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Liverpool to bid big for Reus (maybe), Cavani wants Premier League switch, Vidal is 'packing his bags' for United and more...

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shea666 (Manchester United) says...

Reus is too good for the Premier League, my money says he stays put until Barcelona come calling again

Posted 11:24pm 14th July 2014

levi says...

Surprised there hasnt been more talk of Reus to Burnley. Theyre looking for some quality for next year and Reus has it. Maybe Dyche doesn't rate him?

Posted 7:17pm 14th July 2014

Alkaline_ (Manchester United) says...

I too am not about to get caught up in the hype around the Vidal rumours, even though I feel weak at the knees whenever his name is mentioned. It's nice to see this site treat him with the respect and admiration he deserves though, quite a lot of people still say 'er, who?' when he's talked about. Who do ya mean 'who?', the friggin Ibrahimovic of midfield that's who!!!

Posted 6:46pm 14th July 2014

squiggle (Arsenal) says...

In the French media, any current stories about Cavani leaving PSG seem to be taken from Sky Sports (the rumours there were bigger a few weeks ago.) Meanwhile, in Spain, MARCA has run a story saying that PSG would have to make quite a lot of money via player sales to make it possible under FFP to buy Di Maria. It goes on to list several players who certainly won't be sold, including Cavani, and casts doubt on the whole thing. But more recently there've been new PSG-Di Maria rumours so maybe there's something in it after all. It would take a big sale (or LOTS of little ones) to make the Di Maria move possible.

Posted 5:38pm 14th July 2014

link2metroid (Liverpool) says...

Reus is an amazing player. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about him.

Posted 2:53pm 14th July 2014

King_Kenny (Liverpool) says...

Tony Barrett knows his onions, quality journalist. If he says its b*ll*cks, it is. Unfortunately.

Posted 1:58pm 14th July 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

no idea what to say to wotonwhatever, keep taking the pills though. perhaps we could have a round up of the transfer blog a tthe end of thie days for those people that work in proper companies that block these social media sites you keep referring to. tw*tter does not exist at work. scribble? ha!

Posted 1:16pm 14th July 2014

wotyomamased says...

.....How can you get away with writing "Liverpool obviously have a Uruguayan-shaped hole to fill" - without being arrested by the Furry-Fun Police ???

Posted 1:00pm 14th July 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

Vidal is currently on holiday so maybe he's just packing his bags to come back to Turin, how else would he get his things home?

Posted 12:52pm 14th July 2014

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