Sanchez 'prefers Arsenal move'

Arsenal could spend around £40m this week on the signings of Barcelona’s Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy from Newcastle.

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Jay_D says...

@lfcfan80, well you only play better when we're not close to full strength. We did beat you twice that season, something everyone forgets. And now that you've lost Suarez you're style may have to change. Not sure on Markovic being the next Ronaldo but Griezmann could be excellent for Liverpool. I'd argue that Chelsea and City's CL spots aren't guaranteed either, not if Arsenal, United and Liverpool keep strengthening

Posted 3:41pm 14th July 2014

Synergy says...

"If Markovic signs and I dearly hope he will, I genuinely believe he will become Ronaldo mark 2."

So is Markovic the new Dani Pacheco? I mean he hasn't even played a game, but is already being labeled Ronaldo Mark 2 and overhyped by Pool fans. Its an obvious red flag when none of the big clubs are interested in a player.

The fact that Sanchez picked Arsenal over Pool, basically showed that players don't believe the Pool hype. You need more than one impressive season, especially if your then selling your best player, to convince anyone that the team has staying power.

Pool do have some talented players, but almost all PL fans I have spoken to, doubt that any of them or even as a collective, that they can make up the loss of Suarez. Luckily you will sign Dani Pacheko Mark 2, so all should be good.

Posted 11:52am 11th July 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@Jay-D, no chance Arsenal is a better prospect, we play better football and are more destructive. If Markovic signs and I dearly hope he will, I genuinely believe he will become Ronaldo mark 2. There is also the possibility we will sign Griezmann to replace Suarez. A potential forward line of Sturridge, Sterling, Markovic and Griezmann with Lallana and Coutinho behind is pretty awe inspiringly awesome. What's even more amazing is that 3 of those players would be English to boot. True if you complete Sanchez's signing and also sign Khedira you are looking mightily impressive as well I will grant you. With only 2 CL places up for grabs, Chelsea and City are a guarantee for the other 2, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, United and Tottenham are in for one hell of a battle for the last 2 places. Bring on the new season and real football!

Posted 6:02pm 10th July 2014

wotyomamased says...

@jackio. Thanks Chap! I'm not tired, so why lie down? Perhaps if you and bobsy laid down together less there would be less Arserpool babies all over the place. Friendly though they are :)

Posted 1:47pm 10th July 2014

bemused says...

of course he picked Arsenal over Liverpool. Serial champions league football, legendary manager and one of the world's greatest cities compared with a one-year visit to the CL, david brent's understudy and a long commute from an opulent Manchester suburb because no-one with any sense would live in that grotty sink-hole. Loving this Pol Pot-esque year zero approach to football from the Liverpool fans where decent players and their advisers are meant to be blind to recent history.

Posted 1:35pm 10th July 2014

johnnyc1976 (Celtic) says...

I hope Sanchez likes fighting for the FA Cup, thats all he'll ever get as long as Wenger is in control!!

Posted 12:06pm 10th July 2014

Jay_D says...

Lloris just signed a new contract at Spurs, make of that what you will Liverpool fans...

Posted 10:33am 10th July 2014

Jay_D says...

Arsenal are a better prospect than a Suarez-less Liverpool, especially if we do make the other signings we're going for. But as I mentioned before, geography can have a big bearing on a player's choice of club. London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Turin, Milan, erm...Liverpool? Nah. At least both Manchester clubs can offer massive wages and almost guaranteed silverware challenges. Take it from an Arsenal fan, CL football alone isn't enough to attract the world's best and honestly I think a lot of them aren't fussed at all.

Posted 10:33am 10th July 2014

jackio (Arsenal) says...

@wotyomamased - top rant. Now go have a lie down there's a good chap

Posted 9:23am 10th July 2014

highsociety (Liverpool) says...

@HarryBoulton- this is an article about Arsenal signing two players. You bring up Liverpool. Obsessed much? You should probably be concerned about your own team being mid table and spending £60m on two average players. Muppet.

Posted 12:21am 10th July 2014

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