Wenger unsure of Cesc 'truth'

Arsene Wenger believes that Cesc Fabregas 'landed where he wanted to go' following claims the midfielder did not want to return to Arsenal.

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stevemelbourne (Chelsea) says...

I love the way Wenger bites everytime Jose baits him. Mourinho has more charisma in his belly button fluff than Wenger has in his whole 'I didn't see it' body. The fact is Fabregas worked under Wenger before and decided he wanted to work under Mourniho. Do any of you really believe Wenger would not have tried to get his former captain back? If he didn't, given the amount of stick he copped for allowing his team to become Manchester's feeder club, then he really needs a comforting arm put round his shoulders and gently guided to the airport to catch a plane to PSG. All this denial is unseemly, given the absolute donkey Ozil has turned out to be in the PL.

Posted 1:12am 25th July 2014

crow says...

You poor Gooners. Does it hurt that Cesc chose Chelsea over your lot? Lets face it he we have more chance of winning the Champions League at Chelsea than with your lot but oh I forgot, The mighty Arsenal have won one FA Cup in the past decade (or near abouts). One trophy, wow, lets all bow down to the 'Premier League Masters' Hahahahahahaha. Numpties.

Posted 11:24pm 24th July 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

I don't understand this statement from Mourinho. It would surely affect Cesc Fabregas also. Wouldn't he question why his new manager is spreading lies about his decision to move on to another club?

Posted 8:37am 22nd July 2014

Jay_D says...

Not surprised by Mourinho's comments. It's not just about winding Arsenal up, it's also about getting Fabregas on board with the Chelsea fans who (a) don't want a former Arsenal captain and (b) think he'd rather be playing for us. After Arsenal declined there were probably a lot of clubs that wanted him. He chose Chelsea and as far as I'm concerned the matter is closed...unless Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla and Wilshere all get injured in an unfortunate smelting accident. Then its #WengerOut

Posted 3:41pm 21st July 2014

iyibaba (Arsenal) says...

Uncle Monty...u are the daddy, thanks for digging that quote out, not looking forward to another Mourinho season full of sh*t from that man!

Posted 3:21pm 21st July 2014

hincey (Arsenal) says...

@Outrun agreed.

Posted 2:54pm 21st July 2014

gongclough (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Hang on there dennis be, are you telling us that Mourinho is only worried about his club? Well I for one am shocked at this behaviour..........

Posted 12:09pm 21st July 2014

outrun (Arsenal) says...

Its done. over. He now plays for Chelsea. Move on.

Posted 11:23am 21st July 2014

dennis be (Arsenal) says...

This is just Moronho, doing what he does, classless as always. Does not care about Cesc's relationship with the Arsenal fans only thinks of some minor advantage he might gain from trying to insult Wenger. Cesc wanted someone to pay his wages, this is why he came to Chelsea. It is clear that Arsenal were not going to buy him just because he was available, only Chelsea spend money like that. Whats with the Liverpool interest on these posts, oh of course, he was going to sign for Liverpool but he didn't want to live there, of course, of course......

Posted 10:44am 21st July 2014

desert nomad (Arsenal) says...

@Petulant_Radish fair point, I was simply worried that some of Mourinho's faithful would simply think I couldn't spell his name properly!

Posted 9:42am 21st July 2014

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