Liverpool Lovren bid rejected

Sky sources understand Southampton have rejected an £18million offer from Liverpool for Dejan Lovren.

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Gab1965 says...

jungleman1988 - Your comment is a calamity with legs, more like. Totally clueless and probably tinged with an agenda. Sakho didn't look like a 'walking calamity' with France. Maybe because he did not have 'Captain Fantastic' protecting the back four. Oddly, England were home while Sakho was still out there. If Emre Can is going to be the teams defensive midfielder, fine, but Gerrard, Lucas and Allen offer no protection at all.

Posted 3:19pm 8th July 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

God HarryBoulton i nearly hope Uniteds season was a one off so you can go back to being somewhat decent because you are starting to go very victor meldrew

Posted 2:17pm 8th July 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

GVMUFC - i see what you are saying but given the name of the club and the way they played when they were in it, coupled with the Anfield nights on Tues and Wed and of course 05 i dont see why anyone wouldnt want to enjoy that kind of a team for. With the exception of players who have loyalties of course (i know i said loyalties withba straight face).

Posted 2:16pm 8th July 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

Jungleman, sakho will be a bigger player this season i think. Is a top player who took a while to adjust but he has done well for France!!

Posted 12:23pm 8th July 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@Synergy, I agree with you, but to be fair we have history for overpaying for players. At least with Origi and Markovic combined for 35m then they both have the potential to be exceptionally better than Carroll with potentially higher sell on fees when Barca and Real make a move for them in 3-5 years. I agree I think Lallana will be a star signing. True Carvalho is a risk at 37m but then surely Vidal at about 45m is also a risk too? GVMUFC said and I agree that traditionally what has worked best for both Liverpool and United is buying skillful and talented younger players and turning them into huge stars. Football and most fans seem to have caught this malaise that our teams have to buy and only buy, big established names, as that is the only way we will be successful and history doesn't correlate to that.

Posted 7:32pm 7th July 2014

jegz1uk (Liverpool) says...

Take that 18mill, add another 18mill to it, then go on slap it on the desk of Borrusia Dortmund's chief exec in return for Mats Hummels

Posted 2:53pm 7th July 2014

Synergy says...

@lfcfan80> I actually really liked the Lallana signing for Pool. Fantastic player and I think he will be a star, in Pools system.

Carvalho is ridiculously expensive and a massive risk. He is not a proven commodity either. So Pool could look foolish if he flops. Its why United seemed to have backed off him...37 mil is a lot of money for someone who isn't even a sure thing. As for Balotelli. I think he would be a great signing, but not sure Pool want to have to deal with another nutcase, after the Suarez fiasco.

Lastly teams know the PL teams are flush with cash. Its why united paid 30 mil for shaw and 27 mil for Herrera and Pool are now overpaying for their purchases as well & even average players are being overpriced by the selling teams.

Posted 1:29pm 7th July 2014

mrjackson (Liverpool) says...

@Harry, We didn't finish 7th after claiming it was our year, felt like a rampant success to me...although "relative success" is probably more apt

Posted 12:32pm 7th July 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@mrjackson, last seasons "rampant success"? I'm not sure I follow. As good a campaign as it was, I wouldn't describe it as a "rampant success". Solid progress, yes, but there was nothing rampantly successful about it, seeing as you had a relatively small fixture list, owing to some early cup exits, and ended up just as potless as the other 18 sides in the division.

Posted 8:24am 7th July 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@GVMUFC, I agree 100%, I only mentioned Balotelli and Carvalho as I would love us to sign those players but I am realistic enough to know that chances are we won't. Just because I want us to sign them doesn't mean we either will or that they want to come to Liverpool. I also completely agree that we should try to consolidate top 4 as well as the fact we have only just got back into the CL after a 5 year absence so that too has an impact. So far I think we have made some pretty good signings. Can I think will become a star and Lallana is PL proven quality along with Lambert. Slowly building is the correct way and I agree with you there, my only thoughts are though if we don't try and spend big on top players and say finish 1 or 2 points off 4th and in 5th place then the media are going to say why didn't Rodgers spend big in the summer and secure the top 4. It's a balancing act at the end of the day and we fans have to have faith in the guy who steered us to 2nd last season.

Posted 4:43am 7th July 2014

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ted, manchester
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e'll be off to Spurs (or better) in January and I don't blame him. Looking forward to re-signing Grant Holt as his replacement though.

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