Woodward: United can spend big

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward is looking forward to the squad’s tour of North America, as he insists the Old Trafford club remains the biggest in the world, writes Sky Sports News' James Cooper.

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the-kris-no-1 (Liverpool) says...

@abudelusion Lol so basically ¿chap¿ you don¿t give a toss so much so that you reply spouting how many leagues you have won. Ha what a clown¿lack of self awareness? Please let me know where in my post I mention the racist incident etc, I find people that can¿t even read hiliarious #doneyoufresh

Posted 4:52pm 29th July 2014

russsauntry (Manchester United) says...

Wow, nearly 60 comments! Everyone loves a United story don't they! I love the idea of comment pages, like anyone really cares what anyone else thinks, hilarious. I love the people who have to attack the club they hate, I love the passionate defenders. It's like going down to the pub to row with that fat bloke who once had a trial for Burnley and, therefore, thinks he is Brian Clough without having to leave the house. The, virtual, equivalent of the song, "... By far the greatest team the world has ever seen." heard that at Leyton Orient once... Lighten up and, to quote Frozen, '"let it go" you will all be happier and live longer.

Posted 7:03am 27th July 2014

abudelusion (Manchester United) says...

@lfcfan......I'm not interested in what a nosy pool fan has to say to be perfectly honest. If you want to 'debate' something you know sod all about, knock yourself out, just stop wasting my time with your inane drivel. Woodward's comments have been taken out of context, which means this is a none story.....what aren't you getting?

Posted 10:46am 25th July 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@abudelusion, do you have any self-awareness? You come out with a purposefully ridiculous statement to annoy people and then pontificate about how lacking in awareness Liverpool fans are whilst simultaneously oblivious to your own. You say no one knows what goes on behind the scenes as if this Newton-esque revelation sets you apart somehow and makes you more informed than anyone else without realising this means you also know nothing yourself. The difference being you antagonise whereas everyone else was having a good debate about a topic. I have never said United are not a massive club, Liverpool are also a massive club. If you express yourself in a very confrontational and idiotic way don't be surprised if that's what you get back in return.

Posted 7:13pm 24th July 2014

abudelusion (Manchester United) says...

@Mike.....please don't exaggerate Woodward's comments, he was asked a question about whether United could compete with the big spenders in the transfer market. That's all. Of course that bit has been missed out of the article but you seem to think he was on a pedestal, grabbing his b0ll0cks shouting 'loadsa money'. Youve fallen into the trap of being everything you read in the papers, without any consideration to the context in which it was said.

Posted 1:53pm 24th July 2014

ScRipt69 (Manchester United) says...

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rooney is on 300K a WEEK! when did this happen! Where have I been, if hes on that much how much is Van Nistlerooy on A MILLION! where is Van Nistlerooy is he injured again

Posted 1:31pm 24th July 2014

abudelusion (Manchester United) says...

@Mike....he was responding to a question. You'll notice that all the actual questions are missing from this article. He's only given one interview, to MUTV, whilst various news outlets have then constructed their own versions from that. Deals for the likes of Hummels and Vidal can't actually be completed until they return from holiday, and their clubs don't want to sell. You also appear to have forgotten about the signings of Mata, Herrera and Shaw and that LVG said he wants to assess the rest of the squad first, which you acknowledge is the right thing to do. It also no different to what Moyes said. I watched the interview with Woodward, and found him to be quite impressive actually, at least in comparison to the media projection of him. The time to criticise him is AFTER the window has closed. As for the 'biggest club in the world' comment, he qualified that by saying thats how he should be thinking, that's the goal. The point about Rooney's wage is that it shows how simplistic the media can be and I think they are doing the same thing here, dumbing down what he actually said in order to sell newspapers. With regards to this season, I think we are all excited, last nights result and more importantly the performance was highly impressive. It will be interesting to see how we get on against Roma, Inter and Madrid in the next few matches.

Posted 1:25pm 24th July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

@abudelusion, I never suggested that other clubs don't know United have money to spend. Christ, we've got some dumb saps paying £150m for the privilige of getting their name on our training kit! United are the benchmark for making money in football and the world knows it. However, I would suggest that standing up and bragging about having loads of money and being happy to break transfer records is not a wise tactic to take before trying to negotiate to buy players that other teams don't particularly want to sell. Sometimes its best just to say nothing, which is what a wiser man than Woodward would have done. As for arguing he's doing it for the benefit of attracting players, that can be done far more appropriately through agents and back channels without coming across all 1980s Harry Enfield.

Posted 12:29pm 24th July 2014

abudelusion (Manchester United) says...

@lfcfan....no one on this thread actually knows what's going in behind the scenes do they? No, they don't. So all we have here are a few easily led simpletons responding to a carefully constructed article. For Mike to seriously suggest that clubs didn't know United were loaded before Woodward said anything is just stupid. Our accounts are public record, whilst our sponsorship deals are known across the planet, plus everyone knows we need players. But yeah, cherry pick a few quotes and stick the same silly pictures up and you're bound to get the same idiots talking as if they know what they are on about. You just worry about Pool mate, your presence here merely shows how truly massive United are! Suck it up.

Posted 11:33am 24th July 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

@abudelusion, Woodward is talking like a tool. Yes other clubs know we've got loads of money, the press on our latest sponsorship deals makes that quite clear. However, I'm starting to get a little worried about why Woodward is yet again spending more time telling the press how we're loaded and can buy anyone we want than he is actually getting deals done. If LvG wants to play three at the back, then we're going to need to sign at least two more central defenders, central midfield needs strengthening, we need cover for Shaw. 3-5-2 plays to the fact we haven't got any decent wingers, so no need to worry too much about signing more, but there is plenty of work to be done! To be fair, I know Rooney's not on £300k, I believe he didn't actually get a pay rise on his new contract. The £300k comes from the fact that he's handed responsibility for his personal deals to United's commercial team and given that Woodward and his team are actually pretty sh!t hot at that side of things then that's where the whopping figure comes from. , he'll soon have an official favourite Thai noodle and favourite Indian fruit juice and it will be "I'm Wayne Rooney, and this is my favourite store on the Citadel". I don't mean to come across as negative. Sure, Woodward's all talk no action front on player transfers has me worried (although I'm not worried by LvG's quotes about seeing the team first, I'd expect nothing less). I'm ridiculously excited about next season, and the more long-term future of the club. He left both Bayern and Barcelona in a fabulous position with some amazing home grown players and the foundations to go on to conquer Europe... Same again please Louis!

Posted 11:23am 24th July 2014

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