says...

@zabberman... You love united articles mate. I think I read a comment of yours blasting united fans for commenting on city articles.... And here you are on a united article after spending hours on wikipedia forming your comments. You should write a book about city. You are so knowledgeable.

Posted 8:12am 29th June 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

As the highest earning club, regardless of outstanding debts, United have the money to spend. The money available, the wages in place, the fan base and revenue are as a result of no small effort over the last 25 years or more, allied with some success in domestic and european competition. Liverpool could match us with a league win or two and the proper marketing, Arsenal make a decent stab at running a club properly as well, Swansea lead the way from what I can see in proper club management off the pitch. Clubs dependant on a sugar daddy to inject cash when the club aren't making enough from normal means are the problem with the modern game, FFP can only make things better, if it's properly enforced.

Posted 11:52pm 28th June 2014

redbornandbred (Manchester United) says...

@zabba Sure the average points total for 20 seasons was lowered by the ONLY 7 times United didn't win it under SAF. Thanks for pointing that out. The fact that you're commenting on a united story is revealing. City fans know that they are constrained by FFP because their club's revenue base is pathetic compared to United's. (As we know they are too cheap to pay the prices that keep top clubs financially viable - hence all the feigned out-rage about the cost of away games at Arsenal ). FFP means that the reds and Arsenal for that matter can continue to spend big, pay players top rates and do to City and Chelsea what they stupidly believed their oligarchs would do to everyone else in the EPL.

Posted 11:25pm 28th June 2014

ScRipt69 (Manchester United) says...

@zabbman, didn't athletico just win the la liga, now watch as their players leave... that's football!

Posted 10:45pm 28th June 2014

crow says...

@Big_Cal he was saying by the time of the end of next season. I too think Shaw is a great buy, little dear at £30 million but if you want to buy a decent player you have to pay over the odds. Welcome to City's and Chelsea's world. If Shaw plays regularly it will be for England's benefit too but if he is going to be a bench warmer for Evra then he would of been better staying with Soton.

Posted 7:19pm 28th June 2014

Big_Cal (Manchester United) says...

@kophero. United wage structure isn't anywhere near as damaging as Man City's.

Posted 5:50pm 28th June 2014

kophero (Liverpool) says...

@United fans:As a Pool fan,Shaw is a good buy.30m is obviously a lot of money but if you have the money,you can spend it whichever way you want.When you invest in a player you have to hedge ur risk.If the player is paid too much in wages and is too costly,it will be difficult to even send the player out on loan.And 18yr olds come with a high degree of risk as well. @Other Fans:Instead of questioning United about 30m pound deals,you should be questioning them about overall wage structure.United player wages' are blowing everyone else out of the water and by end of this season they will surpass City in terms of overall wages. If rules like FFP have to work,a wage cap is necessary(to be fair to a team like United which earns a lot of money,it should be somewhat proportionate to what they earn).

Posted 2:32pm 28th June 2014

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