Angry Tabarez quits FIFA role

Uruguay boss Oscar Tabarez has accused FIFA of making Luis Suarez a "scapegoat" and resigned from his role within football's governing body in protest over the striker's punishment.

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slowgraffiti says...

Er, sorry Oscar. No one waited to the conclusion of the match. You were just busy, so you didn't hear it. As for the consequences, they clearly had to escalate because the previous punishments have not had the desired effect on his behavior. Did they think it might be one additional game? It's become clear that Suarez's amazing football skills have become something of a denial-inducing hallucinogenic cloud that spreads to anyone he's associated with. If he was a lesser talent, he would've been binned long ago and reduced to a journeyman Twitter parody of himself. Ask Joey Barton.

Posted 5:11am 29th June 2014

ScRipt69 (Manchester United) says...

Haha, never been called a troll before, that's funny, like the simple kid in the class calling me thick, well sure if any of you Liverpool fans are from Liverpool I'm sure spitting and biting is normal, probably how you great your grandmother, not in my world, why do u Liverpool fans care so much, just because he currently where's your colours, hypocrisy in is purest form, I'm sure if Rooney bit out you'd all understand yeh....hahahaha you all bang on about Chelsea fans and their love for JT, way to prove a point boys! Still its Saturday, you probably got 12 hours of drinking to start.....who am I kidding, 1st can of Le specially brew bang on 10am, errmmm let's get on it like!

Posted 6:53pm 28th June 2014

CrackerJackRed says...

Is there a World Cup tournament happening? I'm beginning to wonder ...

Posted 2:20pm 28th June 2014

Raimi79 (Manchester City) says...

What part of 'He bit someone - for the third time!' does this guy not understand?

Posted 2:03pm 28th June 2014

moondance says...

Thanks for the moral guidance but I'm sure we're all capable of deciding all by ourselves who to support. You know,just like you lot kept telling us during the league title run in !

Posted 2:01pm 28th June 2014

highsociety (Liverpool) says...

@ScRipt69- quit trying to be everyone's moral compass. Doubt an Internet troll has any right to tell people what is right and wrong. Do you armchair fans think you know more than footballers and ex footballers? They know the nasty things that go on during a match. They seem to think the punishment is too harsh. Think I'd lean towards what they have to say than some idiot on a keyboard.

Posted 1:42pm 28th June 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

We're all supporting Columbia because they play the better football. The World Cup is supposed to be determine by who's better at football, not who says or doesn't say the nastier things, remember?

Posted 12:28pm 28th June 2014

gooneyboy (Arsenal) says...

As long as he keeps getting blind support. He will be biting someone else within a year of returning from his ban.

Posted 11:38am 28th June 2014

ScRipt69 (Manchester United) says...

Scapegoat for what! Making an example out of people who bite other people. Tackles with intent to hurt are bad mmmkay, so is violence but if this was a court of law wouldn't biting be a more stricter penalty due to the nature of it, its a bite for crying out loud, its embarrassing more than anything, spiting is bad mmkay that should carry a very harsh punishment, I think more than fighting as it is a primal act where violence can be brushed off as tempers flaring and all ex-players seem to have a light hearted vue on it and say "yeh it happens" but spitting and biting, I doubt they forget things like that is disrespectful.

Posted 11:33am 28th June 2014

redman_inc says...

Eh no f365, were not all supporting columbia tonight. Ill be supporting uruguay tonight and for as long as theyre in the tournament just to rub your sanctomonious faces in it. Muppets

Posted 11:15am 28th June 2014

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